Scaramucci Holocaust Poll Draws Fire


I did my duty and voted in the Scaramucci poll. My vote was for less than one million. I would have gone smaller but there was no “Zero” answer.

The firestorm surrounding the poll is indicative of who the men behind the curtain pulling the levers are in America.

Mooch claims that his goal is to snuff out “Holocaust denial” by encouraging the public to think about six million dead Jews.

Is he lying? Could be.

Excerpt from The Hill

“Please vote & retweet. Do not let Holocaust deniers and anti-Semites control this poll,” he wrote to his 850,000 followers. “Six million Jews perished in the Holocaust.”

You can vote too if you’re logged in to Twitter. At the time I’m posting this the clear favorite answer was the “over 5 million” with 62 percent of the vote. This poll is unscientific. Six million dead Jews will probably vote before it’s over.

Trump mocks Pence for wanting ‘to hang’ all gay people

Trump mocks Pence, says The New Yorker in a story picked up by the Post.

This article is going to merit a Trump Tweetstorm if it gains some staying power, like some of the stories about Trump and Tillerson. Picture Trump’s Tweets that would go along these lines: “Lies! Our great Vice President is doing a wonderful job. Fake news media is failing fast. Sad. Ignore.”

Even if the bare bones of the following story are true, there’s probably a lot of exaggeration.

No source for the claims made are offered.

New York Post

President Trump routinely mocks Vice President Pence’s staunch Christian faith and once joked that there was no point in asking him about gay rights because “he wants to hang them all,” The New Yorker reported.

In a wide-ranging profile of Pence, the magazine pointed out that Trump likes to make sure his vice president is always aware of “who’s boss.”

During a discussion about gay rights, Trump motioned to Pence and said: “Don’t ask that guy – he wants to hang them all!”

Pence, who was raised a Catholic but later became an evangelical Christian with his wife Karen, is often the butt of Trump’s jokes.

When people meet with the president after stopping by Pence’s office, he will ask, “Did Mike make you pray?”

And during a meeting with a legal scholar, Trump trivialized Pence’s determination to overturn Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion.

The adviser told them that if Roe v. Wade was overturned, many states would probably legalize abortion on their own.

‘You see?” Trump asked Pence. “You’ve wasted all this time and energy on it, and it’s not going to end abortion anyway.”

Trump sometimes comes across as mean, but the base doesn’t care so long as progress is being made in building the wall and discouraging immigration.

It’s pathetic that reporters are wasting their time on this trivia instead of flying to Las Vegas to investigate the suspicious contradictions that immediately appeared in the official story.

Reporters are nothing but gossip mongers today.

Scumbag Larry Flynt Offers $10,000,000 Reward for Information Leading to Impeachment of “moron” Trump in Sunday Full Page WaPo Ad

Pornographer Larry Flynt resides in a wheelchair because he was shot in 1978.

The assassination attempt on Flynt was perpetrated by a white man who strongly objected to Flynt publishing pictures of Negro males having sex with white women.

As a consequence of the bullet he took, Flynt has been in a wheelchair since. His penis is inflatable since the lower half of his body doesn’t work.

That seems like justice for a hedonistic pornographer, albeit cruel justice. However, from the standpoint of society, it would have been better if Flynt had died in the street, his brain splattered across the concrete.

Fox News

Hustler founder Larry Flynt is running a full-page ad in Sunday’s Washington Post offering a $10 million reward for information leading to the impeachment of President Trump, Fox Business reports.

Anchor Liz Claman tweeted a photo of the ad, which reads: “Larry Flynt and Hustler magazine announce a cash offer of up to $10 million for information leading to the impeachment and removal from office of Donald J. Trump.”

In the ad, Flynt airs several grievances about Trump’s actions as president, including his firing of FBI director James Comey and his “gross nepotism and appointment of unqualified persons to high office.”

“Impeachment would be a messy, contentious affair, but the alternative – three more years of destabilizing dysfunction – is worse,” the ad reads. “Both good Democrats and good Republicans who put country over party did it before with Watergate. To succeed, impeachment requires unimpeachable evidence. That’s why I am making this offer.”

The porn producer notes in the ad that this “is not my first rodeo,” citing past rewards for information on Republicans like former Rep. Bob Livingston in 1999, who resigned from Congress after admitting to an extramarital affair, and Sen. David Vitter, who weathered a prostitution scandal in 2007.

“Sure I could use that $10 million to buy luxuries or further my businesses,” Flynt writes, “but what good would that do me in a world devastated by the most powerful moron in history?”

Flynt offered a $1,000,000 reward for information on presidential candidate Mitt Romney in 2012. He’s also put out other rewards, as stated above.

Wikipedia reports on Flynt’s white identitarian shooter. Excerpt:

Joseph Paul Franklin (born James Clayton Vaughn, Jr.; April 13, 1950 – November 20, 2013) was an American serial killer who gained notoriety for numerous murders in the late 1970s and early 1980s. His killing spree was the subject of a fictional novel entitled Hunter by White supremacist William L. Pierce, who said of Franklin that “he saw his duty as a white man and did what a responsible son of his race must do.”[1][2]

He was convicted of several murders, and received six life sentences, as well as the death sentence. He confessed to the attempted murders of two prominent men: the magazine publisher Larry Flynt in 1978 and Vernon Jordan, Jr., the civil rights activist, in 1980. Both survived their injuries, but Flynt was left permanently paralyzed from the waist down. Franklin was not convicted in either of those cases.

Because Franklin repeatedly changed his accounts of some crimes, and was not charged in some cases in which he was suspected, officials cannot determine the full extent of his crimes. His claims of racial motivation were offset by a defense expert witness who testified in 1997 that Franklin was a paranoid schizophrenic who was not fit to stand trial.

Franklin was on death row for 15 years awaiting execution in the state of Missouri for the 1977 murder of Gerald Gordon.[3][4] He was executed by lethal injection on November 20, 2013.[5]

It’s interesting that Piece viewed Franklin as a hero. The problem is that his life doesn’t have a happy ending. But neither will ours if things don’t turn around soon.

GOP Senator Bob Corker: Trump is setting up the country for World War III


Either Tennessee Senator Bob Corker knows something that the public doesn’t know or else he’s irresponsibly scaring the public with his talk of World War III.

A frightened public is much easier to control. Controlling people is what government bureaucrats (and RINOs like Corker) are all about.

While this distraction is engaging our attention, what are (((they))) trying to pull off elsewhere. You might conclude that they’re trying to divert our attention away from the Las Vegas massacre, which has drawn a huge amount of public scrutiny suggesting (((Deep State))) involvement.

The Hill

Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) said that President Trump’s threats to other countries could put the U.S. “on the path to World War III.”

Corker told The New York Times Sunday that Trump was treating the presidency like “a reality show” and acts “like he’s doing ‘The Apprentice’ or something.”

“He concerns me,” Corker told The Times. “He would have to concern anyone who cares about our nation.”

Corker’s comments come after Trump attacked the senator in a series of tweets on Sunday.

“Senator Bob Corker “begged” me to endorse him for re-election in Tennessee. I said ‘NO’ and he dropped out (said he could not win without… endorsement). He also wanted to be Secretary of State, I said “NO THANKS.” He is also largely responsible for the horrendous Iran Deal!” Trump tweeted.

“…Hence, I would fully expect Corker to be a negative voice and stand in the way of our great agenda. Didn’t have the guts to run!” Trump added.

“It’s a shame the White House has become an adult day care center. Someone obviously missed their shift this morning,” Corker fired back in a tweet earlier Sunday.

Corker disputed Trump’s account to The Times, saying that Trump had asked him to run and promised to endorse him if he did.


Prominent Tennessee Senator Fails To Disclose Millions In Hedge Fund, Real Estate Investments

His report for 2014 didn’t include a gain of between $304,000 and $1.4 million in hedge fund Gerber/Taylor.

In 2013, he failed to disclose a gain of between $100,001 and $1 million in hedge fund TSW II. And in 2012, he made a gain of $1.2 million in Pointer (QP) LP, though his previous statement reported income of $100,001 to $1 million from the hedge fund.

The amendments also show that he failed to disclose a 2014 investment in Gerber/Taylor of between $500,001 and $1 million and a 2013 investment in Pointer of between $1 million and $5 million.

The senator also underreported rental income from his commercial real-estate investments in Corker Properties, a company he founded years before being elected to the Senate.

As a result of the accounting error, Mr. Corker’s new forms show additional income of at least $3.8 million between 2007 and 2014 from his commercial real-estate holdings.

Drain the swamp, Donald!

Married 65 Year Old Anti-Abortion Congressman Who Asked Preggers Girlfriend to Get Abortion is Retiring




There are five issues here that I can identify:

1. Adultery. Americans disapprove of adultery, unlike the French and I suppose some other cultures.

2. Age. Women strongly approve of “cougars,” older women with younger men, but disapprove of older men with younger women. As far as I’m concerned age differences are a nonissue.

3. Abortion. Americans are conflicted about abortion. I’ll restate my position. I’m for legal abortion for nonwhites, but not for whites. The white race is facing an existential crisis that takes legal abortion off the table for whites.

4. Hypocrisy. Americans hate it.

5. Politicians. The word is an insult to a lot of people.

Did I miss anthing?

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

Anti-abortion congressman Tim Murphy, who is in the midst of an affair scandal, has announced that he will retire when his terms ends next year.

The Republican lawmaker from Pennsylvania revealed his decision on Wednesday after it was divulged that not only did he have an affair with a woman half his age, but also asked that she get an abortion when he thought she was pregnant.

Text messages exchanged on January 25 between the 65-year-old congressman and 32-year-old Shannon Edwards, a forensic psychologist in Pittsburgh, show Edwards asking Murphy how he can privately ask her to obtain an abortion while publicly opposing the procedure.

‘And you have zero issue posting your pro-life stance all over the place when you had no issue asking me to abort our unborn child just last week when we thought that was one of the options,’ she wrote, as reported by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

‘I get what you say about my March for life messages,’ Murphy responded. ‘I’ve never written them. Staff does them. I read them and winced. I told staff don’t write any more. I will.’

Edwards, it turned out, wasn’t pregnant. Murphy’s spokeswoman had no comment on the report.

Murphy is married to Nanette Missig and has an adult daughter, Bevin.

‘Tis better to retire than campaign next year and lose big.

Molyneux Explains Why Banning Guns Would NOT Prevent Murder

Stefan Molyneux takes 16 minutes to look at several odd things about the life of Stephen Paddock, identified by police as the lone Las Vegas gunman who killed 59 and wounded over 500 people.

Molyneux ends with a passionate plea for children who lives are scarred because of evil parenting.

From the youtube comments:

Queue in the leftists’ shrieking demands for the abolition of the 2nd ammendment… because, ‘obviously’: criminals and psychos will abide by anti-gun laws, and the world will become magically safe from their violent impulses! Lol

What pisses me off is how people blame it on trump supporters instantly

The cost of fully automatic firearms is insane. If he did have 10 of them you are talking about $100k. No joke.
If it wasn’t guns it would have been explosives.
Black hearts find a way.

His Facebook page was immediately taken down and the report I heard was that he was an Anti-Trump Hillary supporter and that is
Why he went after the country music festival.
Interesting isn’t it. FBI is playing games with us.

Hillary used occasion to speak of for gun control heartless kooz

Social media is infested with power-hungry bureaucrats calling for “common sense” gun reform, and the sheep who agree with them. Gun control isn’t about guns, but it is about control.

The ‘progressive’ left wants us all dead.

“Not me” you say? Just wait, they’ll ‘progress’ their way to you soon enough.

It’s pretty obvious the killer was a left wing communist race traitor cuck who had a Muslim girlfriend/roommate…,,it’s really starting to become a pattern the communist and Muslims are definitely working together.

geriatric boomercuck committed the deadliest mass shooting in US history. sure.

Smells like a deep state operators at work and this poor sap was whacked and used as a patsy… I history is anything to go by, if there is an UNPRECEDENTED push for US civilian disarmament now you can GUARANTEE this was a state operation…

Reposting “We’re all going to die” Video

The first video of this witness telling what she saw was removed by youtube. I just found this one. Less than two minutes of a woman saying that Hispanics warned everyone that they were all going to die.

This video is pretty heavily down voted. Some of the commenters call her a racist for describing the people who gave the warning as Hispanics. Lots of commenters claim she’s lying. I have the feeling most of them are nonwhite.

Business Insider

In the aftermath of the worst mass shooting in recent US history, one witness said a woman had told the crowd that they were “all going to die tonight.”

A concertgoer who attended the Route 91 Harvest festival, where the shooting took place, told Sky News that she saw “a lady who pushed her way forward into the concert venue into the first row.”

The witness said “she started messing with another lady and told us that we’re all going to die tonight,'” before being escorted out by security about 45 minutes before the shooting.

After that, the witness said she left the concert and headed back to her hotel room. When she heard there had been a shooting, the witness “thought it had a positive correlation to” the woman’s warning, she said.

It is unclear, however, whether the incident had any relation to the shooting. The witness described the woman and a man she was with as Hispanic and “five-footers.”

“They just looked like everyday people,” the witness said.

Police have identified Stephen Paddock, a 64-year-old white man, as the suspected gunman.

His roommate, Marilou Danley, was an initial person of interest to police. Police have said she is out of the country.

The shooting left at least 59 dead and 527 injured. It is believed to be the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history.