Fired! 7th Grade Girl SJW Witch Hunts Her White Male Math Teacher

Photos of the white male teacher in this story are available through a photo search. He did have a Twitter account, but it’s been removed, seemingly because he’s in the news, being painted as a pedophile. I’m not going to post a pic since he’s never been convicted of anything.

Furthermore, there’s actually nothing in the story to suggest he’s anything other than a normal male.

Miami Herald

A seventh-grade student at Miami Arts Charter School had a funny feeling about her math teacher, so she went home and Googled him.

It didn’t take her long to find a 2007 newspaper article from the Sarasota Herald-Tribune detailing troubling allegations against Scott Manas.

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#metoo: Vegas Casino Mogul (((Steve Wynn))) Accused of Raping Woman–40 YEARS AGO!


Steve Wynn, born Stephen Alan Weinberg, resigned as CEO of his company earlier this month because of previous accusations of sexual harassment.

The accusations in this story involve criminal acts, but they will not be investigated because the statute of limitations has expired.

The Daily Stormer’s Andrew Anglin strongly approves of #metoo because it has hit Jews disproportionately. His primary interest seems to be to see Jews disempowered, their reputations in tatters.

My view is more cautious. I’m worried about all the white male college students, office workers, and the next generation of white boys who stand to be destroyed through false accusations as feminists gain power in the workplace and in politics.

For example, some states have no statute of limitations on rape. It’s really not right that a woman can come forward and ruin a 70-year-old man’s life with a rape accusation that’s decades old.

Seattle Times

LAS VEGAS (AP) — A woman told police she had a child with casino mogul Steve Wynn after he raped her, while another reported she was forced to resign from a Las Vegas job after she refused to have sex with him.

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Horrifyingly Misshapen Female Claims to be AFRICA’S Kim Kardashian


Clearly, males of African descent have a different notion of what makes for a sexy woman.

The press has published several articles featuring numerous photos of her gross, misshapen body. The goal is probably to give white males a case of jungle fever.

Any white man who thinks this creature is sexy would probably just as easily mate with a female gorilla.

Many photos of Eudoxie follow.

Sputnik News

An African model amassed thousands of Instagram followers and even reportedly became somewhat of a celebrity thanks to her exceptionally curvy figure and fashion style.

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Roosh: 30 Beautiful Women Who Became Ugly

Return of Kings has published an interesting photo essay.

It has before and after pictures of women who were once beautiful, but are now “ugly.” Some of the women are famous, others are unidentified. Some of them just got fat. Others appear to have had uglifying plastic surgery. Still others appear to have suffered the ravages that alcoholism, hard living, or drug abuse have wrought.

To comply with fair use of Roosh’s material, I’ve taken seven before and after photos from the piece. Click on the link to read the descriptions and see more photos.








Google and Facebook Conspire to Destroy Heterosexuality with New Dating Policy

Women want men to “chase” them to prove that they’re really interested and not just after a sexual encounter.

Thus, women will say “no” to an interesting male as enthusiastically as they’ll say no to a guy they don’t find attractive.

Google and Facebook have banned male persistence. This change has implications for race and sexual orientation.

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Loudmouth Latina Politician Who Promoted #metoo Accused of Groping Male Staffer


Mestizos can’t hold their liquor. The men sometimes become agitated and violent when drunk. The women often want to have sex with whoever happens to be nearby.

I think the alcohol gives them an excuse to allow their real selves to come out.

Some of the Latina girls I knew back in the day would say, “What the hell? I was drunk.”

Sex when drunk doesn’t count in their culture.

In this instance, a self-righteous bean lady who made #metoo her cause is on the receiving end of two accusations, so far. Will she stick to her principle that victims should be believed when the victims are male and the groper is her?

Stay tuned.

Sacramento Bee

An outspoken California lawmaker who has been at the forefront of the Capitol’s anti-sexual harassment movement is herself reportedly under investigation for groping a legislative staff member.

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Vegas Gaming Mogul (((Steve Wynn))) Accused of Sexual Misconduct by Dozens of Shiksas as #metoo Scandal Ensnares Another Rich Jew

Steve Wynn has donated shekels to Republican candidates.

The left is demanding that they give the money back to Wynn.

Steve Wynn isn’t exactly denying that he’s had sex with his employees, but he’s not admitting it either.

Nevada Independent

Nevada’s Gaming Control Board is aware of the allegations that Steve Wynn, the Las Vegas casino mogul and influential Republican donor and fundraiser, engaged in sexual misconduct with former employees and is reviewing the information, newly-appointed board Chairwoman Becky Harris told The Nevada Independent Friday.

Several former employees told the Wall Street Journal in an article published Friday morning that Wynn, whom President Trump tabbed to be the finance chairman of the Republican National Committee, pressured them to perform sex acts, including a manicurist who said he forced her to have sex with him in 2005 and was later paid a $7.5 million settlement. The newspaper said it interviewed more than 150 people for the story, many who spoke anonymously given Wynn’s immense power in the industry and the state.

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