Richard Spencer and David Duke Attacked by Antifa and Riot Police

H/T to Wullfe for bringing this video to our attention.

Spencer and Duke are talking about how the alt-right was set up by an illegal police disruption of the Unite the Right rally. Apparently, this video was shot before a car piloted by James Fields struck a gathering of antifa scum, killing one and injuring at least 19.

Never give up!

Man Charged with Jo Cox Murder is Perfect Patsy

tommy mair

The left has moved quickly to exploit the murder of British MP Jo Cox.

As is usual in cases where the intent is to exploit a crisis for gains for the left, at daybreak central time in the States, news relating to the crime is coming from Britain at a rapid clip. offers this from it’s editor:

Southern Poverty Law Center says it has records indicating Tommy Mair, a locally named suspect in the killing of UK lawmaker Jo Cox, has ties to a white supremacist group – AP

No link was provided for that SPLC smear. But it shows the direction that the case against the alleged shooter is going to take. Every race realist in the world will be on trial with Tommy Mair.

Yahoo News reports that Cox had received threatening communications.

London (AFP) – Jo Cox, the British lawmaker murdered on the streets of northern England, had complained to police earlier this year about “malicious communications” she received, police said Friday.

A man was arrested in March and was cautioned by police, but he is not the man in custody for Thursday’s attack, a statement from London’s Metropolitan Police said.

Witnesses said Cox, a 41-year-old with two children aged three and five, was repeatedly shot and stabbed in Thursday’s assault in the Yorkshire village of Birstall.

Her murder came one week before Britain holds a referendum on whether to stay in or leave the European Union, a vote which has sparked a divisive and bitter campaign.

“Officers received an allegation of malicious communications from Jo Cox MP, and in March 2016 arrested a man in connection with the investigation,” the police statement said.

“The man subsequently accepted a police caution. The man who accepted the police caution is not the man in custody in West Yorkshire.”

Alleged racist, alleged shooter Tommy Mair has a half brother who basically calls the smear job on Tommy rubbish.

The script written by the New World Order for their murders often calls for a dangerous white male racist to be charged with and convicted of the crime. It’s kind of like the old cliche applied to fiction murder mysteries: The butler angry white male did it.

Tommy’s half brother isn’t reading from the script though. His comments challenge that script.

The half-brother of the man accused of killing Labour MP Jo Cox has said he ‘wouldn’t hurt a fly’.

Tommy Mair, 52, was arrested after Mrs Cox was shot and stabbed outside a library in Birstall, Leeds, earlier today.

Duane St Louis told ITV News he was ‘shocked’ by the MP’s death but insisted his half-brother ‘wouldn’t hurt a fly’.

He described Mair as having ‘never been in trouble in his life, he’s not like that’ and said the last time he saw him was allegedly three weeks ago.

He also added: ‘He has never expressed any political views, never said anything about Britain First.

tommy mair arrest

‘His only mental problem is OCD, he keeps cleaning himself all the time, he has had it for years.’

St Louis told the site that he had spoken to Mair’s mother, who is ‘shocked and can’t understand what has happened.’

He also made it clear that he was unaware of the suspect having anything to do with guns or knives.

When asked if his brother was racist, St Louis responded: ‘No chance.’

Mair’s other brother, Scott, insisted he held no extremist views.

He said: ‘We don’t even know who he votes for. I am so sorry for the MP and her family. I’ve no idea how he got the gun.’

In death, Jo Cox is more famous than in life. RIP, dear lady. And may the truth about your assassination be exposed, whatever it is.



Three NC Men Arrested for Jade Helm Revenge Plot: FBI Set Up or Real Deal?


The three arrested white men pictured din do nuffins, as our friends of color like to say. Except in this case, as far as I can make out, they really didn’t actually do anything.

The FBI says they were PLANNING to attack a military installation in South Carolina. They allegedly had a stockpile of weapons, which are claimed by the FBI to be a mix of legal and illegal guns and ammo.

Much of what the FBI is saying about the arrested men relies on a planted informant working for the feds–a dirty snitch who may or may not be believable.

Excerpt from abc11

GASTON COUNTY, N.C. (WTVD) — The FBI raided a home and business, arresting three men on Saturday in Gaston County.

Walter Eugene Litteral, 50, Christopher James Barker, 41, of Gastonia, and Christopher Todd Campbell, 30, of Mount Holly were charged with conspiring to violate federal laws governing firearms and explosive devices and related charges, according to authorities.

On June 18 law enforcement received information that Litteral and Barker were attempting to make explosives.

Officials say the men were creating the explosives because they feared that the U.S. government intended to use the armed forces to impose martial law. They planned to resist with violent force.

Around July 22 officials learned that Campell was reconstructing live grenades from “dummy grenades,” which are sold legally as military artifacts. Litteral had been purchasing various military equipment in preparation including ammo, radios, Kevlar helmets, and body armor.

The FBI learned that Litteral and Campbell wanted to make pipe bombs and had some of the needed parts. According to the investigation Barker provided pipe fittings. The men planned to test the bombs in Shelby, N.C. and Litteral said, “It is going to be great,” according to court documents.

FBI agents get graded on results. When there are no real crimes to be solved, it looks like the agency invents them. In this case, the agents involved will score big. White guys. Guns. Gosh, even explosives. Goodness, these three gentlemen were surely a huge threat to the Republic. Not.

But let’s suppose for a moment that Larry, Curley, and Moe were NOT set up by the feds. Engaging in illegal acts that can send you to prison for years and cost you a lifetime’s income in fines is not the way to go. There are LEGAL ways to prepare for our coming time of trouble. There may come a moment in the future when illegal acts become necessary, but now is not the time.

Jade Helm 15, which allegedly motivated these men, is an exercise in intimidation, not a plot to impose martial law. The feds are winning at stealing our freedoms without martial law, so why wouldn’t our enemies stay the course and stick with what has been working for them, such as rulings by corrupt judges that impose tyranny upon us.

Unless some really sharp patriotic lawyer volunteers his services to defend these fellows, they are going to be convicted. Face tattoos don’t help you with juries in court. And since most dumb Americans worship the military even more than they worship blacks, juries aren’t going to react favorably when someone testifies that you were plotting to kill soldiers.

Whatever these guys did, and it may just be that they were merely preparing to defend the Republic, they should never have trusted that stranger who gave their names to the feds.

In America 2015 the lone wolf model works best since everyone’s a snitch except the family dog.

wolf saboteur


Denmark Shots

Dead men tell no tales.

As of this writing, the Copenhagen police have not identified the man they shot dead whom they claim was behind two shootings Saturday.

The dead man certainly won’t be able to defend himself from those accusations.

I think we’ll soon find out what the police want us to know. For instance, that he was a Muslim. And that he was involved in some sort of grudge against the West.

Lee Harvey Oswald was a Communist. With a grudge against America.

The profile of these shooters always reads basically the same.

I think that somewhere in Tel Aviv there is a scriptwriter who keeps cranking out these stories, where the shooter is a patsy, as Lee Harvey Oswald claimed to be. Like Oswald, the Copenhagen shooter didn’t live very long after the shootings.

It’s the same script over and over. Find a patsy. Then make sure he’s dead. If Oswald was set up by the CIA, then the dead man could have been set up by Mossad or the CIA.

Who benefits when a Muslim shoots up something in the West? Israel. Damn, we say to ourselves. Those Muslims are bad people. Well, yes they are. But then we add, “Let’s protect Israel from the bad guys.”

Uh, no.

Associated Press

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — Danish police say they shot and killed a man early Sunday who was likely behind the shooting attacks at a free speech event and a synagogue in Copenhagen.

Investigator Joergen Skov told reporters that “nothing at this point suggests there were other perpetrators” in the shootings that left two people dead and five police officers wounded.

The dramatic events that unfolded in Copenhagen stirred fears that another terror spree was underway in a European capital a month after 17 people were killed in Paris attacks.

Skov said the gunman was killed in a firefight with police in the Noerrebro district of Copenhagen. No police were wounded in that shooting.

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When A Professor Becomes A “Marked Man:” The Jewish Lobby Has A New Target

Professor Dave Brat--upsetting the plans of the power elites will lead to big trouble in his life; beware of being set up, Dr. Brat.

Professor Dave Brat–upsetting the plans of the power elites will lead to big trouble in his life; beware of being set up, Dr. Brat.

Professor Dave Brat is a marked man. He’s the political neophyte who beat House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in the Republican primary in Virginia last Tuesday.

I know from my own experience as an anti-feminist and Cultural Christian that it doesn’t take much to be targeted for elimination by the power elites who promote anti-family feminism and Cultural Marxism.

In my case, the smear job included allegations of child pornography, rape, child rape, child molestation, and plotting to murder campus coeds. There was not a shred of evidence of any kind to support those insane accusations, but several university administrators testified that it was their opinion that all of these things were true. One of them was a vile Mexican lesbian who had adopted two little girls and been accused by her “wife” of molesting them. That one is a psychopath who probably honestly believes everyone is a child rapist because she in fact is one.

None of these false accusations were ever reported to law enforcement because filing a false police report is a crime. They just plastered their lies all over campus. I think they were hoping that someone would actually come forth and claim I raped her or tried to kill her. It didn’t happen, which must have disappointed them

Is something similar in store for Professor Brat. I’ve already seen news stories about coeds who believe he’s “hot.” Paul Craig Roberts weighs in:

Dave Brat, a professor of economics at Virginia’s Randolph-Macon College, is a marked man. Professor Brat defeated Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, a prime trophy of the Israel Lobby. I doubt that Eric Cantor ever lost an opportunity to place Israel’s interests above the interests of his constituents. Under US laws, Cantor should have been required to register as a foreign agent.

The Israel Lobby is one of the six powerful interest groups that rule the US. The Israel Lobby has a perfect record of destroying any member of the House or Senate who dared to cross “The Lobby.” A number of its victims have spoken out, describing how The Lobby’s power was used against them.

Professor Brat’s victory over Cantor is not only an affront to the Israel Lobby but also an assault on its power. The Lobby will not take this lying down. Professor Brat had better not think that the attractive sexy women who suddenly are interested in him are attracted by his new status as a US Representative and a topic of conversation. The irresistible women will be on a well paid mission to cause a scandal.

Professor Brat can expect to be attacked by “journalists” across the political spectrum with every sort of accusation and scandalous report. He risks a well paid former female student coming forward to complain that while counseling her on her grades, he leaned forward and put his hand on her thigh. Or worse.

Yep, the power elites fight dirty. They pay students to make false accusations. They hire prostitutes to play the honeypot game. They plant evidence. And if none of this works, they just keep making up sh*t to smear the target. And there’s not much the target can do about it.

Read more about how the power elites sabotage true representative democracy by visiting Paul Craig Roberts. Dr. Roberts continues his latest article by discussing the dangers of assassination faced by dissident leaders in Europe.