Evil Necklace Lady Winnie Mandela Dead at 81

Since I’m not a cruel person or a hater, seeing blacks left disfigured by Winnie Mandela’s “necklacing” campaign leaves me with a bad feeling. Not just for the dead and disfigured blacks, but also for what it portends for civilization in general and white people in South Africa in particular.

The Western press is lionizing Winnie as an “anti-apartheid” activist.


South African anti-apartheid campaigner Winnie Madikizela-Mandela has died aged 81, her personal assistant says.

Winnie Madikizela-Mandela was the former wife of South Africa’s first black president, Nelson Mandela.

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Black Youth Attacked by Nog Gang at Six Flags Awarded $35 Million in Lawsuit


LOL! In one for the record books, Six Flags Over Georgia, an American amusement park, hired several Negro gang members to work as security guards at the park.

Engaging in TNB, these darkies launched attacks at amusement park goers. One of them, Joshua Martin, pictured above, was left brain damaged by the attack, which actually took place at a nearby bus stop near the park.

When companies base hiring decisions on diversity and inclusion, they get what they deserve. I mean, who in his right mind would hire black gang members to work security. How did they even get hired, which generally requires a bonding process.

11 Alive

ATLANTA – Ten years after a man was beaten outside Six Flags Over Georgia, a $35 million lawsuit has been settled.

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Black Privilege: Nagger Ex-Monkeyballer Accused of SEVEN RAPES Gets His Wish

Ex-Utah State linebacker and NFL Atlanta Falcons player Torrey Green got his wish for a change of venue. His lawyers argued he couldn’t get a fair trial because his alleged crimes are rapes and he’s black.

As we know, every black ever charged with any crime dindu nuffins, but still white juries convict these innocents.

Although the races of the girls raped aren’t brought up directly in the story, one might infer from the arguments made in court that at least some of them were white. The story doesn’t go into the nature of the crimes, but I’ve done some research to see what was up.

It’s much worse than this story suggests.

HJ News

Seven rape cases pending against former Utah State University linebacker Torrey Green have been consolidated into two trials that will take place in Box Elder County.

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Restaurateur Badly Beaten by Dine and Dash Black Savage Speaks



I don’t know how old Grant Redmond is, but he is old enough to be outmatched by a younger colored gentleman who has no qualms about attacking people.

Grant should have stayed inside Acapulco Joe’s rather than following a ghetto ape outside. He could have used security cam video to help the police find his food thief or just written off the cost of the food as a business loss. It wouldn’t be cowardly to do that. Just common sensical.

Avoid the groid. Around blacks, never relax.

Indy Star

When Redmond was brought to the hospital, surgeons had to remove part of his skull to address bleeding and a clot in his brain. He has a few fractures in his skull and possibly a cracked elbow. In fewer than 24 hours, his speech has improved dramatically, says his partner of 28 years, Robert Plank.

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Australian Abos Make African-Americans Look Like a Model Minority

In spite of the fact that Abos are the lowest of the low, white Australians have been indoctrinated to feel guilt over the rather generous treatment of the primitive savages.

Excerpt from UNZ

When Cook and his men landed in Australia in 1770 and met the Aborigines they couldn’t believe what they were confronted with. They recorded that they were “savages,” “barbaric” and even “stupid”.” And this wasn’t just casual racism. They knew the people of Hawaii well and, though they regarded them as childlike, perceived them in much more positive terms.

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Outrage as Ugandan Member of Parliament Tells His Peeps to “beat” Their Wives


I believe that Andrew Anglin advocates wife beating.

Maybe he should name Mr. Twinamasiko as the “Official Nigger Mascot of the Alt-Right,” like he’s named a pizza shop and an airline as our official companies.

You can take the jungle man out of the jungle, but he’s still going to behave like he’s swinging from trees.


A Ugandan MP has been told to apologise to victims of domestic violence after saying men should “beat” their wives.

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Feral Dindu McNuffins Attacks White Teen in McDonald’s Restroom (Video)

45 seconds confirming what pieces of sh*t Dindu McNiggers are.

The attacker, 17, has been arrested for beating up a 15-year-old inside the bathroom at a Wellington McDonald’s.

This was the first comment on youtube. Not racist, race realist even if a little eccentric:

Racist monkey-animals. When are you idiots going to figure we didn’t evolve and we weren’t created equal. And “God’ didn’t create the human races. We were all DNA engineered and some races are more violent and savage for that reason and dumb and destruction, like the BLACKS.

ABC Action News

The minute-long video shows a teenager kick open the stall door then proceed to punch the victim, who crouches on top of the toilet. The attacker is also yelling profanities. He pulls the victim to the ground and continues punching and kicking him.

He eventually asks the victim, who is still on the tile floor of the bathroom stall, to put the passcode into his phone. He grabs the phone from his hand then throws it onto the ground.

Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office confirmed an incident happened Tuesday and that a 17-year-old juvenile was arrested.

Since the only punishment that blacks understand is pain, the law should be changed to allow the families of victims of McNuffins to inflict three times the pain on the perp. If the family of the victim is liberal and won’t go along with it, then the judge should order a professional with a horsewhip to do the job.