White Candidate Tells Reparations Candidate for Mayor: “Go back to Africa”


During a debate, a white political candidate advised a mystery meat candidate who pushes for reparations for the Negro population to “Go back to Africa.”

All in all, while the press is trying to smear Paul Congemi, I would say he scored a small victory for common sense. He said the words “Go back to Africa” and lived to tell about it.

Both Congemi and Jesse Nevel, the mystery meat candidate for mayor whose platform is reparations for blacks, are fringe candidates. But anytime we can get the idea out that disaffected blacks have a choice to buy a ticket to Africa, we win.

Daily Mail

A Florida mayoral candidate went on a tirade when he told his rival’s supporters to ‘go back to Africa’.

St Petersburg GOP candidate Paul Congemi made the remarks during a mayoral forum in the town’s City Hall on Tuesday.

In the midst of a question about opportunities for youth in the city, Congemi veered off-topic in comments directed at supporters of International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement-affiliated candidate Jesse Nevel.

Jesse Nevel demands reparations.

‘Mr Nevel, you and your people you talk about reparations. The reparations that you talk about, Mr Nevel, your people already got your reparations. Your reparations came in the form of a man named Barack Obama,’ the Republican said.

A raucous ensued and a woman in the audience could be heard yelling: ‘Get out of here, get out of here,’ at Congemi.

‘My advice to you if you don’t like it here in America, planes leave every hour from from Tampa Airport, go back to Africa,’ he told Nevel supporters.

‘Go back to Africa. Go back to Africa. Go back!’ he said.

Nevel, 27, the national chairman of the movement that organizes white support for black-led community social justice, is white himself He dismissed Congemi as a ‘non-factor’ after the remarks.

However, Congemi said his comment was meant towards just a specific group.

‘I must comment on the remarks I said last night…Yes: I did tell those people to go back to Africa,’ Congemi wrote in a statement to The Tampa Bay Times.

‘My remark was meant for the group Mr Nevel represents. Not all African Americans. Just those that Nevel represents.’

Congemi also attacked current mayor Rick Krisemen for his support of the LGBT community.

‘I will never endorse sin,’ he said.

This is Congemi’s third run for mayor. He said he wants to hold the record for the most bids for mayor in St Petersburg history before he dies.

He’s also had several run-ins with the law. In the most recent, Congemi was charged with felony elder abuse in January after his 87-year-old mother ended up in intensive care for bed sores.

The sores on her tailbone were reportedly so neglected that the bone was visible. Charges have since been dropped.

You have to suspect that the (((power elites))) would like to shut Congemi up, which is what led to the since dropped criminal charges.

Watch! Russian FSB Arrest Brother of St. Petersburg Terrorist and Find Hand Grenade in His Bag

The arrest video lasts 50 seconds. It shows a nice clean arrest.

Terrorists Attack St. Petersburg, Russia Subway: 10 Dead, 50 Injured

Who could have done such a thing?


At least 10 people have been killed in an explosion between two underground stations in St Petersburg.

The head of Russia’s National Anti-Terrorist Committee said the blast hit the train between Sennaya Ploschad and Tekhnologichesky Institut stations.

Images posted on social media showed a badly mangled carriage, with a number of casualties nearby.

President Vladimir Putin said all causes, including terrorism, were being investigated.

Initial reports suggested there had been two explosions, one at each of the two stations.

At least 50 people have been reported injured, and a number of children were among those hurt.

Andrei Przhezdomsky, the head of the Russian National Anti-Terrorist Committee, said it was caused by “an unidentified explosive device” but that the exact cause had yet to be determined.

However, a spokesman for Russia’s prosecutor general said the explosion was “a terrorist act”.

President Putin was in St Petersburg earlier on Monday but is now outside the city, his spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

“I have already spoken to the head of our special services, they are working to ascertain the cause,” he said, at a meeting with Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko.

The entire St Petersburg underground network has now been shut down, and Moscow metro officials said they were introducing extra security measures as a result.

Inspirational Quote of the Day: One About Victory in Battle

alexander-suvorov quote pursuit

Alexander Suvorov never lost a battle. He’s considered one of the greatest generals of all time.

From Wikipedia

Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov (Russian: Алекса́ндр Васи́льевич Суво́ров, r Aleksandr Vasil‘evich Suvorov; 24 November [O.S. 13 November] 1729 or 1730 – 18 May [O.S. 6 May] 1800) was a Russian military leader and national hero. He was the Count of Rymnik, Count of the Holy Roman Empire, Prince of Italy, and the last Generalissimo of the Russian Empire. Suvorov is one of the greatest generals in history and is one of the few who never lost a battle, being undefeated in over 60 large battles while frequently having the numerical disadvantage.[1][2]

Suvorov is widely regarded as the greatest Russian military leader and one of the greatest commanders in history. He was awarded numerous medals, titles, and honors by Russia, as well as by other countries. Suvorov brought Russia expanded borders, renewed military prestige, and a legacy of theories on warfare. He was famed for his military manual The Science of Victory and noted for several of his sayings.[5] Several military academies, monuments, villages, museums, and orders are dedicated to him.


Naggers Win Another One: White Florida Cop Accused of Excessive Force Against Negress Who Attacked Him

white cop excessive force st petersburg fl

Watch the video of the “excessive force” below. Virtually every white person on youtube sees a nagger resisting arrest, causing the need for the young lady of color to be brought down.

The officer was supposed to invite the young lady to have a Red Bull (or whatever naggers drink) so they could sit down and discuss how she could most conveniently be transported to jail.

In a gold carriage pulled by a team of white horses, I presume.

The accusations against him are politically motivated. When are we going to stand together and say enough?


The case of a Florida woman charged with battery of a law enforcement officer has been dropped after video footage shown in court revealed “over aggression” from the officer during the alleged incident.

Paige Taylor, 26, from St Petersburg, Florida was charged for allegedly shoving a cop in March. However, her case has been dropped by the Pinellas-Pasco State Attorney’s Office, Bay News 9 reports.

Around 9.30p.m. on March 25, Deputy Wayne Wagner pulled over a truck that Taylor was traveling in for having the wrong license plate attached. The driver, Gage Moore, 25, switched seats with passenger Taylor because he was driving on a suspended license. Moore was arrested at the scene and the vehicle impounded.

Surveillance footage from the gas station, where the couple’s pickup truck was stopped, shows Taylor exiting the vehicle while the officer stands at her door.

He then grabs her and slams her against the side of the truck before dragging her to the ground and kneeling on top of her.

The officer didn’t just grab her and throw her against the vehicle. She pushed him and tried to walk away BEFORE he laid a hand on her.

The hatred of white people in America deepens and grows stronger. You see it in the NFL and other pro-sports. You see it in a nagger being allowed to walk after assaulting a white police officer.

What you see is just one small skirmish among many every day in the soft genocide of whites in America.

12-year-old arrested 20+ times, arrested again for stealing 89-year-old’s car

st-pete-boycar thief

I did a post earlier this year about a 12 year old Negro boy in St. Pete, Florida, who had a long rap sheet. His victim was a white woman. It’s impossible to know if this is the same retarded turd since the police didn’t list his earlier crimes in their news release.

In any case, the creature that gave birth to this troublesome sprog should be arrested, while the sprog is sent to boot camp to toil at hard labor many hours a day.

It’s a waste to try to educate him. He won’t live to see his 21st birthday at the rate he’s going. One of his future victims is going to blow his black a** away. Deservedly so.


ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (WFLA) — A 12-year-old boy who has been arrested more than 20 times was arrested again on Monday. St. Petersburg police say he stole a car from an 89-year-old man.

On Friday, Dec. 11, Raymond Raftery, age 89, was driving his Toyota, when a 12-year-old boy on a bicycle told him that his tire was low on air. Detectives say when Raftery pulled up to an air pump and got out of the car, the boy ditched his bike, jumped in the car and drove off. Raftery was not injured.

Detectives say the theft happened at 11:00 a.m. at 4890 22 Ave. S. and was captured on surveillance video.

A St. Petersburg Police Department detective recognized the boy and he was arrested Monday afternoon and charged with grand theft motor vehicle. Detectives say the boy has been arrested more than 20 times.

Will the system ever keep the budding young monster locked up or will black privilege prevail? When he ends up like Trayvon Martin, mama gonna be wailing, “He dindu nuffins.”

Florida: Black Schools Fail, Whites Blamed

cayton bodden

A neighborhood schools plan in Florida implemented in 2007 has caused blacks to fail because they no longer have the chance to interact with those magical white people. That’s the jist of this pro-integration investigative report.

The term “integrated schools” in the story means school busing on a large scale to achieve “racial balancing.”


In just eight years, Pinellas County School Board members turned five schools in the county’s black neighborhoods into some of the worst in Florida.

First they abandoned integration, leaving the schools overwhelmingly poor and black.

Then they broke promises of more money and resources.

Then — as black children started failing at outrageous rates, as overstressed teachers walked off the job, as middle class families fled en masse — the board stood by and did nothing.

Today thousands of children are paying the price, a Tampa Bay Times investigation has found.

Every year, they turn out a staggering number of children who don’t know the basics.

Eight in 10 fail reading, according to state standardized test scores. Nine in 10 fail math.

One black boy describes his black school this way:

Cayton Bodden wakes up afraid to go to school.

When his mother knocks at his bedroom door, the 10-year-old hides under the covers. “No, no, no,” he groans softly.

At the breakfast table, he picks at his oatmeal, staring down in silence. He spends several minutes putting on his socks.

The more time he can put between himself and Fairmount Park Elementary, the better.

Waiting for him at the school up the road are all the things he has learned to dread: the endless shouting, the sudden brawls, the rookie teachers who can’t control their classrooms.

Just before he starts the walk to school his mother reaches down and takes his hand. She closes her eyes and prays to God to protect him from harm.

This is what it’s like to go to school in Pinellas County’s black neighborhoods.

Shouting, brawls, violence, uncontrollable “students” (using the word loosely) and it’s all the white man’s fault even though a white man isn’t to be found anywhere near these sewers of chaos.

If you’re interested in how the liberal mind works, read the whole story at the link. It’s long and it blames whites for wanting none of the sh*t to destroy white schools and the ability of white children to actually learn something.

The truth is that few blacks have any interest in learning. They are a physical race rather than a cerebral one. They view school as a social function.

If whites are such racist a**holes, then why do black test scores improve when they are attending predominantly white schools. Wouldn’t all that in your face racism from whites harm blacks?

So why won’t they leave whites alone?

We’re the magical race. If they can just get near us, the magic will rub off on them. Or so they believe.

classroom brawl in charlotte

hand to mouth negress gif