Trump Tax Cuts: Another Campaign Promise Fulfilled


It’s too early to get a feel for how much white working class Americans will benefit from the tax cuts. The process is still ongoing. and depends on weasel Paul Ryan to make them happen. Pardon me for being less than optimistic.

One aspect of the Trump plan punishes New York and California, which I’ve bolded below. The payback for liberal states that voted against the Trumpster is a nice touch. Make liberals pay for their own generosity out of their own pockets.

Democrats are threatening to torpedo the tax cuts unless Trump releases his tax returns.

CNN Money offers more details about the specifics of the plan. The Breitbart article sourced here focuses more on the politics of it.

Exerpt from Breitbart

President Donald Trump proposed dramatic cuts in the taxes paid by corporations big and small Wednesday in an overhaul his administration says will spur economic growth and bring jobs and prosperity to America’s middle class. But his ambitious plan alarmed lawmakers who worry about ballooning federal deficits.

The plan would also reduce investment and estate taxes aimed at the wealthy. But administration officials said that action on other key tax code elements would ensure the plan would largely help the middle class instead of the affluent.

The White House has yet to spell out how much of a hole the tax cuts could create in the federal budget, maintaining that the resulting economic growth would reduce— if not eliminate — the risk of a soaring deficit.

The outlined changes to the tax code are the most concrete guidance so far on Trump’s vision for spurring job growth.

“The president owns this plan; don’t be mistaken,” said Gary Cohn, director of the White House National Economic Council.

Cohn said Trump and his administration recognize they have to be “good stewards” of the federal budget. But the plan as it currently stands could cause the federal deficit to climb, unless it sparks a massive and lasting wave of growth that most economists say is unlikely.

The threat of a rising budget deficit could erode support for the plan among lawmakers in Trump’s own Republican Party. Administration officials intend to hash out additional details with members of the House and Senate in the coming weeks for what would be the first massive rewrite of the U.S. tax code since 1986.

“We know this is difficult,” Cohn said. “We know what we’re asking for is a big bite.”

As Cohn and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin explained it in an interview, the plan would reduce the number of personal income tax brackets to three from seven: rates of 10 percent, 25 percent and 35 percent. It would double the standard deduction for married couples to $24,000, while keeping deductions for charitable giving and mortgage interest payments. The administration plans to provide tax relief for families with child care expenses, too, although the specifics have yet to be included.

On the other hand, the proposal would also trim other deductions utilized by wealthier Americans. This would include deductions for state and local tax payments, a change that could alienate support from lawmakers in states such as California and New York with higher state taxes.

“It’s not the federal government’s job to be subsidizing the states,” Mnuchin said.


Determined Ann Coulter to Speak at Berkeley Public Square on Thursday

This story broke about a half hour ago. The situation is fluid and subject to change. The important thing to bear in mind is that the liberal/progressive/Communist police state in Berkeley wants Ann not to speak. If she does speak, some of them would like her dead, which poses problems for law enforcement.

By this point in time, the Berkeley police have had plenty of time to infiltrate the violent criminal thug groups that call themselves the antifa. If a pro-white group were as violent, all its leaders would be under arrest and charged with hate crimes.

The Hill

Conservative pundit Ann Coulter will give a speech at a public plaza at the University of California at Berkeley on Thursday, sparking concerns about massive protests causing safety hazards.

Coulter will speak at Sproul Plaza, the legendary site of the 1960s Free Speech Movements, an area that is open to the public.

UC Berkeley’s chancellor Nicholas Dirks told the Washington Post the school is worried about not being able to screen attendees for weapons.

If the event were inside, the university could use metal detectors and otherwise search for weapons, Dirks said.

“In an open space, you have almost no control over that,” he added, according to the Post report. “The challenges are immense.”

The Post report indicated the school is readying police for the event.

Coulter has repeatedly insisted she will speak on Thursday, despite Berkeley initially canceling the event over safety concerns. Berkeley attempted to move the event date until May 2, but Coulter rejected the proposed change.

“Nice day for an outdoor speech at Berkeley,” Coulter tweeted Monday, sharing a Thursday weather report for the area.

On Monday, the students who initially invited Coulter to speak filed a lawsuit against the school.

The suit accuses “university administrators and campus police” of “repressive actions” to stifle free speech.

Berkeley’s concerns for safety follows massive protests that erupted on campus in February, after the same College Republicans group that invited Coulter brought right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos to speak at the university.

A Berkeley student who is a member of the student groups that invited Coulter told the Post that he shares the school’s concerns for safety, and they are hoping to find an off-campus space for the talk.

He said Coulter has still insisted she will speak at the public plaza.

“We’re worried about it turning into a huge battle between her security and conservative militia and anti-fascists and others,” student Pranav Jandhyala told the Post. “To have that right in middle of Sproul doesn’t bode well for the image of our school or the city. We’re worried about violence and student safety and our own safety as well. It’s a huge safety concern.”

While I was putting together this post, Breitbart broke the news that the Young Americans for Freedom are pulling out of the Ann Coulter event due to the extreme danger. YAF blames a university administration hostile to free speech for their action. I believe we might call their action cowardly.

Left Calls for Beheading, Lynching of Berkeley College Republicans


The Second (or third?) Battle of Berkeley will emerge on April 29 when conservative speaker and writer Ann Coulter appears on the University of California at Berkeley campus to deliver a talk.

The school’s Republican students have long been the target of abusive illegal threats from the left, abuse the media has been silent about. I guess reporters are too busy promoting antisemitic vandalism that usually turns out to be a hoax.

The young conservatives have been threatened with beheadings. Muslims?

Heat Street

The University of California at Berkeley’s College Republicans have received several death threats in recent weeks, with unidentified vandals posting stickers across campus calling for members of the group to be beheaded or lynched.

But the most recent round of sticker threats comes less than two months after students, protesting the College Republican’s speaking event for Milo Yiannopoulos, caused $100,000 in damage on campus.

A spokesman for the group told the student newspaper that the College Republicans have long received threats, dating back even before the November election.

A College Republicans spokeswoman also said that members had been “pepper sprayed, sucker-punched and verbally and physically assaulted for voicing their opinions and beliefs” on campus. And in March, members caught another student destroying one of the College Republicans’ signs, posting video of the vandalism to their Facebook page.

By deadline, neither UC Berkeley nor the university’s police department responded to Heat Street’s queries about how many individual reports they had received about threats or vandalism targeting the College Republicans.

This semester, the Berkeley College Republicans have hosted speeches for other controversial speakers, including Charles Murray and Heather Mac Donald. On April 27, the group will host Ann Coulter.

The student newspaper slammed the College Republicans’ choice of Coulter in a staff editorial published Friday.

“Bringing a controversial troll onto campus hoping to ‘bridge the divide’ among political ideologies seems like a familiar attempt to ‘create a dialogue’ — the same misguided rhetoric used by Berkeley College Republicans when they invited Milo Yiannopoulos to speak on campus in February. We all know how that ended,” the editorial board wrote, linking to an article about the violent protests.

Breaking! Devin Nunes Out–Recuses Self from Russia Investigation

It makes you wonder what kind of (((Deep State))) blackmail has been perpetrated on an honest man. It doesn’t take much to destroy you today. Did he flirt with a woman not his wife? Did he say the word “Nigger?”


Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, has recused himself from his panel’s investigation into Russia’s potential interference in U.S. elections. Nunes was pressured to step away from the Russia probe after reports suggested he was being influenced by the White House and Democrats accused him of improperly releasing information into the investigation.

In his statement Thursday, Nunes explained that the claims against him are false and baseless, but believed that stepping down from the investigation was in the best interest of the committee.

Official political stuff:

All the crap statements are window dressing. Nunes was spied on and they have something on him. The investigation into Susan Rice and Obama’s lawbreaking is going to effectively come to an end now.

Don’t forget that AG Jeff Sessions has recused himself too over at the Justice Department.

What we are witnessing is breathtaking, The ability of corrupt Deep State players to conceal the truth about the silent overthrow of the rule of law should lead all patriots to question whether the USA as it was created even exists anymore.

Mexicans Boycott Wells Blue Bunny Ice Cream Over “Racist” Rep. Steve King Donations

Iowa State Daily

Based off monetary contributions to Iowa Rep. Steve King, a national Hispanic organization is calling on all grocery stores to stop selling Wells Blue Bunny products.

The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), in a press release Wednesday, cited nearly $34,500 in contributions to King from the Wells family.

In 2016, nearly $11,000 was contributed to King from Wells Enterprises, Inc. President and CEO Michael Wells, along with additional donations from other Wells family members.

“LULAC condemns Congressman King’s recent racists remarks saying, ‘civilizations can’t be restored with somebody else’s babies’ and predictions of a ‘looming race war between blacks and Hispanics,'” the release stated.


That Steve King Tweet also drew national attention to Ayla, Wife with a Purpose, when she Tweeted this:

In early March, King faced backlash after he tweeted, “Wilders [a right-wing prime minister candidate] understands that culture and demographics are our destiny. We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.”

Several top Iowa leaders condemned King for his remarks, including Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad, who said during one of his weekly news conferences, “I disagree with what Steve King had to say.

“We all know that … from time to time, he just says things that we just don’t agree with, and we have always been honest about that. We have worked with him on a lot of things, and some of the things we just think are wrong and we disagree with it.”

A petition was started almost immediately after King’s remarks in March by a woman from Boone, Iowa, asking that top companies such as Wells Blue Bunny, AT&T, American Podiatric Association, College Loan Corp and the American Bankers Association stop funding King.

The petition currently has 1,842 supporters.

On the LULAC boycott, the organization is asking that in addition to ceasing sales on Blue Bunny products, grocery stores also remove the product form their shelves.

“We are going to boycott Wells Blue Bunny until the President Michael Wells and his family decide not to support Congressman Steve King and his hateful rhetoric,” Joe Enriquez Henry, LULAC national vice president in the Midwest region, said.

King is currently the U.S. representative for Iowa’s 4th Congressional District – a position he has held since 2013. He previously held the same role in office for Iowa’s 5th Congressional District since 2003.

Black Professor: Republicans Criticize Susan Rice Because They ‘Hate And Fear Black Women’


A deluded Negro with an academic pedigree and some ability to write claims that we’re afraid of black women. Well, yes, those humongous ghetto mamas are frightening. Anyone who’s seen them chimp out on World Star would agree that they’re dangerous.

That’s not what muh nigga is talking about though. He claims that we’re afraid of a black woman’s intelligence and reasoning skills.

Uh, no.

We disrespect Susan Rice for the same reason that we disrespect Bill and Hillary Clinton, James Comey, and a host of other white and nonwhite Obama officials: They’re dirty. They’re corrupt. They’re arrogant. They’re traitors.

Muh nigga prof sure gets a lot of use out of his race card.

The Daily Caller

According to one college professor and journalist, the reaction to Susan Rice’s recently reported “unmasking” of Trump associates is racist.

That’s the opinion of Jason Johnson, a professor at Morgan State University and a journalist whose work has appeared on The Root, CNN and MSBNC.

In a Tuesday post for The Root entitled, “April Ryan, Maxine Waters and Now Susan Rice: Black Women Are Natural Enemies of Trump Administration,” Johnson writes, “[w]hen you know who your enemy is; when you know you’re just prey pretending to be a predator, you attack without hesitation.”

“Which explains why Trump-era Republicans are lashing out at any black woman they can find, whether it’s White House reporter April Ryan, Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters of California or, now, former national security adviser Susan Rice,” Johnson continues, “Trump-era Republicans hate and fear black women, and they’re convinced that their downfall will be at the hands of a black woman’s pen, policy or protest.”

Later in the article, Johnson asks, “Why, out of the dozens of former White House officials involved in the Russia investigation, are Republicans focusing on her absolutely legal requests? For the same reason that White House press secretary Sean Spicer got snippy with Ryan, and Bill O’Reilly came after Waters. Republicans smell their natural enemy.”

The column also states, “[t]here is little doubt that as this administration continues along, it will continue to target black women though policy and the press.”

I’m sure the professor wants a piece of this:

Press Digs Up More Fake News to Make Susan Rice Story Disappear


This story is so obviously fake it’s already disappeared off my list of trending on Twitter.

(((Jeff Bezos))) has hit the point with me that Amazon ought to face a backlash for all the utter nonsense that WaPo prints about President Trump.

New York Daily News

Controversial Blackwater founder Erik Prince acted as a back-channel go-between for President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to a report.

Prince, a major Trump donor who is also the brother of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, traveled to a remote island in the Indian Ocean in January for discussions with a Putin associate about issues including Iran, the Washington Post said Monday.

Officials said that Prince represented himself as an emissary for then President-elect Trump for the meeting in the Seychelles, though both he and the administration deny it.

“We are not aware of any meetings and Erik Prince had no role in the transition,” Press Secretary Sean Spicer told the Post.

A spokesman for Prince said that the report was a “complete fabrication” and that “the meeting had nothing to do with President Trump.”

The meeting, which reportedly focused at least in part on trying to change Russia’s relationship with Iran, comes as meetings between those with ties to Trump and Russian officials have come under intense scrutiny.

Trump and his team have been quick to lambast any reporting on the matter as “fake news” and saying that the real story is leaked information.

FBI Director James Comey has said that his agency has been investigating possible connections between Trump’s campaign and Russian officials as part of a broader look into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

Life today is like we’ve been pulled into an alternate universe where everything is slightly askew from how it used to be. There weren’t this many so-called Russian plots when the (((Communists))) were ruling Russia, with the goal of world domination.

Vladimir Putin is a Russian nationalist, not the new Hitler. But the press (paid by ?) won’t back off from simply making things up. The evil hand of a (((certain tribe))) is showing itself very clearly now.