Sexy Florida Teacher Arrested for Sex with 8th Grade Boy


It really sounds like the boy in this case didn’t want the sexual relationship with the married teacher, 12 years older than him.

Looking for the silver lining in the dark cloud, Stephanie won’t have to worry about her husband leaving her. They were already in the process of divorcing, which makes one wonder whether he knew about her adultery and the age of the boy toy.

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NEW SMYRNA BEACH, Fla. – A 26-year-old former New Smyrna Beach Middle School science teacher was arrested Wednesday after an eighth-grade student told his parents about their alleged secret sexual relationship.

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NJ Rabbi, a Convicted Sex Offender, Charged With Paying to Have Sex With Underage Girl


Jews are allowed to exploit gentiles, according to their Talmud.

This innocent Jew did nothing wrong.

Muh Holocaust, friends.

NBC New York

A New Jersey rabbi is one of three people charged in a human trafficking and child prostitution case of a teenage girl, authorities say.

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Mestizo Family Values: Degenerate Squat Monster Alleged to Have Kidnapped, Raped GF’s 15-Year-Old Daughter, Then Married Her

isidro garcia

Where you have Mexicans, you have Mexico. Where you have Mexico you have rape and incest.

The macho Mexican man can’t take no for an answer. I’ve told the story here recently of the white girl at my university who told me about a persistent Mexican and how she f*cked him to get rid of him.

These guys have no pride. They’ll do anything to muh dik.

And that includes raping their girlfriend’s daughter:

Daily Mail

A California man was ordered on Friday to stand trial on charges of kidnapping and raping a 15-year-old girl that he went on to marry and live with for a decade.

Orange County Superior Court Judge Robert R. Fitzgerald made the decision after hearing preliminary evidence against 41-year-old Isidro Garcia, who has pleaded not guilty.

Authorities said the daughter of Garcia’s live-in girlfriend told them he began fondling her shortly after she was brought from Mexico in 2004 to live with her mother in Santa Ana, and that he repeatedly had sex with her despite her protests.

After an argument broke out at the home, the girl said, Garcia took her to a neighboring county, where he told her she would be deported and separated from her mother if she contacted authorities, Santa Ana police Cpl. Ricardo Diaz testified.

The girl was given fake ID and a job but Garcia prevented her from fleeing and assaulted her, Diaz said. Garcia later married and fathered a daughter with the girl, who is now 25, and lived with her until last year.

And so now you have a pretty good idea, white man, why the Mexican woman finds you so attractive. With goons like Garcia around, who can blame her?

Mexicans. They do the rapes Americans won’t do.


Black Judge Under Fire for Courtroom Flattering Comments About 35-Year-Old White MARRIED TEACHER Who Had Sex with Her Underage Student

judge garrett page

erica ginnetti age 35

Was a black judge flirting with a white female defendant in the courtroom?

I don’t think he was. The black male’s interest in white women is well-known, but in the context in which Judge Garrett Page referred to the defendant as “dangling candy,” there was no flirtatious intent in my judgement.

When Judge Page sentenced defendent Ginnetti he was not making a play for her, but warning her that young males are going to go after women who offer themselves up as sex toys. That’s true. Why condemn someone for speaking the truth?

Judge Page is also being condemned for too lenient a sentence handed out to the dangling candy.

In a schizophrenic country that promotes all sorts of sexual perversion and then turns around and lynches those who fall into the trap, the mob demands the maximum sentence in cases like these.

Well, I think the sentence was about right. Some jail time, aome community service, three years probation, and 25 years as a registered sex offender.

Read the excerpt and see what you think about the flirtatious judge and the dangling candy.

Daily Mail

A Pennsylvania math teacher was called ‘dangling candy’ by the judge who sentenced her to 30 days in jail for having sex with a 17-year-old student.

Erica Ann Ginneti, 35, a married mother of three from Philadelphia, pleaded guilty in December to institutional sexual assault and disseminating sexually explicit materials to a minor.

During her sentencing, Montgomery County Court Judge Garrett D. Page reportedly asked ‘What young man would not jump on that candy?’

Page made the ‘dangling candy’ comment as he chastised Ginneti for sending the student explicit photos and videos of herself, according to Huffington Post.

The former math and calculus teacher at Lower Moreland Township School District had been facing seven to 14 years in prison, but on Friday Judge Page sentenced her to 3-23 months, including the first 30 days in jail and the next 60 on house arrest.

Page’s comments drew criticism from many people, who were also outraged at what they said was a lenient sentencing.

Ginneti will also face three years’ probation, 100 hours of community service and will have to register as a sex offender for the next 25 years, according to The Intelligencer.

In court Friday, Ginneti wept as she read a letter of apology in hopes of offering the victim ‘closure for this nightmare.’

Prosecutors said the boy had seen his grades drop in his senior year and has been struggling with social interactions.

The former educator described for the court how she has reconciled with her family and embarked on a new career as a fitness instructor. In her time off, she volunteers at a church, reported Philadelphia Inquirer.

Page told Ginneti he was certain she would continue to turn her life around, but he reminded her that her ill-thought actions had had devastating consequences.

‘One bad day because of sexual hunger has resulted in all this avalanche of harm,’ Page stated.

ginnetti with hubby

Utah Teacher Accused of Sex With Students Will Get Three Separate Trials

brianne altice

Brianne Altice must have been a busy woman. She was allegedly juggling three underage boyfriends at once.

It’s that underage part that’s gotten her in trouble with the law.

What’s the matter with 35 year old women today? Is cradle robbing a fad or some underlying natural instinct that’s been present in women for thousands of years and only just now coming out?

Whatever the motivation, by now you’d think these dumb women would have gotten the message: You’re going to get caught. You’re going to prison as you’ll most likely be convicted.

Daily Mail

A former Utah teacher has been ordered to stand trial after a student — one of three alleged victims of her sexual abuse — testified that he had sex with her, even after her arrest.
Brianne Altice, 35, who taught English at Davis High School in Kaysville, Utah, is accused of 14 felony charges, including rape, sodomy, sexual abuse and sex with a minor.

The Layton, Utah, student, now 18, testified at a hearing Thursday that he had sex with Altice before and after she was arrested in October 2013 for having a sexual relationship with another student, The Salt Lake Tribune reports.

Teen also testified that he considered her to be his girlfriend during a yearlong relationship involving sexual intercourse and oral sex.

Altice also sent the boy a text message with a photograph of her breasts in June 2014, authorities said.

After hearing testimony from the teen and several other witnesses, Judge John Morris in 2nd District Court found probable cause for Altice to stand trial.

And prosecutors argued she should remain behind bars as she awaited that trial.

‘It is a simple argument,’ Deputy Davis County Attorney Susan Hunt said. ‘While the defendant was on pretrial release, this defendant continued to engage in sexual misconduct with a 17-year-old boy


Lewd and Lascivious Black Deputy Fired, Booked After Just Six Months on the Job For Romancing 13-Year-Old Girl

Suspect holritch   rivette

When I was new to reading the race realism posts over at Amrerican Renaissance, one of the first things I learned was that the average black man has a higher level of testosterone and a smaller brain area associated with self control than the average white man.

I also saw the term “muh dik” for the first time. It’s associated with the black male’s obsession with his penis, his high sex drive, and his propensity to commit sex crimes.

Holritch Rivette doesn’t look very intelligent, so one wonders how he was able to become a deputy sheriff. But no matter. His days of enforcing the law are over.

While I might have doubts about the wisdom of hiring Mr. Rivette in the first place, my sense of fairness makes me say that the speed with which he was fired seems unfair. He should have been suspended without pay and then fired if he is convicted. Innocent men are sometimes arrested. I’m not saying he’s innocent just that he deserved due process before being fired.b


SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. —A Seminole County deputy is facing multiple sex crime charges after just six months on the job, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

The Seminole County Sheriff’s Office said the deputy has been fired.

Holritch Rivette, 33, of Ocoee, was arrested Saturday and booked into jail on five felony counts, including lewd and lascivious molestation and lewd and lascivious battery.

Orange County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Jane Watrel said detectives made the arrest based on allegations from a minor who said the deputy had repeated sexual contact with her while she was between 13 and 15 years old.

The accuser alleged that Rivette purchased many things for her, deputies said.

“In this case, it appears the suspect was buying the victim things to keep her quiet. Our detectives say that’s not unusual,” said Watrel.

The Seminole County Sheriff’s Office declined an on-camera statement but confirmed in an email Rivette was terminated once they learned of his arrest. He was served with termination papers during his booking process, Seminole County deputies said.

Rivette has not returned a voice mail message from WESH 2 for comment

In court papers, he denied having any sexual contact with the child.

He’s free on $35,000 bond.

LOOK! Every Picture of Fired High School Basketball Coach Sexpot Megan Mahoney I Could Find!

I offer a brief comment at the end of this post.

megan mahoney 23

megan mahoney 1

megan mahoney 22

megan mahoney 2

Wagner basketball

megan mahoney 24

megan mahoney 4

megan mahoney 5

megan mahoney 6

megan mahoney25

megan mahoney 7

megan mahoney 8

megan mahoney 9

megan mahoney 10

megan mahoney 11

megan mahoney 12

megan mahoney 13

megan mahoney 14

megan mahoney 15

megan mahoney 16

megan mahoney 17

megan mahoney 18

megan mahoney 19

megan mahoney 20

megan mahoney 21

There’s a feature on the ball dribbling Miss Mahoney at Every Joe, with a dozen photos. There’s also photo coverage of her at SI Live.

There’s something almost tragic about the transformation of a high school girl athlete into a sexpot without boundaries. Many commenters across the Internet see NOTHING wrong with Miss Mahoney’s actions, which proves that the nation’s long march toward an amoral, Satanic vision of life is complete. While many men may want to bang Miss Mahoney for the thrill of sloppy seconds or whatever, no man will be able to trust her, value her, love her truly, and seek to spend the rest of his life with her. Cultural Marxism, with its free love philosophy, wins converts one at a time. The hot, sexy high school coach is one of those victories.