Rochester Feminist Prof Celeste Kidd Suffers Crushing Defeat, Leaves for UC Berkeley


A woman professor who had a sexual relationship with a male professor while she was studying under him made the news last year on Saboteur365 when she received national recognition for exposing a male professor as a lecher.

I know you’re going to be saddened to hear this but the Jewish president of the University of Rochester resigned because Professor Florian Jaeger was accused of sexually harassing women on campus. By sexually harassing, I mean having consensual sex with them.

Professor Celeste Kidd is suing the university for not doing what she wanted, which was clearly to fire the alleged harasser, Professor Florian Jaeger, who seems like a real ladies man.

Feminists held marches, got an investigation from the local US Attorney, and even went on a hunger strike, but Jaeger’s back!

The petulant Kidd and her hubby, who has a different last name, are leaving in protest.

New York Post

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — A professor who was named one of Time magazine’s 2017 Persons of the Year for outing a colleague accused of sexual misconduct has resigned from the University of Rochester over the university’s handling of complaints against him.

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Netflix Bans Eye Contact for More than 5 Seconds in #metoo crackdown


At the university I vaguely recall one of the professors being called on the carpet for the feminist crime of “elevator eyes.”

That’s staring at someone for more than a few seconds with your eyes going up and down to look them over.

Elevator eyes was a “crime” more than 15 years ago in higher education.

Now, a large company, Netflix, has made more explicit the nature of the crime and how to avoid being charged. Simply don’t hold eye contact for more than 5 seconds.

The company is also defining a number of other “crimes” that might offend a man-hating bitch feminist.

When #metoo took off, Andrew Anglin at the Daily Stormer was ecstatic because Jews were being fingered as sexual harassers, most notably Harvey Weinstein. I said at the time that Anglin was wrong.

Now, we are all Harvey Weinstein.

The Independent

Netflix has introduced new anti-harassment training in the wake of the #metoo movement that rocked Hollywood and seriously disrupted production on its House of Cards show.

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Gennifer Flowers Says Bill Clinton Should be Charged for Sex Crimes, with Hillary Indicted as Co-Conspirator (Updated)

The Gennifer Flowers interview starts at about the 29 minute mark.

Besides calling for Bill and Hillary to be criminally prosecuted, Gennifer also now claims that she was sexually harassed by Bill Clinton into having their sexual relationship. She’s following the #metoo crowd in making that claim.

Although Bill is a sleezball and a probable crook, Gennifer doesn’t exactly have clean hands either. She entered into an affair with a married man and later appeared in Penthouse magazine in porographic pictures to cash in on her infamy.


More Jewish chutzpah from Laura, who previously Loomered Hillary and Chelsea. Bill’s security knew that Laura was going to ask him about raping Juanita Broddrick. LOL! Two minutes.

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Baldylocks Black Lady Principal Claims White Super Wants to Close Her School Because SHE REJECTED his Sexual Advances


Patricia Williams was bestowed the title of principal in a “school” made up of a few overage “students.”

It looks to the outside observer to be a make work job for a black woman.

The school is being closed and Ms. Williams may soon be unemployed unless a new make work assignment can be found for her.

Excerpt from the New York Daily News

A Bronx principal says a powerful city superintendent targeted her school for closure after she rejected his sexual advances.

Crotona Academy will shut its doors in June — and Principal Patricia Williams may lose her job — in part due to the efforts of her supervising superintendent Paul Rotondo.

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Harvey Weinstein Posts $1 Million Bail After Arrest for Rapes

Like most heterosexual males, Harvey Weinstein made sexual advances toward women.

Unlike your moves on women or mine, his moves, reflecting his Jewish ethnicity, were crude, not subtle. Being rich, famous, and having the power to give women the fame and fortune they craved, he was direct: Give me sex and I’ll give you what you want.

Many of his propositions were made while the women were in his HOTEL ROOM.

Any adult woman who goes to a man’s hotel room knows what he has in mind. That’s doubly true for actresses.

While Weinstein is a disgusting example of the aggressive sexual behaviors associated with his tribe, Hollywood in general, and rich men (Trump’s advice to “grab ’em by the p*ssy), Weinstein isn’t charged with being a sleezeball. He’s charged with rape. Of actresses. Who are NOT normal women.

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

Harvey Weinstein was all smiles as he was charged with multiple counts of rape in a New York courtroom on Friday.

The 66-year-old disgraced movie mogul was arrested, processed and booked for the alleged sexual assault of two women shortly after 7:30am, arriving alone in a chauffeured SUV before being taken in to the station by two detectives.

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Apologetic Actor Morgan Freeman’s Weird Sexual Behavior Called Out in Latest #metoo Scandal

Fans and other defenders of Morgan Freeman can at least say that he’s not nearly as bad as Cosby.

For conservatives who enjoy seeing liberals taste the bitter fruit of their liberalism, the accusations against 80 year old Freeman are music to their ears.

Keep it up, Hollyweird, and soon there won’t be a celebrity left untouched. The Daily Mail reports that the Screen Actor’s Guild is considering stripping Freeman of his lifetime achievement award. That’s serious stuff.

CBS News

Multiple women have come forward accusing Morgan Freeman of sexual harassment. Sixteen people spoke with CNN and said they either witnessed or were directly subjected to inappropriate comments, staring or touching by the actor.


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Fox News Installs Meditation Room with Muslim Prayer Rugs


A Muslim prayer rug? That would be a sacrilege in a Christian prayer room, would it not.

Why would a workplace need a meditation room? Mine had no such amenity.

Is the new CEO about to screw up whatever value Fox News ever had?

It looks that way.


With Suzanne Scott as the new CEO of Fox News, comes a meditation room complete with Muslim prayer rugs, reports the far-left Vanity Fair.

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