More Sex Accusations Against (((Dustin Hoffman,))) Some Underage

Movie icon Dustin Hoffman isn’t up to Harvey Weinstein’s level of perversion and degeneracy, but he’s getting there fast.

Five new accusers in one day, and some underage at the time.

Wow! These Jews think that the shiksa is there to service them. They can’t say “The devil made me do it,” but I guess they can say “It’s OK, it’s in the Talmud.”

Dustin Hoffman is lucky that the fathers of two teen girls didn’t kil him back in the day.

Fox News

Five woman came forward Thursday accusing Dustin Hoffman of sexual harassment, with two of them saying they were underage at the time, The Hollywood Reporter and Variety reported.

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Supersize Me Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock Admits to Multiple Instances of Sexual Misconduct


Morgan Spurlock (WHO?!) is trying a different strategy to keep from being destroyed by the current moral panic.

Before any accusations of bad boy behavior could surface, he’s confessed in an open letter in which he explains himself.

At the Morgan Spurlock hastag on Twitter I’m not seeing a lot of support for him. The hating on white male sexuality is so strong at this point that unless a major reset occurs, we’re going to destroy what’s left of the West until the Muzzies force that reset upon us.

At which point, women will be wishing for the good old days when their biggest problem was some guy calling them “hot pants.”


US documentary film-maker Morgan Spurlock has publicly confessed to a history of sexual misconduct, referring to himself as “part of the problem”.

Spurlock, who made the hit film Super Size Me, wrote on Twitter that he had been accused of rape and had paid to settle a claim of sexual harassment.

He also admitted cheating on “every wife and girlfriend I have ever had”.

The US entertainment industry has been rocked by claims of sexual abuse and harassment going back decades.

In a lengthy statement, Spurlock said that after months of such revelations he had come to the conclusion that “I am not some innocent bystander, I am also a part of the problem”.

“As I sit around watching hero after hero, man after man, fall at the realisation of their past indiscretions, I don’t sit by and wonder ‘who will be next?’ I wonder, ‘when will they come for me?’,” he wrote.

He said the allegations of rape took place at college. It did not lead to charges or investigations but he said the woman had written about the incident in a story writing class and had named Spurlock.

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Famed NYC Jew Restaurant Owner Allegedly Had Rape Room in Trendy Eatery


Ken Friedman’s restaurants attract quite the A-list celebrities. One of them is called the Spotted Pig. Friedman’s “rape room” suggests he’s the pig the eatery was named after.

The girls that I dated back in the day who had been waitressing told me that the restaurant industry is characterized by after work drugs, sex, and “partying.” I doubt that anything (((Friedman))) is accused of isn’t common. It’s still sleezy. In today’s moral panic, Friedman could end up facing sexual assault charges.

New York Post

The owner of one of the city’s most famous celeb hangouts, the Spotted Pig, has been accused of routinely groping female employees and demanding sex and nude photos from them — while allowing his buddies to molest them too, a new report says.

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Black Music Mogul Russell Simmons Accused of RAPE by Four Different Women


Rape is a crime. Have any of the women who’ve accused Russell Simmons of that heinous crime gone to the police?

The police would launch an investigation if there was a complaint lodged with them. Lying on social media is not a crime, but lying to the police is.

To me, complaints lodged on social media by women who accuse men of bad conduct are not very credible.

Page Six

Music mogul Russell Simmons has been accused of rape by four women and additional “violent sexual behavior” by others who knew him professionally since the early 1980s, reports said Wednesday.


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Black TV Talker Tavis Smiley Suspended for Sexual Misconduct, Says Dindu Nuffins

Black talk show host Tavis Smiley has been accused of having sex with numerous women employed by the company that produces his PBS talk show. The women say they were forced into sex for fear of losing their jobs.

Looking over his Wikipedia entry, I see that Smiley is an icon in the black world, playing the race card to pander to his black audience. He’s won numerous awards for being a good Nagger. He even has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

There’s no information on who Smiley was allegedly having sex with, but it would be embarrassing to him if the women were white, seeing how he’s so pro-black.

Time magazine has called him one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

Not any more, as of today.


PBS will no longer distribute Tavis Smiley following what a spokeswoman called “multiple, credible” allegations of sexual misconduct uncovered by a recent investigation into the late-night show host’s behavior.

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Dishonest NBC Praises Women for Jones Victory in Alabama Senate Race


Race and not sex played the big role in the alleged defeat of Roy Moore in Alabama’s special Senate election. NBC News has put together a little psyop intended to divide white men and white women.

Let’s take a look and see what the real truth is before we white men go off half cocked and condemn our women.

NBC News

MONTGOMERY, Ala. — Women drew the line at Roy Moore.

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Alabama Gave Filthy Hollywood Celebrities a Huge Victory to Celebrate

Hollywood’s Satan worshipers are celebrating on Tuesday night with a child sacrifice, a spirit cooking party, or just another ritual rape of a child by their elite pedophile rings.

The balance of power in the United States Senate took a major shift away from draining the swamp toward perpetuating it with the election of an avowed enemy of President Trump ready to take a seat in the Senate.

Celebrity Tweets rejoiced, as their little Satan-worshiping club dodged a bullet.


Hollywood flocked to social media in droves to celebrate Democrat Doug Jones’s victory over Republican Roy Moore in Alabama’s Senate special election Tuesday night.

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