Maniac Who Threatened to Murder Rand Paul’s Family Revealed as Berkeley Leftist with a Sick Mind

President Donald Trump is rolling back Obama’s legacy. However, there’s one part of that legacy that lives on. That’s Obama’s creation of a violent leftist army of nutjobs.

Obama rarely spouted violent rhetoric himself. He was too smart for that. His technique was to fan the flames of dissatisfaction with America among the losers of the world.

It worked very nicely on Nathanial Blaine Luffman, pictured above.


Man Who Threatened to Murder Rand Paul’s Children is an Obama-Supporting Berkeley Resident

The man who threatened to “hack to pieces” Rand Paul and his family is a Berkeley resident who wanted Obama to be lifetime president.

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Man Arrested for Threatening to Chop Up Senator Rand Paul’s Family with an Ax

As politicians go, Senator Rand Paul is one of the most genuine, if not the most genuine one out there. Mitt Romney, for example, is easily seen for the phony he is when you contrast him with Rand.

When Trump and Rand have different policy positions, Trump should listen to Rand. Rand seems to want to keep Trump out of trouble.

What the (((Deep State))) is trying to do is use Rand as a punching bag, making his life so terrifying that no one not under Deep State control will ever want to run for public office again.

Between that neighbor who beat him up bad and got a 30 day sentence for it, and this new terrorist taking aim at Rand, he needs and has security at every single moment in his life.

ABC News

Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul said police have arrested a man who threatened to chop up his family with an ax.

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600 Nasty Lesbians Arrested at Senate Building While Protesting Trump Immigration Policies


Numerous web sites are reporting that about 600 women were arrested during a nonviolent protest in Washington yesterday.

Did I say women? I should have said dykes.

It’s odd that these dykes care so much for illegal aliens. I suppose that they’re hoping to replenish the supply of dykes with fresh meat from across the border.

The dykes say they care about the kids. Yeah, they care except about the aborted ones.


Hundreds of women marched two miles down Pennsylvania Avenue to protest the Trump Administration’s family detention and separation policies, and demand the abolishment of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The walk ended in the Hart Senate building, where hundreds risk arrest in an act of civil disobedience and Capitol Police has begun arresting them.

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President Trump Holds Huge ND Rally, Blasts Domestic Enemies


There was one mystery at President Trump’s Fargo rally that I don’t have an answer to. Some of you may know what’s going on. I have a couple of Tweets at the bottom of this post that show people sporting the letter “Q”. I have no idea …

The rest of this post covers the usual MAGA topics, with a new addition: LOVE.

Read on.

ABC News

President Donald Trump returned to the campaign trail Wednesday in North Dakota, the site of one of this cycle’s most pivotal and competitive U.S. Senate races.

The rally, which took place at an arena in Fargo, also came just hours after the retirement announcement of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy. Trump wasted no time in addressing the topic of Kennedy’s retirement, saying he hopes to get a new justice confirmed as soon as possible.

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Mitt Romney Cruises To Victory In Utah GOP Senate Primary

Mormons are loyal to the face of Mormonism in politics.

Mitt Romney will be the next U.S. Senator from Utah unless he’s caught in bed with a dead girl or a live boy, as Louisiana’s Edwin Edwards used to say.

The biggest problem with Mittens is that he’s an amnesty guy, deep down. Before his Senate career is over, he’ll be clashing with Trump over border issues, with Trump sending out nasty Tweets about him.

Democrat Jenny Wilson is unlikely to prevail over Mittens in the November election unless something really bizarre happens. She no longer identifies as Mormon and she’s a heavy LGBT supporter.


Huffington Post

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney cruised to victory in Utah’s GOP Senate primary Tuesday, making him the strong favorite to replace Sen. Orrin Hatch (R), who announced his retirement this year after over 40 years of service in the upper chamber.

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Democrat Senate Candidate (((Zak Ringlestein))) Arrested While Trying to Break into Border Detention Center


A Democrat bullshooter clearly intended to get his sorry ass arrested in order to increase his name recognition among Maine’s social justice warriors. In other words, Zak pulled off a publicity stunt.

Press Herald

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Zak Ringelstein was arrested Friday for refusing to leave a child detention center in Texas after being told he would not be allowed inside.

“Zak is now a political prisoner of the Trump regime,” read a tweet from Ringelstein’s campaign account Friday morning.


Zak is not a political prisoner. He can hold any view about immigration he likes and never go to jail. He’s not even a prisoner since he bailed out cheap. He was arrested for trying to break into a legally and morally correct detention center that holds border jumpers in Texas.

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Democrat Senator Tammy Baldwin Answers with Bullsh*t When Asked Whether Obama’s Separation Polices Outraged Her


Radio talker Michael Berry was playing the CNN interview with Senator Tammy Baldwin over and over tonight. As he said, “Is she stupid or does just want us to believe she’s stupid?”

Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.) fumbled her response in an interview Wednesday when asked by CNN’s Brooke Baldwin if she ever spoke up and raised her voice about family separation under the Obama administration.

“So many people in this country are certainly outraged by the cages, the thermal blankets, and the facilities housing these kids. You know, they were all there in 2014 under President Obama. And my question to you, Senator Baldwin, did you up against them then?” CNN’s Baldwin asked.

Read the transcript and watch the video below of the ridiculous beating around the bush by Baldwin.

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