Paris is Burning (at the hands of African Invaders, Not the “Nazis”)

The mainstream press is reporting exuberance and maybe just a little excessive celebrating.


But who could blame France? A World Cup victory doesn’t happen every day.

The Eiffel Tower was awash in the national colors and as night fell, it flashed two dates: 1998 and 2018 — the two years France won the World Cup.


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Another One! NFL Star LeSean McCoy Allegedly Beat ex-Girlfriend to a Bloody Pulp

It may be a while before Delicia Cordon does more modeling work, not the way that face has been beaten up on.

Unlike the two feetsballers we featured yesterday who were involved in violent attacks, LeSean is a current NFL star. According to his Wikipedia page, McCoy is under contract to the Buffalo Bills for $40 million.

He’s had trouble with women before. There’s also an allegation that he beat his pet dog.

One quick observation: These million dollar negros, many of them, shun white women and go for very light skinned blacks as wives and girlfriends. I’m not sure why that’s the case, but I’m not complaining.


NFL player LeSean “Shady” McCoy has been accused of being responsible for a violent attack on his former girlfriend.


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Ex-Detroit Lions Player Arrested for Punching a Cop


A $97 cab fare for a ride from the airport to a hotel?

Who could blame anyone for questioning the cost of that cab ride?

The negro’s downfall came when he refused to obey lawful police orders, which is a common problem for members of the darker race.

While in custody, Pettigrew had to be placed in an “emergency restraint chair,” which is interesting all by itself.

Pittsburgh Post Gazette

A former Detroit Lions football player was arrested Monday in Pittsburgh after police say he punched an officer in the chest three times.

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Basketball-Americans Turn Game into Brawl, Attacking White Ref (Viral Video)

A good sized brawl at a youth basketball game in the Atlanta area has started to be noticed on the Internet.

According to the black coach of one of the teams, his boys dindu nuffins. The brawl, you see, was started when a white referee attacked his boys.


Yahoo Sports

A massive brawl erupted at a youth basketball game between R.A.W. Athletics from Chicago and the Houston Raptors in the Atlanta area on Sunday morning between both teams and the officials running the game.

In a pair of videos, first posted by Doug Jones on Twitter, one can see a trio of players attacking an official lying on the ground near the 3-point line on the court.

Watch the videos on Twitter below, or on youtube. Some white people forgot to avoid the groid (and his punches and kicks).

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FIFA to Punish Mexico for Fans’ Homophobic “puto” Chant at World Cup

Never let it be said that there are never kind words for Mexicans here.

These rough-and-tumble crude people enjoy yelling “fag” in Spanish at Soccer games.

This type of politically incorrect behavior will get their team a fine, but who cares when you’re having fun with a politically incorrect, taboo word.

Yahoo Sports

FIFA has opened disciplinary proceedings against Mexico’s soccer federation after Mexican fans shouted an anti-gay slur in unison during their country’s 1-0 win over Germany.

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Don’t have sex with men from ‘different race’ during World Cup, warns Russian woman politician


This is the second of two related posts dealing with sex during the World Cup in Russia this year. Scroll down the homepage to see the previous post in which a male pol advises women to sex it up with nonwhites.

Tamara, pictured above, is a race realist. She’s told Russian women who might be tempted to mate with the apes with arrive in Russia to play soccer during the World Cup that the blacks will leave the women to raise their mulattoes on their own.

How true!

Let’s hope Russian women have enough sense to listen to the truth and act on it.

As we say: Avoid the groid.

The Guardian

Russian women should avoid sex with non-white foreign men during the football World Cup because they could become single mothers to mixed-race children, a senior lawmaker in Moscow said on Wednesday.

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Rat Bastard Russian Male Politician Advises Russian Women to Mate with World Cup Apes

This is the first of a pair of posts that complement each other. One Russian pol, a woman, has gone public with advice to avoid the groid. This one, a male, offers the opposite advice to Russian women.

This virtue signaling Russian politician wants to see a Russian baby boom.

Not pure Russian babies, though, but rather mulattoes.

We in the West are too far away from Russia to know if he’s a nutjob, a shill for the Jews, or something else.

Whatever, hopefully, very few women will listen to his poor advice.


The World Cup should encourage more love stories, a senior Russian lawmaker believes, hoping for more romantic encounters during the major festival of sport and more children born from mixed marriages.

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