Nonwhite Man and Woman Anti-Violence Campaigners Beat Man to a Pulp

Nikole Ardeno--against violence, under arrest for beating up former roommate

Nikole Ardeno–against violence, under arrest for beating up former roommate

Emanuel Velez--anti-violence guy turned violent; looks good in jailhouse orange

Emanuel Velez–anti-violence guy turned violent; looks good in jailhouse orange

It’s virtually impossible to stop nonwhite creatures such as the two pictured from chimping out over nothing. The taste for conflict seems to be part of their genetic makeup.

My ancestors evolved in the cold, dark regions of northern Europe, and thousands of years ago were selected for cooperation rather than conflict. Those who didn’t cooperate were cast out into the cold to die. Ditto northeastern Asians. Thus, Euro and Asian man show low rates of bizarre, nonsensical violence such as these two perpetrated. But our tyrannical government says we must accept them as our equals and allow them to live among us.

I don’t want either of these fruitloops living next to me. I suspect I’m not alone.

The News Tribune

WASHINGTON, PA. — Two “Stop the Violence” organizers allegedly beat one of their colleagues so severely that he vomited blood and was left unconscious in critical condition.

Nikole Ardeno and Emanuel Velez, both 30, accused their former roommate of stealing their property, and allegedly punched and kicked him in the street until he had seizures. Arrested moments later, Ardeno was still wearing the same “Stop the Violence” T-shirt she had on the night before when she coordinated a march protesting two recent shootings, Washington Police Chief Chris Luppino said.

The victim, Joshua Magraff, also is a community organizer with the anti-violence group, and shared an apartment with the suspects until recently.

Online court records don’t list lawyers for the defendants, who face a preliminary hearing Nov. 10 on charges of aggravated assault, conspiracy, simple assault and disorderly conduct.

Local “Stop the Violence” leader Suzanne Kelley said she hopes to hear from Ardeno, and insisted that “we don’t promote violence at all.”

“I can’t believe this is going on. I don’t want the community to get a negative effect from this because they back us,” Kelley said.

Police believe Ardeno and Velez attacked Magraff on Tuesday because he had gone to the apartment they had shared to collect his belongings. Ardeno and Velez had come to a police station about 20 minutes earlier, accusing Magraff of burglary, but police said he appeared to be taking only items that belonged to him as he moved out, Luppino said.