Possible Damaged RUSSIAN SUBMARINE Detected in SWEDISH Waters

A distress signal in Russian preceded the submarine alarm in the archipelago of Stockholm. When the military search operation started radio communication between a transmitter in the archipelago and a transmitter in Kaliningrad was detected. This indicates that there could be a damaged russian submarine in Swedish waters.

The Swedes are sending out their navy to search for a possible Russian submarine in trouble in Swedish territorial waters.

The Swedes are sending out their navy to search for a possible Russian submarine in trouble in Swedish territorial waters.

This story is breaking news as I write these words. If a confirmed Russian sub is found in Swedish waters, there will be the usual outrage of indignation from the West, directed toward Vladimir Putin, a man with a jealousy-inducing approval rate of around 80 percent among his people.

The reality is that American subs are prowling Russian waters just as the Russians are prowling American waters. Just don’t get caught doing it and everybody ignores it.

If Russian sailors are trapped in an inoperative submarine I would hope the West takes the humanitarian approach and tries to rescue them. Ditto if American submariners were to be trapped in Russian waters.


Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet can now reveal new sensational information about what happened before and during the ongoing military operation in the archipelago of Stockholm, where the military – in their own words – are searching for “suspected foreign activity under water”.

In the official version the operation started due to the reports from a “credible source” that had seen a suspicious object on friday.

But what has not been revealed is that the National Defence Radio Establishment (“Försvarets radioanstalt”, FRA) detected radio communication in Russian a day before the operation started. It was transmitted on a special frequence, used by Russia in emergency situations.

About 14 hours later, Friday the 17th october around noon, the underwater vehicle was detected and the search operation begun.

Friday night signal intelligence once again intercepted radio communication. This time it was encrypted but it was possible to determine the position of the transmitter and the reciever. The transmitter was situated somewhere in Kanholmsfjärden in the archipelago of Stockholm, and the reviever was situated in Kaliningrad, Russia.

This information has been confirmed by several persons with knowledge about the ongoing search operation, altough they can’t confirm that there is a damaged submarine in Swedish waters.

– We are now focusing on determining if there is ongoing foreign underwater activity or not, one of the sources tells Svenska Dagladet.