ADL: Jewish “Control” of the Federal Reserve: A Classic Anti-Semitic Myth

This is bizarre. The Anti-Defamation League has published a beautiful summary of why Jews do control the U.S. central bank, the Federal Reserve, aka Fed, while denying that Jews are in charge.

When I started reading this it seemed that the ADL was going to explain why Jews DON’T control the Fed. They do the opposite here.



For centuries, anti-Semitic propaganda has demonized the Jew as a conspiratorial, manipulative outsider, often with powers and designs of world domination. From the Middle Ages through the Holocaust, fabricated accusations against Jews as poisoners and corrupters have led to horrendous suffering for the Jewish people.

In more recent years, the anti-Semitic notion that “the Jews” dominate and command the U.S. Federal Reserve System and in effect control the world’s money has surfaced across the extremist spectrum. Contemporary economic anxieties and distrust of government have given new life to this timeworn myth.

The world of finance is an area of complexity, if not mystery, to most Americans, and confusions can easily be manipulated and suspicions aroused. The bigot’s rationale is often conveyed in inflated images of intricate, stealthy “conspiracies.” For example, under the headline “The jews [sic] have a Plan,” the Idaho-based Nazi-like group Aryan Nations has reported finding significance in the fact that the Federal Reserve System and the Anti-Defamation League were founded in the same year — 1913. Another “specialist” in anti-Semitic conspiracy fantasies, Minister Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam, recently expounded and embellished the same “historical” point.

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French Politicians Unite in Opposition to Marine Le Pen

I’m not on the ground in France and my high school French is rusty, but I keep reading that Emmanuel Macron is going to trounce race realist Marine Le Pen in France’s final round of voting on May 7.

Most of France’s politicians are throwing their support to Macron, while denouncing Le Pen.

The question from where I sit in America is whether the French will vote for Le Pen, who gives them a chance to survive, or vote for a weak multiculturalist who takes of unicorns and rainbows.

The Local France

Almost as soon as the news broke that Marine Le Pen had qualified for the runoff vote of the French presidential election, calls were issued by politicians on the left and the right, notably losing candidate François Fillon, to vote against her. But many on the left will do with a heavy heart.

One of the quickest calls came from defeated candidate François Fillon, insisting on the need to block the National Front, from power, adding “I’m not doing this with a lightness of heart”.

Fillon talked of the danger to France that Marine Le Pen’s “extremism” posed.

There’s no choice but to vote against the the extreme right. I will vote in favour of Emmanuel Macron,” he told his downbeat supporters.

Fellow Republican party politician and former Prime Minister Alain Juppé followed suit, announcing he decided to vote for Macron “without hesitation”, to support his “duel against the extreme right, who would be a disaster for France”.

And on the left defeated Socialist party candidate Benoit Hamon also called for supporters to back Macron, “even though he’s not part of the left.”

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Trump Hangs Portrait of Andrew Jackson in Oval Office

I agree with the infographic above. President Trump is signaling. I’m not sure that the signal isn’t just that Harriet Tubman will not replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill. But we can be optimistic and hope that Trump’s actions signal a willingness to fight the power of the (((central bankers.)))

The Hill

President Trump hung a portrait of Andrew Jackson in the Oval Office on Tuesday, The New York Times reports, an apparent nod to the populist sentiments of the new administration.

Trump’s rise has often been compared to the populist election of Jackson, including by some of the new president’s own team.

Chief White House strategist Steve Bannon called Trump’s inauguration speech on Friday “Jacksonian,” saying it struck the populist and patriotic tones Jackson was known for.

Trump has also expressed admiration for the seventh president, as well, calling Jackson “an amazing figure in American history — very unique so many ways,” through a spokesperson last week.

Jackson, a former military officer and U.S. senator, was known for his fiery temper and bombastic rhetoric. After he lost his first presidential bid in 1824, for example, he claimed the system was “rigged.”

Jackson’s legacy is also rife with controversy. He signed the Indian Removal Act of 1930, paving the way for what is now known as the “Trail of Tears” shortly after his presidency ended, in which the Cherokee Nation was removed from its lands east of the Mississippi in the massive forced migration.

Last year, the Treasury Department announced plans for a new $20 bill that would bump Jackson’s portrait for that of Harriet Tubman.

Jackson removed the Indians. Trump is removing the Mexicans and Muslims.

Is history repeating itself? It looks like it.

Seven Amazing Photos From December 7, 1941

That last photo shows the man who wanted war with Japan, no matter the cost in American lives. Let’s never forget General Smedley Butler’s dictim: All wars are banker’s wars.


The Pearl Harbor photos were sourced from Buzzfeed. There are 23 more equally dramatic photos at the link.

The Hidden History of the Khazarian Empire

If you’ve done any research on the people that call themselves Jews, you’re probably familiar with the history lessons offered by this video.

If you think that today’s Jews are the people that Jesus interacted with then you’ll see some eye opening information.

The old newsreel films and the history behind American’s entry into World War I are interesting in and of themselves.

Chinese Drug Smugglers Lose Big After Australia Confiscates $1 Billion in “Ice” Hidden in Bra Shipment

drug bras

Mind destroying drugs are a plague in all Western countries. In America it’s heroin. In Australia, according to this story, the problem is ice.

You don’t think the drug cartels have broken the world up into zones, with the Chinese hooking Oz on their poison, while the Middle Easterners hook Americans on their speciality, do you?

Pulling the strings behind the scenes, harvesting the lion’s share of profits, the globalist New World Order tribesmen sit back, get rich, and laugh, as the lives of Westerners are destroyed. Not to excuse the Chinese, who according to this story, are working diligently to flood the earth with ice.


Australian police have seized $1 billion Australian dollars’ worth of the drug “ice” from a shipment of silicon bra inserts and art supplies, the country’s federal police said, worth approximately US$700 million.

According to authorities, the bust is one of the biggest in Australia’s history, and the largest seizure of liquid methylamphetamine ever.

“This has resulted in 3.6 million individual hits of ice being taken off our streets,” said Federal Justice Minister Michael Keenan.

A shipment of silicon bra implants, concealing the drug ‘ice’.
Four people have been charged over the haul, which included 720 liters of the drug, the Australian Federal Police said Monday.

Australian customs first discovered around 190 liters hidden inside thousands of stick on gel bras in a shipment from Hong Kong in December of last year.

Delivery of the shipment was tracked to a storage facility where a Hong Kong national was arrested.

An additional 530 liters of the drug were then found concealed in art supplies stashed in storage units in Sydney.

Authorities have since arrested one Chinese national and two further Hong Kong nationals in relation to the importation and manufacture of the drug.

Australia has a growing problem with ‘ice’, which, according to experts, can cause psychosis and long term psychological issues. The drug has also been linked to violent assaults, robberies and road deaths. It appears to be increasingly available in areas where drugs have not previously been prevalent; specifically in regional and remote communities.

Australian Crime Commission NSW State Manager Warren Gray said that joint operations such as this one have a pivotal role to play in the fight against methylamphetamine.

“Methylamphetamine poses — by far — the greatest threat to the Australian public of all illicit drug types, and by a significant margin,” he said.

Mandatory death sentences for drug smugglers ought to be the norm in the West. But the earnings from drugs must go somewhere.

Mr. Rothschild, you wouldn’t have anything to with the flooding the West with drugs due to your money laundering operations, would you?


China Accuses George Soros of “declaring war” on Yuan


Henry Makow has called George Soros a Rothschild shill. I believe Henry.

Thus, if Soros is attacking the stability of China’s currency and economic outlook, there must be something in it for the Rothschilds.

Smoloko claims that China is controlled by Illuminati Jewish bankers. So why would the Jews want to reduce China’s economy to a ruin?

First, the Soros story excerpt:

The Guardian

Chinese state media has stepped up a salvo of biting commentaries against George Soros and other currency traders as the yuan comes under pressure, with the billionaire investor accused of “declaring war” on the unit.

At the annual World Economic Forum in Davos last week, Soros told Bloomberg TV that the world’s second-largest economy – where growth has already slowed to a 25-year low according to official figures – was heading for more troubles.

“A hard landing is practically unavoidable,” he said.

Soros – whose enormous trades are still blamed in some countries for contributing to the Asian financial crisis of 1997 – pointed to deflation and excessive debt as reasons for China’s slowdown.

The normally stable yuan, whose value is closely controlled by Beijing, has come under pressure in recent weeks and months in overseas markets and from capital outflows. Authorities have spent hundreds of billions of dollars to defend it.

To better see what’s up, consider this excerpt from Before It’s News

Rothschild is doing to China, what it did to the USA after WW I and WW II, by making it into the economic powerhouse it had become, and they will do to China, when its time to pluck the wealth from it, as they have done to the USA. The whole purpose of WW III is to set this all up for China to become the world economic powerhouse that will be controlled by England through their Rothschild owned Israel…… Chinese are smart, so lets hope they are smart enough to set the Rothschild’s up, so when the time comes for the Plucking, it goes the other way around.

The world financial system is set up with shorts and longs and derivatives so that no matter which way the economy goes, someone can get very, very rich. Like a casino where the house wins what you lose. Forget World War III and just think of a global economic depression. We lose, the Rothschild bankers win when they create the depression and rig the system.

So, is Soros telling the truth about China, or is he setting up the sheeple to bet against China so that when nothing happens the Rothschild’s win again.

If I knew the answer, I’d be rich myself.

The way the game is played, the winner takes it all. Never bet against the Rothschilds. The game is rigged.