Sh*tstorm Brewing as White Cops Shoot, Kill Pregnant Young Negress Holding A Knife



This is an important story because it could be the police shooting incident that race baiters use to set off a long hot summer of race riots.

Unlike many others shot and killed by police, Charleena Lyles is a sympathetic figure. Well, she was except for the knife that police say she was wielding. She was a Christian mother of four. Relatives allege that police shot her in front of her children.

There’s a real possibility that this will be the shooting that will force police to change their modus operandi when dealing with crazy people. Let’s see if President Trump Tweets this or talks about it.


Seattle Times

Seattle police on Sunday shot and killed a 30-year-old old woman who had called officers to report an attempted burglary and then displayed a knife, SPD said. Police took three children from the home; the victim’s sister says the shooting was unnecessary.

Dozens of people attended a vigil Sunday night for a 30-year-old woman fatally shot by Seattle police as department use-of-force investigators probed how officers wound up killing a woman who had called police for help.

Just after 10 a.m. Sunday, Seattle police responded after the woman had called to report an attempted burglary at her Magnuson Park apartment. At some point, police said, she displayed a knife and two officers shot and killed her.

Relatives identified the woman as Charleena Lyles.

Family members said she was several months pregnant and had been struggling with mental-health issues for the past year. They said she was concerned authorities would take her children, one of whom they said has Down syndrome.

Family members arriving about two hours later were distraught and questioned why police had to shoot her. She was “tiny,” they said, and believe her race — she is African American — was a factor.

The SPD has confirmed that both officers were white.

“Why couldn’t they have Tased her? They could have taken her down. I could have taken her down,” said Monika Williams, Lyles’ sister.

Police Detective Mark Jamieson said officers were alerted to “hazard information” in the system after a previous encounter with the woman, which prompted a two-officer response Sunday morning when she called to report an attempted burglary in her fourth-floor unit at Brettler Family Place apartments.

“Officers were confronted by a 30-year-old woman armed with a knife,” the department wrote on its web blotter. “Both officers fired their duty weapons, striking the woman.

“There were several children inside the apartment at the time of the shooting, but they were not injured,” the department said. “They are being cared for by other family members at this time.”

Charleena’s Facebook is a well full of tears waiting to be spilled by liberals and softhearted conservatives.

Charleena was killed while pregnant with her fifth child. That’s really going to draw attention to her death.

Heavy offers more pictures and story background.

Negress With Attitude Gets Glass Shattered By Police For Refusing To Lower Window (Viral Video)

An older police video with nearly 6 million views shows a brutal racist white cop attack an innocent Negro for no reason.

Oy vey! Obama should have given her a pardon or something. Right?


Explanatory comment:

Her name is Victoria King. She’s a student at University of Central Florida in Orlando (or was as I don’t know if she still attends). She was convicted of battery and resisting arrest without violence and was sentenced to probation for I believe a year or so, plus 75 hours of community service. She was offered plea deals beforehand which didn’t include any jail time, but turned them down. She alleged in court that the officer used excessive force and filed a brutality charge. After her conviction her appeals were denied. For further details you can look them up, but that’s the gist of it. I do wonder though the result of any lawsuits she filed against the city or the campus (the officer was campus police). Basically though the bitch lost.

It makes you wonder if blacks are really this stupid. They consistently are unable to follow simple orders. Every encounter with them becomes a test of wills against a white person.

White Pastor Defiantly Refuses to Agree that “All Lives Matter” (Tranny Alert!)

carl lentz pastor hillsong


Looking at him, I’m not sure that Pastor Carl Lentz is really white. I guess he is but he may have some nonwhite genes in his body.

Anyway, he’s clearly a hipster preacherman, pandering to a youth demographic that reminds me of the word “wigger.”

He offers up a truly lame excuse for refusing to say that white lives matter.

I think its reasonable to speculate that he skews left on all sorts of issues and probably identifies with New World Order social justice warriors. Sticking to the egalitarian narrative, feminism, open borders, and so forth can bring a man fame and fortune. Assuming he really is a man. (Hint!)

But what profit he when he loses his soul in the process.

With a religion like his, who could blame anyone for staying home Sunday mornings.

Excerpt from the Washington Post

A white pastor in New York has been swept up in a race debate following a proclamation that he would not say “all lives matter.”

The mantra, he said, does not address an essential issue.

Leading up to a sermon in late September, Carl Lentz, pastor at Hillsong Church in New York City, wrote on Facebook that “at THIS church, we are not saying ‘all lives matter’ right now because this is a logical assumption that most reasonable people agree with. All lives are not at risk right now. We ARE saying BLACK LIVES MATTER. Because, right now, black lives apparently are worth LESS on our streets. It’s ‘our fight’ not ‘their fight.’ ”

The 37-year-old’s comment came just days after two police shootings left two black men dead. Terence Crutcher, an unarmed black man, was shot and killed by a white police officer in Tulsa on Sept. 16; four days later, another black man, Keith Lamont Scott, was killed at the hands of police in Charlotte. The shootings ignited peaceful protests interrupted by chaos in cities 1,000 miles apart.

At least 732 people — 178 of whom were black men and women — have been fatally shot by police in the United States this year, according to a Washington Post database.

Tensions have been especially high since a summer of shootings in cities across the country. On July 5, Alton Sterling, a 37-year-old black man, was shot and killed by white police officers in Baton Rouge; a day later, Philando Castile, 32, was killed in Falcon Heights, Minn.

Then came the deadly assaults on police in Dallas and Baton Rouge.

In addition, Charles Kinsey, an unarmed black behavioral therapist, was tending to his autistic patient in Miami on July 18 when he was shot by a police officer. Kinsey survived that shooting.

Lentz said he made the remark that “black lives matter” because “I felt like to not speak on this issue, this moment in our culture, would be wrong.”

“This statement meant that IN THE CONTEXT OF THIS CONVERSATION ABOUT RACE AND CULTURE … saying ‘all lives matter’ does not address the issue at hand,” Lentz explained in an email Tuesday. “Furthermore, we find it insensitive and absolutely minimizing to the frustrated, emotional cry of many many people. So my statement was to clarify that we hear the frustration, we empathize with the frustration and we will continue to stand with people that are hurting.

“I clearly said and loudly said that anybody with a functioning brain, does not debate that all lives matter! Of course we believe that. Our contention, is that there is a debate on what lives matter MOST. To highlight one issue or one need, does not disparage another. To me, it’s just common sense and completely uncomplicated. The question has been asked ‘do black lives matter?’ Our answer is ‘yes black lives matter.’ The question was NOT do all lives matter.”

Lentz said it was “maddening to see how a pretty simple concept creates so much debate.”

Hillsong, a megachurch headquartered in Sydney, has locations in 15 countries with nearly 100,000 attendees each week, according to its website. The church in New York, which has three locations, has about 9,000, Lentz said.

Saying that black lives matter is equivalent to saying that there is an army of racist white police officers who want to murder blacks for no reason at all. It is also equivalent to saying that white police officers should willingly die for your un-Christian political correctness.

Carl Lentz is a small man. Small in his knowledge of the Bible and small in his love for his own race. If he’s really white!

One more thing. If you look him up, you’ll find that Lentz’s so-called church is very welcoming to queers. Which leads me to offer this video from Apostle Laura Lee, who claims he’s transgender, born female and then surgically altered into a male.

White Cop Pulls Over Black Motorcyclist with Gun: What Happens Next … (Video)

This video should be shown to EVERY black teen in America!

Naggers Backed a Loser in Alfred Olongo: U.S. Tried to Deport Him, Uganda Wouldn’t Take Him Back

alfred olango

When Alfred Olongo was shot dead by police, the protests began even as his dead body was still bleeding out. The protests by blacks continue. Even as it’s become known that he was a parasitical turd.

Hillary Clinton has previously made statements before black groups supporting piece of trash Alfred Olongo. She views the USA as a dumping ground for the wasted, worthless third world vermin that their own countries do not want.

We get to support them for the next 70 years and then their sprogs forever after.

Thanks, Hillary, you f*cking c*nt.


The Usual Thing is going on in San Diego: El Cajon businesses told to shutter over weekend as Alfred Olango protests continue,, October 1 2016. And, also as usual, the Narrative is Collapsing:

Olango was ordered twice for deportation in the past after having several problems with the law. The prescribed run-ins allegedly included selling cocaine, driving drunk and illegally possessing handguns.

But after his native Uganda refused to take him in, Olango was allowed to stay in the country. This was based on a Supreme Court decision that barred detaining foreign nationals for more than six months if the deportation was unlikely. According to a statement from the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Olango, who was ordered to appear regularly before them, stopped reporting in Feb. 2015.

He fled Uganda, grew up in a refugee camp, loved cooking and soccer. And then he was shot by American police, by Abdi Lafif Dahir, Quartz Africa, October 1, 2016. Links in original, emphases added.

Olango was reportedly born in Uganda and “was in a refugee camp,” presumably in Kenya, in the 1990s before coming to the U.S. as a refugee in 2001. [Who Was Alfred Olango? by Rory Devine and R. Stickney., September 29, 2016.]

If he was in a “refugee camp,” he was not in immediate danger and there was no need (other than Electing A New People) to bring him in. Plus there was absolutely no need to keep him once he turned out to be a bad skittle—it’s ludicrous that the U.S. can’t impose its will on Uganda.

Time to abolish the Refugee Racket.

alfred olongo

Sh*tstorm Brewing as Racist White Police Gun Down Innocent Black Man for No Reason at All in El Cajon, California


The race war is coming. Blacks refuse to obey lawful orders, then get killed.

Following the killings, the media push the narrative that paints all cops as racist killers just itching to get a black individual in their gunsights.

The object of the narrative is to nationalize local policing, with an eye to decreasing enforcement of the law and increasing crime until the public demands a leftist dictator (a new Obama) confiscate all guns. At that point, as they used to say, “When guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns.”

Alfred Ologo will become the new Trayvon Martin for the left, a mentally ill, mental midget whose life wasn’t worth a hill of beans, being used to destroy the little left of the Constitution.

Al Jazeera

Police in the California city of San Diego shot and killed a mentally ill, unarmed black man after his sister called the department for assistance.

Police from the El Cajon suburb released a statement late Tuesday night, several hours after the shooting outside the Broadway Village Shopping Center, confirming that the man died in hospital. His family have named him as 30-year-old Alfred Olango.

Police had been called over by Olango’s sister, who said that he was acting strangely and not himself. The aftermath of the fatal shooting was filmed by a bystander who posted the clip live to Facebook. That video has been viewed almost 40,000 times.

“Why couldn’t you tase him? I told you he is sick. And you guys shot him!” Olango’s siser can be heard telling officers in the video. “I called police to help him, not to kill him.”

El Cajon Police Chief Jeff Davis said that the man was not armed. He added that Olango ignored calls to remove his hands from his pockets and pulled out an object out. Olango then pointed the object in a “shooting stance” toward two officers, prompting one of the officers to open fire, Davis said.

Local news agency CBS8 reported that “several witnesses alleged that the officers were unduly quick to open fire and suggested that their actions had been influenced by the fact that they were dealing with a black man, one they described as mentally challenged”.

“One man angrily told reporters at the news conference that the victim was suffering a seizure prior to the shooting, and another described seeing him with his hands raised at the moment the shots sounded,” CBS8 said.

The shooting spurred protests at the scene for several hours, alleging police racism. Demonstrations were also later held outside the police department.

The department released a photo still taken from a cellphone video of the moment. Police said an object had been recovered from the scene, but did not say what that object was.

According to Mapping Police Violence, Olango has become the 217th black American to be killed by police so far this year. offers in-depth coverage of the shooting and the aftermath.

Below, if you have the time and interest to watch, are three videos covering the scene. The first one is short and gives a feel for what happened in the immediate aftermath. No police bodycam videos of the shooting exist.

More here in a longer video:

Black and brown witnesses claim Olongo had his hands up, begging police not to kill him. Bullshit, of course:

El Cajon may be burning soon. Stay safe, brothers and sisters.

Dindu VIP Driving Stolen Vehicle Resists Arrest, Screams Racism

jesse winberry

Congressional Candidate Stopped In Reported Stolen Car; Resists Arrest Then Claims Racial Bias

Jesse Wineberry is a candidate for Congress in Washington State’s 9th District. He was stopped by Seattle PD on July 20th while driving a vehicle which had been reported stolen.

The stolen vehicle report was apparently the result of a payment mix-up with the rental car agency. When the rental agency didn’t receive payment, they reported the car stolen. That issue has been resolved, but Jesse Wineberry claims that the stop was a result of racial bias and that officers used excessive force.

Seattle PD released the dash cam video which shows that Jesse Wineberry refused officer’s orders, he resisted arrest, and the officer still treated him with respect.

Jesse Wineberry is claiming that he followed all of the officer’s commands and that they falsely accused him of grabbed in the gun belt of one of the officers. However, the video shows that Wineberry, started to drive away, refused to comply with officer’s commands to show his hands, and they had to order him five times to throw his keys out of the car window as he instead argued with officers.

Once Wineberry was out of the vehicle he threatened officers’ jobs and argued with them rather than complying with their commands. Officers repeatedly tried to reason with him and explain that he was being taken into custody and Wineberry told them that we would not be taken into custody and started using profanity with officers. He also called a black officer a UT (Uncle Tom.)

The Seattle PD report also details how Wineberry did grab the gun belt of one of the officers, and that he tensed his muscles to resist being handcuffed.

The video of the VIP Democrat’s arrest is long at about 20 minutes. However, it clearly shows what a liar he is.

“He gonna get paid.”

Another case of a nagger too stupid to be able to follow orders? Or hoping to hit the ghetto lottery. You decide.