“No Muslims” Spray Painted on University Seal in Texas

seal texas tech hsc

The university is in Lubbock Texas.


Crews at the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center were busy Thursday morning cleaning graffiti off of the school seal on 4th Street.

Someone spray painted a message on the seal either last night or early this morning.

Workers had already cleaned most of the paint off by the time our crews arrived, but those who saw it earlier tell us that it read ‘No Muslims’.

The Texas Tech Police Department tells us that the incident is under investigation.

TTUHSC released the following statement Thursday morning:

“It is a sad day at TTUHSC as we awoke to our beloved seal defaced with intolerant language.

Our diverse university family is made up of students, researchers, educators and health care providers who make a positive impact throughout our world.

Such harmful and offensive words truly go against the grain of who we are, as we are here to serve and heal all people.

We will not tolerate such acts, and we are working closely with law enforcement. After authorities investigated the scene, our crew swiftly removed the vandalism.”

The administration’s response reads like unfunny satire, of course. “University family?” My a**. I was a professor. I know the backstabbing, rumor mongering, lying, falsified data, and cover ups that go on in universities, hidden from the public by a criminal-like code of silence.

Whoever took a cheap can of spray paint and caused an uproar is a hero saboteur in my book. Keep it up, guy, whoever you are.

Popular Video: Google’s Self Driving Car is Nearly Road Ready

Google is really going to have to be brought to it’s knees by the diversity police. All the developers of the Google self-driving car are WHITE.

What’s with the racism, Google? Haven’t you heard? Blacks buy cars too. You guys need to put some bling into it. Big old dubs. Lots of chrome. Chrome? OK, you already have chrome, but I mean the bright shiny metal kind.

And Mexicans buy cars. Where’s that classic low rider effect, with the painting of the Virgin Mary on the hood?

You guys need to get the bruthas and the vatos on this project. It’s too white, you nasty racists.

/sarc off

[Note: Tech firms hire primarily white and Asian males, according to surveys. Blacks and Hispanics make up a small fraction of tech employees. The Feds, Sharpton, La Raza are on their ass for real. The problem for tech firms is that few blacks and Hispanics are capable of contributing meaningfully to the industry.]

University Report: A Room Full of White People Is a Microaggression

white college students

The anti-white educational establishment just keeps piling on one turd after another. Here’s the latest fecal dropping, with a few comments from me as we go along.

National Review

According to a new report released by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, just “walking into or sitting in” a classroom full of white people is a microaggression in itself.

“Students of color reported feeling uncomfortable and unwelcomed just walking into or sitting in the classroom, especially if they were the only person of color, or one of a few,” stated the report, which designated the experience a microaggression. “People do not necessarily say I do not belong, but I feel as if I do not when I am in a classroom and I am the one non-White person,” said one student, identified as a Latina female, who is quoted in the report.

The report, titled “Racial Microaggressions,” was based on an online survey of more than 4,800 students of color during the 2011–12 academic year, and it found more than 800 examples of such microaggressions on campus. Now, that may seem like a lot — but it’s important to recognize that this high number could signify the prevalence of a tendency to assume that almost anything is racist rather than the prevalence of racism itself.

Don’t get me wrong — some of the examples are totally unacceptable and definitely racist. One Asian student reported having “been told to go back to running a Laundromat,” and a multiracial student reported that she once “overheard other White students discussing admissions and laughing about how the only reason stupid Mexicans could get into this school was due to affirmative action.” Those things are definitely racist and offensive. There’s no doubt about that.

Stop the presses! I smell a rat.

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“… all the black people:” White Principle Fired for “Racist” Remark in Spite of Massive Groveling

tnt academy georgia gordeuk

On May 10 white principal Nancy Gordeuk was on the knife’s edge, facing a firestorm of criticism for noticing that the rude people at her school’s graduation were black. She called the blacks on their rudeness. The result was a worldwide firestorm of “outrage” directed toward her.

After much groveling and apologies, which never do any good once the civil rights establishment demand your firing and once the media has demonized you, she’s now been fired.

Daily Mail

The Georgia principal who sparked a walkout at her high school’s graduation ceremony with a racist comment has been fired from her job.

Video captured the moment TNT Academy Nancy Gordeuk lost her cool when seniors and their family members ignored her requests to come back into the auditorium after she prematurely ended the ceremony last Friday.

‘Look who’s leaving – all the black people,’ Gordeuk says in the video, prompting most of the remaining students and their parents to get up and leave in disgust.

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Jew Agitator Tim Wise Stirs the Racial Pot


In a long, rambling essay posted on his site on May 5, wealthy professional promoter of diversity Tim Wise rips the white race several new a**holes. Or at least he tries to.

For example, in one passage he insinuates that blacks and whites are morally equivalent because whites riot just like blacks.

Uhhhh, I think not. Whites do not riot for the purpose of getting more free government gibsmedat. Whites who riot do so foolishly and illegally, but no one comes on TV afterward to spend weeks and months justifying white riots.

Indeed, drunken college kids burning cars are roundly condemned, not defended the way black rioters are defended by a**holes like Timmy boy, who by the way lives in a nearly all white neighborhood.

Whites also do not riot for the purpose of looting. Whites do not blame their slavery (indentured servitude) for their riots, although whites might be able to blame John Barleycorn.


We are here because of blood, and mostly that of others; here because of our insatiable and rapacious desire to take by force the land and labor of those others. We are the last people on Earth with a right to ruminate upon the superior morality of peaceful protest. We have never believed in it and rarely practiced it. Rather, we have always taken what we desire, and when denied it we have turned to means utterly genocidal to make it so.

So, we have no right to criticize blacks who engage in illegal behavior. That’s about the depth of the Tim Wise message. It’s thousands of words long, a mile wide, and a millimeter deep.

Mr. Wise makes a ton of money writing this drivel. Jared Taylor owns him when the two have come together to debate.

Outrageous: White Woman Judge Rules that Whites Cannot Sit as Jurors in Trials of Blacks (Surprise Twist)

Judge Colleen Weiland

I’m calling out Judge Colleen Weiland as an anti-white racist.

If, without questioning jurors as to their views on race, you dismiss a white juror as someone unable to render a fair verdict when a black man is on trial for killing his ex-girlfriend, then you Madam Judge are bigoted and biased against white people.

She didn’t just dismiss one. She dismissed one-hundred-eleven white jurors, claiming a black man could not get a fair trial from whites.

Daily Mail

An Iowa judge has dismissed a 112-member jury pool after determining that a black man charged with murder couldn’t get a fair trial when all but one potential juror is white.

Tyrone Washington Jr., 41, of Northwood is accused in the August 2013 stabbing death of his ex-girlfriend, 30-year-old Justina Smith, the Globe Gazette reported.

Defense attorney Charles Kenville requested to have the entire jury pool stricken, and District Judge Colleen Weiland on Tuesday granted his motion.

The county in this case is 5 percent black. Granting proportional representation in the jury pool would mean that 5 or 6 blacks should have been present.

But that assumes that blacks will show up when called for jury duty, a doubtful assumption.

So, what the f*ck is going on? I did some investigating.

Here’s a link to the funeral of the victim: Globe Gazette

And here’s her picture:

justina smith

The victim was a mudshark, done in as so many are by their Negro ex-boyfriends. And just so you know what the filthy beast who killed her looks like:


Once you’ve gone black, you won’t be back.

Among the living that is.