Uh, NO! (((Laura Loomer))) Is Dating Neo-Nazi Baked Alaska Who Once Trolled Her with Gas Chamber Meme

It looks like the alt-right’s Baked Alaska (a FBI plant?) and Laura Loomer teamed up to fool the world into thinking a Nazi and a Jewess could have a love affair.

Alas, it was all for publicity.

Shame on you two kids for fooling us. We were already planning your wedding in our minds.

Jewish Forward

Laura Loomer, the young Jewish voice of the far-right, says she has struck up an unlikely romance with Tim Gionet — the online troll better known as Baked Alaska who previously tweeted a picture of Loomer in a gas chamber.

“Isn’t it a cute love story?” Loomer wrote in a message to the Forward. “Alt Right leader falls for a Jewess. Better than notebook.”

And now Gionet is apologizing to his followers for his past behavior — claiming it’s Loomer who cured him of his bigotry.

Loomer says that she and Gionet started messaging each other recently and their relationship, such as it is, consists mostly of sending memes to each other on Twitter. The two have only actually met once — months ago at an “alt-right” rally in Washington, D.C.

“He’s super into me,” Loomer wrote.

The relationship was widely dismissed as an elaborate joke by Twitter users — both characters are famous for their trolling — but Loomer sought to convince the Forward that it is the real deal. “We just started talking a lot and I told him he should work on himself,” Loomer said.

UPDATE, 7:55pm: Gionet now denies that he and Loomer are dating — and is celebrating the entire thing as a prank. Loomer did not immediately respond to the news that her would-be boyfriend is denying that they’re together.

Looks Like Laura Loomer Has Found a Jewish Boyfriend

Congrats, Laura. I can’t wait to see the new nose.

Brittany and Lauren Talk About Relationships with Guys

The two alt-right girls throw shade on modern dating, in particular women’s penchant for trading up.

Sixteen and a half minutes. Published yesterday, and drawing a lot of attention. It went from 6,000 views to 126,000 in eight hours.

If you want to be a troublemaker, show this video to almost any young female today and watch her head explode.

White nationalist women are the best!

Colored Gals Get a Free Ride Courtesy of White Men

Black women make the best wives: “Baby, I luv u, sho’ nuff.”

Seen at Microchip’s Twitter.

Choosing For Happiness – 1950 Dating Social Guidance For Women / Educational Documentary

An interesting look at white female college students and how they allegedly thought about marriage, boys, the family, and so forth.

Men looking for a good wife have it tough today. From this film, I take it that men had it tough back in the day.

Less than 13 minutes.

Published on Jun 30, 2012

Dating advice for young women in the 1950’s. .

I go to sex parties’: Bosnian TV host fired after admitting she’s a prostitute


Politics, law, education, art–every aspect of life is downstream from culture.

If the West does not clean up its degenerate, devolving, pornified culture then there’s not much chance that the swamp is going to be drained in Washington or anywhere else. For example, the U.S. state of Alabama has had three governors in recent years who’ve resigned because of some illegal actions. Within the federal government, the possibly illegal spying on the Trump campaign offers another example of the death of morality. The list goes on and on.

Central to the health of a culture is the existence of tight-knit traditional families that consist of a husband, a wife, and children. I once had an Italian colleague whose philosophy was that it was him, his wife, and his children against the world. Nothing would ever damage the mutual loyalty he cultivated in his inner circle.

In contrast, this news item out of Europe features a white female that one cannot easily picture as being loyal to anything other than her own selfish desires. She’s trash, but how different is she from the average?

Until a spontaneous uprising against crooked politicians, corrupt celebrities, and everyday dishonesty manifests itself, the collapse of the West will continue.


A Bosnian TV presenter has been fired from her job after the station she worked for was flooded with complaints over her admission she also worked as a prostitute.

Senada Nurkic, 26, presented ‘The Powerful Program’ on Serbian TV channel Pink. In late January she revealed that she was involved in prostitution, unleashing a torrent of complaints that led to her losing her day job as well as her show being axed.

A spokesperson for the channel confirmed the show’s cancellation due to complaints over its content and Nurkic’s behavior. However, they did not confirm that the prostitution claims were behind the presenter’s firing.

“Though the show was conceived as entertainment, without the intent to offend or humiliate anyone – and the ratings were high – the management decided to pull it from the night lineup… due to numerous complaints from viewers,” Express magazine report.

Nurkic, who uses the stage name Maca Diskrecija, meaning Pussy Discretion, was also recently kicked off Instagram for posting nude photos.

“Prostitution is a job like any other job. I don’t see anything wrong with it,” Nurkic said to the Kurir website after it was revealed that she moonlights in the sex trade.

Prostitution is illegal in Serbia, however, Nurkic says she does not fear the law because she has friends in high places.

“I am not afraid of jail,” she said. “Those who want to lock me up for whoring should instead help me pay the bills and earn money that I need to live. I have a boyfriend who is a politician and he won’t allow me to get arrested.”

Describing her clients, Nurkic said: “My services are used mainly by businessmen. When their wives aren’t at home, I come to have sex parties with them in the apartment, and sometimes they come to my place.”

“It is mostly beautiful and handsome guys that come,” she continued. “Some girls can only dream of that, I swear to you. Moreover, they pay me and give me some expensive gifts – perfumes, lingerie, jewelry.”

Prostitution may have been practiced in the Victorian era in England and the U.S. Fine. But it was not legal and not approved of.

If you believe that the #1 goal should be to restore the traditional family to prominence, then ask yourself how allowing boastful whores to brag like this one does contributes to a family-oriented culture.


Wife leaves husband of 22 years because he voted for Donald Trump

Well, I suppose I could make some nasty remarks about the attractiveness level of Gayle McCormick, pictured above, but being a gentleman and a scholar, I won’t.

I will say that it’s not clear to me why any man would desire to be married to the Trump-hating shrew. She’s left him for supporting Donald Trump at one point. No great loss, I would say.

The press has recently picked up on the theme that Donald Trump is a divider. WTF? Is that supposed to be bad? It’s already been apparent for decades that decent white folks can’t get along with feminists, anarchists, Democrats, leftists, Communists, and an assortment of freaks (LGBT, etc.) who’ve been demonizing whites as “pizza chips” (pieces of shit, as the Mexican president of the local university pronounces it).

The Independent

Burning passions over Donald Trump’s presidency are taking a personal toll on both sides of the political divide. For Gayle McCormick, it is particularly wrenching: she has separated from her husband of 22 years.

The retired California prison guard, a self-described “Democrat leaning toward socialist,” was stunned when her husband casually mentioned during a lunch with friends last year that he planned to vote for Trump – a revelation she described as a “deal breaker.”

“It totally undid me that he could vote for Trump,” said McCormick, 73, who had not thought of leaving the conservative Republican before but felt “betrayed” by his support for Trump.

“I felt like I had been fooling myself,” she said. “It opened up areas between us I had not faced before. I realised how far I had gone in my life to accept things I would have never accepted when I was younger.”

Three months after the most divisive election in modern U.S. politics fractured families and upended relationships, a number of Americans say the emotional wounds are as raw as ever and show few signs of healing.

The rancour has not dissipated as it has in the aftermath of other recent contentious U.S. elections. A Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll shows it has worsened, suggesting a widening of the gulf between Republicans and Democrats and a hardening of ideological positions that sociologists and political scientists say increases distrust in government and will make political compromise more difficult.

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