The Left is in FULL ATTACK MODE on Donald Trump–The Latest


“I choose to love.”

So said the totally retarded “celebrity” (not much of one) Jonathan Scott in pulling out of the Miss USA pagaent. Good riddance to an a**hole who is unable to see the damage that illegal Mexican rapists, murderers, and the like are doing to the USSA.

Apparently, this turd approves of white women being raped, so long as it’s by an illegal Mexican.

jonathan scott

And then we have more D-list celebrities who seek the approval of leftist traitors who own the USSA, but who are so demented that they would destroy their plantation nation so long as there are some shekels in it for them.

Flo Rida and Emmitt Smith? Yeah, those two would have guaranteed blockbuster ratings for Miss USA. A disgusting rapper and an ex-football star that nobody remembers or ever cared about except in relation to his running without fumbling the ball.

After the story, I’ve posted Mr. Trump’s full response to Macy’s and one of his latest devastating Tweets.

Excerpt from WTOC

NEW YORK (AP) – Rapper Flo Rida, the Macy’s department store chain and football Hall of Famer Emmitt Smith all had something in common on Wednesday: They’re the latest to distance themselves from Donald Trump following his remarks about Mexican immigrants.

The Republican presidential hopeful’s team is struggling to hold the Miss USA pageant together following defections by hosts, performers, judges and the two television networks that were scheduled to broadcast the event on July 12. Trump, who fired back at Macy’s, owns the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants.

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Anti-Racists Burn Confederate and American Flags in NYC


I can understand why traditional Americans, white, Christian, hard working, decent, would feel some pain at hearing that the American flag was burned today in NYC by leftists who consider it to be a symbol of racism and white supremacy.

Traditional Americans loved the USA, but this is the USSA we’re living in. The flag has been co-opted by moderate leftists like Obama and used as a tool to promote leftists secular anti-white, anti-Christian values as the true American values.

As an awakened traditional American the flag is now not my flag. However, out of a sense of nostalgia, and out of righteous anger and hatred toward leftists, it meets with my approval to read that their plans to burn the Confederate and American flags were met with pushback.

I’ve bolded several points in the news report which I will argue are complete nonsense, designed to keep us white tax and debt slaves submissive to the oligarchy who are the true rulers of America.

CBS Local New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A group made good on a plan to burn at least one American flag during a protest in Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn Wednesday night.

But opponents of the protest stepped in and prompted the protesters to scatter.

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Google photo software labels black people ‘gorillas’


LOL. You know that what you see in the picture is no accident. There have been enough of these incidents with Google for everyone to realize that there are saboteurs working there.

Excellent work, boys. The truth comes out again.

Excerpt from

Google official Yonatan Zunger quickly apologised on Twitter, saying: ‘Sheesh. High on my list of bugs you *never* want to see happen. ::shudder::’

He added the team were trying to fix the bug, and had stopped labeling photos as ‘gorilla’ in the meantime.

Negro Mt. Zion A.M.E. Church Burns in South Carolina–Media Hints White Supremacists Burning Churches


Hmmmm. According to the NFPA there are 1.2 million fires in the U.S. each year.

487,500 were structure fires, according to the same source. That’s about 1,335 buildings that burn every day.

Let’s factor in that black owned buildings are likely to be more poorly constructed and maintained.

What do you get? It’s hard to say with precision, but it seems likely that several hundred black owned buildings will burn every day due to natural causes. Some may be attributed to natural causes but they burn due to arson by blacks who hope to collect fire insurance money.

The media are having a giant erection over the possibility that an evil white supremacist, their favorite bogeyman, is traveling the South setting Negro churches on fire. They’re hinting at it, but generally not saying it explicitly.



GREELEYVILLE, S.C. (WCIV) — A black church has burned 20 years after it was reduced to ashes by two former members of the KKK.

Firefighters in Williamsburg County responded Tuesday night to Mount Zion AME Church on Mackey Road in Greeleyville,

The fire comes about a week after Mount Zion AME was featured in a Los Angeles Times story about the long history of violence against black churches and 20 years after it was burned to the ground by two former members of the KKK.

A cause of the fire is not yet known.

It is the seventh Southern church to catch fire in recent weeks.

A federal law enforcement official speaking on condition of anonymity said a Friday fire at a church in South Carolina does not appear to have been intentionally set. The official had direct knowledge of the investigations but spoke on condition of anonymity Monday because the official was not authorized to discuss them publicly.

The official said another fire Wednesday at a Charlotte, North Carolina, church appeared to be set by vandals, and investigators have found no graffiti or other evidence that it was racially motivated.

In Georgia, FBI Special Agent in Charge Britt Johnson said Monday that authorities are also looking into whether a June 23 fire could be a hate crime, which is common practice for fires at houses of worship.

“Opening a preliminary inquiry doesn’t suggest that a hate crime has occurred, but rather ensures that it is getting additional scrutiny for hate crime potential,” Johnson said in a statement.

Another fire was reported at the College Hill Seventh Day Adventist church in Knoxville,Tennessee, a predominantly black congregation. Knoxville Police spokesman Darrell DeBusk had said previously that the fire was not being investigated as a hate crime. Authorities have said bales of hay outside the church were set on fire, and a church van was damaged in the blaze.

Federal investigators are tracking the Knoxville blaze and several others in an arson database to determine whether there are any trends or similarities, but none of the fires appear to be related, said Michael Knight, a special agent with the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in Tennessee.

In Elyria, Ohio, arson has been ruled out in the burning of the College Heights Baptist Church, fire Chief Richard Benton told The Chronicle Telegram newspaper.

Trump vs. Univision: This is Getting Fun to Watch as Trump Demands $500 Million and Univision Fires Back

trump head shot

Common sense says you can’t legally break a contract to broadcast a beauty pageant because the owner of the pageant speaks politics that leaves you butthurt.

Messkin logic is on display at Univision. They think that Mr. Trump can speak truth about Messkins and that allows them to break a contract? In Mexico maybe.

Of course, the USA is increasingly turd world, with idiot lawyers serving as judges, people who don’t know the law and decide cases on the basis of whatever leaves them feeling good. Maybe Univision will get lucky.

Mr. Trump’s playing this brilliantly. He’s not talking about his financial pain or psychological distress from Univision’s cancellation of Miss USA; instead, he’s talking about how insensitive Univision is for harming the 51 young women contestants.

CNN Money

Univision is blasting a lawsuit brought by Donald Trump as “both factually false and legally ridiculous.”

The billionaire businessman filed the $500 million lawsuit after the broadcaster decided not to air the Miss USA pageant over Trump’s widely criticized remarks about Mexican immigrants.


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battle-flag-surrender-flag republic flag

The source of the excerpt below is a site I had not seen nor heard of before. Judging from the author’s understanding of how the banning of the Confederate flag is just the first small step in the extermination of the white race, he’s savvy.

If the short excerpt below resonates with you, then click on the link to read the entire essay. It’s a very nice defense of whiteness.

Excerpt from

[Title] A RED COAT OR A RED FLAG: TO KILL THE WHITE RACE, FIRST KILL THE CONFEDERATE FLAG [Subtitle] Red Coat vs. Red Flag: The Genocide to End All Genocides.
by Merl Lark INFO@CAMEL.RED http://CAMEL.RED

“Red Privilege” means never saying ‘sorry’ for genocide. A Redcoat at the Daily Kos wrote: “Good riddance to the Confederate battle flag. But let’s keep in mind what a baby step this really is.” This is a “baby step” in their plan for genocide of an ethnic group known as Dixie. The Redcoat race hustlers say, “There’s more to be done in the fight against racism.” The “more to be done” is more ethnic white symbols to be destroyed, more white institutions to be leveled to the ground of the creeping jungle of multiculturalism.

A systemic plan of ethnic cleansing has taken America by storm. A holocaust of banners and icons is aflame. The Redcoats–cultural Marxists–are cleansing the white race out of Dixie. The extermination of the Dixie nation is the genocide to end all genocides. Like World War Two–that grand old “war to end all wars”–this ongoing extermination of a nation includes the desecration of its banners and emblems. The extermination of Dixie necessitates killing the Confederate Flag. A flag is a symbol of group identity and power. Slaying the symbol results in slaying the racial soul that sourced the symbol.

They say racism is a horrendous evil. If you are white, it is a horrendous, vile, hateful thing to ever think in terms of race. White people are mandated a color-blind birth. Just listen to the talking heads opine this all over the boob tube. The ethnic cleansers say that a white person who talks about the interests of white Americans must be a Nazi who wants to kill six trillion Jews. But if you are black, brown, yellow, red then thinking in terms of what is good for your own race, is noble, healthy, and commendable. The Redcoats teach us that it is OK to replace six million American workers with six million Mexicans.

More Anti-White Sh*t Going Down: Doofus Reverend Who Heads National Cathedral Wants Robert E. Lee Stained Glass Windows Removed

reverend gary hall

Well, it’s sad to say, but here’s another pathetic excuse for a white man.

Did I say white? Reverend Gary Hall is yellow, as in coward.

Did I say man? He’s a pussy, not a man.

The scared little **** admits he didn’t know the stained glass windows honoring the Christian character of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson were there until someone asked him about them coming down.

I hope this pathetic traitor has no children because his defective genes do not need to be passed on.

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

The dean of the National Cathedral in Washington DC has said that he wants to remove stained glass windows with the Confederate flag on them from the famous house of worship.

The stained glass windows in question are panels depicting the lives of Confederate generals Robert E Lee and Stonewall Jackson, which also bear the Confederate battle flag.

The symbol has faced calls for removal throughout the country following the shooting of nine people at a historically black church in South Carolina.

Episcopal Reverend Gary Hall preaches at the National Cathedral, which is designated by Congress as the National House of Prayer, and said ‘It is time to take those windows out’.

He referenced the shooting committed by racist gunman Dylann Roof and said that the Confederate flag had become the ‘primary symbol of those who advocate white supremacy’.

national cathedral windows

Pussy boy Gary also wants to make race relations the top priority for his church. Who hired this turd, anyway?

Yakking away about race relations in America today has nothing to do with reality. It’s about making whites feel guilty. It’s about making whites feel psychologically inferior to the new God, the black man. It’s about making whites bow and kiss the asses of blacks.

A real conversation about race relations would start with the massive wave of black on white crime. But that topic is verboten.

However much Gary boy is getting paid is too much. He damn well ought to be talking about the sexual perversion, the drug dependence, the faith in Jesus that is lacking. But no.

I see now why people are leaving churches in droves.