Mitch McConnell’s Chink Wife Raises a Ruckus with Advice to Women Claiming Sexual Harassment: “Let it go.”

When I woke up after passing out from my low blood sugar condition to find a fat, ugly feminist I thought was a friend, riding my penis I suppose that’s sexual harassment. Another feminist told me I wasn’t raped because feminists get to define rape and unless something is inserted into your genital area body cavities, it ain’t rape.

Anyway, it happened again 15 years later with another diseased feminist mental case.

No matter what they say, I call it rape.

I let it go, as Elaine Chao advises. There are many, many more important bad things that have happened to me in life than a couple of skanks riding me.

Women have been trained to see sexual harassment everywhere and to embrace a permanent scar where there really shouldn’t be a scar.

I’ve seen flirtatious girls playfully grab guy’s butts and d*cks (through their pants) and the guys thought nothing of it. Drunk Mexican girls are the worst.

It’s hypocrisy writ large when women can play grab ass, but men are demonized for the same thing.

Anyway, Elaine Chao implicitly gave women who experience whatever the hell sexual harassment is some good advice.

Daily Mail

Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao has been slammed for appearing to suggest that women who suffered sexual harassment should ‘let it go.’

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Time’s Person of the Year: Women Who Spoke Out About Sexual Abuse

In a not-so-subtle dig at President Donald Trump, Time magazine’s cover features Trump hater Ashley Judd among other women who have claimed to be victims of unwanted sexual attention.

While there was much speculation about who would be named Time magazine’s 2017 Person of the Year, the cover shows a group of women who they are calling “silence breakers.”

There are celebrities profiled within the issue and stories about people who have been using their power to speak up and create change.

The problem for men is that the change is toward the principle that the accusation is always true and must be believed or else you’re a misogynist or something worse, like a rapist or pedophile yourself.

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College Feetsballer Star Accused of Rape, Order of Protection Filed


People are starting to weigh in on the developing story of a black University of Oklahoma football player. The ridiculous part of it is that the race of the alleged perp is being ignored, with him being compared to the innocent white Duke lacrosse players who were accused of raping a filthy Nog stripper.

Race matters. Blacks muh dik. It’s a fact.

It’s also a fact that good football players get away with murder. Witness O. J. Simpson.

The president of OU has a track record of being anti-white (as well as a probable faggot pedophile). In 2015 I put a $10,000 reward out on him, but with no results.

Bleacher Report

A woman filed an emergency order of protection against Oklahoma Sooners running back Rodney Anderson on Monday and alleged that he raped her on Nov. 16.

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Alabama Church Compares Roy Moore to Jesus

A busybody social justice warrior was offended by the sign above and has set in motion a movement to cause Living Way Ministeries to lose their tax exempt status.

President Trump has vowed to get the IRS off the backs of churches.

Excerpt from Snopes

In a local news report on 4 December 2017, the church admitted that their billboard displayed a pro-Moore message, but did not say who was responsible. Instead, an unidentified woman said “several people” had keys allowing them to change the billboard. But the church’s pastor, she said, asked for the message to be taken down two days after it was first displayed.

The reader, though, challenged the church’s account, saying that the billboard “was changed twice within hours of my photo surfacing.” Regarding the attention the photo had garnered online, they said:

I was very surprised by how quickly and far it spread. At times, nervous because some of [Moore’s] supporters can be extremists. However, glad to bring to light an issue here in Alabama and unfortunately [to] how many of our citizens view politicians.
The Internal Revenue Service web site states:

Currently, [federal] law prohibits political campaign activity by charities and churches by defining a 501(c)(3) organization as one “which does not participate in, or intervene in (including the publishing or distributing of statements), any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for public office.”
An FFRF spokesperson told us on 5 December 2017 that the organization contacted the Internal Revenue Service regarding the display at Living Way Ministries.

Trump vowed to “totally destroy” the prohibition during the National Prayer Breakfast in February 2017. The House version of the Republican-led Tax Cuts and Jobs Act contains a provision repealing the law, commonly known as the Johnson Amendment. However, that provision does not appear in the Senate version of the bill, which was passed on 2 December 2017.

Negro Ex-Marine Sentenced to Life for Okinawa Rape and Murder



A former U.S. Marine has been given a life sentence for the rape and murder of a lovely young Okinawan woman, Rina Shimabukuro.

Kenneth Gadson, who changed his last name to that of his Japanese wife, Shinzato, sparked outrage among the people of Okinawa when Rina’s killer was exposed. As reported last year on Saboteur365, Okinawan citizens demanded that the American military leave the island.

Who could blame them, what with the American military importing significant numbers of feral black soldiers and other military personnel to the island.

The black killer in this case is among the craziest Niggas we’ve encountered here while reporting on black criminality.

Sputnik News

A US Marine was sentenced in a Japanese court to life in prison on Friday for the May rape and murder of a 20-year-old Okinawan woman.

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Lesbian Dildo Tricks: Former Best Friend Accuses Singer Melanie Martinez of RAPE



Girl on girl rape: Isn’t that the stuff of porn videos?

Well, it’s broken into the mainstream on Monday and early Tuesday.

Girls raping girls is entirely possible. At least we can catch a temporary break in the Jew male on white female sexual harassment stories.

Thank you Melanie Martinez, whoever you are.

I have no idea who either one of these sick bitches is. Melanie Martinez, according to various media sources, is a best selling pop singer of NiggaRican heritage. Timothy Heller looks like a tranny. I mean, who names a girl Timothy? Apparently she’s a real girl though.

Both of these sick f*cks are Jew psyops. Twitter is exploding with Tweets from Melanie’s fans, many of whom say they’re done with her.

Because, as we know, the accusation is proof of guilt. Which, in my opinion, is what they want us to believe.


A former friend of singer Melanie Martinez has accused the “Cry Baby” vocalist of rape.

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20x’s DEPORTED MEXICAN, Sergio Jose Martinez, Laughs While Being Sentenced For Sodomy, Kidnapping and Sexual Assault In SANCTUARY STATE of Oregon


The horrific crimes perpetrated by Mexinig Sergio Jose Martinez would have happened in Mexico if the porous Obama border had been sealed off with Trump’s wall.

The crimes also might not have happened had Oregon not declared itself a sanctuary state.

The women victims of this piece of walking sh*t should find a lawyer and see if the state and city can be sued for allowing a multiple offender to prey on innocent citizens.


PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – The man who violently attacked 2 women on the same day in July was sentenced to 35 years in prison Friday after pleading guilty to multiple charges.

Sergio Jose Martinez — who has a lengthy history of violating immigration law — pleaded guilty to first-degree burglary, first-degree sodomy, first-degree sexual abuse, first-degree kidnapping, first-degree robbery, second-degree assault, attempted first-degree sexual abuse and second-degree assault.

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