White Male Southern Baptist President Under Fire from Women for “dangerous and unwise counsel”

Everybody’s a critic today.

Southern Baptists have a distinct view of women that doesn’t match up with the modern world.

In effect, advising women to take a beating from their husbands and like it, isn’t going to get you very far today. There’s also an issue involving a 16-year old girl and how much interest a man should take in underage minors.

Let’s see what put a bee in women’s bonnets and defend the “offensive” comments.

/Washington Post

More than 1,000 Southern Baptist women have signed an open letter to the trustees of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary that says they are “grieved by the dangerous and unwise counsel” that the group’s president, Paige Patterson, has given by telling abused women not to divorce, and are shocked by his comments that “objectify a teenage girl.”

“These comments are damaging, sinful, and necessitate a decisive response,” the women wrote in a letter published Sunday afternoon.


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That Ugly, Jewy Looking Woman Who Took Down Bill Cosby is a Lesbian


Universities attract lesbians. I’ve known a few. I even unknowingly dated one. My dean was a lezzie.

One thing you learn over time is that all lesbians hate men.

Andrea Constand, the dyke who brought about Bill Cosby’s conviction, surely had a strong hatred not only of Cosby but every other man on the planet.

Didn’t some of you call her out in your comments as a dyke in an earlier post? If so, congrats on your keen eye.


On Thursday, the day the verdict was read, many observers made a point of highlighting what turned out to be a noteworthy personal fact about Constand in the case: her sexuality.

Constand looked less lezzie and Jewy back in the day when Cosby went after her.

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“Walk Her Inn … :” Milwaukee Bar Under Fire from Feminists for Politically Incorrect Name


Milwaukee is experiencing a minor skirmish in the attack on masculinity.

The owners of what appears to be a neighborhood bar aren’t apologizing nor are they going to change the name of their establishment.

CBS News

A bar in the Milwaukee suburb of West Allis, Wisconsin, is stirring up controversy. Some locals think the bar’s name and imagery do not belong in the year 2018.

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White Female Pleads with White Males: We Want You


The following was allegedly written by a white woman, which I believe to be true. I’ve bolded two of her sentences that especially hit home with me.


The intelligent, innovative, independent-minded white male–the scrappy ‘mutt’ of the human race–brilliant due to evolving out of the environmentally harsh northern hemisphere (“necessity is the mother of invention”) is the PROBLEM CHILD of the Globalist blueprint.

The white male has been the evolutionary engine of the progress of the human race–unmatched in ingenuity, bravery, fortitude and original thinking.

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Large Genitals Spell Evolutionary Disaster, say Paleobiologists


If the Negroid race really has a bigger manhood, then from a really, really, really long-term perspective, the black race is doomed while the Asian race should thrive.

That’s if there’s anything to this scientific study of fossils that shows that one species with a large penis failed to survive over the long run.

So, let’s check this unverified penis size distribution that I found on Buzzfeed.

OK, the African-American is the biggest, according to this graph. Maybe, if we follow the theory below, as his species evolved all its energy went into growing it’s member, with nothing much left over to grow his brain or any other desirable characteristic.


For most animals, survival is all about being good at getting laid. That’s why sexual dimorphism exists: Males often look and act differently than females of their same species because it helps them attract and secure mates. Some examples are the bright colors the male bird of paradise flaunts while sexy-dancing for its more demure-looking mate, or the bulbously attractive nose of a male sea elephant. According to a Nature study released Wednesday, however, one highly coveted aspect of sexual dimorphism is sometimes a cock block to survival: very large genitalia.

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Latina Instagram Model Nearly Blind After South American Surgery to Change Her Eye Color

Nadinne Bruna’s natural eye color would match her skin–brown.

She wanted white women’s eyes to go along with her giant, inflated breasts and giant, inflated bottom.

She got blindness to go along with her white person’s eyes.

Given the hatred of white people by nonwhites, it’s amazing the lengths they go to in order to look white.

Excerpt from metro.co.uk

An Insta-famous model has been left with the vision of a 90-year-old after having surgery to change her eye colour.

Some things are just ridiculous.

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Fired! 7th Grade Girl SJW Witch Hunts Her White Male Math Teacher

Photos of the white male teacher in this story are available through a photo search. He did have a Twitter account, but it’s been removed, seemingly because he’s in the news, being painted as a pedophile. I’m not going to post a pic since he’s never been convicted of anything.

Furthermore, there’s actually nothing in the story to suggest he’s anything other than a normal male.

Miami Herald

A seventh-grade student at Miami Arts Charter School had a funny feeling about her math teacher, so she went home and Googled him.

It didn’t take her long to find a 2007 newspaper article from the Sarasota Herald-Tribune detailing troubling allegations against Scott Manas.

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