Holocaust-Themed Ice Skating Routine Draws Strong Rebuke from Jews

As I looked at the lovely performance by two Russian ice skaters, a skating routine condemned by some, I see a sad, sensitive remembrance of Jews who died in German prison camps during World War 2.

Thus, it’s puzzling that anyone would criticize the performance on the grounds that it’s tasteless. There is no “holocaust denial” nor is their anything but respect implicit in this performance.

What I believe is going on revolves around the woman skater’s link to Russian president Vladimir Putin. She’s the wife of Putin’s spokesman. The skating provides his critics with the chance to tar and feather him indirectly as antisemitic or maybe just as an insensitive creep. Alternatively, the critics may just be sourpusses who criticize everything.


Tatiana Navka, the wife of Vladimir Putin’s spokesperson Dmitry Peskov, sparked controversy after delivering a Holocaust-themed figure skating performance with Andrey Burkovskiy.

Sporting striped uniforms with gold Stars of David to portray Jewish prisoners in concentration camps, the two skated on Saturday night to the Israeli song “Beautiful That Way” that was used in the movie about the Holocaust, Life Is Beautiful. They skated for a Russian reality TV show, CBS News reported, citing Israeli media outlets.

The performance drew criticism from viewers who found the routine offensive.

Navka posted a series of photos from the performance on Instagram, prompting backlash in the comments. One user wrote, “Tasteless. Insensitive. The Holocaust is not happy entertainment,” while another commented, “You make me sick.”

Navka wrote in her post that the performance was based on Life is Beautiful, one of her favorite movies, and that children need to remember the Holocaust.

“… children need to remember the holocaust.” Tatiana seems anything but the kind of person who would make anyone “sick.”

This whole fake outrage thing has gotten completely out of hand. It’s a weapon in the hands of those who want to restrict freedom of thought and freedom of speech. Intelligent people should see through the charade and reject this kind of “fake news.”

Putin himself came under direct fire in 2015 for skipping the Auschwitz liberation anniversary celebration after sort of being disinvited.

I’m sure he cried over that one. (/sarc)

putin crying

Smear Job! Putin Accused of Approving Litvinenko Murder

cool putin5

Putin is guilty, they say.

But nothing has been proved in a true court of law where the accused is present and has the opportunity to answer the charges.

If Putin is a murderer, so is every American president and most leaders of Western countries.

This story softens the public mind to make World War III more acceptable. The West can argue that Putin is a mad man and a murderer and thus had to be removed from power. Even if tens of millions die in the process.

Excerpt from Sky News

Russian dissident Alexander Litvinenko was “deliberately poisoned” in an operation “probably” approved by Vladimir Putin, a public inquiry has found.

Sir Robert Owen, the head of the long-running investigation, said it was likely the Russian president signed off the killing of the former spy following a lengthy feud.

In the 300-page report, Sir Robert said Dmitri Kovtun and Andrei Lugovoi were probably acting under the direction of Russia’s FSB intelligence service when they poisoned Mr Litvinenko with radioactive polonium at a London hotel in November 2006.

On his deathbed the fierce critic of the Kremlin, who fled Russia six years before his murder, pointed the finger at Mr Putin – and named former colleagues Dmitri Kovtun and Andrei Lugovoi as the men who poisoned him.

Speaking outside the High Court in London, Mr Litvinenko’s widow Marina said she was “very pleased that the words my husband spoke on his deathbed when he accused Mr Putin have been proved by an English court”.


Live Tweets: Putin Spends HOURS at Annual Question and Answer Session–Very Humorous Man

This picture of Russian president Vladimir Putin is from his April 17, 2014 question and answer session.

This picture of Russian president Vladimir Putin is from his April 17, 2014 question and answer session.

The tweets below were made off-the-cuff by Guardian reporter Shaun Walker. They reveal a highly intelligent, reasonable world leader who can run rings around US president Barack Obama.

Putin has a bad cough today, but carries on his clever, but responsive answers to questions from reporters and real Russians. The questioning must have gone on at least four or five hours.

Will the West ever produce as great a leader as this man? Not that he’s perfect, but his desire to turn Russians back to Christianity and his rejection of Western gay and feminist political correctness are enough to make him the greatest.

No wonder the West seeks to destroy him, his economy, and his people. Look for the Western press to twist and distort this event when the stories are written and published in a few hours from the time of this post.

DEAD HAND: The Russian Computer System that Can Launch Thousands of Nuclear Missiles at the USA Even After Russia’s Leaders are DEAD

russia nuclear icbm bases

Last week President Vladimir Putin of Russia reminded the US and NATO that Russia is still a formidable nuclear power. Here’s a glimpse of what will be in store for the West if a nuclear war does break out.

Business Insider

In 1983, relations between the U.S. and the USSR were under almost unprecedented strain after the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, Olympic boycotts, and increasingly hardline leadership in Moscow. Both sides began to put into place new intermediate-range nuclear weapon systems that could reach a target in only a matter of minutes.

“Both sides now are putting weapons in to place that can reach each other in seven, eight minutes,” Tom Nichols, a professor at the Naval War College, told National Geographic. This reduced “the amount of time for a decision about whether or not to begin a nuclear war, about whether or not to incinerate the entire northern hemisphere from minutes to seconds.”

To deter the possibility of a U.S. nuclear first-strike, the Soviets created a system called Perimeter, also known as “Dead Hand.”

The Dead Hand was a computer system that could autonomously launch all of the USSR’s nuclear weapons once it was activated, across the entirety of the Soviet Union.

Dead Hand was a weapon of last resort. It was created to ensure that even if the Soviet leadership was wiped out, a nuclear response could still be launched against the West and NATO in retaliation.

After Dead Hand was activated by Soviet military officials, “the first thing it does is check the communication lines to work out if there’s anyone alive and in charge of the Soviet military,” Alok Jha, author of “The Doomsday Handbook,” told National Geographic. “If they’re not alive, it takes over.”

If Dead Hand did not detect signs of a preserved military hierarchy, the system would perform a check for signals of a nuclear attack, such as a change in air pressure, extreme light, and radioactivity.

If the system concluded that a nuclear strike had taken place, Dead Hand would proceed to launch all of the remaining nuclear weapons from all of the silos throughout the Soviet Union at targets across the Northern Hemisphere.

Of course, no system is fool-proof, and there are concerns that Dead Hand could still operate at some level within the modern Russian military and accidentally trigger the launch of Russia’s active nukes.

“We’ve since asked the Russians if it’s still on,” Nichols writes at The National Interest, “and they’ve assured us, with complete confidence, that we should mind our own business.”

Unsolicited advice to Obama from Paladin: Don’t mess with Russia.

Video: Painted and Mocked, Pussy Riot Gets A Taste of Their Own Medicine in McDonalds

Russian men send a message to Pussy Riot–filth like you can go to the USA where you’ll be welcomed with open arms. But we don’t want you.

It’s nice to know there are real men somewhere, men who don’t tolerate anti-Christian garbage. The scale of retaliation is also appropriate, giving the pussy girls a taste of their own medicine.

Inspiring, these Russian lads are!