Feminism Is Leaving A Wake Of Unhappy, Unmarried, And Childless Women In Its Path

The premise of a piece about women published at the Daily Wire is wrong. Feminism isn’t about advancing women or making them happy. It’s about leftist identity politics to entice women into experimenting with life as a lesbian. Feminism is correctly seen as a plot intended to make women unhappy in order to advance big, tyrannical government that pretends to “protect” women from the evil white male.

Daily Wire

Feminists claim to promote the advancement of women and gender equality, largely via the promotion of so-called sexual liberation, but their movement is leaving a wake of unhappy, unmarried, and childless women in its path, a real problem feminists seemingly refuse to entirely address.

According to a recent study from Yale University researchers, liberated, college educated women are freezing their eggs because they can’t find a man to marry and have children with before their natural childbearing years expire. In the U.K., for instance, one in five women is childless when their natural reproductive years expires, as opposed to one in ten women a mere generation prior.

So what’s to blame for this onslaught of college-educated yet terribly empty women?

The short answer is feminism.

Colleged education today offers a heavy dose of indoctrination. Instead of teaching Home Economics (sewing, cooking, household management, child rearing, etc.) professors teach a pseudointellectual Cultural Marxist view, which really leaves women with hostility toward men and messed up minds.

The author of the study, Marcia Inhorn, an anthropology professor at Yale University, concludes that the common assumption about women putting off children to advance their careers is mere myth. The 150 women undergoing the egg-freezing process in the U.S. and Israel who were extensively interviewed for the study, claimed they were not putting off having a family in order to advance their career, but because they simply couldn’t find a mate.

Inhorn blames the problem on a shortage of college-educated men. “There is a major gap — they are literally missing men. There are not enough college graduates for them. In simple terms, this is about an oversupply of educated women,” she says.

“Most women who are educated would like to have an educated partner. Traditionally women have also wanted to ‘marry up’ to go for someone more successful, financially well off,” adds the researcher.

With white men being demonized in the college classroom, it makes no sense for them to attend a college where they have to confess their white privilege and their guilt for everything that ever went wrong in the world.

With women embracing the hook up culture, why would a man want to pair off with a girl who believes that her liberation lies in her sexual promiscuity?


Inhorn then goes on to blame feminism, sort of. Essentially, because of feminism, liberated women are college-educated but unhappy and alone in exchange, she argues.

“As a feminist I think it’s great that women are doing so well but I think there has been a cost that has been paid,” says Inhorn, adding that women have been left in “sadness and isolation.”

But there’s more going on here. Other experts allude to what Inhorn is unwilling to say: it’s not simply an “oversupply” of liberated women that’s driving this trend, or a liberation-happiness trade-in; it’s men refusing to settle down. And for that, I’d like to thank the feminists’ push for “sexual liberation.”

Let start with the evidence.

First off, some of the women interviewed by Inhorn’s own team even admit that it’s not simply an educational gap; women said they would marry a man who doesn’t have a degree but they can’t find one who wants to marry them.

Then there’s Medical Director of U.K. clinic Create Fertility, Professor Geeta Nargund, who hits the nail on the head (emphasis added): “Women tell us frequently that they are freezing their eggs because the men they meet feel threatened by their success and so unwilling to commit to starting a family together.”

It’s plausible that some men might feel threatened by their woman’s success, but overall that placebo disguises a realistic worry about just how selfish a woman is when she’s fixated on her career and not the family unit.

President of the British Fertility Society, Professor Adam Balen, concurred (emphasis added): “We are seeing some big societal issues, in particular in some social economic groups, with young men not committing.”

(((Balen))) is male-bashing. Blame the male! Yeah, right. He’s a dimwit.

And here’s Executive Director of IVI, Dr. Gillian Lockwood, on Inhorn’s findings: “It exacerbates the problem of men not wanting to ‘settle down’ and start a family until it’s almost too late for the woman to conceive naturally. And if she insists, he’s quite likely to leave for a younger woman whose biological clock isn’t ticking quite so loudly.”

Dr. Lockwood’s “own survey of women doing ‘social’ egg freezing found the overwhelming majority of women having their eggs frozen were doing so because they could not find a partner, or because their own partner would not commit,” notes The Telegraph.


And there’s even more!

Professor Simon Fishel, who founded Care Fertility, explained based on his research (emphasis added): “Almost all of the women in the study who employed egg freezing were heterosexual and wanted to become married mothers. Women lamented the ‘missing men’ in their lives, viewing egg freezing as a way to buy time while on the continuing (online) search for a committed partner.”

Search for a committed partner? I think what he means is you have a group of women who are 5s and 6s looking for a man who’s a 9 or 10. Overvaluing yourself is a real problem in the meat market that is the dating world today.

Over 90% of those surveyed were not freezing their eggs to postpone childbearing to advance a career. Instead, “they were desperately ‘preserving’ their fertility beyond the natural end of their reproductive lives, because they were single without partners to marry,” he said.

So back to the original claim: the so-called sexual liberation of women is indeed screwing women, and not in a good way.

Why would a man rush to settle down and marry someone if he can not only have sex with “liberated” women without a ring, but even cohabitate with them, too? Moreover, the less chaste a woman is, the less preferable she will likely be to a man. Not to mention a woman’s increasing age and creeping near infertility as another massively undesirable trait.

If women demanded more from men, did not sleep around in the name of feminism, men would settle into marriage at an earlier age.

But, nonetheless, these simple truths will be rejected by feminists everywhere, clinging hard to their sad, lonely lives in exchange for empty Feminism, as they accuse any dissenter of being a misogynist.

Our ancestors had it right in those old social guidance films I’ve been publishing here the last few weeks. A number of the women in those old films were good role models–thoughtful, considerate, conservative, chaste, and loyal.

Too many males do hate women today, I believe. The question is whether that hatred (or distaste) is justified.

Jew Math Professor’s Sperm Creating Super Race of Jewnigs


Watch yourself in the men’s room at Target, guys. That fellow in the next stall making those moaning sounds may be Ari Nagel. If you see a Negress waiting just outside the bathroom door being handed a cup of something, you can bet it’s super dad Nagel.

Nagel might be a little off. His desire to create a new super human species, which could be called the Jewnig or the NigJew, is part of the Jew’s brave new world he has planned for us. It’s megalomania.

Just think, at the rate Nagel is going, an entire army of Jewnigs will probably be ruling the world in 20 or 30 years.


New York Post

This Father’s Day, he’s still the most in-demand dad in town.

A year after The Post revealed that CUNY math professor Ari Nagel had fathered 23 kids — some conceived the old-fashioned way, others involving sperm handoffs at public spots such as the Atlantic Center Target in Downtown Brooklyn — he’s back. Nagel, 41, has donated his supersperm to even more women, resulting in four kids born since last Father’s Day. And eight other ladies, from Florida to Maryland to The Bronx, are currently pregnant because of him.

In fact, wannabe mommies from all over the globe have reached out to Nagel after seeing his story in The Post: He’s had inquiries from Turkey, Nigeria, South Africa and even China.

The Sperminator’s summer is jam-packed with trips timed to ovulation schedules. He’s flying to Israel this week to meet a woman who will have Nagel freeze his sperm at a clinic in case her first attempt at pregnancy is unsuccessful. After that, he’s off to Vietnam. “This crippled woman’s story really hit home,” he said of a 30-something left in a wheelchair after a debilitating motorcycle accident a few years ago. “She said, ‘It’s all I ever wanted.’ You just have a vibe that she’d be an amazing mom.” Plus, it will diversify his portfolio: “I don’t have an Asian baby yet.” In mid-July, a hopeful from Taiwan is flying in to New York to see if Nagel can make her dreams come true.

In every case, the women are covering the cost of the flights. But, as always, Nagel charges nothing for his sperm.

“It’s a lot of fun [traveling], actually. Of course, no one’s ovulating in Hawaii — it’s Toledo, Ohio, and Flint, Michigan,” he said, insisting he loves helping strangers.

“Creating a life and saving a life are my proudest moments. I donated my bone marrow twice and I never got to meet the recipients, I have no idea who it was,” he said. “[Fathering children] is a lot more fulfilling. It’s an honor to be chosen.”

As The Post reported last year, the Sperminator often uses public restrooms — Target, Starbucks — for procuring samples: “Once a location is chosen, Nagel will go into the bathroom, pleasure himself while watching porn on his iPhone . . . and ejaculate into an Instead Softcup, a type of menstrual cup. He then delivers the specimen to the woman, who goes into the ladies’ restroom and inserts it into her cervix.”

Nagel insists there’s no shame in his game. “There’s homeless people in that Target bathroom all the time. What I’m doing is the least of their problems. You have people showering [in the sinks] there,” he said. “They should give us some free diapers for all this free press,” he said.

Pregnant Bronx mom Paige Moxey “met him in the Target,” she said. The 30-year-old health-care worker, married to wife Jasmine Belle, is due in February.

Good grief! That last paragraph says that the Sperminator is actually donating sperm to lesbians.

My God, what decent man would want his blood kin to be raised by two carpet munching, taco bumping mommies.

For that matter, what decent man would want children by these porkers below?

Shouldn’t what Nagel is doing be illegal? If the law won’t act directly, the best we can hope for is that a family court orders Nagel to pay child support to all his sassy black female moms.

Hitting a Jew in the shekels is the most painful thing I can imagine happening to a member of the tribe. Unless a judge ordered him to live with his Nubian princesses.

University Study: Children Conceived by Sperm Donors Totally Fine Without Fathers

mother and baby at sperm bank britain

Metro News skews hard left. They publish stories that support the leftist narrative. Part of that narrative is that fathers are unnecessary.

I call bullsh*t on this story. I do that with no evidence to back me up other than my common sense. I’m not an expert on these matters, which I admit.

But I do know that the left is opposed to traditional families. Remember Hillary Clinton’s “It Takes a Village.” Government checks cannot replace fathers no matter the sh*t spew coming from Hillary.

Look at the dysfunction among American black youths, raised without fathers, for evidence.


If you’re a single mum who conceived using a sperm donor, you have nothing to worry about.

Researchers at Cambridge University looked at the families of 51 single women who used a sperm bank to become pregnant to look at how the lack of a father affected the children.

Turns out, they suffered no more psychological, social or emotional problems than children whose parents were a couple.

Dr Sophie Zadeh questioned mothers, children and teachers for the study to find out how well-adjusted they were. All of the kids were aged between four and nine.

Between four and nine? But how do these children do later in life? Such as in their teens and in adulthood? I suspect the lack of a father kicks in and leads to dysfunction at that point.

‘There seems to be a stereotype of single women seeking sperm donations as anti-men or as not having carefully considered the needs of their future children,’ she said. ‘Our research would suggest that is not the case.’

Although both the mothers and their children brought up the absence of a dad during questioning, it wasn’t psychologically damaging to either of them.

‘Single women using sperm donation have been the focus of press attention and political debate in the UK at least,’ Dr Zadeh added.

‘In terms of mothers’ psychological functioning we found no differences between the two family types in terms of anxiety, depression and parenting stress.

‘In children’s psychological well-being we found no differences between family types, in terms of social or emotional problems.’

The last name Zadeh is either Jewish or Middle Eastern.

sophie zadeh

Since the white race is facing extinction because of our enemies, although I believe the research results to be of little use, I still nonetheless believe, reluctantly, that white women must have more children by any means necessary.

If a white woman chooses to conceive by a sperm donor, to quote Pope Francies, “Who am I to judge?”

Revisiting the Hatred of Men in the Law: Lawyer Responds to Sperm Donor Forced to Pay Child Support

william marotta

This post on sperm donor William Marotta is dated September 7. A search reveals no new news about the man who kindly donated his sperm to two lesbian women only to have the state of Kansas order him to pay child support.

However, one of Mr. Marotta’s supporters has contacted me about his lawyer’s legal arguments in favor of his NOT being recognized by law as the father of the child born to the two women.

I clicked on the first link below and read the legal reasoning. It looks sound to me.

William Marotta is getting screwed by an anti-male legal system. I think the fact that his sperm went to two lesbians is also driving his case. If he had donated to a husband and wife I doubt that he would be on the legal hot seat. Apparently, Kansas wants lesbian women to have babies the old fashioned way, by having sex with a man.

I am one of the friends who started the fundraising campaign for William, and the campaign administrator.

I have some new information regarding the case I’d like you to consider using please.

There is an open letter from William’s lawyer explaining why the state is wrong in claiming that the couple and William didn’t follow Kansas law. Since everyone believes the state’s interpretation, this is a very important letter.


This is the mobile link.


If you could use this in a case update article, it would be very much appreciated.

Feel free to ask any questions.

There is a way to write me anonymously through the go fund me page. They send it, so all I see is their address.

Thank you,

Julie Avard

I’ve had my own encounters with the legal system. It’s a racket. There is no rule of law in America anymore. As I wrote on September 7, William Marotta ought to be freed from the chains of his slavery.

Hatred of Men: Kansas sperm donor fights back after state forces him to pay child support


william marotta

angie and jennifer wanted sperm

William Marotta is getting the shaft from the legal system. It’s another example of the hatred of men bubbling up in order to keep whites from having children. Soft genocide of the white race is what this story is about when you dig below the surface. And that soft genocide is being led by a Republican governor who fancies himself some kind of protector of women and children.

Read the story and be angry, whether you are a man or a woman.


TOPEKA (KSNT) – It’s probably one of the most bizarre Craigslist transaction, involving a lesbian couple desperate for a sperm donor, and a Topeka man willing to help.

Little did he know that act of kindness would lead to a lengthy child support battle that continues to this day. Recently this controversial case led to a court ordered DNA test that revealed he is a father, “I’m the sperm donor, I’m not the father,” William Marotta said.

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Free Sperm Donors: Altruism or Guys Who Just Want to Get Laid?

Kyle Gordy--this generous gentleman offers his sperm to women the old fashioned way, through sexual intercourse.

Kyle Gordy–this generous gentleman offers his sperm to women the old fashioned way, through sexual intercourse.

The headline and subheads from the Daily Mail are reproduced below. These lines of text summarize the story. Read the complete story at the link.

Meet the ‘free-sperm donors’ who have actual sex with strangers desperate to conceive by ‘natural insemination’
As sperm bank prices soar – women turning directly to online ‘free sperm donors’
These men offer ‘traditional insemination’ – sex – to the prospective moms
Service is offered for free and is part of a small but growing trend online
Kyle Gordy, 23, will travel to see the women or they will go to him
Other sperm donors such as ‘Joe’ estimate to have slept with 100 women
Joe says that in his seven-year career he has fathered more than 30 kids
His wife and three teenage children have no idea about his double life
Watch the full story on ABC News’ 20/20 on Friday, November 14, at 10 pm ET

Personally, I think these guys are clever scam artists. If a court ever rules them financially responsible for the children they claim to have sired, their little scam is going to blow up in their faces.