Australia: Butthurt Negro Worshipers Making Stink Because Customer Asked for White Waitress


You’re supposed to feel bad for the African migrant, Josie Ajak, pictured above. But if you do, why don’t you consider that anyone has a natural right to refuse to be served by anyone else.

This story is written as the white woman customer in this story is the worst person in the world. This isn’t news. It’s egalitarian propaganda.

The year is 2016 and yet people are still being treated differently (horrifically) because of the colour of their skin.

Josie Ajak works in a coffee shop in Cairns, in the far north of Queensland in Australia.

She moved with her parents from South Sudan aged eight, so has spent most of her life in the country she now calls home.

Earlier this month, a woman visited a coffee shop called Gloria Jeans in central Cairns.

The unnamed woman refused to be served by Josie because of the colour of her skin.

Josie said the woman told her: “Get me a white lady.”

The barista told the customer “that’s fine” and moved aside, before telling staff about the racism and that the woman shouldn’t be served.

While Josie carried on serving other customers with a smile, the ‘whites only’ customer glared at her.

“When we first came to Australia, in primary school and a bit in high school as well, I got the ‘Why are you here? Go back to where you came from’ line,” Josie told ABC in Australia .

“But that was all left behind, I haven’t heard any of those kind of remarks for a while, and then this happened just a couple of days ago.”

A customer told #Cairns barista Josie Ajak ‘I refuse to be served by a black person’.

One of Josie’s friends decided to bring attention to the situation on Facebook .

Jade Arevalo wrote: “Josie is one of the most kind and friendly people you could meet but irrespective of her character, she did not deserve to be excluded like this.

“What makes it worse is that this nasty lady who asked for another staff member travels in a wheelchair and could quite possibly understand a life made difficult by others assuming less of her.”

Jade also launched a campaign to urge others to come in and buy coffee from Josie – and to order white hot chocolate for some amusing irony.

She also thanked a woman called Stacey Sellars who “stood up to the woman on Josie’s behalf.

“Your bravery is dearly appreciated,” wrote Jade.

Since the incident, which sparked an influx of support, Josie also posted her own message to Facebook.

“I have been inundated with so many beautiful messages from both friends and complete strangers that have left me feeling so blessed to be who I am,” Josie wrote.

“I never in a million years thought that the response would be so great and encourage you all to continue to spread this message.

“Regardless of which colour, gender, age, size, and shape you are, we are all deserving of love and should be treated accordingly.”

Josie and her pals are all butthurt. Boo hoo. Who cares? In the Sudan she’d be raped and murdered by her own people. The more of her people admitted to Australia, the more likely that someone is going to be raped and murdered by one of her tribe.

The West may be taking in these “refugees” but no one can be forced to like them. The lady who wanted a white server had a perfect right to one.

Absurd Social Justice Warrior Banishes Children for These Halloween Costumes

What a despicable sewer rate to spoil Halloween for children by bringing in liberal nonsense.

Remember the cry, “Trick or treat.” How about showing these social justice warriors a trick? Can you think of a good one?

Amren Appeals for Arguments that Work Against Liberals

racism vs gun problems

The alt-right has moved beyond the sterile intellectual discussions at Amren. However, in the war of ideas it’s always good to have the facts and logic on your side. Liberals probably won’t listen because they are driven by emotion.

American Renaissance appealed to its readers to offer suggestions on how to change the mind of a liberal.

One commenter offered the above poster as being effective at showing liberal illogic.

Frank DeScushin offered 24 points of logic that he considered effective. This was the top comment on the Amren article.

I personally don’t think this type of intellectualizing is effective, but feel free to convince me that I’m wrong.

It’s easy to argue against multiculturalists and egalitarians because their positions almost always contradict facts, history, and logic. And since they almost always flip their positions when whites are involved it’s easy to catch them in their double standard.

Here’s a few quick retorts I like to ask to put the multicultural egalitarian on the spot:


1) If it was wrong for African and Asian leaders to sell out their people so that Europeans could establish a foothold in Africa and Asia, then why is it right for European leaders to sell out their people so that Africans and Asians can establish a foothold in Europe?

2) If you lionize nationalists like Gandhi and Mandela for pushing back against foreigners in their nations then why do you villainize European nationalists for pushing back against foreigners in their nations?

3) If colonialism is to blame for African nations trailing other nations then why are nations like Hong Kong and Canada that were under colonial rule so far ahead of other nations?

4) If colonialism is to blame for problems in African and Caribbean problems like crime and lack of economic development then why are most of those problems increasing, not decreasing, post-colonialism?

5) If colonialism is to blame for Africa’s problems then why did Africa trail other areas of the world in terms of civilization building, written language, inventions, etc. pre-colonialism?

Whites are so racist:

6) If white nations are racist and racism is the worst thing that someone can live under, then why do all migratory flows show non-white people migrating to white nations?

oppression of blacks funny cartoon

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White Extinction: Contradictions in Black Male, White Female Sex

Miscegenation propaganda--the Jewish psy op, promoting interracial sex never lets up; now it's naked dating, whatever the f*ck kind of Talmudvision that is

French New Right Resistance writer Guillaume Faye offers some thoughts from a longer piece titled The Race Mixing Imperative.

Excerpt from

Biologically, the disappearance of a people, an ethnicity, or a race is achieved principally through others intermixing with its women, that is, with their wombs. The union of a woman of race X with a male of race Y is much more dangerous for race X than for race Y. For women are the biological and sexual reservoir of a race, a people, a genetic patrimony — not men.

Indeed, a woman can only bear a limited number of children in her life, while man can generate a multitude with any number of fertile women. Demographers only define fertility and population renewal in terms of the number of children per woman, by maternity and not by paternity.

This is why today we must as an even more serious problem to that of uncontrolled immigration of third world populations (which have a higher fertility rate) into the countries of Europe, namely the problem of the interbreeding of White women with men of colour, which, in France especially, is reaching noticeable proportions. Not only does the White race thus face competition within its own territory, not only does it fail to renew itself across generations with its weak rate of fertility (that is, everywhere under two children per woman), but a fraction of its reproducing women are subtracted from the number which will reproduce their own kind and opt instead to give birth to mixed-race persons. So, besides the growth of a foreign population pouring across our borders and reproducing itself via its practice of endogamy, fertile White women are having fewer children and, on top of this, a portion of them are offering themselves to foreigners.

race mixing vogue cover

Whites, with a few exceptions, are the only people who are not concerned about their collective future, who do not possess a racial consciousness, so guilty and complex-ridden have they become. One of the causes, in addition to their universalist christianoform mentality, is perhaps to be sought in the consequences of Nazism, which have provoked a mental paralysis and collective bad conscience.

It is very strange that the man of colour is proud to be seen with a White woman and to give her children. There are various contradictory reasons for this.

First of all, it is a matter of signaling the appropriation of a White woman in order to humiliate the White man on his own turf. This capture of the female is a very ancient ethological phenomenon for which history offers many examples, the roots of which are found in the animal kingdom. To be seen with a White woman is both a mark of pride and of revenge. At the same time, in Africa and the Middle East, men of the higher classes aspire to whiten themselves by taking a European wife; this is the case with a number of African and Arab monarchs. Similarly, African and Antillean women — from the days of French colonialism right up until today — dream of nothing but marrying a European, not only for the prestige but also to have less coloured children.

In these two contradictory cases, we observe a schizophrenic inferiority-superiority complex: humiliate the dominant White man by taking a White wife, but at the same time ‘whiten’ one’s own descendants, implicitly acknowledging feelings of belonging to an inferior race. Destroy the White race while whitening oneself: an insurmountable contradiction. Consider, too, Senghor, the ‘Négritude’ movement’s poet, who married a White woman and had mixed-race children!

One exception to this trend is the Tribe Ka. This Black racist, extremist, and violently anti-Zionist group led by Kémi Séba (an ideologue of rather limited powers) takes inspiration from American radical Black movements and claims to reject mixture with Whites and to dissuade Blacks from looking for White wives. However, this is a rather louche position, for these people are perfectly able to reproduce with African women, to establish African families and brotherhoods in France, and in no way do they forbid the impregnation of White women.

* * *

We should also consider that other phenomenon involving inversion. The imperative of miscegenation (if possible with a White woman) is of course founded on the egalitarian ideology of anti-racism. At the same time, the attraction to Arab and Black men, or to swarthy men more generally, is based upon very ambiguous imagery. Such men are supposedly super-virile and perform exceptionally well sexually. But the image which is offered in the media and most notably in the pornographic industry is that of animal strength: no longer Tarzan, but King Kong. Sporty, athletic, violent, with a penis and muscles inversely proportional to his cerebral capacities. In short, the image of the lover of colour is that of animalism. The Black and the Arab man is implicitly and subtly reduced to the status of human beasts. This entirely contradicts the anti-racist agenda which is the heart of the dominant ideology: an unconscious racism is at the heart of anti-racism….

Mythical creature photographed--the intelligent, strong, happy, superior black male--a delight for any woman

Of course, this belief in the sexual and physical super-capacity of the Black or the Arab is a myth which corresponds to no reality. It is a fantasy to which the destructured White woman succumbs, stupefied by the gigantic media propaganda machine.

* * *

white on black

The white woman who mixes with the nonwhite male is also mentally contradicted. She is putting her children at short term risk that arises from the animal King Kong nature of the darker male. Mating with a beast whose violent tendencies are barely under control is rather foolish. We’ve presented here case after case of white women and their children murdered by the beast.

There’s also the high rate of abandonment to consider. Black males have itchy d*cks and those diks go wandering off in search of new wombs to impregnate with alarming frequency. White women with mixed race offspring aren’t a very good deal for a white man looking for a wife. In practical terms, the white woman abandoned by the Negro ends up “married” to the government for life.

But there is a very long term risk associated with interracial mating too. The nonwhite is incapable intellectually and temperamentally of creating an economic society that offers prosperity and stability. A decline in standards of living associated with nonwhiteness (Asian societies may be an exception) means that a white female’s mixed race children, grandchildren, and even more distant future descendants are going to be living in a dog eat dog jungle rather than a pleasant, stable, world of Western values.

stereotype jew promoting miscegenation

George Lincoln Rockwell’s Full Speech at UCLA (1967 Video)

The Commander of the National Socialist White People’s Party gets a surprisingly positive reception from students in 1967.

Commander Rockwell’s hypnotizing talk is still relevant today.

I plan to post more Rockwell material here as I find it. The man is clearly well-prepared. The talk mostly focuses on the Jewish problem.

Break out the popcorn and enjoy one hour and eight minutes of truth.

man popcorn gif

Democrat Sheriff on Verge of Impeachment for Racist Remarks Resigns


The hand of a Jew named Kittleman is seen moving the action to impeach a sheriff in Maryland who had the audacity of say some mean things about nonwhites. For example, he used that most unholy of words that it is a mortal sin to say: NIGGER!

Oy vey! Our sheriff is going to find it difficult to ever work again, I’m afraid.

SPLC Hatewatch

The sheriff of one of the wealthiest counties in the United States resigned this week in the face of impeachment threats over a hostile work environment and his racist, sexist and anti-Semitic statements.

James F. Fitzgerald, who has been sheriff of Howard County, Md., since 2006, announced earlier this week he will step down on Saturday, but he has otherwise declined comment.

His resignation was announced shortly after Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, a Republican, joined a chorus of other elected officials and civil rights leaders who condemned Fitzgerald, demanding his removal.

The county’s Office of Human Rights issued a 48-page report last month after its staff investigated and concluded that Fitzgerald, a Democrat, had made remarks insulting the intelligence of black deputies, used racist gestures and often describing African-Americans as “niggers,” The Washington Post reports.

Fitzgerald, who earned $91,000 a year supervising a staff of 69, also allegedly made derogatory, sexist comments about women, along with anti-Semitic comments, calling former county executive Ken Ulman, a fellow Democrat, “little Kenny Jew-boy,” the Post reported.

Immediate after the report was issued last month, Fitzgerald called its findings “humbling, hurtful and disappointing,” but he refused to step down.

Immediately, Howard County Executive Allan H. Kittleman, a Republican, contacted state legislators, asking them to pursue impeachment options. Maryland’s constitution allows its General Assembly to impeach state elected officials, including county sheriffs who are agents of the state.

The human rights investigative report detailing the sheriff’s conduct “shocked many in a community renowned for its inclusiveness and its ‘Choose Civility’ bumper stickers,” the newspaper reported.

Howard County consistently ranks among the wealthiest counties in the nation. Its largest city, Columbia, Md., was founded in the 1960s as a planned community promoting racial tolerance, the Post reported.

The report led to protests demanding the sheriff’s resignation. It was issued just days after Money magazine ranked Columbia as No. 1 in its “Best Place to Live 2016.

Howard County is wealthy because of federal government installations being located there. The Feds are known for doling out high salaries that are difficult to earn in the private sector. The average household income for the county is about $100,000, according to Wikipedia. The area is 25 percent black with other nonwhites making up almost half the population.

When you read stories like this one, you have to wonder who the snitch is that outed the sheriff. There’s also a significant issue about whether GOVERNMENT can punish you for taboo speech spoken while on a government payroll. There are the tattered remnants of a First Amendment left.

happy nigger day

Check Out this 1989 Photo of Trump, Rosa Parks, and Muhammad Ali Receiving Medals for Helping America’s Inner Cities

trump rosa parks ali

Ha! Not until he ran for president was Trump smeared as a racist. In fact, this old photo shows that he will do what he says when he says he will lift up the African-Americans. Hell, he’s already done a lot by creating jobs and revitalizing cities.

I found this on Reddit’s The Donald subreddit. It’s a good source for news updates on the Trump campaign.