12 Murders, 50 Rapes; 70s Golden State Killer Finally Arrested, Say Police

Police in Sacramento, California are set to announce that they’ve solved a string of murders, rapes, and burglaries committed in the 1970s by a prolific serial killer dubbed the Golden State Killer.

The elderly white male police are naming is an ex-Navy man and an ex-cop. If he’s guilty, he’s also a psychopath who intended to scare the hell out of the community, a goal he achieved with ease given the heinous crimes he committed.


Daily Mail

Police believe they have finally captured the Golden State Killer, a serial murderer and rapist suspected of terrorizing southern California nearly 50 years ago.

Late Tuesday night, the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department arrested Joseph James DeAngelo Jr on two murder charges, Fox 40 reports.

The 72-year-old man, who is believed to have been an Auburn police officer fired for shoplifting a hammer and dog repellent, is said to be linked to a dozen unsolved homicides, almost 50 rapes and 120 home burglaries that spanned a decade starting in the late 1970s.



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Sweden: Libtarded Woman Who Went with Afghans to Prove Xenophobes Wrong is Raped and Abused

A middle aged Swedish woman who was partial to immigration by Muzzies into Sweden has had her vagina and anus reamed out by her beloved immigrants, one of whom is pictured above.

Since she chatted with them and went to their room, the incident is, in my mean, hateful opinion, partly her fault. Not that the sand niggers shouldn’t be executed and their bodies burned.

Voice of Europe

A middle-aged Swedish woman was raped and abused by two Afghan asylum seekers in their asylum accommodation, Fria Tider reports. The woman, who was a member of a Facebook group against migrant deportations, tried to prove that xenophobes are wrong about the fact that Afghans are dangerous.

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Mulatto “Hot Felon” Jeremy Meeks Set to Marry Pregnant Billionaire Heiress (((Chloe Green))) as His Father is Released from Prison After 33 Years for Horrific Murder and Sex Attack


Jewish heiress Chloe Green is having Jeremy Meeks’ baby. The sprog would be a quadroon.

When Meeks mughshot went viral a few years ago and white women threw themselves at the bad boy, he was married with children (to a white woman). He ditched her for a Jew set to inherit billions.

Anyone care to make a prediction about how this is going to work out over the next few years?

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

Over Easter, while her father cruised around the Galapagos Islands on his £100 million yacht and celebrated his 66th birthday with her mother, Lady (Tina) Green, Chloe was to be found meeting her boyfriend’s family in decidedly more modest circumstances.

In a picture posted by Meeks on Instagram, she is seen perched on a couch alongside his mother, grandparents, sister, brother and sister-in-law. ‘Nothing like spending time with the whole family,’ he wrote.

Chloe and Jeremy to the right. Nice fam, eh?

What is little known — and indeed may be news to Chloe — is that her intended is not the only one of the family with a criminal record. Far from it.

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Husband Drives Teacher Who Used School Walkout to Have Sex with Student to Police Station


When middle school teacher Kerri Hoffman’s husband was driving her to the police station to confess her sex crimes, the conversation or lack of it must have been interesting.

Even without her confession, police had plenty of evidence of her slutting around due to her communications with the unidentified 15 year old boy.

People reports that the boy is in the eighth grade. That suggests to me he’s a borderline NONWHITE moron.

New York Daily News

Oklahoma teacher arrested for raping student on day of walkout

An Oklahoma middle school teacher was arrested for raping one of her students multiple times — including before and after a teacher walkout at the state Capitol.

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Lawsuit: Being Gang Raped by N*gger Assletes is OK, Says Michigan State University

MSU is the university that allowed sports doctor Larry Nassar to rape girls for decades.

Nonwhites raping white girls is OK seems to be the unwritten rule at institutions of higher learning.

No one in this story has been publicly identified, thus no photos of the alleged perps or victims.

Condensed from ABC News

A student who claims three Michigan State University basketball players gang-raped her three years ago is suing the institution in federal court for “discouraging” her from reporting the alleged assault.

The civil lawsuit, which seeks both compensatory and punitive damages, was filed in the Michigan Southern District Court by the female plaintiff, referred to as Jane Doe. The suit names the university and the school’s staffers or counselors, who are referred to individually in the document as “Unidentified Roe” at the school’s counseling center.

Yeah, but they don’t protect white boy rapists, only shitskins!

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Topless Nagger Arrested as Protest Briefly Startles Cosby at Rape Trial

Bill Cosby was the one trustworthy Negro that white Americans strongly identified with. Of course, race realists knew better, but what the heck, if normies were going to have their fantasies there was nothing we could do about it.

Even today, in spite of a mountain of accusations, at least some of them credible, the elderly Negro still has his white fans. Blacks never cared much for him anyway, considering him an oreo cookie.

New York Post

Bill Cosby was accosted Monday morning by a topless protester — who had the words “Women’s Lives Matter” painted on her body — as he walked into court for his sex assault retrial.

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Black Privilege: Nagger Ex-Monkeyballer Accused of SEVEN RAPES Gets His Wish

Ex-Utah State linebacker and NFL Atlanta Falcons player Torrey Green got his wish for a change of venue. His lawyers argued he couldn’t get a fair trial because his alleged crimes are rapes and he’s black.

As we know, every black ever charged with any crime dindu nuffins, but still white juries convict these innocents.

Although the races of the girls raped aren’t brought up directly in the story, one might infer from the arguments made in court that at least some of them were white. The story doesn’t go into the nature of the crimes, but I’ve done some research to see what was up.

It’s much worse than this story suggests.

HJ News

Seven rape cases pending against former Utah State University linebacker Torrey Green have been consolidated into two trials that will take place in Box Elder County.

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