She Invited Him Over, Answered the Door Topless, and then …


We want pictures! Of Rayna topless.

Actually, I have some interesting photos of the temptress. It appears that she may be a stripper, but I can’t be sure.


Authorities arrested a Harahan couple accused of trying to rob an Uber driver the woman had previously ridden with.

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Race-Mixing Young Texas White Guy Allegedly Murdered for Wallet by Latina New Year’s Date

A dumb ass white teen with a case of beaner fever probably thought his New Year’s date with Yvonne Raquel Ramirez, age 19 and naturally a single mother like all Latinas her age, was going to end with some wild and woolly jalapeno sex.

Instead, Josh McKinney ended up dead.

The story is confusing because the shooter’s story doesn’t add up, according to police.


A Texas woman is charged with murder after she allegedly shot her New Year’s date, then snatched his wallet as he lay dying.

Yvonne Raquel Ramirez, 19, of Baytown had recently met Josh McKinney and hatched a plot to rob him of his guns, prosecutors say.


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Horrific Baseball Bat Murder of Teacher by Mystery Meat Killer and Girlfriend Rocks Hawaii



It’s cases like this one that led our ancestors to lynch nonwhites and whites alike.

The killers of Telma Boinville are pure evil. Evil cannot be rehabilitated. It must be dealt with on its own terms.

In many southern states, the killers would be executed. In liberal Hawaii that’s not likely to happen.

This story is from a local source. It tells how outsiders have ruined Hawaii, creating an explosion in crime. It also describes how the locals banded together to help police find the alleged killers.

Fox News

A woman cleaning a Hawaii vacation home Wednesday with her 8-year-old daughter was brutally murdered and the girl bound and duct-taped, Hawaii police said as they announced two arrests in the case.


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Man Arrested for Hate Crime Robbed the Resident of a JEWISH Nursing Home


Never rob a Jewish owned business or else you’ll be confronted by Jewish privilege and by charged with a hate crime. Rob white folks and stay safe from hate crime charges.

Who was the racist Nazi who targeted Jews? I couldn’t find his photo so I presume that means he was a garden-variety Negro, not a Nazi.

The arrested individual has 25 arrests, which sounds like TNB.

CBS Local New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A Yonkers man was charged with a hate crime this weekend on allegations that he attacked an 84-year-old Jewish man in a Bronx assisted living facility.

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Mob of “Teens” Swarm Oakland BART Station Stealing Cell Phones–Guess the Race

BART is short for Bay Area Rapid Transit, which is a subway train with parts of it that ride above ground too.

Oakland is a Nog city in Commiefornia, a real sh*thole.

Guess the race? You’ll have to since no one is willing to talk about that.

East Bay Times

OAKLAND — A mob of teenagers who brazenly snatch cellphones from BART riders’ hands has struck again, BART police said.

The incident occurred at the Coliseum BART station on Friday around 9:03 p.m. Two victims reported that their phones were grabbed by teens, who then ran away.

BART officers responding to the incident detained a group of youths in the parking lot the station, and found them in possession of one of the missing phones. A victim identified one of the teens suspected in the thefts, according to police logs.

The 14-year-old boy was arrested on suspicion of theft from a person and was cited to his parent. The other teens detained were identified and released.

BART police Lt. James Scott said the victims have to be able to positively identify the suspects in order to arrest them. Although another teen was identified as having been there with the arrested teen, only the one teen was arrested as the a suspect, he said.

The case will be forwarded to the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office for possible charges for all those detained.

Scott said it appears they might have been involved in a larger group that dispersed after the snatching.

Friday’s thefts were the latest in a string of similar crimes on BART. In September, six victims sued the transit agency for gross negligence after various robberies. On April 22, Rusty Stapp, his wife Patricia and daughter Amanda were assaulted when 50-60 teens jumped fare gates at the Coliseum station and rushed a Dublin-bound train.

This video shows the subway station at night. Less than four minutes.

This 1967 Litton Industries film (12 minutes) shows an optimistic vision of future space age public transit. They left Niggers out of their equation.

Escort Says She Shot Client Twice in the Head Because He’s Bad at Oral Sex


Could a motive for shooting a man in the head twice be any dumber than the “He gave bad oral sex” motive?

Marissa Wallen has got to be joking. Or else she’s the dumbest bitch in the Everett, Washington jail.

New York Post

An escort in Washington state says she shot her client twice in the head — because he was lousy at oral sex, according to reports.

Marissa Wallen, 21, then allegedly stole her john’s wallet and gun, left him for dead and went on a $12,000 spending spree in Skagit County, according to the Herald of Everett, Wash.

The 36-year-old North Everett man’s employer grew concerned when he didn’t log in for his stay-at-home job on the morning of Oct. 24.

When police were sent to check on him, he was found alive — slumped against a wall with dried blood on his head. Two shell casings nearby did not match the caliber of his missing handgun, officials said.

He was unable to speak, so police communicated with him using hand signals, according to the news outlet. He indicated he knew his attacker but could not provide a name.

Security footage from the apartment revealed that Wallen had visited five times in October. She was last seen entering at 8:45 p.m. Oct. 21, and then fleeing at 10 p.m. clutching what appeared to be credit cards, officials said.

Store security cameras showed Wallen using the cards, according to authorities, who tracked her down at a home in Mount Vernon, Wash., on Tuesday.

When confronted with evidence, Wallen kept changing her story before finally admitting she shot the man twice in the back of the head, “because he was performing (a sex act) wrong,” according to her statement.

Wallen, who has an 11-month-old child, was ordered held on pending charges of first-degree assault, first-degree robbery and first-degree identity theft.

“I was stunned on Tuesday when the first detective came to our door,” next-door neighbor Mark Barnum told KIRO-TV. “He said, ‘Your neighbor was shot twice in the head.’”

He said he “heard what sounded like two or three taps coming from the wall. It was notable because we don’t usually hear anything.”

He said he initially thought the noise could have been from a hammer.

“It’s just kind of shocking to think perhaps that was maybe — maybe those were the shots. Maybe it was [the victim]. And I feel really badly that I was unable to help,” Barnum said.

Other neighbors said the victim works in high tech.

“He keeps to himself a lot, he’s got his computer stuff up there. He handles a lot of websites, IT security,” Erik Buxton told KIRO.

According to documents, the man “had been hiring female escorts and frequenting a strip club in Seattle, where he was bragging about how much money he earned and belongings he had at his house.”

Buxton said the victim “liked to kind of flash his money a little bit. It’s what’s going to happen — you’re going to attract negative people along the way.”

On Wednesday, a judge said Wallen had outstanding warrants for her arrest and set her bail at $1 million.

Her public defender, Pooja Vaddadi, said medical problems have prevented her from appearing in court several times, according to the Herald.

Another suspect, Jenner Matthews, was arrested in the case, KIRO reported. The probable-cause document said Wallen made payments to him through Facebook using the victim’s accounts.

I could find no information about Jenner Matthews, but it sounds like he was Marissa’s pimp.


Breaking! O. J. Simpson Released from Nevada Prison After Serving 9 Years for Robbery


Ron Goldman. Nicole Brown Simpson.

O. J. did it.

It’s an injustice that he didn’t die in prison. There’s always the chance he’ll go back.

If not for a dumb nonwhite jury, the ex-football star would be serving a life sentence.

ABC News

O.J. Simpson is a free man.

After spending nine years in prison for a Las Vegas robbery, the former NFL star walked out of the Lovelock Correctional Institute at 12:08 a.m. local time on Sunday, according to the Nevada Department of Corrections.

Simpson, 70, who served his time at the facility in Nevada, was granted parole at a hearing in July. The earliest date he was eligible for release was Oct. 1.

The Department of Corrections released a short video of Simpson exiting the prison, as well as a photo of him signing release papers.

Simpson was sentenced to prison following an arrest in 2007 during a botched robbery in Las Vegas, when he led a group of men into a hotel and casino to steal sports memorabilia at gunpoint. The former Buffalo Bills star contended the memorabilia and other personal items belonged to him.

At his parole hearing in July, Simpsons said, “All I want is my property. … I wasn’t there to steal from anybody.”

Simpson reassured the board he would be successful meeting the conditions of his parole before it was granted, saying, “I’m not a guy who lived a criminal life.”

Ho, ho, ho. The funny side of O.J. came out with that last crack. I’m sure the parole board was in stitches.

O. J. isn’t a criminal. Killing Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman doesn’t count. Not in his mind.

He may be brain damaged from all the hits he took during his years playing football. He’s still crafty enough to keep the Goldman family away from any of the money the jury awarded him in the civil trial which found him responsible for the murders.

A headline earlier today said that O. J. wants $5 million for an interview.

Hell, NO!