Senate Candidate Mitt Romney Vows to Speak Out Against “racist” Trump

President Donald Trump has endorsed soy boy (or is it bug man?) Mitt Romney to be the next United States Senator from Utah.

If Mittens makes it to the Senate, Trump can expect trouble from him. Mitt’s Mormon religion apparently makes it impossible for him to be tough on immigration. The Mormons may find that newly arrived mestizos will buy into their magical religion.

Excerpt from The Hill

“If you elect me your senator, I will fight with vigor for the interests of our state and nation. I will endorse the president’s policies that support those interests. Hopefully, there will be few occasions where I will be compelled by conscience to criticize,” Romney wrote.

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Former Trump Advisor Uses Racial Slur in on-air Heated Debate with Negro Commentator

“You’re out of your cotton-picking mind, nigger.”

Actually, “nigger” was never said.

The racial slur that has Fox News bowing to the sacred negro gods was “cotton-picking mind.”

I don’t know who coined the phrase, but I’ve heard whites use it to describe whites they disagree with: “He’s out of his cotton-picking mind.”

It just keeps getting more and more ridiculous how the negro worship in America leads to constant apologies.

What (((they))) is for you to apologize for being white. It’s not going to happen here.

New York Mag

David Bossie, President Trump’s former deputy campaign manager, used a racist slur to attack Democratic strategist Joel Payne, who is black, during an appearance on Fox & Friends on Sunday. In the midst of a contentious exchange, Bossie told Payne that, “You’re out of your cotton-picking mind.”

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Woman Dubbed #PermitPatty Calls Cops on 8 Year Old Niglet Selling Water Illegally


A certain fraction of white people in the USA are suffering from negro fatigue. Another group are still stuck in the negro worshiping mode.

Alison Ettel, nicknamed #PermitPatty now, denies there was any racism that motivated her to call the police on a black sprog selling water bottles without a permit.

Setting aside the issue of whether permits should be required (they shouldn’t), the propensity of our tinted obsolete farm equipment to believe that they don’t have to follow the rules is getting more and more tiresome.

It seems like we’re talking about the black lack of obedience to the simplest rules every day now.

When they don’t follow the rules and there are consequences, then the race card comes out.

USA Today

Video of a woman allegedly calling the police on a young girl who was selling water bottles in San Francisco across from the AT&T stadium Friday is going viral.

Race baiting fake Negro Shaun King always has to get his garbage thoughts in play:

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Netflix’s Top Spokesman, a Jew, is Fired for Using the word “nigger”


A prominent Jewish business executive has fallen afoul of the de facto ban on the use of the word “nigger,” even when you’re condemning the word.

Thus, a Jew falls victim to Jewish Cultural Marxism.

Where will it all end–this insane Negro worship that infects the USA?

Sky News

Netflix has sacked its head of communications over his use of the “N-word” during conversations with work colleagues.

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MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Slams Trump and Supporters as Openly Racist


Mentally disturbed bugman Joe Scarborough took a break from kissing Mika’s *** in order to slander President Trump and his supporters on MSNBC. Actually, that slander probably put a smile on Mika’s face for a second or two before she went back to scowling at imbecile Joe.

Fox News

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough took a shot at both President Trump and his supporters Friday, labeling both as “openly racist.”


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First American City Has Criminal Justice System Run 100 Percent by Colored Women

The black matriarchy takes over a small city, leaving black men in the dust.

Excerpt from CNN

South Fulton, an Atlanta suburb and one of Georgia’s newest cities, has the distinction of being perhaps the first city in the nation to have its criminal justice system led entirely by black women:

Chief Judge Tiffany Carter Sellers
interim Police Chief Sheila Rogers
solicitor LaDawn “LBJ” Jones
public defender Viveca Famber Powell
court administrator Lakesiya Cofield
chief court clerk Ramona Howard
court clerk Tiffany Kinslow
court clerk Kerry Stephens

Many will hail this group as a definitive sign of progress in the tortured relationship between the justice system and black America.

But does having a judicial system led entirely by black women automatically guarantee a greater degree of justice for residents of this city of 95,000 people?

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White Man Who Attended 2013 Halloween Party in Blackface is Indefinitely Suspended

A white male New York City government supervisor (MTA) is in a heap of trouble over a Halloween costume he wore five years ago.

He went as a black lawn jockey.

He hath defiled the sacred Negro gods.

His punishment hasn’t been decided yet. For now, he’s suspended while officials look over his union employment contract to see what they can do to sacrifice him to appease the angry Negro deities.

New York Post

The MTA has suspended the high-paid railroad boss who got a promotion even after his underlings reported photos of him in blackface.

Officials confirmed on Thursday that they have put general supervisor Richard Ranallo on ice “indefinitely” by order of Metro-North president Catherine Rinaldi.

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