Black Guns Matter: The Movement to Put Guns into Black Hands to INCREASE Public Safety


Do you think that arming blacks in a place like Chicago would make it safer if those blacks were trained to use firearms in self defense?

The Sun

A PRO-GUN campaigner says the wave of deadly gun violence in cities like Chicago can be tackled with more guns and better firearms training.

Maj Toure is the founder of Black Guns Matter, an organisation that aims to educate urban populations about their Second Amendment rights.

He claims more guns are the answer to America’s gun crime epidemic and believes that years of prejudice have convinced urban populations to associate guns with crime rather than defending themselves, their communities and their rights.

Maj, who was raised in north Philadelphia, said: “Growing up, people always told me that firearms were bad, and that if you have a firearm you either have to be the bad guy or you are law enforcement.

“That’s a lie. It’s just not true. The problem is the lack of information and education about firearms and safety in urban areas.

“There is a deliberate attempt to keep that information away from these highly populated areas because it’s not about gun control, it’s about people control.”

However, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence claims stats suggest removing guns from cities works better, saying ‘guns make violent situations deadly’.

Maj, who formed Black Guns Matter in 2016, has been taking his message across the United States for the past year, visiting areas such as Atlanta, Baltimore and Detroit.

The 29-year-old has also visited Chicago, where there were 3,550 shooting incidents, 4,331 shooting victims and 762 murders in 2016.

Maj believes a greater understanding of laws and education around firearms in Chicago would bring more ‘respect for the tool’ and greater ‘trigger discipline’.

This along with better teaching of de-escalation tactics would help reduce gun violence.

Maj, who is not affiliated with the Black Lives Matter movement, said: “Clearly, gun legislation is not working. They have an extreme amount of gun control law and they still cracked 700 homicides last year.

“So what we do is inform the people better [about guns and the Second Amendment] to cut down on that.

“Information is always better than just legislation.

“A lot of times people in urban areas don’t even associate the Second Amendment with the hood.

“They associate the Second Amendment with guys in the military or crazy white guys down South.

“My job is to make sure that everybody understands the Second Amendment is for every citizen of America. It’s not my job to advocate more firearms. It’s my job to inform people about firearms.

“When you make something a taboo and you ignore it and pretend like it isn’t an issue, then there is no education and no knowledge – and a lack of knowledge is always dangerous.”

According to the American Trends Panel more than twice the amount of white people own legal guns compared to black people.

And while 51 per cent of people in rural areas own a legal gun, just 25 per cent of people in cities own a gun.

Black people were also two-and-a-half times times more likely to be shot by law enforcement than white people in 2015, despite black people making up 13 per cent of the population.

On his trips, Maj meets with community leaders in some of the poorest areas to educate people on their rights to bear arms.

Depending on state laws, they learn what rights they have against the police, sign up to get legal firearms and concealed and carry licenses, and also learn how to shoot properly.

As a conservative and a libertarian I’m for everyone exercising his gun rights. As a race realist, I fear that putting guns into the hands of blacks would be no different than putting them in the hands of children. There’s a lack of self control in the darker race.

What say you? Here’s a black man with a gun:

Stefan Molyneaux Responds to the Attack on Richard Spencer

Baked Alaska has put a portion of Stefan Molyneaux’s explanation for the attack on Richard Spencer on Friday on his Twitter page. The footage lasts 50 seconds.

If you prefer to watch the whole Stefan video on youtube, here is it. It goes for about 3 and a half minutes.

I’m not a Stefan fanboy, but this explanation is OK, even if pretty obvious to most everyone who’s a regular on this site. It’s good that Stefan tackles the issue for his fan base, which tends to be libertarian, rather than race realist.

From the youtube information box:

Published on Jan 21, 2017

Stefan Molyneux explains the Violent Leftists strategy is to attack people with opposing opinions in order to prevent others from speaking up in the future.

Israel is its very own Ethnostate and it is highly irrational to attack a White person who simply speaks about having one themselves. Listen to their arguments and choose to agree or disagree, but nobody should be violently attacked for “thought crimes”.

Self-Martyr Dylann Roof Sentenced to Death by Federal Jury

Unrepentant killer Dylann Roof has gotten what he desired–the death penalty.

Today’s sentencing phase of his murder/hate crime trial revealed a unanimous jury vote calling for the baby faced killer to die for his crimes.

Opinion on Twitter at #DylannRoof is mixed, with some saying he would be punished more by a life sentence in a heavily Negro prison.

It’s interesting that Anders Breivik killed 77 people and only received a 21 year sentence in Norway. American justice and Norwegian justice are miles apart in how racially motivated killings should be punished.

USA Today

It came as no surprise that a federal jury recommended the death penalty for Dylann Roof, the unapologetic, unrepentant young man who in June 2015 massacred nine African Americans inside a historic church in Charleston, S.C. Not only did he deliberately target innocent parishioners in the midst of Bible study for the sole purpose of advancing the cause of white supremacy, but the trial was as one-sided as could be. Deliberations took less than three hours.

Given the indisputable evidence of guilt and premeditation, the only possible defense against the charges would have been insanity. However, Roof’s rejection of mental illness as an affirmative defense at trial and as mitigation in sentencing speaks volumes about his mission. Such a legal strategy would, from his perspective, have negated any legitimacy to his hateful agenda. It would have suggested that his racist ideology was merely a product of a diseased mind, not a valid political position. Even as he stood firing round after round at his helpless victims, Roof proclaimed, “I’m not crazy,” according to witness testimony.

Roof’s statement that he doesn’t hate blacks, but rather hated their behavior, offers an insight into how almost every white, Asian, and even Mexican person feels. It’s not the color of the skin, but the destructive effect that blacks have on civilization that he says motivated his misguided crime.

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Report: Alt-right Plans Armed March Organized by Andrew Anglin Through Montana Town To Scare Jews

pepe nazi

Jews are afraid of guns. If Andrew Anglin’s march through Whitefish can draw 200 “Nazis” with guns, it will scare the bejesus out of Jews nationwide. The ADL will be flooded with donations. President Trump will be petitioned to protect Jews.

Every form of protest has it’s good and bad effects. That is the truth. I expect Trump will denounce this march (if it happens), further marginalizing White Nationalism.

Richard Spencer, what say you?

Andrew Anglin, are you an agent of the ADL? Why not organize an unarmed protest?


The latest tantrum by the “alt-right’s” neo-Nazi Internet trolls is playing out in a small town in Montana, where a leading voice in the movement now claims he will hold an armed march through the town to intimidate its “Jew racketeers.”

The situation in Whitefish, Montana has garnered national headlines over the last few weeks. The mother of Richard Spencer, the de facto leader of the “alt-right,” owns a property in town, but community members have been pressuring her to sell because of her son’s newfound fame as the leader of a prominent white supremacist movement. Now, trolls from the “alt-right” are going after the community, led by Andrew Anglin, the publisher of the Daily Stormer blog — the self-declared “number one alt-right” website in the world — who spearheaded and helped organize the harassment of the people he believes are threatening Spencer’s mother. Up until now, the intimidation tactics have lived largely in cyber-space, but on Thursday, Anglin called for the next phase of “Operation Whitefish,” and extended his call to “take action.”

andre anglin

“For the next phase of our plan…we are planning an armed protest in Whitefish,” Anglin wrote in a blog post published Thursday. “Montana has extremely liberal open carry laws, so my lawyer is telling me we can easily march through the center of the town carrying high-powered rifles.


“I myself am planning on being there to lead the protest,” he continued.

Anglin, a proud, Hitler-saluting Nazi, lives in Ohio and rarely appears in public. He claims to have already organized “about 200 people to participate in the march, which will be against Jews, Jewish businesses and everyone who supports either. We will be busing in skinheads from the Bay Area.”

Anglin has tried — and failed — to organize off-line events like the one he plans in Whitefish on multiple occasions. They tend to never pan out — and this one likely won’t either.

“Anglin has so far largely been unsuccessful in mobilizing real world activity, as opposed to things like online harassment, so we take claims like this with a grain of salt,” said Mark Pitcavage, a senior research fellow at the Anti-Defamation League’s Center on Extremism, which tracks extremist groups like the “alt-right” and hate-mongers like Anglin. He added, however, that Anglin is “going great guns on this one, so he might actually try something.”

Reached for comment, Anglin told Vocativ, “I have never planned any marches before. The ADL/SPLC are a bunch of lying Jews.”

The march, so says Anglin, is planned for mid-January.

The dustup in Whitefish came on the heels of a highly publicized “alt-right” conference in Washington DC, where Spencer — who until recently has steered clear of openly acknowledging the neo-Nazi element of the “alt-right” movement — gave an impassioned speech about the future of the movement that concluded with several of those in attendance giving Nazi salutes as Spencer raised his glass in a similar manner on stage after ending his address by yelling, “hail Trump, hail our people, hail victory!”

The speech — more specifically, the Nazi salutes — made national headlines. As Spencer’s profile grew, so did criticism of his movement. And people in Whitefish, where his parents live and he spends time, took notice. Earlier this month, a realtor in the town with ties the activist group Love Lives Here began pressuring Spencer’s mother to sell her building due to the bad publicity her son’s ties to the town had created.

In a letter published by Medium, Sherry Spencer outlined the “terrible threats” made by the realtor and others. “[O]ur building and the retail tenants have been targeted by some in the Flathead community because of Richard and the National Policy Institute,” she wrote in the letter. (Flathead is the county where Whitefish is located.) She notes that she has received death threats, writing of her and her tenants: “We, too, are victims, having no role in any of the events that have unfolded recently.”

In response, Anglin directed his “troll army” to “take action” against the realtor, the activist group, businesses in the town, and others, primarily Jews, who he felt targeted Sherry Spencer. He even sicced the trolls on the realtors young son, calling him a “scamming spammer rat.”

Spencer did not respond when asked if he condones the tactics taken by Anglin.


Be there or be square.

Attention Rapefugees: Meet the American Woman You Shouldn’t Mess With

Thinking of raping a white woman, you fools? Are you sure your targeted victim isn’t her? Are you sure your target isn’t just like her? Ready to go back now?

White Lives Matter Rally Met by Counter Protests, Mounted Police

White Lives Matter protesters in Austin, Texas held a rally to speak against the existence of hate crime laws.

Actually, those laws rarely apply to nonwhites. Which is probably a large part of the motivation to demonstrate against them.

Naturally, leftists showed up to try to start some trouble, but LEOs kept them in check.


AUSTIN (KXAN) — A clashing protest at the Texas Capitol has gathered hundreds of people Saturday.

According to Austin Police, over 300 people, made up of White Lives Matter supporters and a counter protest, began around noon.

Austin Police and the Texas Department of Public Safety are at the scene in riot gear and on mounted patrol.

No arrests have been made at this time.

Saturday’s White Lives Matter demonstration was scheduled just after the dedication of the Texas African-American History Memorial on the south lawn of the Capitol; a move the organizer says is purely coincidental. The memorial honors African-American Texans and their contributions to our state.

Meanwhile, the anti-fascism counter protests turned out to counter the White Lives Matter protest with online posts explaining they didn’t want to give the White Lives protest a platform.

One report I saw said that law enforcement was ignoring the White Lives Matter people, who were allegedly armed, and were focused on the antifa people, who almost always start the violence at events where white people meet to talk common sense.

Chalk up a victory for White Lives Matter. Their voice was heard because the police intimidated the loser lefties.

We are winning. The tide has turned. The left is impotent in many respects. There are still many years of battles to be fought, but we’re on the offensive now.

Election 2016: It’s All About Race, Stupid!

The author of this excerpt is Jim Quinn, of Fourth Turning fame. It covers a lot of ground in two parts, including the coming American civil war, but the major insight from the data presented in this excerpt from the article is that America is divided, especially by race.

White women support Trump. But when race is factored in …

Excerpt from Lew Rockwell

This dysfunctional rigged presidential election reflects the tearing of the civic fabric at points of maximum susceptibility. As a country, we have neglected, denied, or delayed necessary action on a plethora of vital issues threatening our long-term viability as a nation. The deferral of difficult painful decisions has been a ploy of the ruling class, allowing them to further siphon the wealth of a dying empire while maintaining control over the masses through laws, regulations, taxes, surveillance, intimidation, technology bread and circuses, and mainstream media propaganda.

This is a country truly divided, much along the lines of the first Civil War. The divisions aren’t just along political party lines, but race, education, geography, gender, age, class, religion and ability to think critically. The presidential polls (IBD) reveal many of these divisions clearly:

Race: Whites – 52% Trump; 37% Clinton

Blacks/Hispanics – 14% Trump; 74% Clinton

Education: High School/Some College – 54% Trump; 35% Clinton

College Degree or More – 37% Trump; 51% Clinton

Geography: Urban – 31% Trump; 60% Clinton

Suburban – 43% Trump; 43% Clinton

Rural – 55% Trump; 35% Clinton

Gender: Male – 50% Trump; 38% Clinton

Female – 39% Trump; 50% Clinton

Age: Young – 37% Trump; 46% Clinton

Middle Aged – 47% Trump; 45% Clinton

Old – 48% Trump; 43% Clinton

Class: Upper – 40% Trump; 52% Clinton

Middle – 44% Trump, 43% Clinton

Working – 50% Trump; 41% Clinton

Lower – 20% Trump; 57% Clinton

Religion: Religious – 49% Trump; 41% Clinton

Non- Religious – 25% Trump; 63% Clinton

The narrative used against Trump is women won’t vote for him. The IBD data proves that unequivocally false. White women favor Trump 46% to 41% over Clinton. It’s the racial divide in this country which is borne out by the data above. Uneducated blacks and Hispanics living in urban ghettos with household income under $30,000 are overwhelmingly the primary constituents of Clinton and the Democratic Party.

They subsist on entitlements doled out to them by Democrat benefactors who have successfully enslaved them in welfare dependency while keeping them uninformed through government run indoctrination centers. They continue to vote for their continued enslavement because they have lost their self-respect and hope for a better life. These are the people demanding more as compensation for their skin color while being egged on by our first black president. The rural and suburban whites are content watching from afar as blacks murder each other in the Democrat-controlled “gun free” urban ghettos, but if they try to bring their social justice demands into white gun owning America, shit will get ugly real fast.

Clinton has an odd coalition of supporters, as college educated, upper class, high-income Americans support her over Trump. This is where her status quo establishment credentials are revealed. She is a big business, Wall Street bank, military industrial complex candidate for no change. Neo-cons, bankers, globalists, academics, and others sucking off the government teat, support any candidate who will sustain their rackets. The Wikileaks revelations and FBI disclosures exposed the sordid underbelly of liberal politicians and a fawning discredited media.

The article goes on to say that if Trump wins the (((elites))) will stonewall him. If that fails, they will assassinate him.

Part 1 of this analyis of American dysfunction can be read here.

All of Part 2 can be read here.

race war