Illegal Aliens Given the Right to Vote in San Francisco


White people certainly can’t be trusted to vote correctly.

Blacks are pretty reliable, but there’s not enough of them.

Bright idea: Let’s let noncitizens vote, including illegal aliens. They’ll vote to destroy the founder’s vision of America.

Why not? Dead people vote. Some vote several times. The only ones seemingly left out of “democracy” are prisoners like those above.

Let’s give them a ballot too. Whatdaya say!

Fox News

The city of San Francisco this week began allowing non-citizens, including illegal immigrants, to register to vote in the November election for the city school board.

It’s a real freak show out there.

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San Francisco’s New Black Female Mayor Has a Plan to Clean Up the Piles of Feces in the Streets


Well, the plan is about what you would expect from a liberal negress.

No pun intended, but the mayor’s plan is a shitty plan.

Her name is pretty shitty too.

London? As in England.


Before moving forward with this story, breaking news is telling the world that the historic meeting between Presidents Trump and Putin has started. More on that after we see what happens in Helsinki.


The new Mayor of San Francisco, London Breed, is beside herself at the abject squalor resulting from decades of “progressive” policies that encourage homeless residents to use the streets as their personal toilet.

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White Woman Smeared as “Permit Betty” by SJWs Has Been Fired


Actually, Permit Betty is half Mexican and half Irish.

I guess it was the Irish half that was fired because social justice warriors (SJWs) would never try to have a Mexican fired.

Anyway, a spook got her fired because he thought she was hassling a nonwhite street vendor when her job was to help them get the permit required by law to sell on the streets.


Rene Folena was identified as the non-profit worker dubbed “Permit Betty” after video of her interactions with a San Francisco street vendor went viral.

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San Francisco: “I come from a third world country and it’s not as bad as this.”

The freaks in charge of San Francisco are too worried that ICE might deport an illegal alien criminal to worry about cleaning up the messes created by their own policies.

They also seem unduly concerned that someone might hurl the word “faggot” at a sodomite, which would be a hate crime in their eyes.

The first excerpt below talks about the general crisis in SF, while the second one focuses on the stench of excrement that permeates the city.

Daily Mail

San Francisco’s spiraling homelessness and opioid crisis is starting to drive away business and tourists, and a $40million medical convention has cancelled after its attendees complained they were too scared to walk the streets alone.

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31 Year Old San Francisco White Woman Gets Sterilized to SAVE THE PLANET


Selfish Gwynn Mackellen is surely a racist.

Her decision to disable her female birth parts means that there will be fewer white children in the future to slave away to pay for the gibs that billions of Africans will be wanting.

Hasn’t Gwynn seen the graphs showing the African population explosion? The world is going to need more white slaves to work their fingers to the bone to pay to keep all those Africans from starving.


Yes, Gwynn is a racist. All she thought of was an abstraction: “Save the planet.”

Well, you selfish white lady, blacks are part of the planet and they need white bodies and brains to keep them fed, housed, and medicated.

Daily Mail

A woman has revealed why she decided to get sterilised at the age of just 31 – to help save the planet.

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San Francisco Cops Shoot Unarmed White Man in Back (Police Bodycam Video)

No gun is seen in the video. However, police claim the man shot in the back did have a gun. Some reports say he was hit two times, while others say that three shots hit their mark.

The way I’ve put this post together there are going to be several surprises for you as you read along. Something is amiss here. You’ll see.

The Independent

Footage of a police officer repeatedly shooting a man in the back in a busy city street has been released in the US.

The San Francisco Police Department made four bodycam videos public amid growing outrage over the incident.

Fuck public outrage.

When will the public become outraged toward the violent criminals.

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Tourists shocked by what they see on San Francisco streets

San Francisco–the city where a jury found Kate Steinle’s illegal Mexican murderer not guilty of anything.

San Francisco–the city that loves sodomy and sodomites.

San Francisco–is there a normal person left?


It’s something many San Franciscans see on a daily basis, outside their homes or offices and during their commutes. For better or for worse, locals are used to walking by crime scenes, have seen open injection drug use, and have witnessed mental health episodes firsthand.

But when a tourist lands at SFO, guidebook in hand, that reality can be shocking.

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