Bantu Represented by Jewgaboo Lawyer Suing Ex-Employer Over Alleged Frightening KKK Hood

washington and bloom

alleged kkk hood

There’s always a Jew lawyer ready to sue at the drop of a single Negro tear resulting from some Negro butthurt.

Butthurt Isiah Washington saw the chance to play the race card and score some ready cash.

Daily Mail

An African American factory worker, who believes he was fired in retaliation for reporting what he believed was a shocking workplace incident, is now suing his former employer for racial discrimination.

Isiah Washington, 27, claims his former employer Sierra Aluminum Company in Riverside, California discriminated against him last April when he says he was targeted by racist colleagues who hung a Ku Klux Klan ‘hood’ above his workstation.

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Toyota to Pay $21 Million to Blacks and Asians to Settle Discrimination Lawsuit Brought by Feds

feels bad man

How much dealer markup on a car loan interest rate can a Toyota dealer charge?

The answer is apparently none, if the car buyers are blacks and Asians. The Feds say they got the shaft along with the driveshaft.

Hey, where are the Hispanics? With Toyota allegedly discriminating against the bruthas and the Asians, surely the Latinos would be discriminated against too? Unless there was no discrimination, just the free market determining credit risk.

Excerpt from the Los Angeles Times

Toyota’s financing arm will pay as much as $21.9 million to black and Asian borrowers who paid more for auto loans than whites, settling allegations of discrimination by federal regulators.

Toyota Motor Credit Corp. in Torrance had been under investigation by the Department of Justice and the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau since 2013. It had been targeted as part of a broad probe into auto lending practices that has led to similar settlements with other major auto credit companies.

The agencies didn’t find that Toyota Motor Credit discriminated directly, but rather that the automaker’s dealerships increased interest rates more for black and Asian borrowers than for whites.

Lenders like Toyota Motor Credit offer a base rate for buyers based on their credit-worthiness. Dealerships then are allowed to tack on additional interest — known as a dealer markup.

Regulators didn’t take issue with the markups themselves, but rather that dealerships added extra interest to loans for black and Asian borrowers.

Investigators found that black borrowers paid 0.27 percentage point more for loans than whites with similar loans and credit histories. Asian borrowers paid 0.18 percentage point more.

The extra interest meant that black borrowers, on average, paid as much as $200 extra over the course of their loans, while Asian borrowers paid $100 extra. It’s not clear how many borrowers were affected, but the size of the settlement implies more than 100,000 borrowers.

Toyota sells millions of cars a year but 100,000 snowflakes who are poor negotiators pay a few bucks extra in interest charges? Sorry, but no sympathy here. The Feds don’t have enough to do if they’re concerned with trivial crap like this. Besides, blacks are lucky to be able to get any credit at all, what with their reputation for ignoring “muh billz.”

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“NIGGER!” Libturd Students Rally Over Allegations that Colored Women were Attacked by White People Shouting Racial Slurs

nigger head

Most of the time when nonwhite students in Marxist colleges claim to have been attacked for no reason by whites, the story doesn’t hold up.

There are two possibilities:

1. The white attack didn’t happen. It’s a hoax.

2. The whites were responding to TNB-=Typical Negro Behavior, which could include ooking and eeking, muh dikking, or simply loud, insulting, disruptive behavior by the colored folks.

No matter. Pussified university administrators will always solemnly intone heavy statements about how racist white culture is destroying the poor black youth of America. These administrators go looking for scapegoats to punish, usually by expelling them from school.

So, blacks get to shit all over white students and when whites fire back with “nigger,” there go the white students out the door. Which, of course, encourages homo erectus to even worse behavior next time.

Excerpt from the Washington Post

Students are planning to rally Monday afternoon to protest an alleged attack on three black students at University at Albany State University of New York by a group of white people.

Three women called campus police shortly after 1 a.m. Saturday and said they had been attacked by a group of 10 to 12 white men and women on a bus who shouted racial slurs. The initial call came from a dorm, and campus and city police are jointly investigating what happened and where, said Steve Smith, a spokesperson for the Albany Police Department.

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‘What if your daughter married a Muslim?’ New poll shocks France


But, but, but … diversity is our strength. Isn’t that what our leaders tell us?

Dosn’t every Euro father want to see his daughter and granddaughter in a burka?

Uh, no.

Excerpt from

Are there too many Jews in France? How would you react if your daughter married a Muslim? These are some of the opinions sought by a poll on racism in France published Sunday that has caused as much of a stir for its questions as its answers.

Published in French weekly Le Journal Du Dimanche, the survey is billed as a “an investigation that’s out of the ordinary, in nature and in scope” – an 18-month study on French attitudes to racism, religion, anti-Semitism and Islamophobia, specifically questioning Muslims and Jews as well as the general population.

At a time when France is still struggling to come to terms with the impact of two major terror attacks – on Charlie Hebdo and a Jewish grocery store in January last year and November’s shootings and suicide bombings across Paris – the results of the poll carried out by Ipsos and commissioned by the French Judaism Foundation paint a picture of prejudice, suspicion and division.

To the question “Do you think a racist reaction can be justified”, 30 percent said yes, some 91 percent of people said that Jews in France “are very insular” and 56 percent that they “have a lot of power”.

Nearly a quarter (23 percent) said they had witnessed violence or aggressive behaviour towards someone because of their religion, while 54 percent believe that immigration does not benefit France.

‘Have you ever been assaulted by a Muslim?’

But it is the provocative line of questioning that has garnered the most attention from commentators.

Questions asking people if there are too many Jews in France (13 percent said yes, rising to 18 percent among Muslims) and how they would react if their daughter married a Muslim (56 percent said they would react “badly”) were blasted on social media for being unnecessarily inflammatory and divisive.

But the sternest criticism was sparked by a question that asked people if they have “ever personally encountered problems” such as being insulted or assaulted by a range of different religious and ethnic groups, including Roma, Muslims, Jews, people from the Maghreb and those from sub-Saharan Africa.

Angered Twitter users, including several French politicians from both the left and right, claimed that the question not only inappropriately conflates ethnicity with religion, but also asks people to make assumptions about the beliefs and origins of others.

“How can you publish such a poll? Being Muslim, Jewish or Catholic is not a “type of person”, it’s a belief!” tweeted, Gérald Darmanin, a lawmaker from the centre-right political party Les Républicains (formerly UMP).

Alexis Corbière, national secretary of the far-left Parti de Gauche political party called the survey “shameful”.

Another Twitter user asked: “How does that work? After being insulted / assaulted by someone, we ask for their religion?”

“I want to vomit,” said another.

Others went as far as to suggest that Ipsos and Le Journal du Dimanche may have broken French law, which bans collecting statistics on citizens’ ethnic and religious backgrounds.

I’m reminded of the old expression, “Familiarity breeds contempt.” Note that the left seeks to suppress data on how many people have had run-ins with nonwhites. Another old expression, “The truth hurts.”

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This is NOT a Joke: Finland TV Teaches Women How to Stop A Finnish Man From Raping Her

Watch perhaps the stupidest video ever made.

Here we have an insult to Finnish women and to Finnish men. If Finland is like the rest of Europe, the man who does the raping is going to be a “refugee.” And he will be traveling in a pack with a large group of allahu snackbars.

Furthermore, he may have a knife or an illegally acquired gun. Meanwhile, the Finnish woman is supposed to follow the ludicrous example given in the video.

Finland, arm your women and teach them how to shoot.

Some pepper spray laced with bacon might not be a bad idea either.

San Francisco students suspended over race-themed party

st ignatious

White teens who dress in the “thug” style generally deserve no sympathy. Mimicing black “culture” (what a misnomer) is a vile act of racial treason. It’s also tacky and tasteless.

But when an adult school president kicks you out of school for dressing in this manner at an off campus “wigga” hip hop party, while claiming you’re a racist for doing so, turns the world upside down.

Yahoo News

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Fourteen students from a mostly white Catholic high school in San Francisco have been suspended for attending an outdoor weekend party where young people wore clothes meant to mimic a style associated with urban black culture, the school’s president said Thursday.

The Rev. Edwin Harris, president of St. Ignatius College Preparatory High School, told parents in a letter that the gathering held Saturday at a large city park called Sigmund Stern Grove “appropriated pervasive negative stereotypes” and carried “racial overtones and racist implications.”

“Regardless of the intent of those who participated, their actions had an adverse effect on the community and on them,” Harris said. “We categorically condemn this gathering as it does not represent the Ignatian values or ideals that our school stands for.”

Harris did not elaborate on what students wore and did at the event. But St. Ignatius Principal Patrick Ruff told the San Francisco Chronicle ( ) it was billed as a party for white people who emulate the language, gestures and dress popularized by rap and hip-hop videos.

“It’s disheartening and incredibly sad this type of thing exists not just for SI, but for the entire city,” Ruff told the newspaper.

A similar event during a Minnesota high school’s homecoming week celebration in 2009 led a former student to file a federal civil rights lawsuit against the Red Wing School District. The school board settled the lawsuit for $90,000 in 2012.

The party last weekend in San Francisco drew teenagers from several schools and was not organized by St. Ignatius students, Harris said. School administrators learned about it Tuesday from students who had seen photos on social media, he said.

The suspended St. Ignatius students will be required to meet with members of the school’s Black Student Union, and administrators are planning a school-wide assembly to discuss diversity, Harris said.

Talk about an overreaction! The message to white students is clear. Never offend a black person. Because if you do, we the establishment, will destroy you.

Parents should not allow their children to be intimidated into Negro worship. File a lawsuit against the turd lovers who run the school, muh parents. Unless you want to see your children enslaved by political correctness run amok.

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British PM David Cameron is Upset that Blacks are Sent to Prison For Criminal Acts–Demands Investigation

David Lammy Criminal Justice Speech

What an incredible mystery! One worthy of Sherlock Holmes.

It turns out that a significant proportion of Britain’s African population is in prison for some mysterious reason.

It must be because white police officers are framing them for crimes they didn’t commit. Right?

The Government has launched a major review into racial discrimination in the criminal justice system.

The Prime Minister has asked David Lammy, a former barrister and Labour MP for Tottenham, to head up the crucial investigation into why there is such a disproportionate number of black and minority ethnic (BAME) people serving custodial sentences.

‘If you’re black, you’re more likely to be in a prison cell than studying at a top university,’ David Cameron wrote in the Sunday Times.

Heh, heh. So, it’s the white man’s fault that blacks are in prison instead of in universities. I call it a natural sorting process. The average black has an IQ 15 points lower than the average white person. Blacks do not belong in universities, at least not very many of them.

If British prisons were filled with innocent colored people, then my white sense of justice would demand they be released. But we have an old saying in America: If you can’t do the the time, don’t do the crime.

Separately, announcing the review, he added: ‘It’s disgraceful that if you’re black, it seems you’re more likely to be sentenced to custody for a crime than if you’re white.

‘We should investigate why this is and how we can end this possible discrimination.’

According to the Equality and Human Rights Commission, there is now a greater disproportionality in the number of black people in UK prisons than in the US.

LOL. Blacks are the same everywhere. British blacks are as prone to a thug lifestyle as American blacks, it seems.

Some “racist” facts from the article:

BAME people make up around 28 per cent of prisoners, but only 14 per cent of the wider population of England and Wales.

The greatest disparity is with black Britons – 10 per cent of prisoners are black, whilst the group only represent 2.8 per cent of the general population.

Asians make up six per cent of the national prison population.

Black prisoners account for the largest number of minority ethnic prisoners – 49 per cent.

A disproportionate amount of BAME people are crown court defendants – 24 per cent.

BAME defendants who are found guilty are more likely to receive custodial sentences than white offenders – 61 per cent, as opposed to 56 per cent.

crying white man gif

Britons should demand that the investigation stop and the deportations to Africa and the Caribbean begin. Until Briton is free of nonwhites, crime will continue and grow worse.