White Privilege–A Response (New Video)

The author of this video debunks white privilege in a very effective manner. He speaks with a British type accent which is a bit hard to understand at times.

If you are around people who toss “white privilege” around, then watch and learn how to respond to those idiots.

Published on Oct 3, 2015

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Homosexual Writer Advises: Let Masculinity Flourish or Expect More Mass Shootings

revenge on the patriarchy

This excerpt from an excellent longer piece by an admitted homosexual argues that the demonization of men is creating the male rage that leads to mass shootings.

That’s part of the truth. He doesn’t talk about race very much, though. Diversity creates stresses that are tearing a once great country apart. Blacks in particular are creating unlivable cities. Muslims are adding to the cult of violence in urban America.

None of our problems are organic. The problems we face as men are the deliberate creation of the Jew controlled media and Jew controlled government in America. They want the traditional family destroyed. They want masculinity destroyed. They want mass immigration to destroy our race and our racial identity.

Excerpt from Breitbart

At its best, male competitiveness is the driving force behind most of society’s progress. We would be nowhere without the patriarchy, from the internet and space travel to the road under your feet and the roof on your house. The same thing that drives mass shooters inspires courage, too.

That doesn’t mean masculinity is “toxic.” What’s toxic is society’s attitudes towards men. Masculinity only becomes “toxic” when it is beaten down and suppressed and when men are told that what and who they are is defective. It becomes toxic when young boys are drugged in school because they don’t conform to feminine standards of behaviour.

What’s worse is that the media ridicules, criticises, punishes and demonises masculinity, then uses the product of its own hatred to justify more man-hating, in a Kafkaesque cycle of progressive insanity that has only one, inevitable consequence: more innocent dead people.

Progressives don’t see the irony in going after “straight white men.” But they are hypocritical bigots, hounding people for gender, skin colour and sexuality and saying that essential male characteristics are wrong. Men must be allowed to compete. To fight. To shoot things. Today’s man-punishing, feminised culture is creating killers by suppressing these urges. We have to stop it.

Bad Poopaganda: Negro TV Star Jessie Williams Denies the Existence of Black Anger

Jesse Williams

Huffington Post

During a recent interview with The Guardian, the “Grey’s Anatomy” star broke down the “angry black man/woman” stereotype and the misguided assumption that a black person’s anger is a product of being black. “There is zero evidence, zero evidence that black people are more inclined to be angry in vacuum than anybody else,” he said.

And there is zero evidence that the sun rises in the East and sets in the West. And there is zero evidence that Jesse Williams isn’t shilling for his people.

“They are upset. Is being upset bad? Is anger just a negative quality?” he asked. “It doesn’t begin with rage, right. It’s a community that’s fucking hurting and is really disappointed in itself, in the people that it trusted, in the government it paid taxes to… That is where the frustration comes from.”

Trillions of white taxpayer dollars spent on them and they’re still “hurting.” Butt hurt, you mean, Jessie. Right?

butthurt cartoon gif

Williams has spoken before about how the media drives the narrative about black people in a negative way. In regards to the Michael Brown case, the 34-year-old questioned the media’s focus on video footage showing Brown involved in strong-arm robbery at a convenience store, during an August 2014 interview with CNN.

“You’ll find that the people doing the oppressing always want to start the narrative at a convenient part, or always want to start the story in the middle,” he said. “This started with a kid getting shot and killed and left in the street for four hours.”

Muh nigga just gave himself away. Anyone shot by police is going to be laying there for hours while the investigation commences. Michael Brown was not a special case. As for Jessie’s wanting us to ignore St. Michael’s strong arm robbery, well, it just nigga think. It’s incredibly stupid.

So who is this turd and why is any “news organization” giving him space for this low IQ ridiculous propaganda? Oh, I forgot.

It’s the Huffington Post, a fake news organization.

Let’s see what the logic meter has to say about this sh*t spew from Jessie:


Facebook Hails Mulatto Umpqua College Shooter as Hero for Murdering Whites

mercer hero facebook post

Obama is going to have to bring the sh*t skin bastard Chris Harper Mercer’s body to the White House to give him a heroes funeral.

Turd faced sons of bitches are praising him on Facebook. You know that many, many blacks, browns, and liberal Jews are rejoicing too. The hatred of whites in America is so thick you can feel the vibrations from it.

That’s good. You know where you stand, my white brothers and sisters worldwide. “They” want us dead. Face it. It’s reality. Act accordingly when confronted by diversity.


VILE groups have appeared on Facebook celebrating mass murderer Chris Harper-Mercer.

They branded Harper-Mercer, who killed ten students at Umpqua Community College in Oregon yesterday, a “hero”.

One page said: “Chris Harper-Mercer is such an hero. He checked white cis privilege today. Bless him”

chrs mercer tweet

blonde look of disgust gif

got my attention gif

Are They Insane? Negress Book Readers Kicked Off Train Suing for $11 Million


Blacks who disturb white people who paid good money to have an enjoyable experience on a wine train should be warned and if they do not stop, be removed from the presence of whites.

These sheboons see matters differently.

Los Angeles Times

A group of predominantly African American women kicked off the Napa Wine Train in late August — allegedly for being too loud — filed an $11-million racial discrimination lawsuit Thursday.

They said their reputations were tarnished and that some of them even lost their jobs after the incident.

The women, members of the Sistahs on the Reading Edge book club, said at a news conference that they received nasty comments from strangers, and that two of the women were fired from their jobs after the incident.

They even experienced disapproval from family members.

“That was the most humiliating experience I ever had in my entire life,” club member Lisa Renee Johnson said. “This is 2015, this can’t be happening. It just can’t happen again.”

winetrain- women

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Diversity Sucks: Whites and Latinos Brawling ON BASEBALL FIELDS Is Caused by White Racist Players

baseball brawl

Baseball on your mind as the World Series is coming up soon? How can you stand all the white racism on the field? It’s terrible. It’s horrible. Who do these white people think they are?

Excerpt from USA Today

A USA TODAY Sports study of 67 bench-clearing incidents in Major League Baseball over the past five seasons found the main antagonists hailed from different ethnic backgrounds in 87% of the cases.

Just more than half of them – 34 – pitted white Americans against foreign-born Latinos. Another four featured white Americans and U.S.-born Latinos.

The figures are startling in a sport where white Americans compose about 60-65% of the population. Based on Opening-day figures, most of the rest is made up of players born outside the U.S. (26.5%) – the vast majority from Latin countries – African Americans (8%) and an undetermined number of Latinos born on U.S. soil.

“I think it’s a culture shock,’’ [San Diego Padres pitcher Bud] Norris said. “This is America’s game. This is America’s pastime, and over the last 10-15 years we’ve seen a very big world influence in this game, which we as a union and as players appreciate. We’re opening this game to everyone that can play. However, if you’re going to come into our country and make our American dollars, you need to respect a game that has been here for over a hundred years, and I think sometimes that can be misconstrued. There are some players that have antics, that have done things over the years that we don’t necessarily agree with.

“I understand you want to say it’s a cultural thing or an upbringing thing. But by the time you get to the big leagues, you better have a pretty good understanding of what this league is and how long it’s been around.’’

Bud Norris has, of course, been forced to apologize for his remarks.

baseball infographic

A clash of cultures is a nice way of saying that diversity doesn’t work. It’s never worked and never will. But of course, even though Latino baseball players play according to their culture while in the USA, it’s the fault of racist American players that brawls happen.

Excerpt from Vice

Major League Baseball can expand into more countries and open the league up to more foreign born players than ever before, and yet still give off the persistent drone of racism because its dominant representation on the field are still white, American-born players. In 2014, 26.3 percent of players on opening day rosters were born outside the U.S. Only 8.3 percent of the American-born players that season were black.

Essentially, you have a predominantly white player base. And these players will tell you that the forced conformity to white American baseball values isn’t racist, it’s simply protecting the sanctity of something bigger than all of us: The Game.

Whites are right. Let Latinos form their own teams and leagues and call it what they want. In contrast to Latinos, Japanese baseball players and teams that come to America, play the game by the rules.

Is that really so hard to do!

French Woman Politician Says France is “White Race” and Immigrants Should Adopt or Get Out

nadine morano


A French politician is under fire for saying the country is home to a white race that expects immigrants to adapt or leave.

Nadine Morano, 51, a member of Nicolas Sarkozy ’s opposition Republican party, said on TV: “We’re a Judeo-Christian country of white race.

“We respect France.

“And if you don’t want to adapt, you can go.”

She added: “I don’t feel like seeing France becoming Muslim.”

Cowardly Jew Sarkozy has responded after four days of silence:


After four days of silence over the latest outburst from outspoken lawmaker Nadine Morano, Sarkozy said her comments harmed The Republicans party’s image and could not stay without consequences.

The case illustrates the challenge posed to Sarkozy in his bid to unite a divided party which is struggling in particular to decide its line on immigration under pressure from an increasingly popular far-right National Front.

Sarkozy himself has taken a tough line on immigration as he seeks to secure his party’s ticket for the 2017 presidential elections, but he has stayed clear of such comments on race.


Her eviction from the party’s election ticket is set be rubber-stamped by its election committee at a date that has not been announced yet.

Equality between citizens regardless of race and religion is such a deeply ingrained principle in France that statistics based on ethnicity are illegal.

why gif