Muslim Slaughters 10 Year Old Daughter as Offering to Allah During Ramadan

The ugly subhuman pictured above did his duty to the “religion of peace.”

This POS could be the poster boy for turning back Muslim immigration in the West to ZERO.

Daily Mail

A father has admitted cutting his four-year-old daughter’s throat as a sacrificial offering to God during Ramadan, Indian media have reported.

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The Future for American and European Women (Video)

Less than a minute and a half of TMB = Typical Muzzie Behavior.

After the Muslim takeover of the West, how many thousands of years do you think will elapse before women enjoy the protections again that Western WHITE men have given them?

There is no #metoo in sh*thole countries populated by sh*thole creatures.

California Public HS Yearbook’s 2 Page “Allah Akbar” Draws Scrutiny

Pro-Islam propaganda in a high school yearbook when Christian students are barred from saying a silent prayer?

The ACLU is famous for getting god kicked out of public schools. So where are the ACLU lawyers headed to court to get these pages excised from the yearbook?

The faculty yearbook adviser who approved the abomination seen above should be removed from the classroom and fired. So should the principal and anyone else involved in this outrage.


California: Public high school yearbook has lavish two-page Islam presentation entitled “ALLAH AKBAR”

“Allahu akbar” means Allah is greater, i.e., greater than your god. It’s a declaration of superiority. Jihad mass murderers the world over scream “Allahu akbar” as they murder people.” 9/11 hijacker Mohamed Atta reminded himself to “shout, ‘Allahu Akbar,’ because this strikes fear in the hearts of the non-believers.”

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Allahu Snackbar Knifeman Leaves 1 Dead, 4 Injured in Paris


Paris has experienced violence at the hands of a raghead again.

ISIS claims to have put a Muslim up to stabbing people. Doesn’t Israel control ISIS in its own interests?

Just asking.

CBS News

Authorities say a knife-wielding man stabbed several people in Paris on Saturday before he was shot and killed by police. The incident took place near the city’s famous opera house.

I found this short video of the attack on Twitter. An hour and a half youtube video is embedded following the story.

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Breaking! Van Ploughs into Crowd in Germany, 3 Dead, 20 or More Injured

Sh*tposting liberals are already preparing their “We Stand with Muenster” signs.

The blood is on Angela Merkel and company’s hands.

Blame Merkel is the theme the alt-right must push.

The left will be pushing the theme that the West doesn’t do enough to integrate it’s newest citizens.

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Foreign Born Make Up Three-Quarters of Terrorists Convicted in Federal Courts

Leftist heads are exploding today.

The left is nitpicking the DHS report at the center of this post.

It is never legit to critique reports by the impossible standard, that of perfection.

If American immigration policy allows even ONE foreign born terrorist into the country, that policy should be reexamined for national security implications.

Excerpt from Immigration Reform

A new government report released today reveals that as many as 73 percent of individuals convicted of international terrorism-related charges in U.S. federal courts after Sept. 11, 2001 were foreign-born.

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Canadian Police Expose 11-Year-Old Kebab Hoaxer Who Claimed Evil Whitey Cut her Hijab


When you’re a Muslim in a formerly white country run by a soft cock loser like Justin Trudeau, you don’t have to worry about serious punishment when you break the law.

That the lesson learned from a story about a school girl who claimed a man cut her hijab.

Justin Trudeau is going to have to do something with the police who exposed the hoax.

His agenda is served when hoaxes are treated as real hate crimes.

ABC News

Police are now disputing a report by an 11-year-old girl that a man cut her hijab while she was walking to school.

On Friday, Toronto Police Service officials said in a press release that the girl, later identified as Khawlah Norman in a press conference, reported that she was en route to school when a man came up behind her and cut her hijab with a pair of scissors.

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