Nutjob Interracial Family Asks Blue Bell to Change Name of Ice Cream Flavor


Sweet Jesus, where to begin?

The world has officially gone insane now that a Louisiana woman, Traci Schmidley, and her motley group of sprogs have complained about the name given to a tub of ice cream. Half chocolate and half vanilla somehow reminded these nutjobs of racism.

I have a three minute video of the fam excitedly explaining their lunatic thinking embedded at the end of this post.

Oh, and there’s bad news I’m also putting toward the bottom too.

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White Youths in Kansas are Speaking English with a Spanish Accent Because of the Beaner Invasion

Welcome to Kansas, where the white population speaks English, but with an accent that makes them sound like an illiterate illegal beaner.

Diversity! It’s a real bitch.

Excerpt from

Residents in southwest Kansas are starting to speak with a distinct, new accent as the Latino population continues to grow — and the accent is most prominent among young people.

English sounds like Spanish? Kind of a south of the border ebonics, I suppose.

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Yahoo Article on Anthony “White Men of Privilege” Bourdain Draws Intense Mockery

A Yahoo article that sparked widespread ridicule originally appeared on a woman’s website, Glamour.

Here’s the full title: Why Anthony Bourdain’s Life Is a Lesson for White Men of Privilege on How to Be an Ally

The article goes on to briefly hit on a dozen or so social justice issues where Bourdain, a Jew (half Jew technically), takes the politically correct stance that resulted in him being held in good standing by (((TV execs.)))

Yahoo readers were not pleased!

BTW, in their efforts to canonize St. Bourdain, the leftist media is totally ignoring what CAUSED him to kill himself. I am assuming that he really did hang himself and wasn’t murdered by the (((Deep State))) for some secret transgression that put on their hit list. Normally, the MSM goes into speculation about what motivated the suicide. Not this time. Strange!

Excerpt from Glamour via Yahoo

In recognizing his privilege, Bourdain was able to stand up for women, marginalized communities, and even question how his own past choices lent themselves to perpetuating dangerous environments. It would have been effortless for Bourdain to adopt the worldview of men who share his status and influence. Bourdain, instead, explored worlds besieged by that power and challenged its beneficiaries to do better.

That’s some really sickening prose. Bourdoin was no profile in courage, but rather a profile in PC.

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‘Pack your bags’: new Italian gov’t pledges mass migrant deportation

We’re going to be keeping our eyes on Italy to see whether the political will exists to begin deporting illegals, many of whom are worthless black vermin.

For today, let’s celebrate that the country has a government at odds with the EU and at odds with the open borders mentality.

Sydney Morning Herald

Rome: Italy’s new populist leaders commemorated the founding of the Italian republic by attending a pomp-filled military parade Saturday – and then promised to get to work creating jobs and expelling migrants.

“The free ride is over,” League leader Matteo Salvini, Italy’s new interior minister, warned migrants at a rally in northern Italy. “It’s time to pack your bags.”

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Pat Buchanan Asks, “Is America’s Racial Divide Permanent?”

Pat casts a critical eye on the Rosanne imbroglio, Starbucks diversity training, and the NFL fiasco. Again, he has a chance to name the Jew, but doesn’t.


For Roseanne Barr, star of ABC’s hit show “Roseanne,” there would be no appeal. When her tweet hit, she was gone.

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White San Antonio Woman Calls Out City for Anti-White Allegiance to Mexico, Hatred of Texas, U.S.


No wonder that for the 30 years I lived in San Antonio, I felt like an outsider, a stranger in a strange land.

San Antonio is what the globalists want all of America to become. The new mayor is a Jew in spite of there only being 12,000 Jews in San Antonio. That’s how stupid the population is.

Interestingly, this op-ed has only received two comments at the source site. The city is one of the most ignorant in America and is happy to remain so.

My San Antonio

As I walked the beautiful San Pedro Creek Project recently, looking at all the interesting art, I wondered if San Antonio was 100 percent American Indian and Latino. I saw no representation of the diversity that made this city great. You could be excused for thinking you had fallen into an urban renewal project in Monterrey.


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Texas State University students: You can’t be racist to white people


There always seems to be a sh*tstorm brewing on the campus of Texas State University, which is located in the otherwise pleasant small town of San Marcos, Texas, halfway between Austin and San Antonio.

This is the same school where the student paper published a piece in which “Your DNA is an abomination” was written about white people.

My impression is that a lot of the anti-white activism is coming from native-born Latinos, who hate whites and America.

Washington Examiner

One freshman student’s seemingly innocuous tweet about racism has ignited a firestorm at Texas State University. Now other students are shaming her and asking her not to attend the university in the fall.

“Any race can be racist, change my mind,” self-described incoming freshman Tailor tweeted, accompanied by a GIF of Judge Judy tapping her watch and slapping a courtroom bench.

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