Mark Dice Video: He Dindu Nothing

Black Lies Matter.

Seven and a half minutes.

A black city councilman accuses a cop of racism. Then the police bodycam footage was released …

Mark also mocks other blacks whose claims of racism have been debunked.

Berlin Police, KFC Accused of Racism After Kicking Out Disruptive Blacks From U.K.

A group of blacks who hold U.K. citizenship were in Berlin, Germany, eating local German sausage and beer.

Check that. They were eating KFC, fitting the stereotype.

They also fit the stereotype by forcing employees to call the police on them for their disruptive behavior.

Naturally, according to the blacks, they dindu nuffins.


A police intervention sparked a debate on racism in Germany, after several black British nationals were escorted out a KFC restaurant in Berlin in an incident captured in an online video.

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427 Cops Head for Myrtle Beach, S.C. for Black Bike Week This Weekend


The annual chaos in the seaside resort of Myrtle Beach, S. C. starts this weekend.

The city’s new female Chief of Police has only been on the job for a year. She’s stressing to the police on the street that they’re there to serve the negro invaders who come from all over.

Can she say two words: Dead cops!

Myrtle Beach Online

About 427 police officers are in Myrtle Beach for Memorial Day weekend, and many gathered at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center Thursday evening as they prepared for the annual Atlantic Beach Bikefest, often referred to as Black Bike Week.

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Georgia Cop RESIGNS after Police Brutality Complaint Over Dragging Defiant 65-Year-Old Negress from Car

Basically, the American nagger has learned that fighting cops during a traffic stop will get them arrested, but soon after a white cop will be fired, the nagger groveled to, and possibly a city payout will be made to the aggrieved nagger. It’s a big win for the nagger, who is treated sympathetically by the press.

Everyone else loses. The public is made less safe and a good cop becomes unemployable.

The police officer in this case may have resigned, but he’s outspoken about the righteousness of his arrest and the the despicable system of Negro worship that’s taken hold in the U.S.

Alpharetta is in the Atlanta area. You can watch the arrest and decide for yourself the fairness of it. Scroll to the bottom of the post to see the minute it takes to bring the situation under control.

NBC News

A Georgia police officer has resigned following the arrest of a woman whose routine traffic stop escalated into a heated confrontation.

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Bodycam Footage Exposes Hoax in Black Woman’s Complaint Against White Cop


A dindu female made a video accusing a white police officer of racism. The police released their own bodycam video showing that she did not accurately describe her encounter with a man in blue over a speeding ticket.

TNB. Every encounter with a white police officer is racist, since there’s one race that routinely fails to follow the rules.

Her video and the police bodycam video are embedded in the story.

Fox News

A South Carolina woman who said being pulled over for speeding by a “white cop” was a “traumatic experience” is having her story questioned after police body camera footage from the incident showed a less intense series of events unfolding.

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Three Negro Females Questioned by Police After Burglary Call Plan to File Lawsuit

The way things are going, soon it will be a crime to call the police if you’re white and you observe blacks doing something suspicious.

The suspicious blacks in this story are suing police for responding to a burglary in progress call.

NBC News

Three black filmmakers plan to sue a police department in Southern California after being falsely accused of burglary by a neighbor while leaving an Airbnb rental with their luggage.

The three claim that the response by the Rialto Police Department to what they say was a racially motivated 911 call on April 30 — including seven cop cars and a helicopter — was excessive.

A racially motivated call? How about concern for the neighborhood?

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Claim: Police Get Rough with Nagger FEMALES for No Reason at All

Sandra Bland, as seen above, dindu nuffins. The officer was fired because after all the cops love beating up black women on camera for no reason.

I’m posting this excerpt from a HuffPo piece written by a Negress who’s mastered the language of leftist feminists so that you can read how nonsensical the left has become.

There are over 7,000 comments critical of the Negresses and supportive of police on Yahoo’s republishing of the article. I’ve inserted a few after the excerpt. They prove that no one is buying the horsesh*t the liberal media keeps dishing out. We can see the truth and the truth is that the dindus deserve what they get from police most of the time.

Excerpt from HuffPost via Yahoo

We must remember that the racial biases in policing that lead to black men being victims of violence also apply to black women, even though their stories are less visible. Black women bear a double burden ― carrying the weight of a weaponized skin color and the invisibility of a silenced gender.

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