South African Blacks Destroy H & M Store After Monkey Ad Campaign (Video)

South African blacks claim that being compared to monkeys is racist. And then they go and act like monkeys!

Be aware that the 28 second video automatically goes to another video when this one ends. The subsequent videos offer more coverage of the South African Nagger protests over Monkey hoodie boy.

Monkey Hoodie Modeled by Negro Sprog Sparks Outrage Over “Racist Image”

Blacks know they look like monkeys, which is why they’re sensitive to being called monkeys, apes, etc.

Haha. As far as I could see, CBS is not allowing comments on this story. I wonder why.

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No Money to Spend? Apparently You’re Not Alone, But Are People Buying Guns?

abandoned sears store

The American economy is a Potemkin village made to seem real by massive printing of fiat money. In spite of the funny money, which props up Wall Street, but not Main Street, retailers in the middle are suffering a drought of customers, according to the story at the heart of this post.

Are working and middle class whites catching on that there’s a big screw job taking place and they’re the screwee? Allegedly booming gun sales might suggest so. Government seems increasingly impotent on a variety of fronts. When seconds count, for example, the police are always minutes away.


The problems inherent in both middle as well as lower retailing are quickly becoming more and more self-evident as well as unavoidable. The “wealth effect, ” the “gas price savings” that were explained ad nauseam throughout the financial media in a tone of “just you wait and see, earnings this season are going to be just awesome” will fall flatter on its face than a “Take an additional 50% off the lowest price” sale sign to an empty store.

If what I witnessed is taking place throughout the country all I can say is: Nobody’s buying it – literally.

To paraphrase one of retailing’s most vociferous watchdogs Howard Davidowitz when explaining the current state of retailing and malls: “What’s going on is the customers don’t have the f***ing money. That’s it. This isn’t rocket science.”

Great comment:

…….but retail sales of guns are hitting new records…..perhaps the gasoline savings are being routed to that market?

I have the feeling that many Americans are buying guns because they sense that (despite all the bs in the press) this economy is lousy and is about to really go down the tubes leading to greater crime. They have also figured out that they are not going to be protected by the police.

This is a good sign……..those getting armed at least are showing just a bit of self reliance in a population pretty well lacking it.

girls with guns

More photos of abandoned Sears stores can be seen at Business Insider