German Cultural Council Says to Broadcasters to Pull the Plug on Populist TV Talkshows

It appears to be beyond the ability of most Euro-descended peoples to admit that their governments have betrayed them.

In Germany, speaking negatively about “immigrants” (better word: invaders) is frowned upon. Apparently, some TV talk shows have discussed the downsides of the invasion, which has led to a call for a moratorium on such discussions on TV.

Excerpt from The Guardian

The head of Germany’s most powerful cultural body has called for the plug to be pulled on the nation’s multitude of political talkshows for a year, arguing that their populist agenda has helped fuel the rise of the far right.

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Claim: Racist, Antisemite FDR Had Secret Plan to Resettle Jews After WW II


FDR’s secret Project M aimed to spread Jews thinly across the planet, according to the article featured in this post. Presumably, he was aware of the Jewish propensity to take control of a country’s agenda and use their power to promote their interests at the expense of the host country.

In short, FDR is presented as an antisemite here. He wanted Jews anywhere except in the United States. It’s also claimed that he viewed some races as superior to others, wanting only the finest racial stock to be allowed into the United States.

If his plans hadn’t been rejected by integrationist fool Harry Truman, the USA would be a totally different country today.

Jewish Tablet

A new exhibition at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, Americans and the Holocaust, explores Americans’ knowledge of and responses to Nazism, war, and genocide. An unstated question runs through the photographs, films, and artifacts: What explains FDR’s apparent indifference to the plight of the Jews? If he’d had complete freedom to act without concern for the political consequences, what would he have done? Visitors leave the museum without answers.

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Judge Orders U.S. Poetry Contest to Admit Black as Coal Zambian

A Maine school district sued the National Endowment of the Arts on behalf of an African student attending one of its schools.

Associated Press

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — A high school student in Maine who fled his native Zambia can compete in a U.S. government-funded poetry contest, a federal judge ruled Friday.

The National Endowment for the Arts had blocked the 11th-grader’s participation, saying he doesn’t meet their U.S. citizenship rules.

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Trump Sending Military to Mexican Border

LOL! It looks like Trump doesn’t trust Mexican promises to break up the so-called caravan, which is really an invading army of women and children.

Alternatively, he should view this crisis as an opportunity to militarize the border with public support. It shouldn’t matter much what Mexico does this time because there are always going to be more next times.

Washington Times

President Trump said Tuesday he will use the military to guard the border with Mexico against a “caravan” of illegal immigrants approaching the U.S.

Look carefully at Mexico’s border wall:

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ABC News: Mexico is Stopping the Caravan

Race realists know that Mexicans are habitual liars. They also have a lot of false pride within them. So, will Mexico really break up the caravan of illegal central Americans heading to invade the U.S.?

President Donald Trump has a powerful weapon in NAFTA to hold over their head. Mexico claims that it has already sent 400 of the marchers back to their countries.

ABC News posted this article about 10 A.M. Central Time U.S. today, about two hours ago. It’s the latest news on this vital story that I could find now. More later as events warrant, including a separate post on Trump ordering the military to the border.

ABC News

After two days of tweets from President Donald Trump on a “caravan” of migrants traveling through Mexico, the Mexican government has said it is dealing with the hundreds of Central Americans making the trek.

Trump’s Tweets are not just bullsh*t or idiotic mutterings. He uses them to build public support for his positions. Without those Tweets, the liberal media would be posting article after article sympathetic to the women and children marching to America.

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Breaking! Buzzfeed’s Immigration Correspondent Reporting MEXICO Will BREAK UP THE CARAVAN

All I have now are these Tweets. More tomorrow, if this story is confirmed.

The payoff comes in the last two Tweets by Adolfo.

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Israel Deporting It’s Blacks–NOT Back to Africa, but to White Countries


No matter how much you want to like Jews …

AP News

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel on Monday canceled the planned expulsions of tens of thousands of African migrants, saying it reached a deal with the United Nations to resettle half of them in Western nations and allow the rest to remain in the country.

Half to remain in Israel? I predict not for long. The Jews will get rid of the blacks one way or another.

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