War Zone: Paris Protests Turn Violent Again, Media Silent (Twitter Videos)

Three short videos show the chaos in Paris, France.

I believe those are called Molotov cocktails.

French police are sitting ducks so long as French politicians remain cowards.

Here’s more brief footage of Paris looking like a war zone.

Still more.

If the French don’t install Marine Le Pen into the presidency they are fools.

Geert Wilders Falls Short But Vows to Keep Fighting

Although Sky News often skews left, it’s reporting on Wednesday’s Dutch elections looks straight to me, unlike a half dozen other reports I read which slant toward hinting that nationalism is dead in Europe.

Sky News

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has won the country’s election, holding off a strong challenge from far-right leader Geert Wilders, exit polls suggest.

Mr Rutte’s centre-right VVD party is reported to have taken 31 of the 150 parliamentary seats, or 21% of the vote – down from 27% in the 2012 election.

He said his victory had stopped the “wrong kind of populism” in its tracks, after last year’s Brexit vote and the election of President Trump.


Mr Rutte said: “We want to stick to the course we have – safe and stable and prosperous.”

The PM, who has moved more to the right on issues such as immigration defeated Mr Wilders’ anti-Islam, anti-immigrant PVV party, which is reported to have won 19 seats (13%).

This puts him equal second with two others – the Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA) and the Democracy party D66.

Mr Wilders, who wants to close mosques, ban the Koran and leave the EU, received much of the media coverage during the campaign and he has achieved a rise of 3% compared to 2012.

In a tweet, the politician, known as the Dutch Donald Trump, thanked his backers and warned: “Rutte is not rid of me by a long shot”.

Meanwhile, the Green party saw a big rise in support, winning 16 seats, with their share of the vote up from 2% five years ago to 11% this time.

There was a high turnout where voters had 28 parties to choose from.

Coalition talks are now expected to last weeks or possibly months.

But most of the main parties have already stated they would not work with the PVV.

Sky’s Europe Correspondent Mark Stone said: “With the exit polls as they are, Geert Wilders has failed to do what many suspected he might be able to achieve which was to win the most seats in the Dutch parliament. That hasn’t happened.”

He added: “The populist uprising that many had expected – that Geert Wilders might be able to achieve – has not come to pass.”

Dutch Trump Geert Wilders May Win Netherlands Elections Today by Standing Against Islamification of Europe

Here’s a brief primer on the Dutch elections being held today, put together from two sources.

For the sake of the future of Europe, let’s hope that Geert Wilders sweeps to a giant victory.


His Twitter page is emblazoned with the phrase “Stop Islam.” He’s called some Moroccan immigrants “scum” who make Dutch streets “unsafe.”

Meet Geert Wilders, the Dutch politician and rabble-rouser known nearly as much for his thick head of peroxide platinum hair as for his Islamophobia.

Wilders, who heads the Freedom Party, is often dubbed the Dutch Donald Trump. But this far-right populist is both more ideological and less impulsive than America’s president. He has called for making the “Netherlands great again,” banning the Quran, taxing the hijab, shutting down all mosques, sealing off Dutch borders to Muslim newcomers, and pulling the Netherlands out of the European Union.

“All the values Europe stands for — freedom, democracy, human rights — are incompatible with Islam,” he said in a 2015 video. It was both shocking and hardly the most controversial thing he’s said.

He is a darling of the American far right and at the forefront of a wave of anti-immigrant populism sweeping Europe. After leading in the polls, his party is now projected to finish third in Wednesday’s Dutch elections, though because of the fractured nature of Dutch parliamentary politics, Wilders himself was unlikely to ever ascend to the prime minister’s office. That doesn’t mean he’s been marginalized: Wilders has already successfully dragged the political conversation in the Netherlands to the right — and may be helping to do the same for the rest of Europe.

NBC News explains some background relating to the Dutch elections that are happening NOW.

AMSTERDAM — For mainstream European politicians upended by the wave of anti-immigrant populism, political survival means swimming along with the tide.

A series of national elections this year will determine the fate of the European Union and immigration policy on the continent, and some are aiming to attract support away from the far-right.

This posture will be tested Wednesday when Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s center-right People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy confronts anti-immigration figurehead Geert Wilders’ Party for Freedom among a thicket of 28 other rivals.

The mild-mannered Rutte, who has a reputation for optimistic, socially liberal policies, took out newspaper ads late last year telling Dutch people to “act normal or leave” — a statement that observers took as a thinly-veiled attempt to imitate Wilders’ views. In December, Wilders was found guilty of inciting discrimination against Dutch Moroccans.

And in a television interview in September, Rutte used a local colloquial profanity to tell Turkish immigrants who attacked journalists to go back to their country.

In an interview with NBC News at a rally in the southern town of Breda on Sunday, Rutte denied copying Wilders.

“I have made no anti-immigrant statements,” he said. “I am fighting on my own agenda.”

Rutte seems like a late arrival to the exclusionary patter that has made Wilders so popular and controversial.

In the interview Sunday, Rutte described his “act normal” newspaper ads as a plea for public civility directed at everyone in Dutch society.

“It means that we all have to make sure that we are not just there to live our own lives but we also have a responsibility to make sure that we live in a context of caring about others,” he said. “It’s not just me, myself and I. We are a society.”

Wilders inciting discrimination conviction followed a 2014 municipal election rally when he led a crowd in chants of “Fewer! Fewer!” in response to the question: “Do you want more or fewer Moroccans in this city and in the Netherlands?”

Unlike Rutte, Wilders has rarely tried to climb down from his most inflammatory comments. In a tweet, he called the verdict, which carried no penalty, “insane.”

Though analysts point to Rutte’s slight improvement in polls, many Wilders voters remain unconvinced.

“I don’t think it’s authentic,” said Xandra Lammers, who supports Wilders, referring to Rutte’s tentative embrace of populism. “He’s swimming with the waves of Geert Wilders.”

Lammers, a professional translator, said she was once a leftist like most Dutch voters. She swung right after Dutch officials moved Moroccan immigrants to her Amsterdam neighborhood of Ijburg.

Since then, she’s been active on social media, blogging about what she calls the government’s “failed experiment” of creating a multicultural neighborhood.

Muslims Riot in Rotterdam Over Turkish Rally Ban

Muslims are a volatile bunch. Their presence in the West is like a pus-filled sore that needs to be drained before the host dies of the infection.

Life is nice in Holland, what with tulips and windmills, but the Muslims there want everything their way.

Yahoo News

Istanbul (AFP) – Turkey’s family minister flew home to Istanbul on Sunday after Dutch authorities expelled her for seeking to woo the vote of expatriate Turks for a key referendum at home.

A crowd waving Turkish flags greeted Fatma Betul Sayan Kaya at the airport, where she said she and her entourage were subjected to “rude and tough treatment”.

Her expulsion came after Dutch authorities barred Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu from entering the Netherlands, where he, too, had planned to campaign for the April referendum that would boost the powers of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The move fuelled a fierce row that spilled over into violence in the port of Rotterdam where Cavusoglu was to speak.

After several hours of calm demonstrations, police moved in early Sunday to disperse over 1,000 people gathered near the Turkish consulate, charging the crowd on horseback and using dogs to regain control.

Protesters hit back, throwing rocks at riot police, while hundreds of cars jammed the streets blaring their horns and revving their engines.

The Netherlands, which holds general elections on Wednesday, had repeatedly said Cavusoglu was not welcome to campaign for the referendum in the country and refused his plane permission to land.

Cavusoglu, meanwhile, has flown to France where he was set to address a rally in the eastern city of Metz on Sunday.

The French foreign ministry has cleared his visit, a French official said.

The Dutch decision to ban the event in Rotterdam came after Germany and other European nations saw similar campaign events blocked.

Erdogan, who was to address supporters on Sunday, reacted angrily, accusing the Dutch — who were once under Nazi occupation — of being “the vestiges of Nazis”.

The Netherlands’ Prime Minister Mark Rutte fired back, saying Erdogan’s criticism was “crazy”.

– ‘Irresponsible’ –

Kaya was stopped just outside the Turkish consulate by Dutch police, and after several hours of negotiations escorted back to the German border.

The Dutch government said Kaya was “irresponsible” for attempting to visit after being told she was not welcome and said it told Turkey it could not compromise on public order and security.

In Istanbul on Sunday, a man climbed onto the roof of the Dutch consulate and replace the Dutch flag with a Turkish flag. The flag was later taken down.

The Netherlands is home to some 400,000 people of Turkish origin, and Ankara is keen to harness votes of the diaspora in Europe ahead of the April 16 constitutional referendum on creating an executive presidency.

The Turkish government argues the changes would ensure stability and create more efficient governance, but opponents say it would lead to one-man rule and further inflame tensions in its diverse society.

Le Pen blasts ‘STUPEFYING VIOLENCE’ after pupils SET SCHOOL ON FIRE and run riot in Paris

This news about Muslim and black violence in Paris comes in the wake of news that Marine Le Pen has fallen behind in the race for the French presidency.

Apparently, Parisians find migrant violence preferable to having a “racist” president.

Excerpt from express.co.uk

MARINE Le Pen has attacked the French government for losing control of the country after dozens of teenagers rampaged through north Paris suburbs in an unprecedented wave of riots.

Armed with iron bars, more than 50 youths ran riot through the Saint-Denis suburb, throwing stones at police cars as well as starting fires and setting off smoke bombs in three sixth form colleges.

The rampage forced teachers to lock themselves in their classrooms to escape the attacks. Local authorities have estimated the cost of the damage could be in the set taxpayers back more than £60,000 (€70,000).

Furniture was set ablaze and explosive devices were set off as around 80 protesters ran riot through the suburb.

On Wednesday, 55 people were arrested by police although just eight are set to face charges, the Telegraph reports.

Marine Le Pen condemned the riots and said: “It is not tolerable that thugs threaten the future of our country and put teachers and pupils in danger.”

She branded the violence “stupefying” and accused the socialist government of a “minimal reaction” while calling for a zero tolerance policy on crime.

In a statement, the Front National leader said: “As usual, the government was satisfied with a minimal response, through the voice of the Minister of National Education.

“The Prime Minister is probably too busy campaigning against my candidacy to worry about what is happening in the country!”

She added: “It is only by strong measures and applied without weakness that the Republic will again be respected everywhere.”

In response, French prime minister Bernard Cazeneuve told Le Pen to stop trying to “provoke and stoke disorder” to win support ahead of next month’s first round of voting in the country’s general election.

He added: “This is not a service to our country.”

Le Pen’s presidential rival Francois Fillon tweeted: “This situation is not tolerable. I will not tolerate it! Policemen, security forces and teachers must be better supported.”

Diversity always leads to conflict. Increasingly, we see that it must lead to violent conflict unless the darkies are reined in. France appears hopeless, but let us not forget the old maxim, “It’s darkest before the dawn.”

Obviously, even a relatively weak nationalism such as promoted by Marine Le Pen cannot be tolerated by the (((globalists))) who wish to keep the EU intact and the flood of nonwhites into Europe flowing at full speed.

Conservative Black Historian Shelby Steele Explores End of White Guilt

Since I’ve never felt nor been sympathetic in the least to the notion of white guilt or white privilege, I can’t identify even slightly with the foolish, indoctrinated liberal cuck in the photo above.

His day in the sun is hopefully over. Which leaves a person wondering where the (((cultural Marxists))) will try to take us next.

Civil war? Trump’s impeachement? Fema camps?

Respected black historian Shelby Steele explains how whites have taken the first steps toward rejecting white guilt.

Excerpt from the Wall Street Journal

America, since the ’60s, has lived through what might be called an age of white guilt. We may still be in this age, but the Trump election suggests an exhaustion with the idea of white guilt, and with the drama of culpability, innocence and correctness in which it mires us.

White guilt is not actual guilt. Surely most whites are not assailed in the night by feelings of responsibility for America’s historical mistreatment of minorities. Moreover, all the actual guilt in the world would never be enough to support the hegemonic power that the mere pretense of guilt has exercised in American life for the last half-century.

White guilt is not angst over injustices suffered by others; it is the terror of being stigmatized with America’s old bigotries—racism, sexism, homophobia and xenophobia. To be stigmatized as a fellow traveler with any of these bigotries is to be utterly stripped of moral authority and made into a pariah. The terror of this, of having “no name in the street” as the Bible puts it, pressures whites to act guiltily even when they feel no actual guilt. White guilt is a mock guilt, a pretense of real guilt, a shallow etiquette of empathy, pity and regret.

Perhaps the Obama presidency was the culmination of the age of white guilt, so that this guiltiness has entered its denouement. There are so many public moments now in which liberalism’s old weapon of stigmatization shoots blanks—Elizabeth Warren in the Senate reading a 30-year-old letter by Coretta Scott King, hoping to stop Jeff Sessions’s appointment as attorney general. There it was with deadly predictability: a white liberal stealing moral authority from a black heroine in order to stigmatize a white male as racist. When Ms. Warren was finally told to sit, there was real mortification behind her glaring eyes.

This liberalism evolved within a society shamed by its past. But that shame has weakened now. Our new conservative president rolls his eyes when he is called a racist, and we all—liberal and conservative alike—know that he isn’t one. The jig is up. Bigotry exists, but it is far down on the list of problems that minorities now face. I grew up black in segregated America, where it was hard to find an open door. It’s harder now for young blacks to find a closed one.

This is the reality that made Ms. Warren’s attack on Mr. Sessions so tiresome. And it is what caused so many Democrats at President Trump’s address to Congress to look a little mortified, defiantly proud but dark with doubt. The sight of them was a profound moment in American political history.

Today’s liberalism is an anachronism. It has no understanding, really, of what poverty is and how it has to be overcome. It has no grip whatever on what American exceptionalism is and what it means at home and especially abroad. Instead it remains defined by an America of 1965—an America newly opening itself to its sins, an America of genuine goodwill, yet lacking in self-knowledge.


Video: Paris at War