Uh, NO! (((Laura Loomer))) Is Dating Neo-Nazi Baked Alaska Who Once Trolled Her with Gas Chamber Meme

It looks like the alt-right’s Baked Alaska (a FBI plant?) and Laura Loomer teamed up to fool the world into thinking a Nazi and a Jewess could have a love affair.

Alas, it was all for publicity.

Shame on you two kids for fooling us. We were already planning your wedding in our minds.

Jewish Forward

Laura Loomer, the young Jewish voice of the far-right, says she has struck up an unlikely romance with Tim Gionet — the online troll better known as Baked Alaska who previously tweeted a picture of Loomer in a gas chamber.

“Isn’t it a cute love story?” Loomer wrote in a message to the Forward. “Alt Right leader falls for a Jewess. Better than notebook.”

And now Gionet is apologizing to his followers for his past behavior — claiming it’s Loomer who cured him of his bigotry.

Loomer says that she and Gionet started messaging each other recently and their relationship, such as it is, consists mostly of sending memes to each other on Twitter. The two have only actually met once — months ago at an “alt-right” rally in Washington, D.C.

“He’s super into me,” Loomer wrote.

The relationship was widely dismissed as an elaborate joke by Twitter users — both characters are famous for their trolling — but Loomer sought to convince the Forward that it is the real deal. “We just started talking a lot and I told him he should work on himself,” Loomer said.

UPDATE, 7:55pm: Gionet now denies that he and Loomer are dating — and is celebrating the entire thing as a prank. Loomer did not immediately respond to the news that her would-be boyfriend is denying that they’re together.

1940s Greyhound Bus Tour of the USA in Color: “This Amazing America” ~ 1940 Greyhound Lines

Here’s another enjoyable and informative look at life in white America. Besides the beautiful sights in color, there’s an entertaining romantic story line. Very patriotic.


Published on Jul 23, 2015

more at http://travel.quickfound.net/travel_a…

Boy and girl win a trip all around the USA by Greyhound bus. Includes many stops along the way, and singing “Coming ‘Round The Mountain” onboard.

Public domain film from the Prelinger Archives, slightly cropped to remove uneven edges, with the aspect ratio corrected, and mild video noise reduction applied.

The soundtrack was also processed with volume normalization, noise reduction, clipping reduction, and/or equalization (the resulting sound, though not perfect, is far less noisy than the original).


Greyhound Lines, Inc., usually shortened to Greyhound, is an intercity bus common carrier serving over 3,800 destinations across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The company’s first route began in Hibbing, Minnesota in 1914, and the company adopted the name The Greyhound Corporation in 1929. Since October 2007, Greyhound has been a subsidiary of Scottish transportation company FirstGroup, but continues to be based in Dallas, Texas, where it has been headquartered since 1987. Greyhound and sister companies in FirstGroup America are the largest motorcoach operators in the US and Canada.

Along with its flagship Greyhound brand, the company also jointly operates BoltBus, the NeOn bus service and YO! Bus with other carriers…

Early years (1914-1930)

Carl Eric Wickman was born in Sweden in 1887. In 1905 he moved to the United States where he was working in a mine as a drill operator in Alice, Minnesota, until he was laid off in 1914. In the same year, he became a Hupmobile salesman in Hibbing, Minnesota. He proved unable to sell the car. In 1914, using his remaining vehicle, a 7-passenger car, he began a bus service with Andy (Bus Andy) Anderson and C.A.A. (Arvid) Heed, by transporting iron ore miners from Hibbing to Alice (known for its saloons) at 15 cents a ride.

In 1915 Wickman joined forces with Ralph Bogan, who was running a similar service from Hibbing to Duluth, Minnesota. The name of the new organization was the Mesaba Transportation Company, and it made $8,000 in profit in its first year.

By the end of World War I in 1918, Wickman owned 18 buses and was making an annual profit of $40,000. In 1922, Wickman joined forces with Orville Caesar, the owner of the Superior White Bus Lines. Four years later, Wickman purchased two West Coast operations, the Pioneer Yelloway System (the operator of the nation’s first transcontinental bus) and the Pickwick Lines, creating a national intercity bus company.

The Greyhound name had its origins in the inaugural run of a route from Superior, Wisconsin to Wausau, Wisconsin. While passing through a small town, Ed Stone, the route’s operator, saw the reflection of his 1920s era bus in a store window. The reflection reminded him of a greyhound dog, and he adopted that name for that segment of the Blue Goose Lines. The Greyhound name became popular and later applied to the entire bus network. Stone later became General Sales Manager of GM’s Yellow Truck and Coach division, which built Greyhound buses. Wickman, as the president of the company, continued to expand it so that by 1927, his buses were making transcontinental trips from California to New York. In 1928, Greyhound had a gross annual income of $6 million.

In 1929, Greyhound acquired additional interests in Southland Transportation Company, the Gray Line, and part of the Colonial Motor Coach Company to form Eastern Greyhound Lines. Greyhound also acquired an interest in Northland Transportation Company, and renamed it Northland Greyhound Lines.


By 1930 more than 100 bus lines had been consolidated into what was called the “Motor Transit Company”. Recognizing that the company needed a more memorable name, the partners of the Motor Transit Company decided to rename it after the “Greyhound” marketing phrase used by earlier bus lines…

Expansion, desegregation, and diversification (1945–1983)

Wickman retired as president of the Greyhound Corporation in 1946, being replaced by his long-time partner Orville Caesar. Wickman died at the age of 66 in 1954…

Does Briffault’s Law Explain the West’s Woes?

Whatever happened to the “honest digger?”

You know, the female of the species who honestly “digs” men and demands nothing in return from a man but his company.

Lots of guys want a wife or girlfriend, but can’t find one. Others have grown so weary of the hunt, they’ve dropped out, joining other men in the MGTOW movement (Men Going Their Own Way).

The white race isn’t replacing itself, so eventually it will go extinct. That’s an existential crisis for the West.

Psychology Today

Briffault’s Law: Women Rule
Why can’t a woman be more like a man?
Posted Oct 31, 2016

Briffault’s law maintains that “the female, not the male, determines all the conditions of the animal family. Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such association takes place.” Today we would say “relationship” rather than “association.”

For this bit of wisdom we have Robert Briffault (1876-1948), an English surgeon, anthropologist, and author, to thank. I do not present Briffault’s law as fact, nor do I dismiss it as fiction. It is something to think about – and Briffault gives us even more to ponder. Read on.

We already know, of course, that women wield the ultimate veto power in the mating game. It is women who give thumbs-up or thumbs-down to any advances or proposals from men. Briffault embellishes this truism by asserting that intimate relationships between men and women result from a calculated cost/benefit analysis by women. Will she or won’t she acquire a net gain from any relationship with the man? This does not necessarily mean monetary gain, although it might. Other types of gain might be social status, sexual compatibility, anticipated future happiness, emotional security, and the male’s capacity for fatherhood. Men, put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Briffault continues with these three corollaries to his law:

Even though a woman has accrued past benefits from her relationship with a man, this is no guarantee of her continuing the relationship with him. (Translation: What have you done for me lately?)

If a woman promises a man to continue her relationship with him in the future in exchange for a benefit received from him today, her promise becomes null and void as soon as the benefit is rendered. (“I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.“)

A man’s promise of a future benefit has limited ability to secure a continuing relationship with a woman, and his promise carries weight with her only to the extent that the woman’s wait for the benefit is short and to the extent that she trusts him to keep his promise.

In economics there is the concept of diminishing marginal utility: The benefit derived from a product lessens with each successive unit consumed. Consider an all-you-can-eat buffet. If you arrive hungry, the first plate from the buffet provides 100% utility in satisfying your hunger. The second plate provides less utility, although you still may be a bit hungry when you begin filling the second plate. But by the time you’re eaten the second plate, you are no longer hungry. If you return to the buffet for a third plate, you will probably feel overstuffed after eating it. In terms of utility you are now in negative territory.

If we accept Briffault’s law at face value, women derive diminishing marginal utility from their relationships with men after acquiring the desired benefits. That Briffault – what a romantic!

Wikipedia page on Robert Briffault

I once had a young female compliment me: “You’re 51 percent manhood, 49 percent sensitivity.”

Manhood attracts, I think. But in light of Briffault’s Law is manhood enough to keep them around?

TBI Adds Older Male Teacher Wanted for Kidnapping Teen Girl to Most Wanted List


Decades ago in my neck of the woods a 38 year old plumber and a young teen girl of 14 or 15 ran away with each other.

It made the news, but it wasn’t really considered that big a deal back then. It was understood that men are attracted to teens and that sometimes the attraction is mutual. The important thing was to see to it that the couple were properly married so they could start a family.

Two weeks ago a 50 year old Tennessee teacher and the 15 year old object of his affections ran away together. He had researched teen marriage on the Internet so I think it’s safe to assume he has marriage on his mind.

Unlike decades ago, now this situation is literally a really, rally big deal. Oh, his wife is divorcing him too.

NBC News

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) confirmed new sightings and images Friday of missing 15-year-old Elizabeth Thomas and her 50-year-old abductor, Tad Cummins, who are being sought as part of an ongoing Amber Alert.

Cummins’ wife, Jill, also publicly announced her intention to file for divorce.

“The filing of the divorce complaint is the first step to removing Jill from this situation. Jill will attempt to move forward with her life [as] this is a difficult time for her family,” Jill Cummins’ attorney, Michael Cox, said Friday.

Tad Cummins, a high school forensics teacher, allegedly kidnapped Thomas, a student at the school where he taught. The pair haven’t been seen since March 13.


“You know you can’t hide forever… I know you are afraid and I know that a part of you is really sorry. It’s not too late,” Jill Cummins told NBC News as a message to her husband. “Your entire family’s lives are a disaster right now because of this.”

TBI reported on Friday that their investigators had obtained and confirmed surveillance images of Thomas with the former teacher at a Wal-Mart located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, on Thursday night. The sighting came via an anonymous tip reported on March 15.

The tip alleged that Cummins had used cash to purchase a myriad of food items, but stayed away from more expensive items.

Authorities said the images have indicated that Cummins has altered his appearance by darkening his hair, and that Thomas now has red hair, a change from her brownish-blonde hair. The bureau has begun efforts to determine what vehicle they are using.

TBI suspects they are driving a silver Nissan Rogue with Tennessee tag TN 976-ZPT and have extended efforts to determine the pair’s next destination.

More than 1,200 tips had funneled through the TBI as of Friday morning, according to the TBI.

Authorities have added Cummins to the state’s “Top 10 Most Wanted” list and are offering a $1,000 reward for verifiable information leading to his capture.

“We have, through the FBI, also shared with law enforcement in Mexico and Central America, relevant information about the case as well,” said Josh DeVine, the TBI’s spokesman.

Thomas is believed to have disappeared along with Cummins on Monday, March 13, from her school in Maury County, Tennessee. He was reported as pumping gas in the station nearby.

At the time of the abduction, the school district had already terminated Cummins’ teaching contract amid ongoing investigations. He had allegedly been seen kissing Thomas at the school earlier in the year.

“Everything we had up until that point indicated that she more than likely went willingly,” said Brent Cooper, a Tennessee attorney general.

Related: Teacher Who Allegedly Kidnapped Elizabeth Thomas Not in Video: TBI

However, authorities upheld the kidnapping statute and charged him with aggravated kidnapping once they learned that Cummins likely has two handguns. Given that information, they now consider the abduction to have been committed under coercion.

The TBI has also said that Cummins had been researching teen marriage over the past months and had watched television shows with the scenario.

Am I the only one hoping that the lovers escape to paradise and live happily ever after?

Heartbreaking! Girlfriend of Slain White Cop Believes He was Going to Propose


Nick Smarr, pictured, and his friend and partner Jody Smith, were both gunned down by an angry, out-of-control Negro on Friday.


The heartbroken girlfriend of a slain cop, who was killed along with another officer in a Georgia shootout, reveals that her boyfriend was possibly going to propose, according to reports.

Officers Nick Smarr, 25, and Jody, 26, who had been friends since childhood, were both shot and killed by 32-year-old Minquell Kennedy Lembrick on Wednesday morning when they responded to a domestic disturbance call.

Smarr’s long-time girlfriend, Rachel Harrod, 21, told AJC.com that the two had planned to make a trip to Disney World on Sunday where she thought she would have the moment of her dreams.

“I had a feeling about it,” she told the paper. “I’d always dreamed of getting a ring at Disney World.”

Sadly, she won’t be able to have her moment.

“We didn’t quite make it,” she said.

Earlier this year, Harrod’s younger brother was killed in an auto accident, according to reports, and Smarr helped her in those hard times.

‘I never met anyone who loved so much,’ she said, ‘and loved so hard,’ Harrod told AJC.

Smarr died at the scene while fellow officer and best friend Jody Smith was airlifted to a hospital in critical condition and later died.

Smarr’s funeral will be held Sunday at 2 p.m. at the Georgia Southwestern State University Storm Dome.

Cop killer Lembrick later killed himself.

Mudshark Dating Site: White Women Say NO To White Men


Yes, sorry to have to state reality, but there are white women who want only the black male as a romantic interest. That screen capture above is from pof.com.

Let’s take a look at a few of the so-called ladies who are looking for a chocolate daddy.


If you aint black I wont write back 🙂

Hey I’m Suz. I’m 25 and I live in Morehead. I’m a pretty simple person, very laid back and open minded. I am very easy to get a long with. I love to laugh and make people laugh. I wear my heart o
Morehead Kentucky SuzJames08 26 Woman Seeking Men

eyewash gif

Let’s check out another winner.


This one looks good, but is crazy as a loon. She’ll end up missing a few teeth, with blurred vision and mild brain damage from drink, drugs, or a series of beatings from those “dirty dirty” niggas she likes.

black guys only

I hate being called ma. I hate annoying niggas. I hate niggas from up north… I like dem good ol hood niggas from the dirty dirty south who got a county ass swag…. I hate annoying white men….. I
jacksonvile Florida taraRooo 23 Woman Seeking Men

But wait, we’re not done.


Where’s dat nigga that done put dat wattamelon in her belly?

Haha. Single mom and another one on the way.

Go after what you want and dont give up

My name is Kayla. 8 months pregnant .Single mom. I mostly work and stay at home on free time. I love animals. Love music .Want something real not fake. Want some
Auburndale Florida babyKaay24 20 Woman Seeking Men

There’s more of these parasite race traitors at the link, but not really that many of them when you consider the steady drumbeat from schools, universities, TV, music, Hollywood, and churches: “Fuck a nigga and be happy.”

Just for kicks, let’s look at one more.

This one would have better luck finding a pink unicorn that finding what she says she wants. I think she just wants BBC. Muh niggas be sayin’ I tap dat azz.



Hey guys im here looking for a single down to earth gentleman. The one that knows respect and kindness. Im short thick but fit. I have dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. Im so sick of the games and b.s.
Warner robins Georgia nreneeh1991 25 Woman Seeking Men

Check em all out. There’s three pages with about 20 or 30 winners listed.

Crime of Passion: Syrian “Refugee” Kills Polish Woman in German Machete Attack

machete attack germany

The “refugee” does not take rejection well. When rejected, his instinct is toward becoming violent. Whether he merely hits, punches, or beats the object of his affection, it can lead to a murderous rage once his anger is unleashed.

Setting aside the notion that the sand monkeys would not be in Germany if not for the cultural Marxist leadership of Angela Merkel, the intelligent European woman will avoid these sand groids at all costs. To do otherwise it to invite being macheted to death.

Longer term, Merkel must go and the honor of Germany restored by a strong leader with the guts to say to the Muslim, “Out!”


A woman has been killed and two others have been injured after they were attacked by a Syrian refugee with a machete near Stuttgart in Germany.

Police have arrested a man in connection with the attack in the small city of Reutlingen in the south-west of the country.

The man attacked the woman in a fast food restaurant at around 4:30pm local time, causing several witnesses to flee in panic.

The unnamed victim is believed to be a Polish woman who worked at the restaurant and may have been pregnant at the time of the attack, German tabloid Bild reports.

Mohammad Alhelo told German newspaper, Stuttgarter-Zeitung, that the man had run into the restaurant swinging the machete around his head.

He said: “He ran with the machete through the restaurant and swung it over their heads”.

The 20-year-old, who worked at the fast food restaurant with the attacker and his victim, said he refilling the drinks machine when the attack started and ran away in a panic.

Mr Alhelo said the attacker was arguing with the woman before he killed her on the street – he said he had fallen in love with the woman when he started working there.

He described the man as “a friendly guy” who had arrived alone in Germany from Syria around 18 months ago.

After killing the woman in the restaurant the man injured two more people before being arrested.

An eyewitness told Bild: “The attacker was completely out of his mind. He ran with the machete behind a police patrol car.”

He said a passing BMW managed to run him over and afterwards he “lay prostrate on the ground and didn’t move”.

It doesn’t matter whether this piece of dirt yelled “Allahu Akbar” or not. What matters is the death and destruction they bring, whether in the name of Allah or in the name of “muh dik.”

boot deport muslims