Jews Must Be Laughing at Silicon Valley Hipsters Who Pay $60 a Jug for “Raw” Water


Overpaid, politically correct Silicon Valley hipsters have more money than sense.

Business Insider

In San Francisco, “unfiltered, untreated, unsterilized spring water” from a company called Live Water is selling for up to $61 for a 2.5-gallon jug — and it’s flying off the shelves, The New York Times reported.

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Alt-Right Tech People Working to Create a Free Speech Internet

After going through a discussion of banned “hate” sites, this article describes the efforts by Gab to create an alternative Internet that would allow so-called “hate speech” to be expressed free of worry.

Gab is looking for venture capitalists to fund the new Internet.

Excerpt from Slate

Utsav Sanduja, the chief operating officer of Gab, described the “Free Speech Tech Alliance” to me as “a group of 100 engineers plus from Silicon Valley who are working with us behind the scenes to create an alternative infrastructure.” The movement’s goal is to own its own servers and run its own web hosting, domain registrar, DDoS protection software, cloud storage services, and encryption technology, not to mention social networks like Gab and other “free-speech”–centric alternatives, like a YouTube replacement called PewTube. Sanduja claims Gab has received “hundreds of applications” to join the alliance, which he says is purposefully being kept small in order to protect the identities of its members who fear losing their jobs at Silicon Valley companies. Though it’s unclear where exactly they work, at least a handful are on Google’s campus, Sanduja claims.

Gab is building off the work of a number of existing alternative web services hailing from the far right. Pax Dickinson, the former chief technology officer of Business Insider who left the company after Gawker revealed his racist- and rape joke–filled Twitter account, has started his own alt-right crowdfunding platform called Counter.Fund. There’s also Hatreon, a free speech–centric Patreon alternative, which states in its guidelines that “Hate speech is protected speech.” There’s an alt-right-friendly version of Wikipedia called Metapedia. There’s even a small alt-right dating website,, with the tagline, “Preserve your heritage! Be fruitful and multiply! Join today!” Though these services are platforms for people who traffic in hate speech, they’re different from the message boards and forums of Stormfront and Gab, where white supremacist and anti-Semitic ideas are discussed and incubated, and where perpetrators of hate crimes like Dylann Roof and Anders Breivik find encouragement and become indoctrinated.

Dickinson is trying to appeal to investors, though he doesn’t seem hopeful. “Leftist VCs leap at the chance to signal their Leftism, regardless of how stupid the project is,” Dickinson lamented last week on Gab. (He declined to be interviewed for this piece.) Still, alt-tech adherents are convinced that there is a market for their services. “I expect the earliest adopters will be those with the most fringe and radical views who have already been kicked off of YouTube and other platforms,” said Anthony Mayfield, creator of PewTube. “But as the definition of someone who is a bad person who isn’t allowed to say things online begins to grow, I think the users of my platform and others like it will continue to become more and more mainstream.”

In the past two weeks, a handful of far-right video bloggers have jumped onboard to promote the nascent movement, including Styxhexenhammer666, a popular libertarian video blogger, whose two videos about the effort have notched almost 70,000 views. Others have posted “call to action” videos, rallying technologists to join the movement to build “new ‘free speech’ platforms,” which have also attracted thousands of viewers. While these might not read as huge numbers, they suggest a movement with a groundswell of grassroots support.

Here’s one Styx video mentioned by Slate:

Here’s the second Styx video calling for a new Internet:

Here’s a call to action:

Christians Treated Like Hategroup by (((Youtube)))

Although the (((Satanists))) at Google/youtube, et. al. have banished the Daily Stormer to the hinterlands, other merely conservative producers of content are suffering as well.

In this post, a smaller antiracist, politically correct Christian ministry tells the story of seeing its income drop precipitously under youtube’s purge of “controversial” content.

Foolish Christian ministers like this one don’t understand that in a multicultural society in which secular humanism, or possibly Islam, is the preferred religion of the global (((elites))), that Christianity is being targeted for extinction.

Since one of our goals on this site is to fight the extinction of species, we join in to condemn youtube’s efforts to make the social media site a Christian-free “safe space” for social justice warriors, Muslims, and atheists.

Christian Post

Last Thursday night, I noticed that YouTube demonetized my interview with a former KKK Grand Dragon who is now an associate pastor in an African American church, claiming it was “Not suitable for all advertisers”? Why wouldn’t it be? It was a great, positive, redemptive story, one that the whole world should hear. Why flag it?

The demonetizing of this video was the first thing that got my attention, but I thought to myself, “It’s probably because it has KKK in the title.”

For months now, we had noticed that almost any video we had with “Islam” in the title would get demonetized. But when we would request a review from YouTube, some of the videos would get reinstated.

Still, we had seen a drop of more than 65% in our AskDrBrown YouTube income, despite producing more, not less videos. What was causing this to happen?


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How the Jews Won the Battle of Charlottesville

After going into the ADL’s role in training American police departments, the false media narrative, and the effort to impeach Trump based on his “racism,” we see what the author calls the most catastrophic consequence of the Battle of Charlottesville, which we lost bigly. I’ve bolded a few key points.

Excerpt from the The Occidental Observer

The framing of Charlottesville as a serious moral crisis has also enabled influential figures in Silicon Valley to abandon previously held principles such as free speech and freedom of the internet. This is potentially the most catastrophic consequence of events in Virginia because the precedent has now been set for internet censorship based on the same interplay of ‘morals’ and politics espoused by Cohen. Much like the indoctrination of law enforcement by the ADL, the foundations for internet censorship had already long been laid by Jewish activist organizations. During the last four years the ADL and similar organizations in Europe have lobbying against ‘cyberhate’ and forming ‘working groups’ with access to the highest levels of leading internet providers, civil society, the legal community, and academia. Multiple consultations have also been held with representatives of Facebook, Google/YouTube, Microsoft, Twitter, and Yahoo. The Southern Poverty Law Center and affiliated groups have also lobbied financial platforms such as PayPal with the goal of having access to those platforms denied to organizations deemed to be ‘hate groups’ by multiculturalists. Until Charlottesville, intensive Jewish lobbying for internet censorship hasn’t been as successful as those behind it might have hoped (I’ve previously written in more detail about this topic). However, the moral panic surrounding Charlottesville enabled these Jewish groups to finally claim a number of prominent scalps in record time, with internet-based actions taken by Google, PayPal, CloudFlare, and Facebook against the Daily Stormer, the National Policy Institute, Radix Journal, Identity Europa, VDare, Counter-Currents and many individuals and smaller associations linked to the Alt Right. Again, while the moral panic provided the indignation and immediate emotional cover for these actions to take place, the ideological foundations for such moves against internet freedom were pre-existing.

A summary of lessons from Charlottesville should include the realization that law enforcement are not there to protect your rights or keep you safe. They are pre-programed by our opponents to despise you and your ideology, and they will always view you, despite all evidence to the contrary, as the primary danger.

Another realization should be that our internet activity, the élan vital of the contemporary movement, has a half-life in the sense that our opponents will try to further restrict our online presence. We will need to be creative in developing a Plan B. A further realization should be that the primary importance of street activity is always going to be in relation to internal impacts — the development of cohesion and trust. As long as mass narratives are determined by the hostile media, our street activities, no matter how benign and polished, will be invariably portrayed as the worst of the worst. Perhaps a final realization is that we should make hay while the sun shines, by which I mean that entrenched interests are simply not going to rest until Trump fails utterly in even his most modest attempts to resist globalism, and disappears from political life. I believe that although Trump isn’t perfect, with Bannon gone, he is effectively all that we have left in terms of a powerful political figure at the top level advocating for ideas even remotely congruent to our own. We need to capitalize on every minute he is in power.

If the Jews have their way, Trump will be gone in six months or less. They’ve been busy, as you can tell if you follow the link and read the whole article.

Andrew Anglin: Daily Stormer is Fully Kicked Off The Internet

Commenter Robert Browning provided me with copies of several articles posted on the Stormer, which can now only be found on the Dark Web using the TOR browser. Search engines do not index the Dark Web.

Anglin writes about the horrific injustice and un-American activities of the left technocrats in kicking him off the Internet:

Tfw No Freedoms: Stormer is Fully Kicked Off the Internet – Settle in Here!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 21, 2017

We are now officially kicked off of the internet. We are the first political or otherwise not-illegal website this has happened to, ever.

Namecheap, the free speech host I had hoped would hold folded, citing an obviously sarcastic line as the reasoning.

Here’s from their blog:

We find ourselves in a difficult situation, where we must balance the repugnant nature of the content against our principles, beliefs and ongoing support of free speech. This has been particularly challenging given that the fallout from our decision will be in the public eye and subject to public scrutiny, no matter what path we may take.

So, the question, as I see it, is whether deletion of these domains contradicts our core principle of advocacy of free speech? In this particular case, I state that the answer is “No.”

I’ve examined the website carefully. It purports to disclaim violence. But, these words are profoundly hollow as the actual text supports both viewpoints as well as groups that specifically promote violence. As an example: “It doesn’t take a Ph.D. in mathematics to understand that White men + pride + organization = Jews being stuffed into ovens.”

This statement clearly incites violence and endorses wholesale eradication of Jews through genocide championed by the Nazis. Daily Stormer in all its content advocates that proud white men organize themselves. It also presents the inevitable consequence of the organization of white men and their pride: “jews being stuffed into ovens.” This alone is a drastic departure from traditional freedom of speech principles and endorsement of a very violent eventuality. Based on this statement alone, the site should be legitimately shut down as the speech constitutes an incitement of violence.

They didn’t provide a link for context, but you don’t need context. There is no way anyone could think that line is serious.

What it is is mocking the Jewish narrative that any time white people organize for their own interests, it will lead to Jews being gassed.

It is very interesting that Namecheap chose that line in particular as their example of why we should be kicked off the internet. This is all about Jews. Jews, Jews, Jews.

Cloudflare, making their decision, made a similarly nonsensical claim, saying that I had claimed that they endorsed my belief system.

They are just coming up with any reason they can think of to shut us down.

But we are live here.

And will be live here.

I am going to start updating the site as usual.

We will also be posting screenshots of articles on gab.

nb4 even if that line was serious it would still be protected speech under Brandenburg v. Ohio – I am well aware of that. Namecheap is too. So they are just full of shit. Everyone is being pressured to shut us down and everyone is folding under the pressure.

Anyway, relax, settle in, we’ll get the bbs working so you can comment and talk soon enough.

We’ll be working on getting live on the real internet, of course. But for now we are simply going to have to accept that we are here on the Darknet. For the time being.

Expect full content load.

And get ready for an old fashioned trollstorm.

Because I am really, really fucking pissed off.

You can read more from the Daily Stormer in the comments posted by Robert Browning in this saboteur365 post.

Get ready for the ‘tech alt-right’ to gain power and influence in Silicon Valley

Among the things we’ve learned from the James Damore Google Memo is that Google keeps blacklists of conservatives, making sure they won’t find work in the tech industry. The senior people at Google also engage in “witch hunts” (one of Trump’s favorite expressions).

It doesn’t matter whether you think Damore’s 10 page manifesto war right about women and men. What matters is the fallout that’s predicted to hit tech like a hurricane.

The SJWs game is to destroy people in the name of virtue. Conservatives (cuckservatives) will never play that game. We on the alt-right will. We’re in a war for our survival as a race and as a country. Search and destroy missions need to be added to our toolkit. When presented with an opportunity, SJWs can be demonized, fired, and blacklisted just like conservatives.

Business Insider

The firing of James Damore over his “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber” memo will empower the tech alt-right.

To understand why, imagine yourself as a Republican working at a big Silicon Valley tech company.

You agree with Damore that some average differences between men and women probably explain some of why such a high proportion of computer programmers are male. You, however, in no way consider yourself sexist.

What Damore’s termination tells you is that many in your field consider people with your beliefs to be unfit to work with. They hold opinions of you similar to those of former senior Google employee Yonatan Zunger, who wrote about Damore, saying:

“Do you understand that at this point, I could not in good conscience assign anyone to work with you? I certainly couldn’t assign any women to deal with this, a good number of the people you might have to work with may simply punch you in the face, and even if there were a group of like-minded individuals I could put you with, nobody would be able to collaborate with them.” (Emphasis mine.)


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Breaking! Google Fires Author Of “Outrageous” Memo Slamming Company’s Anti-Conservative Culture




Yesterday we reported that a 10-page document penned by an unnamed Google engineer titled “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber” which criticized the company’s “left-leaning”, “anti-conservative” culture and called for replacing Google’s diversity initiatives with policies that encourage “ideological diversity” instead, led to angry outrage among fellow Google employees and Silicon Valley liberals. The document, published in its entirety by Gizmodo, quickly went “viral” both inside the company and within the broader Silicon Valley community.

The document’s author also wrote that employees with conservative political beliefs are discriminated against at Google and lamented about how “leftist” ideology is harmful. It argued that the company should have a more “open” culture where its viewpoint would be welcomed. The document said that improving racial and gender diversity is less important than making sure conservatives feel comfortable expressing themselves at work.

And, as of moments ago, the author of the memo – whose name has since been revealed as James Damore – has been fired.

I found the following Harvard University photo of a James Damore who is described as a Google software engineer.

It’s a shame that honesty is not appreciated by the scum at Google who make decisions that affect our lives so much.

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