Breaking! Disgraced Ex-Congressman (((Anthony Wiener))) Pleads Guilty to Sexting Teen, Facing Prison Time

The optimism among the alt-right that Anthony Weiner was going to turn on Hillary Clinton and tell all has been dashed. If she goes to prison, it looks like it won’t be because he’s let the cat out of the bag.

Also dashed are hopes that the power elites pedophile sex scandal #pizzagate was going to be exposed by Weiner.

Weiner is facing approximately two years in prison for sexting a 15 year old North Carolina girl who enthusiastically joined him in exchanging sexually explicit photos and talk.

His apologies to the court during today’s proceeding are amusing Jew spew, the kind of thing that lawyers write as they seek lesser sentences for their guilty scumbag clients.

NBC News

Disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner wept openly in federal court Friday as he pleaded guilty to sexting a 15-year-old girl — and was emotional as he admitted to the judge: “I have a sickness, but I do not have an excuse.”

Weiner, 52, pleaded guilty in Federal District Court in lower Manhattan to transferring obscene material to a minor. Under a plea agreement, prosecutors asked he serve 21 to 27 months behind bars. He must also register as a sex offender.

He answered the judge’s questions before reading a prepared statement to the court, explaining how he was contacted by the girl online in January 2016 and knew she was 15.

“Through approximately March 2016, I engaged in obscene communications with this teenager, including sharing explicit images and encouraging her to engage in sexually explicit conduct, just as I had done and continued to do with adult women,” Weiner said. “I knew this was as morally wrong as it was unlawful.”

Amid sobs, he said that last fall he “came to grips for the first time with the depths of my sickness. I had hit bottom,” and chose to enter “intensive treatment.” He then apologized to the girl.

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Huma Can’t Get Enough (((Weiner)))

Weekends are tough. There’s not much to write about, so here I am on a Saturday night forced to push out gossip about two of my least favorite people.

Excerpt from the New York Post

After years of public humiliation by her sext-a-holic husband, Anthony Weiner, 40-year-old Abedin finally separated from the former congressman in August, one day after The Post reported that he had sent yet another explicit photo to a woman — this one showing his toddler son asleep beside him.

But sources tell The Post that Hillary Clinton’s righthand woman is now giving the marriage another try.

“Huma has been working hard on her relationship with Anthony,” said a source close to the Abedin family. “He has been spending 80 to 90 percent of his time at the [Irving Place apartment] they share . . . If there is a disagreement, he goes to his mother’s apartment in Brooklyn.

“Both [his and her] families are hoping they will reconcile.”

Another source, who worked closely with Bill and Hillary Clinton for several years, corroborates this, saying the breakup was “more for optics for the campaign and [under] pressure from Hillary’s camp.”

It’s hard to believe a reconciliation is under consideration given how many times Weiner has betrayed his wife.

In May 2011, he accidentally tweeted out a photo of his erect penis in boxer briefs that he apparently meant to send privately to a college student. Asked about the tweet, he initially denied sending it. Two weeks later, Weiner resigned from Congress as more women with more photos emerged.

While Weiner was running for mayor in 2013, additional sexts and photos came out, posted under the alias “Carlos Danger.” Refusing to withdraw from the race, he came in fifth place with a mere 4.9 percent of the vote.

As his wife led Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, even more sexts were uncovered. Last September, the Daily Mail alleged that Weiner had sent ­X-rated messages to a 15-year-old girl. The next month, Abedin was sucked into the FBI’s investigation into Clinton’s e-mails after her then-estranged husband’s laptop was seized.

Despite all of this, the family friend said, the couple is still in love. They blame “the pressures of the campaign and presidential race . . . and him drifting off into obscurity” for Weiner’s most recent relapse, the friend added.

The friend said that since completing outpatient therapy for sex addiction last fall, Weiner has been continuing treatment in New York City.

“A lot of [their] friends believe this is an illness, that he is sick,” said the friend. But “Huma takes it into consideration that there’s been no affair, or physical contact that anybody is aware of. He never met [the women].”

Fake marriage? Fake news? I don’t know and don’t care that much. Someone in the Deep State thinks that the image of a Jew married to a Muslim promotes their cause.

The thing about Weiner is his actions toward a 15 year old girl, which I believe resulted in him having nude pictures of her on his computer. Isn’t that child porn by law?

Shouldn’t Weiner be under indictment? You know that he knows where the skeletons are buried. It wouldn’t surprise anyone if he ends up a suicide with two bullets to the back of the head.

Be careful, Weiner. Huma is probably setting you up.

Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction is Becoming Widespread: Expert


Typical experts view porn as entertainment. It may be that, but all porn is also political.

The Jewish controlled porn industry sends a message to young white men–a message of self-extermination.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s see what the experts have to say.

A masculinity expert says he fears heavy internet porn usage may have left up to one in 10 young men with erection problems.

Dr Andrew Smiler said that easy access to endless streaming porn is leaving healthy young men with the sexual problem.

He told The Independent: “The guys I see, most of them are between 13 and 25. The vast majority are, for the most part, the picture of physical health.

“So if I’m masturbating to porn once a day for 15 minutes but I do that every day for five years, I’m pretty well on my way to being an expert to having an orgasm to porn.”

He warned that because many heavy users are young, the habit becomes even more concerning.

“If I’m 17 and that is 90% of my sexual orgasmic experience, then I’ve put a lot of effort into that particular variety/flavour of sexual development but I’ve put in very little time developing my sexuality with another person, so it makes it more challenging to become aroused to another person and you find yourself in this other direction which is often very different to sex with a person.”

A 2014 study found that one third of men watch porn every day, and given that porn consumption has been increasing over the past few years – largely due to the advent of the smartphones and super-fast data connections – it’s likely that number is now even higher.

Belle Knox--the Duke University student won fame taking penises into her anus; it's called being a porn star

Dr Angela Gregory, psychosexual therapist at Nottingham University Hospital, said: “Men are becoming both physically and psychologically desensitised to normal sexual stimulation and arousal with a sexual partner.”

For some men, however, they develop hypersexuality and are constantly aroused. “It’s like an itch they can’t scratch and is always on their minds,” Dr Gregory said.

Despite the prevalence of porn-consumption, as of yet there is no official diagnosis for “porn addiction” so Dr Smiler, author of Dating and Sex: A Guide for the 21st Century Teen Boy, doesn’t like to use the term. Gregory, on the other hand, believes some men do develop very real addictions to porn.

She frequently sees young men with erection problems but often they don’t make the link to porn as it’s deemed so normal to watch it.

Fortunately, porn-induced erectile dysfunction is fixable, most easily if you’re a healthy young male: “If you can stop [masturbating], you can reboot your system to normal arousal,” Gregory explains.

I think we’ve just read a medical explanation for why pornography should be banned from the Internet. Coincidentally or not, radio host Michael Savage, a good friend of President-elect Trump, called for Trump to ban Internet porn on his radio show the day this story appeared.

Savage focused on the role of porn in breaking up marriages and families. It’s easy to see how a man might become jaded to marriage after viewing the Jew-created filth that goes way beyond the Playboy type nudity that used to define porn.

If you believe that liberal, Talmudic Jews hate Christ, the white race, and decency, then porn is the perfect vehicle for entrapping young white males into degeneracy and married white males (and females, who make up a large fraction of porn consumers–one third I believe I’ve read), into irresponsibility, then the social costs of legalized porn are very high, especially to European-Americans.

Politically, porn supports miscegenation feeding into the “diversity is our strength” nonsense. Interracial porn, bisexual porn, gay porn, and tranny porn all seek to influence porn consumers into adopting the ways of social liberalism. Thus, I repeat, all porn is political.

Porn also offers a means of destroying Christian morality and thus Christianity itself. Again, the cultural Marxist/liberal agenda seeks to destroy spirituality and replace it with animal lust.

The Jew gives away so much free porn, but not so much free other stuff. I speculate that the industry is subsidizing porn production, losing money even, because it’s part of the overall larger conspiracy to exterminate the white race.

Watching porn is self-extermination in a sugar coated wrapper. Reject it.

Two sleezeball porn perfomers.  Muh dik man sure fits the sleezy stereotype.  Note the hand in his pocket.  Is that a pickle in you pocket, sir?r T

Rat-Faced Anthony Weiner’s Sexting Scandal is a Psy Op


Jewish ex-Congressman from New York City, Anthony Weiner, has erupted in the news for the third time in the last few years over his online flirtations with women.

As before, the flirtations include photos of his genital area, which makes for fun wordplay since his name is Weiner.

The Guardian offers a story that psychoanalyzes Weiner, concluding that he is at some level aware that he’s a sex addict and that he wants to get caught.

Let me reject that and similar theories in order to propose a different thought.

Weinergate is dominating the news cycle today. Drudge, Fox, and others have given the man’s penis more attention than a whore house full of whores would give if Weiner showed up waving hundred dollar bills.

Most people forget that his wife, Huma Abedin, has cheated on him for years with Hillary Clinton. She gets no criticism, but as usual, the man is ridiculed in the press and social media. If Huma’s genital area didn’t smell so much like Hillary maybe Weiner would enjoy dipping his member into it once in a while.

But that assumes the marriage is real. It isn’t. It’s just as fake as Bill and Hillary’s marriage. The two of them were married upon the orders given by the (((power elites))) to rehabilitate Weiner’s image and take attention off Huma’s lesbian play.

Weiner’s latest sexting scandal has created sympathy for Huma, who is most likely guilty of high treason and other crimes. The scandal has diverted attention away from Huma and away from Hillary.

Any reasonable person would smell a rat. Rat-faced Weiner is the rat you smell.

The scandal had to have been written by a Jewish scriptwriter with the intention of helping Hillary’s presidential chances.

Weiner is surely being paid off to take the heat.

Huma has announced that she is separating from him. As if they were ever really together. The two of them supposedly have a child together. Bill and Hillary supposedly have a child together, although by now it’s common knowledge that the father of Hillary’s child was Webster Hubbell, not Bill.

When you understand that these people have no morality and that they will do anything for power and riches, you will keep your wits about you and ask questions about the story as reported by the press.


Dallas Sniper’s Obsession with “muh dik” Lead to His HONORABLE Army Discharge

micah johnson arny

Certain black stereotypes can only be ignored at one’s peril. The shiftless, slow-witted, lazy black stereotype that you can see in literature and movies before they turned politically correct are often true.

Another stereotype is “muh dik,” a phrase the black male is often heard uttering under his breath as he grabs his crotch Michael Jackson style

Daily Mail

The gunman who killed five police officers in Dallas has been unmasked as a pervert accused of stalking a female colleague when he was in the US Army.

Micah Johnson, 25, shot dead the officers in a killing spree that began during a march by the campaign group Black Lives Matter, held to protest against the shooting of black people by police.

Now it has emerged that in 2014, Johnson was sent home in disgrace from Afghanistan by the US military after a female soldier begged for protection from him. Another colleague has revealed how the killer used to ‘steal girls’ panties’.

Johnson, a private in the American Army, was deployed to Afghanistan in November 2013 with the 420th Engineer Brigade.

While he was there, his colleague Anna Ma, 25, accused him of sexual harassment, according to a military lawyer who represented Johnson when he returned home in May 2014.

Dallas-based Bradford Glendening said: ‘He made unwanted sexual advances towards her.

‘It was all verbal. He was bothering and harassing her.’

According to legal documents, Anna begged for a ‘protective order against Johnson pertaining to myself, my family home and any other place of residence I may reside at’.

anna ma

Wells Newsome, who served alongside Johnson in Afghanistan, wrote on Facebook: ‘We all knew he was a pervert cuz [sic] he got caught stealing girls’ panties, but murdering cops is a different story.’

Johnson waived his right to a military court hearing in the wake of the allegations. Despite the claims, he left the Army in April 2015 with an honourable discharge. Glendening said: ‘Someone really screwed up – but to my client’s benefit.’

The shootings on Thursday night were feared to be the work of a group of armed radicals, but it now appears that Johnson was acting alone before he was cornered by police and killed by a bomb carried by a robot.

After his military career, Johnson worked as a driver for a group providing hospital transport for mentally disabled people.

But privately, his festering hatred of white people had begun. On Facebook, he identified himself as a ‘black nationalist’ and gave a black power salute.

The press is doing its best to portray Johnson as a unique specimen, not a general representative of the black population. That’s partly true and partly false.

Much of his behavior is what we in the race realist community call TNB (look it up). About the only thing unique about Johnson was his ability to successfully kill so many cops.

One wag wrote in the comments section of the Mail that at least he saved the taxpayers the cost of a trial and an execution by refusing to surrender. There is the cost of a legally mandated autopsy on him. I wonder how the coroner is going to put him back together after the police blew him up with a bomb.

Anyway, here’s how to grab your crotch, if you want to go black.

Muh Dik Gone Wild: Dindu Chief Prosecutor Who Led Double Life as Whoremonger Hiring Prostitutes Hundreds of Times Facing 20 Year Sentence

Prosecutor Charged

If the allegations against $132,000 a year head prosecutor Stuart Dunnings III are true, then he’s another “respectable” member of his race brought down by muh dik. Call him the Bill Cosby of prostitutes, although Mr. Dunnings apparently did not use sleeping pills on his women.

Daily Mail

A prosecutor who has been the top law enforcer in Michigan’s capital area for nearly 20 years has been charged with hiring prostitutes hundreds of times and paying for sex with a woman who wanted help in a child custody dispute.

According to a police affidavit released on Monday, Stuart Dunnings III, 63, met prostitutes through websites and told some of the women he was the county prosecutor.

He paid one woman for sex as many as three or four times a week over five years, while another prostitute had sex with him more than 200 times, the complaint said.

The case against Dunnings, the elected Democratic prosecutor in Ingham County since 1996, developed from tips during a federal human-trafficking investigation that was carried out by the FBI last year, state Attorney General Bill Schuette said.

Dunnings, a married father-of-three, was charged with pandering — enticing a woman to become a prostitute, a 20-year felony — and willful neglect of duty. He also was charged with using the services of prostitutes, a misdemeanor, in Ingham, Clinton and Ionia counties hundreds of times between 2010 and 2015.

He was arrested while leaving a coffee shop on Monday, lodged at the Ingham County jail, arraigned on a total of 15 charges and released on $5,000 bond later that day.

What a busy boy. That neglect of duty charge sounds about right. There’s no way that Stuart could be doing his job while out alley catting.

However, even if Stuart is convicted, if his situation follows that of other Negro Democrat politicians busted for serious crimes, the black residents will vote him back into office the first chance they get.

noooo gif black

Rough Sex Jew Porn Star “James Deen” Now Has Second Woman Claiming He RAPED Her

james deen with stoya

The left, including “sex positive” feminists, loves porn and porn stars. They’re role models, you see, teaching us how to be free of our “hangups.”

That’s bullsh*t of course, repackaging Dr. Freud for moderns who have an Internet connection and a hankering for an orgasm. Of course, achieving that orgasm via porn is “liberation.”

Actually, its more like another form of enslavement.

Meanwhile, Hollyweird has tried to push select porn stars into the mainstream by offering them roles in feature films. James Deen is one of them, but don’t ask me about his film career because I don’t care.

A pervert is still a pervert, no matter his or her billing on a movie marquee.

James Deen has stated that he set a goal of becoming a porn star when he was five years old. That’s pretty weird. So are the stories told by two women about his raping them.

Daily Mail

Porn and film actor James Deen denied allegations that he raped his ex-girlfriend just hours before another woman came forward to accuse him of sexual assault.

Just a day after Bryan Sevilla, who goes by the stage name James Deen, was accused of raping his ex-girlfriend Stoya, a fellow porn actress and writer, the adult film star strongly denied all allegations, calling them them ‘egregious’ on Twitter.

Hours later, former porn actress Tori Lux claimed that 29-year-old Deen grabbed her throat, shoved her on a mattress and repeatedly hit her on the set of a porn film in 2011.

Deen took to Twitter on Sunday to deny Stoya’s claims against him.

The courts should be trying people accused of rape, but today, that trial is more likely to play out on the Internet. The court of public opinion has judged Bill Cosby a disgusting serial rapist. I believe it has also found Charlie Sheen guilty of being a sewer slut.

tori lux

Now it’s James Deen’s turn to be tried. His victims are as sleezy as he is. Will that make a difference in the public’s verdict?

Time will tell.

Would you expect him to say anything different?

The women’s descriptions of how Deen raped them can be read at the link to the Daily Mail. I personally think all porn stars are suffering from a mental illness, but what do I know. Somebody knows the truth and both the accused and accusers should take lie detector tests.