New York, Boston, Washington, Seattle, Denver: What These Live Tweets With Pictures of Protesters Show

First, scroll through five tweets with pictures of demonstrations in five major US cities. I have a brief comment at the end.

I pulled these tweets from links provided by These cities dominated their coverage of the Wedsnesday evening, April 28, 2015 protests against the police, or for the Baltimore rioters, or whatever the protests were intended to mean.

What I don’t see are massive numbers of protesters. A few hundred in Boston. A hundred, allegedly, in Denver. And note that the average citizen in liberal Seattle was not happy with getting stuck in a traffic jam caused by the protests.

There’s always the smell of approval in news reporting of leftist protests, I’ve noticed. It’s not explicit, but you get the impression that leftist protests are representative of America.

These tweeted pictures show that small numbers of leftist protesters can lead the evening news and push out a leftist message that is far from the whole truth.

They and the media have a nice little game going.

Reject their half truths and distorted truths. Leftist protesters want to create a bandwagon effect, getting everyone who lacks an ability to discriminate on board.

If you’re reading this, you have an ability to discriminate. You know the national media is propagandizing you.

Spread the word. A few thousand lefties on the streets nationwide are not much of a story. Neither are their false claims intended to bully whites into giving in to their ridiculous demands.

Doomsday: Demented Witch Hillary to Call for Ending Imprisonment of Blacks


Hillary Clinton’s call for ending the imprisonment of blacks is the lead story on the Huffington Post this morning. It was just posted so we don’t have all the details yet.

Nonetheless, perceptive Americans have seen it coming for the last year or two. White racism puts blacks in prison, so the feds need to empty the prisons of the black victims of that racism, doing it in the name of social justice. That’s the liberal way of thinking, anyway.

The witch’s proposals are going to be dissected for a long time by conservatives and race realists. There’s little doubt that when you remove crimes off the books, you get less of those crimes.

But logic will tell you that you’ll get more of the crimes that remain on the books.

Rudy Giuliani proved that major crimes decline when you rigorously enforce the laws against little crimes.

Pandering to the black voter, Hillary is flipping the script, going in the exact opposite direction of Giuliani.

Huffinton Post

Hillary Clinton will deliver a major speech on criminal justice reform Wednesday, calling for fundamental changes to how the United States punishes its citizens and an end to a system that disproportionately targets black men.

Clinton is scheduled to keynote the 18th Annual David N. Dinkins Leadership and Public Policy Forum at Columbia University Wednesday morning. It will be her most significant policy address since she launched her 2016 presidential bid this month.

Clinton will lay out her vision for criminal justice reform, centering around an “end to the era of mass incarceration,” according to an aide who provided a preview of her remarks. Those changes include addressing probation and drug diversion programs, increasing support for mental health and drug treatment and pursuing alternative punishments for low-level offenders.

She also will call for body cameras for every police department in order to increase transparency and accountability in a way that benefits both officers and members of the public.

In a December speech to the Massachusetts Conference for Women, Clinton said the country needed to look at “hard truths” about racial injustice in the current system.

Clinton will revive that theme on Wednesday, saying black men are far more likely than whites to be targeted by police and slapped with longer prison sentences.

Yep, sending black gang bangers to headshrinkers will solve our problems. The same way that hubby Bill’s midnight basketball fixed everything.

black against fire

Viral Video: Black Youth from Baltimore Calls Rioters “Niggers,” “F*cking Monkeys”


The gap between the way whites and blacks see things is a yawning chasm that cannot be explained away or papered over.

Thousands of years creating Western civilization has given the white race a very different perspective than that of a race which has always lived in mud huts.

Take this black woman who commented on the video below, for example:

okay… so white people can fucking riot over a pumpkin. but we cant have rage because our people are dropping like flies in the hands of cops..?
there were an actual peaceful protest that high schoolers organized & cops came out in full swat uniform & pushed them off the street. like how is that okay?when kkk members march through neighborhoods police protects them. go figure.

The key words are “our people.” She sees everything as an us vs them scenario. I don’t mind an us vs them mentality. In fact, whites should adopt it the same as blacks have.

The issue is what behaviors are going to be tolerated in an America ruled by nonwhites, such as the likes of Obama?

Another comment from a black man:

what? do you understand that he’s in the middle of this? He lives in Baltimore city. He’s not on the outside looking in. I agree with him wholeheartedly. There is no way you can act like the riots aren’t happening. Destroying your own community DOES NOT help anything. If anything, it makes others feel that the police are justified in their brutality. All of the positive protests have been overshadowed by violence.

The key words are “police brutality.” In most of these cases I have seen no police brutality. I have seen stupid black males bring on their own deaths. Mike Brown is a strong case in point.

Every citizen is required by law to obey the lawful commands of a police officer. If the white cops are such white supremacists why aren’t they gunning down Mexicans, Asian, brown migrants, and any other nonwhites? It couldn’t be because only blacks fail to obey lawful orders, could it?

And now for a black youth in Baltimore speaking against rioting. But isn’t it amazing that someone who speaks against violence is now seen as a hero?

Pro-White Mark Weber: “Looking Ahead In An Age of Darkness” Talks About the Death of the White Race, Third World America (video)

mark weber

Egalitarians prosper. Witness that vile piece of sh*t liar Hillary Clinton. Truth tellers, meanwhile, struggle. But lies as the foundation for a society cannot prevail in the long run.

These are among the messages of Mark Weber in the video below.

I was an academic for three decades. Even I find historian Mark Weber boring. But boring does not mean worthless. What he has to say is very worthwhile. He’s just not a dynamic speaker.

The Jewish establishment has declared Mark Weber to be an enemy of their people. They don’t want him to even be able to book a hotel room so he can speak at conferences attended by eggheads.

There are no Nazi uniforms here, just truthful information. And Jews are more afraid of the truth than a skinhead with a swastika tattoo.

Jewish News

Jewish groups have asked hotels to exercise diligence when taking bookings, after a meeting of the world’s foremost Nazi sympathisers and Holocaust deniers took place at the Grosvenor Hotel in Victoria earlier this month.

The ‘London Forum’ event, held on Saturday 11 April and reported this weekend, saw fascists from Britain, Spain and North America come to the UK to spout “vile anti-Semitism,” according to security chiefs.

Historian Mark Webber is infamous for his holocaust revisionism and denial

Using a booking made online under the name of Carlyle Group, historians and activists – some of whom had links to the National Front and the British National Party – lined up to discuss anti-Semitic topics such as “Jewish-Zionist domination”.

Dave Rich, a spokesman for the Community Security Trust, said: “The vile anti-Semitism that was heard at this meeting should be of concern to everybody. We understand that the venue was unaware of the nature of this meeting when they took the booking, but we hope that more diligent checks would be made in future.”

Jonathan Arkush, vice-president of the Board of Deputies, said: “The material from this white supremacist group makes ugly reading… On the face of it, their proceedings should be investigated to ascertain whether criminal offences have been committed, including incitement to racial hatred.”

A description of a Mark Weber video, not from the London conference, but from one in Stockholm, Sweden:

Published on Apr 21, 2015
On the 18th of April, 2015, Logik Förlag in cooperation with Counter-Currents Publishing hosted a number of lectures and a book release in the city of Stockholm.

This particular speach was held by Mark Weber, historian and director of the Institute for Historical Review.

And the video, where Mark’s bottom line is that egalitarianism is a lie and a society built on lies cannot survive:

They Went to Watch A Baseball Game Yesterday and Then This …

baseball baltimore

“Two people were hurt in the mayhem and at least a dozen were arrested. The problems happened near Camden Yards, where the Baltimore Orioles game against the Boston Red Sox went on as scheduled, only fans were told toward the end of the game to stay in the stadium because of public safety worries. Before the game, demonstrators fought with fans at a bar.”

Source: imgur

Discussion: reddit

Jewish Fraternity Members Spit on Disabled American Veterans

zbt florida

Usually, rowdy, drunk frat boys confine their obnoxious, illegal behaviors to other equally drunk and rowdy youths.

Not in this case. Disabled American veterans attending a retreat were the victims. Also, the frat boys were Jewish, a group not exactly associated with street rowdiness.

Sons of the power elites expressing their racially superior views by spitting on the goyim?

No criminal charges have been filed against any of the perps. I suppose that might be called “Jewish privilege.”


GAINESVILLE, Fla. (AP) — The University of Florida suspended one of its fraternities on Friday after allegations that its members hurled drunken insults and spat at a group of disabled military veterans at a Panama City Beach resort.

The school said on Friday that it is charging the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity with obscene behavior, public intoxication, theft, causing physical or other harm, and damage to property.

The suspension came after the fraternity had already suspended operations itself and expelled three of its members after finding they had behaved inappropriately.

The situation occurred while the fraternity and veterans with the Warrior Beach Retreat were at the Laketown Wharf Resort last weekend. The veterans were there for an annual retreat meant to honor their service, and the fraternity had a social function.

Linda Cope, founder of the warrior group, says the frat members were extremely drunk, and were urinating on flags and verbally abusive.

Zeta Beta Tau’s Florida chapter has 128 active members. The organization was founded in New York City in 1898 as a fraternity for Jewish students, who at the time weren’t allowed in fraternities.

Shouldn’t this incident be investigated as a hate crime? If a group of white students had spit on a group of black veterans, it would be a national crisis. How about for once Jewish privilege be set aside.