Walmart Apologizes for Sign Marketing Guns as Back-to-School Items

Yep, when the school year starts, hunting season won’t be far behind. Every boy will need that special rifle and ammo so he can follow dad into the woods and bring home something to feed the family.

That was the rhythm of American life for generations.

Then along came the effeminate male and the boy-hating feminist who condemned guns in spite of their enshrinement in the American constitution.

Today, Walmart has been condemned for suggesting that one of its hunting rifles or shotguns would make a fine addition to a youngsters back-to-school supplies.

CNN Money

Walmart has condemned a display inside one of its stores that appeared to market firearms as back-to-school items. The company said Wednesday it was working to identify which of its stores put up the exhibit.

A photo of a sign reading “Own the school year like a hero” was placed directly above a glass case filled with guns. Photos of it spread like wildfire on social media.

People cried foul on Twitter and demanded an explanation from Walmart. One person asked: “What are you suggesting?”

Walmart responded to some of the comments by calling the display “truly awful” and “horrible.”

Spokesperson Charles Crowson told CNNMoney that the company is “not happy” and is “working diligently” to find out where the photo was taken and ensure the sign has been removed.

Crowson told CNNMoney on Wednesday evening Walmart was still trying to find the sign and gun display. It wasn’t immediately clear if the sign had been removed. Earlier Walmart said it had identified the location and had removed the sign. But Crowson said that had been a mistake.

Little by little the gun grabbers eke out a victory. The correct response by Walmart should have been to ignore them.

Negro Came to Church to Prey, Not Pray, Ended Up Dead


Don’t you love a true crime story with a happy ending? A dead perp made for a happy ending in Dothan.

Dothan, Alabama is a small city near the Gulf of Mexico, not far from the Florida panhandle.

Tolver was undoubtedly a good boy. Him mama gon’ say he beez an aspiring rapper who was turning his life around by pursuing the study of rocket science.

A staff member of a Dothan church shot and killed a man who robbed him and another parishioner inside the church on Sunday night, police said.

Dothan police found Steffon Parreese Valentez Tolver, 26, dead of a gunshot wound in the parking lot of the Crossroads Baptist Church 2574 Westgate Parkway at around 10:34 p.m., police said.

Police said Tolver had entered the back door of the church and robbed a parishioner of about $50.

When Tolver then attempted to rob a staff member of the church, the staff member fired his handgun once, hitting Tolver in the upper torso. Tolver ran out the back door of the church and into the parking lot where he died.

No other details were immediately available.

Our deceased gentleman of color should have picked a Unitarian church to rob. He’d be alive today if he knew a little more about religious denominations. Unitarians would have debated theology with him instead of shooting him.

Women Opposed to Men Having Guns Hire Men with Guns to Protect Protest March


The evil trouble making Muslim woman Linda Sarsour is the face of a march intended to lead to disarming all Americans. The money behind her is probably coming from (((the tribe.)))


Organizers of the “Women’s March” and Michael Bloomberg’s gun control lobbying group Everytown are participating in an anti-National Rifle Association rally today. They are currently walking from Fairfax, Virginia to Washington D.C. as part of the resistance movement. Their main arguments?

-Real men don’t need guns

-No one is safe unless everyone is safe (whatever that means)

-Loaded guns under beds are bad

-The NRA doesn’t respect women’s rights

-The NRA is full of bigots


But what’s a leftist rally without a massive dose of hypocrisy? Turns out a number of Women’s March leaders are walking with armed security and protective vehicles.

Leftist agitators like Linda Sarsour and Shannon Watts hiring armed protection while demanding the rest of us turn in our guns into government bureaucrats is nothing new. Watts does the same every time she shows up to protest at the NRA annual meeting. Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who pays Watts millions to take away the Second Amendment rights of everyday Americans, doesn’t go anywhere without his security detail.

Meanwhile, these are the men behind the Women’s March.


Federal Judge Blocks California Law Ban on Magazines Holding More Than 10 Bullets

Nobody would ever need more than 10 bullets, would they? I’m sure the LA rioters would have waited for gun owners to reload had this law been in effect at the time. Rioters are always so nice and cooperative.

Excerpt from the Sacramento Bee

A federal judge has temporarily blocked a voter-approved California law that would have forced gun owners to get rid of high-capacity ammunition magazines by this Saturday.

U.S. District Judge Roger Benitez, who is based in San Diego, issued a preliminary injunction Thursday that found the law was likely unconstitutional because it prevented people from using firearms that employed “whatever common magazine size he or she judges best suits the situation.” The law would have barred people from possessing magazines containing more than 10 bullets.

“The State of California’s desire to criminalize simple possession of a firearm magazine able to hold more than 10 rounds is precisely the type of policy choice that the Constitution takes off the table,” the injunction read.


Patriots Clarence Thomas and Gorsuch Blast SCOTUS Over Refusing to Hear Second Amendment Case

Ironically, the greatest black man in America today is held in disrepute by his own people. Blacks prefer liberals and have turned on Clarence Thomas because of his conservative views.

Today, Justice Thomas, joined by Trump appointee Justice Neil Gorsuch, defended the sacred right of the American white male to own and carry a gun.

Excerpt from Reason

Today the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear a major case out of California that asked whether the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms includes the right to carry firearms in public. By refusing to get involved, the Court left in place a ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit that denied constitutional recognition to the right to carry.

Writing in dissent, Justice Clarence Thomas, joined by Justice Neil Gorsuch, blasted the Court for its failure to act and for its “distressing trend” of treating “the Second Amendment as a disfavored right.”

According to Thomas, “the Framers made a clear choice: They reserved to all Americans the right to bear arms for self-defense. I do not think we should stand by idly while a State denies its citizens that right, particularly when their very lives may depend on it.” Thomas added, “even if other Members of the Court do not agree that the Second Amendment likely protects a right to public carry, the time has come for the Court to answer this important question definitively.”

Thomas offered a sharply worded case for why the Court should have taken up the question. Federal circuits, he pointed out, have reached different conclusions and are therefore irrevocably split on this pressing constitutional matter. “This Court has already suggested that the Second Amendment protects the right to carry firearms in public in some fashion. As we explained in Heller, to ‘bear arms’ means to ‘wear, bear, or carry upon the person or in the clothing or in a pocket, for the purpose of being armed and ready for offensive or defensive action in a case of conflict with another person.'” As Thomas observed, “I find it extremely improbable that the Framers understood the Second Amendment to protect little more than carrying a gun from the bedroom to the kitchen.”

Today’s case, known as Peruta v. California, centered on a state law that says that conceal-carry permits will only be issued to those persons who have demonstrated to the satisfaction of their local county sheriff that they have a “good cause” for carrying a concealed firearm in public. What counts as a “good cause?” In the words of one San Diego official, “one’s personal safety is not considered good cause” in and of itself.

1994 Article Exposed the American Shadow Government That Seeks Total World Domination

Full text:

The Constitution Society

The Shadow Government

Copyright © 1994 Constitution Society. Permission is hereby granted to copy for noncommercial use.

Secret Rule

It is becoming increasingly apparent to American citizens that government is no longer being conducted in accordance with the U.S. Constitution, or, within states, according to state constitutions. While people have recognized for more than 150 years that the rich and powerful often corrupt individual officials, or exert undue influence to get legislation passed that favors their interests, most Americans still cling to the naive belief that such corruption is exceptional, and that most of the institutions of society, the courts, the press, and law enforcement agencies, still largely comply with the Constitution and the law in important matters. They expect that these corrupting forces are disunited and in competition with one another, so that they tend to balance one another.

Mounting evidence makes it clear that the situation is far worse than most people think, that during the last several decades the U.S. Constitution has been effectively overthrown, and that it is now observed only as a façade to deceive and placate the masses. What has replaced it is what many call the Shadow Government. It still, for the most part, operates in secret, because its control is not secure. The exposure of this regime and its operations must now become a primary duty of citizens who still believe in the Rule of Law and in the freedoms which this country is supposed to represent.

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White Man Hailed as Hero for Killing Negro Neighbor Trying to Drown His Twins



Clearly, the Negro madman who was trying to drown his own twins had snapped. However, the mugshot above proves he had a prior arrest–at least one and perhaps more.

There’s good news and bad news about Foster. The good news is that he’s dead and won’t have any more chances to chimp out. The bad news is that by killing him, Cash Freeman saved his two sprogs who undoubtedly will go forward in life to live as violent criminals themselves.

Foster had bad genes. He passed them on.

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

A hero neighbor shot and killed a maniac with a knife who was trying to drown his own three-month-old twins.

Cash Freeman fired at Leland Michael Foster, 27, twice on Friday in Ada, Oklahoma, killing Foster while he was holding a mother at bay with a knife and trying to submerge the babies in the bathtub.

The infants, a boy and a girl who were born prematurely, have been treated and released from the hospital.

The horror scene unfolded around 12.30pm on Friday, when a frantic woman called police.

She said the father of her three-month-old twins had a knife and was trying to drown the babies, Ada Public Information Director Lisa Bratcher told theAda News.

The woman said that Foster had threatened to kill her, while dispatchers could hear struggles and screaming over the line, Bratcher said.

Police raced to the scene, but before they could get there, the homeowner’s 12-year-old granddaughter went to the neighbor’s house and pleaded for help.

Neighbor Cash Freeman armed himself with a revolver and rushed to help.

When he entered the neighbor’s home he found Foster holding the infants’ mother at bay with a knife while actively trying to drown the twin babies in a bathtub, police said.

Freeman fired twice, killing Foster.

He was interviewed and released by cops at the scene, but prosecutors will review the circumstances to ensure that the shooting was justified.

The additional good news is that no one is screaming that a racist white man killed a po’ ol’ Nigra for no reason. We also don’t have the Democrats stepping forward calling for another gun grab.