Week Long Cruise For Conspiracy Researchers Reveals Mars Bases and Hillary’s Not Human

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Imagine spending a week on a cruise ship with a group of “conspiracy theorists,” a pejorative term to shut down the truth.

For me, the most trusted conspiracy REALIST is Henry Makow. In my opinion, Dave Hodges is not to be trusted, as he peddles what I consider to be fear porn. Feel free to offer your opinions on either of these gentlemen, or David Icke, Jeff Rense, Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura, or anyone else who exposes conspiracies.

The conspiracy theorists quoted in the following article excerpt are not known to me. However, the claim that Hillary Clinton is NOT human is surely true, on a metaphysical level, if not a fleshly one.

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

Hillary Clinton is not a human and people are ‘recruited’ to live on Mars are just some of the views that were aired during a special cruise dedicated to conspiracy theorists.

The week-long event off the coast of Mexico, called Conspira-Sea Cruise, claims to attempt to ‘uncover the truth’ about subjects including climate change, World Bank, NASA, September 11 and JFK.

In a Refinery29 video, shot aboard the cruise ship, some of the speakers shared their wildest conspiracy theories.

Activities on the cruise include ‘nightly UFO star-watch’, seminars with talks by researchers, investigators, and whistle-blowers and visiting beaches during ‘seven days of awakening’.

Global alchemist and cosmic mythologist Laura Eisenhower claimed she was recruited to go ‘off-planet’ to live on Mars in 2006 where she said she ‘learned a lot about what’s going on behind the scenes’.

She added: ‘Yes there are colonies on Mars and yes there is a secret space program and they don’t want us to know about this.

‘So I share theories but I also share things that are as close to fact that I can get as far as what I’ve seen and experienced.’

In footage of her talk during the cruise, she told the audience: ‘I’ve got to say, don’t vote for Hillary Clinton, first of all she’s not human. She’s not, we don’t even want to know what she is.’


Here’s the video with interviews done during the cruise.

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Harlequin Ichthyosis: Proof that Human and Reptilian Genes Intermingle (Shock Video)

harlequin baby

I don’t recall where I first learned about Harlequin Ichthyosis, but the writer claimed it was a result of reptilian genes being introduced into the human race by humans mating with Jews.

That seems a bit too much. However, those of you familiar with the work of David Icke know that he promotes the shape shifting reptile theory, which most people take to mean Jews.

The Huffington Post did an article a few years ago on a woman with the disease. She was 21 at the time, the longest living survivor with the condition.

Below, I’ve embedded a video of a Harlequin baby born in the African country of Ghana. The cruelty of the Ghanan medical personnel is disgusting as the poor creature is clearly in distress.

Make of this condition what you will. It’s clear where stories of half human, half reptile monsters come from.

Videos: Unlikeable Critic of Amnesty Ted Cruz Awkwardly Tries to Kiss His Daughter as Iowa Caucuses Near

Even his own daughter appears to not like Texas Senator Ted Cruz very much. Watch and see.

The Iowa caucuses are this week. Ted Cruz is touted as hot on the heels of Donald Trump in the polls. There’s an expectation that he might win Iowa.

With his wife holding down an executive position at Goldman Sachs, Ted Cruz is the candidate of the moment for the New World Order globalists.

The question is what is it about Cruz that makes people uncomfortable? Some have suggested that Ted is a pedophile. Others that he’s a shape-shifting reptile. Trolling. Much.

Whatever, he put an Obama AA appointee on the spot about pedophile pimps at the border in the summer of 2014. Political theater or genuine concern? You decide.

Donald Trump has been tweeting about Ted’s alleged lies for a long time. This one is the latest: