Hotep Jesus Gets His Free Reparations Coffee from Starbucks (Video)

The Negro infestation of Starbucks has begun.

Hotep Jesus demanded his free coffee as reparations for slavery and such and the white barista replied positively to the sacred Negro God.

By the way, I will never use the word barista again. I view it as a Jew psy op promoting snootiness and class division. From here on out, it’s “waitress” for me. I prefer my coffee from truck stops, served by Ethel or Honey or some other white waitress.

Seen at American Mirror

Richard Spencer Banned from Facebook

Richard believes his ban by Facebook is because the alt-right is the only anti-war voice left in America besides the libertarians and maybe a few others.


Facebook has banned the American white nationalist who popularised the term “alternative right”.

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Starbucks CEO Meets with Two Troublesome Nogs, Fires Manager, Closes ALL Stores for Anti-Racism Training


Wow! Instead of backing their manager who had two loiterers arrested for trespassing, they fired her. And instead of backing the police, who deem their arrest to be clean since the two male Negros at the heart of this story wouldn’t follow their orders to leave, Starbucks (founded by Jew Howard Schultz) is closing their coffee shops for a day of diversity training.

Talk about inviting black troublemakers into your business! White people, even liberals, are going to stay away rather than risk being annoyed or abused by blacks. Taking events one at a time, read how the CEO grovels. Then, the rest of the story.


Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson has met with the two black men arrested last week at a Philadelphia Starbucks.

Johnson apologized for the way they were treated, according to a company spokesperson who declined to disclose details of the meeting.


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72-Year-Old White Woman Arrested for Racist Assault on Female Nog Soldiers in Dispute Over Handicapped Parking Space

Watch the video embedded below showing the dispute between an elderly white woman and two Negro women wearing military camouflage.

There’s something off kilter in the way that this dispute is being interpreted by the press and by normies, although I can’t put my finger on it.

For one thing, there really was no assault involved. For another, we don’t know what happened before the camera started recording.

Normies and their Negro worship mixed with worship of the American military man and woman is a horrific thing to behold, as seen in this story.

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

A 72-year-old woman has been arrested after she was caught on camera assaulting two female soldiers, including a pregnant one.

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Starbucks APOLOGIZES for “racist” Arrest of Two Black Males

Two dindu males wouldn’t buy anything and wouldn’t leave when asked to.

Then came the arrest and so-called national outrage.

I’m outraged that Starbucks cucked.

I’m also calling this a setup, with Starbucks to be sued and Jews (yes, there’s one involved here) using this incident to crack down even more on “institutional racism.”

Watch the arrest video below.

Philadelphia’s mayor’s office and Police Department have begun separate investigations into the arrest of two African American men waiting to meet an acquaintance at a Center City Starbucks on Thursday after a video of the incident was widely shared on social media, triggering national outrage.

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“Wuz up! Wuz up!” Obese Black Female McD’s Employee Punches White Female Customer

It looks like a punch rather than a slap to me.

The press claims the think white woman started the altercation, but that’s not on the video.

Sputnik News

A McDonald’s employee in Jacksonville, Florida, took justice into her own hands on Thursday after a customer reportedly came up to the counter and threw a drink on her.

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Negro Student with 20 College Offers in Dispute with Fox News Host Over “obnoxious” Comment


Bill Clinton loves the teen, Michael Brown, who was given a full ride at 20 universities, including Harvard, Yale, and Stanford.

So why doesn’t Bill Clinton reach out and love his own black son?

Anyway, back to Michael Brown, whose demand for an apology = TNB. It seems they enjoy turning everything into a racial issue.


Updated | A teenager offered a full ride to 20 different colleges, including Harvard, Yale and Stanford, wants journalists at a Fox affiliate to apologize for calling his decision to apply for the schools “obnoxious.”

After news broke that Michael Brown had been accepted to 20 different colleges with offers of full financial aid, co-anchor Holly Morris and contributor Sarah Fraser critcized the student, accusing him of taking potential spots away from peers in a segment that aired on April 3.


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