Illegal Alien Carjacker Shot Dead by Good Samaritan at Walmart After He Shot Two People

There’s ample reason to suspect that the double carjacking carried out in Washington state on Sunday was perpetrated by an illegal alien.

So far, police have not released any information on the dead suspect. It would be harder to identify an illegal than a U.S. citizen, so that may account for the delay.

Experience has shown that when a perp is a white male, the information on him gets released to the public very quickly.

Notice in the following Fox News story that reporters didn’t ask witnesses to describe the carjacker.

Fox News

A carjacking suspect was killed and at least two other people were injured Sunday after a pair of carjacking attempts and a vehicle chase in Washington state that eventually led to a Walmart parking lot, according to police.

The still-unidentified suspect was fatally shot by an intervening civilian, Seattle’s Q13 Fox reported.

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Publix Halts Political Contributions in Response to DAVID HOGG Die-in Protest as Hogg Demands $1,000,000

David Hogg mobilized a relatively small group of Florida teens to lay down in Publix supermarkets across Florida on Friday. Hogg calls it a “die in.”

In at least one instance, Hogg’s anti-gun protesters were met with counter demonstrators chanting “Trump, Trump, Trump.”

The big Publix chain, with over 1,100 stores, CUCKED to the dirty little bastard and his filthy Cultural Marxists.

Excerpt from Sun Sentinel

Minutes before scores of students and others lay down in protest at various Publix stores, the supermarket chain announced it was suspending future political contributions.

David Hogg isn’t through with these weak-assed cucks. According to the Washington Times Hogg is demanding $1,000,000 from the chain.

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Hideous Jim Carrey Painting Takes Aim at Kent State Coed Who Posed with AR-10

Jim Carrey hasn’t been banned from Twitter although he harasses people.

Milo, Anglin, and a host of others have been suspended and/or permanently banned for their alleged harassment, so why not Carrey? Because he’s a Hollyweird liberal?

“Goldilocks” sounds like a racial slur against a white girl to me. And this business about her meeting the devil could be interpreted as a death threat.

Hey Jack, ban Carrey!

The Hill

Actor Jim Carrey branched out from his usual portraits of President Trump’s administration on Friday, instead painting a former Kent State University student whose gun-toting graduation photos went viral.


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Based College Coed Goes Viral by Strolling Across Campus with AR-10 Slung Over Shoulder

USA Today

A woman’s photos celebrating her recent graduation from Kent State University have stirred up a social media uproar thanks to the unusual accessory she chose for the occasion — a high-powered, semi-automatic rifle.

Kaitlin Bennett, 22, wanted to make a statement after graduating so she shared pictures of herself on campus with an AR-10 slung over her shoulder and holding a graduation cap emblazoned with the words “come and take it.”

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USSA Police State: Parkland School Sics Cops on Pro-Gun Survivor Over Trip to Gun Range with his Dad


Kyle Kashuv, Parkland school shooting survivor, is the opposite of his classmate David Hogg. Kyle loves the Constitution, including the Second Amendment.

Kyle was called to task by school officials, including the cops, for Tweeting about his visit to a gun range with his Dad.

Watch Kyle’s interview with Tucker at the bottom of this post.

Broward County’s sheriff is (((Scott Israel.))) The county is heavily Jewish and may even be majority Jewish, as I recall. Jews can plausibly be said to support the official intimidation of teenagers who’ve done nothing illegal or immoral.

Fox News Insider

Florida school shooting survivor Kyle Kashuv was recently called in for questioning by school officials for taking a trip to a gun range with his father.

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Mark Your Calendars for June 5: Crisis Actor David Hogg’s New BOOK’s Title Angers Holocaust Survivors

Now that David Hogg has upset Jews and sort of denigrated the Holocaust, it’s possible that the powerful Jews who pull the strings in America will send him back into obscurity.

I wonder which (((Deep State))) fool is the ghostwriter for the book. It might be better if David and his sister actually wrote the book since that would guarantee that it’s garbage.

Trees are sacrificing their lives for this?

Oy vey!


Student-turned-activist David Hogg has written a book about the Parkland, Florida school shooting and his anti-gun movement. However, its title ‘Never Again’ has angered Holocaust survivors and their relatives.

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‘If you kill someone, we might kill you back’ – GA sheriff’s welcome sign goes viral

Harris County Georgia ain’t New York City boys and girls.

People have real guns. Law abiding people, not just the thugs who are the only ones armed in the Big Apple.

Obviously, Sheriff Mike Jolley encourages his peeps to weapon up and use those weapons on the bad guys.


HARRIS COUNTY, GA (WTVM) – Harris County Sheriff Mike Jolley does it again – creating a bold welcome sign that’s now going viral.

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