Liberal Social Justice Warrior Claims He Put “Whites Only” Stickers on Businesses in Austin

Take a look at the poster boy for “libturd,” then watch his video. Does he seem insane? He sure does to me.

The Pundit Press

It turns out that the person who has been posting “whites only” stickers around Austin, Texas is actually a liberal “social justice warrior” looking to bring attention to the racism of whites.

These stickers had been posted around stores in Austin:


For days no one knew who had posted them and why could only be speculated.

The answer has been solved today: the stickers were posted by Austin lawyer Adam Reposa who did it to point out the “gentrification” of Austin and the displacement of minorities.


They’re getting pushed out, and pretty quick. This area of town is turning into white’s only,” Reposa said in a video uploaded to YouTube. “Not by law like it used to be, and everyone’s going to jump on, ‘that’s racist!’ ‘that’s racist!’ Man, this town, the way shit works is racist!

“And I knew I could just bait all of y’all into being as stupid as you are. Just allowing the issue to be framed in the most simple way: ‘oh, he said an offensive term. Let’s not worry about the actual condition of the way things are. Let’s worry about an offensive term. And that’s how they got it! They got it sewed up.”

He continued, “And they got this poor girl coming out here talkin’ ’bout, ‘it hurt my feelings!’ Man, who cares about your feelings, man? Seriously?”

“I don’t give a f*ck,” he added.

You can see the video below:

Since lawyer Reposa repeatedly says he doesn’t give a f***, then Mr. Policeman, do your duty: Arrest him for criminal vandalism and illegal use of the city’s seal. And you Texas lawyers out there: Disbar him. Permanently.

Bloody Horror at New Orleans Airport as BLACK MAN With Machete and Explosives Attacks TSA Agent

richard white new orl

By now, the worldwide media has had its say on the bizarre wasp spray/machete attack Friday night at the New Orleans airport.

The lone attacker, Richard White, pictured above is not white, but rather black. Which brings me to a relevant point.

First news reports gave the name and age of the attacker, Richard White, age 63. Why not also state the race of those involved in crimes? Race is often relevant in determining the motive for many crimes. The persons targeted by White are in fact white, which suggests a hate crime motive.

Immediate speculation on forums claimed that the attacker was a disgruntled white man, a racist, right wing dissident who spent his life watching Fox News. It’s amazing how quickly libturds swing into action and begin leaving comments of this type to try to further their agenda of hate toward Christians, conservatives, and all white people not part of their rainbow family .

Working against that speculation was the fact that the attacker used a machete, a weapon that white men don’t use in my experience. Also working against that speculation was the incompetence shown. White men who decide to take on the System are usually able to draw blood. White did no major damage to anyone with his machete tricks.

White sprayed a TSA officer with a can of wasp spray, breached a security checkpoint and sprayed a second TSA agent in the face, then struck another agent with a machete. At one point, a TSA officer defended himself by using a piece of luggage.

A chase ensued, with White pursuing that agent. The officer called for assistance, and another officer fired three times, striking White in the chest, the thigh and the face.

A bystander suffered a graze wound to the arm. Normand said a few others sustained minor wounds in the chaos.

White was taken to a hospital and was unresponsive.

The TSA officer attacked with the machete was being treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

Normand said White had no significant criminal history and has worked as a taxi driver in New Orleans.

“We don’t know what the motivation is,” Normand said. “It is still early. We’re still running that out to try to determine anything about this particular individual.”

Detectives were still interviewing witnesses, Normand added.

While the police have not identified a motive, the press, showing great eagerness to move on from a politically incorrect story, are calling the perp mentally ill.

Thus, we have a sorting process in the press. When blacks commit crimes involving whites, they are always mentally ill, at least according to the press. The mentally ill black man deserves sympathy, again according to them. But a white man committing acts such as this one are always evil right wing racists deserving of no sympathy.

If Mr. White was an anti-white black supremacist, I expect we’ll hear little of the truth from the press. Their job today is to suppress truths at odd with the cultural Marxist egalitarian agenda that paints all blacks as victims and all whites as racists.

Meanwhile, the police are reporting that White had a bag full of molotov cocktails, explosive devices that could have resulted in fires and explosions that might have killed hundreds.

If Mr. White was incompetent, he sure wasn’t unprepared.

richard wright dead

Daily Stormer Shows How to Sabotage Starbucks Anti-White #racetogether Campaign


starbucks cup

Please scroll down after reading this post and be sure to read the post showing the highly offensive and obnoxious questionnaire that Starbucks is passing out to customers.

We have a chance to score a big victory over political correctness. Carpe Diem. Seize the Day. Hail Victory!

Daily Stormer

Do you work at Starbucks? Chances are that at least some of our readers do, as these stores are ubiquitous across the Jewnited States. If so, here’s what you need to do.

You know the coffee cups where you’re supposed to write about race relations on, with the #RaceTogether hashtag? You need to write redpilling facts on those cups.

Here are some ideas for things you can write:
* Asians have to score 300 points higher than blacks on the SAT to be considered for the same schools. #racetogether

* Starbucks and almost all other huge corporations are owned by ethnic Jews. Why do we never hear about “Jewish privilege”? #racetogether

* Blacks are 21x more likely to be killed by another black than by police. #racetogether

* Ashkenazi Jews are the wealthiest ethnic group in the world. Why do we never hear about “Jewish privilege”? #racetogether

* Research by the Home Office suggests that the more ethnically diverse an area is, the less people are likely to trust each other. #racetogether

* The 1% is 99% Jewish. #racetogether

* A sample of 68 cases found that 86% of men in Britain convicted of sex crimes against children are of Pakistani origin. #racetogether

* Daren Wilson was found innocent of any wrongdoing, but Ferguson still burned. #racetogether

* The owners of the “big six” media companies – Disney, News Corp., GE, CBS, Viacom, and Time Warner – are all ethnic Jews. #racetogether

* Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky, and 85% of the early government of the USSR and other communist countries were ethnic Jews. #racetogether

* In Israel, blacks are forcibly sterilized and treated like animals. #racetogether

* Almost all of the people behind the trans-Atlantic slave trade were ethnic Jews. Why do we never hear about this? #racetogether

* Starbucks is owned by Howard Schultz, an ethnic Jew. Why do we never hear about the wealth and privilege that ethnic Jews have? #racetogether

* We’re happy to lecture you about racism, but we’re not going to open up a store in Ferguson. #racetogether

Remember, White man: the Jews cannot defeat facts. We do not have “conspiracy theories”. What we have are facts, and facts speak for themselves. Facts are the easiest way to wake up the masses, which is why the Jews are so desperate to control the Internet, which is the only form of media which they do not yet have total control over.
If you work at Starbucks, then you owe it yourself – and to your kin – to take full advantage of this new #RaceTogether campaign in order to spread racial awareness.

You have nothing to lose but your chains, White man.

Hail Victory.

Editor’s Note: It is also a good idea for people to go in Starbucks and get a coffee (drip coffee should only be $2), and confront the baristias with the above facts. If possible, record it with your phone or have a friend do so, and put it up on YouTube. Send me the link and you will absolutely be featured as a top story here. -AA

Here We Go Again: Media Insinuating Black Man Found Hanged in Mississippi Was Victim of Racist Lynching


The Negro male found hanged in the woods near his home (above) in Mississippi earlier this week has kicked off another media campaign insinuating that every black person found dead has been a victim of the KKK or other anti-black organization.

They’re trying to do what they did with St Trayvon and St. Mike Brown, which is stir up more black violence against whites. It’s not working very well for them, however. There’s no evidence the black man was lynched. The circumstances suggest suicide. Remember, Robin Williams killed himself (allegedly) by hanging himself. People do hang themselves, you know.

The twist to this case is that the dead man had been in prison from 1980 to 2006 for killing a white man. Perhaps some white person really did give him the death sentence he should have gotten for the murder. But most likely not. In any case, by the time that the suicide verdict comes out, millions of blacks will be convinced by the media that the dead man was hanged by a lynch mob.

By the way, if you should decide to hang yourself, don’t expect to get this much attention. Unless you’re black.

otis byrd

New York Times

PORT GIBSON, Miss. — Approximately 30 federal, state and local law enforcement agents have descended upon this small Southern town to investigate the death of a black man whose body was found hanging from a tree. But two federal law enforcement officials said Friday that preliminary indications suggested that the man might have committed suicide, and the local sheriff said that there was no indication that racism had played a role.

“I don’t have any reason to even think that,” said the Claiborne County sheriff, Marvin Lucas, an African-American who was recently president of the local N.A.A.C.P. branch.

But officials emphasized on Friday that it was too early draw definitive conclusions about the cause of death of the man, Otis James Byrd, 54, a Claiborne County resident who had been missing since March 2. State wildlife agents who were participating in a search for Mr. Byrd found his badly decomposed body hanging from a tree in the woods near his home just outside town on Thursday morning.

hanging area otis byrd

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Starbucks Passes Out Anti-White Questionnaire to Customers as Part of Anti-Racism Campaign

starbucks questionaire

Downtrend has posted a story about the hostile to whites Starbucks Questionnaire, while it’s getting coverage over at American Renaissance too.

White Americans ought to be offended with this piece of tripe, but given the liberal bent of Starbucks customers, I don’t hold out much hope.

My answers to Starbucks, after a friendly “F*ck you, Howard,” to Howard Schutlz, the founder and CEO.

1. Zero.
2. Zero.
3. No children, not applicable.
4. Several, this is south Texas, highly Mexicanized.
5. Shopping, as most cashiers are Mexicans here.
6. Do not do Zuck the F*ck’s website.
7. Zero.
8. Zero, unless you count the complex’s maintenance guy.
9. Not applicable.
10. Zero.

Q1. My parents were race realists. My mother was attacked by a black as a child and learned about them by experience.

Q2. No childhood friends other than white children.

Q3. America’s biggest race problem revolves around repatriation of all nonwhites to their homelands.

What gives a business the right to intrude on a customer’s privacy in this manner? Are politcally correct answers worth a free coffee?

I think I know the problem. Remember who is responsible for this nonesense.


Awkward: CBS Talking Head Accuses Radio Host Of Being White And Co-Opting Black Culture: “I’m Actually Black”



Being white and being around blacks is like walking on eggshells. You never know what you’ll be accused of.

Black CBS contributor Nancy Giles assumed Jay Smooth was white. She then leveled the old “cultural appropriation” accusation at him, thinking he’s a wigger. He called her on her racism for ASSUMING he’s white.

What a clusterfreak of diversity and butthurt the USA has become. I just want out.

The Daily Sheeple

CBS Contributor Nancy Giles joined radio hip-hop DJ Jay Smooth to discuss the new Starbucks #RaceTogether campaign. After several minutes of discussing race relations in modern day America CBS showed a clip of Jay Smooth in which a rap instrumental was playing in the background and he said that it’s time we hold people accountable for their words and actions. In the video Jay, who is fair-skinned, used a vernacular often associated with African Americans.

Giles, who remained respectful during the entire discussion, apparently suggested that he was co-opting black culture to get his point across.

The conversation got a little awkward considering it was about making assumptions based on race… and the fact that Jay Smooth is actually African American, and not white, as Nancy Giles assumed:

Nancy Giles: I can’t not tease Jay about the kind of, like, brotha way he was trying to talk… and you know, like, with the rap music in the background… and being down with the people

Jay Smooth: Well, I’m a rap guy.

Nancy Giles: I know, it’s another interesting, funny thing about race. There would be some people that feel that you co-opted something like that… and there would be other people who feel like that’s his background and that’s cool… it’s really interesting.

Jay Smooth: It’s also interesting because I’m actually black, which you assumed otherwise… and this is the sort of awkwardness we can look forward to in Starbucks across America.

Black Privilege: Virginia Governor Calls for Investigation of Arrest of Black UVA Student by White Officer


Well, let us brace ourselves America. We have another racist white cop (aren’t all white cops violent racists?) who has drawn the sacred blood our new God, the black man.

Let us march. Let us pray. Let us block traffic. Let us burn down the f*cking hood. Let us hold a candlelight vigil. Let us hold “teach ins” showing students in every class room in America why the police forces must be done away with. Let us cue the entry of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Let us welcome a movie made by Oprah telling the story of Martese’s encounter with racism. Let us erect monuments to Martese Johnson, the new Rosa Parks.

But most of all let us grovel and repeatedly apologize for a system of law that does not understand the black man. Then, my fellow white citizens, let us offer up a sacrifice to the God. Let there be a thousand white women raped in retaliation. Let there be a dozen elderly whites assassinated by our black Gods.

Remember: ONLY black lives matter.

oprah crying

NBC Washington

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe Wednesday called for an investigation into the arrest of a University of Virginia student shown bloody faced on the ground next to an officer in a photo that’s gone viral on social media.

Charlottesville General District Court records show that 20-year-old Martese Johnson was charged with obstruction of justice without force and public swearing or intoxication, both misdemeanors.

Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control agents observed as a licensed establishment in The Corner, a social hub near the U.Va. campus, refused him entry about 12:45 a.m. Wednesday. According to ABC, the agents decided to detain Johnson after questioning him.

“Just before handcuffing him, police took Martese to the ground, striking his head on the pavement and causing him to bleed profusely from the gash on his head,” said Johnson’s attorneMr. Watkins said. “This morning he received ten stitches at the University of Virginia Medical Center. Fortunately, Martese’s physical wounds are beginning to heal.”

The agent who made the arrest, listed in court records as J. Miller, said in the arrest report that Johnson “was very agitated and belligerent.”

An email to the U.Va. community signed “Concerned Black Students” claims the arrest of Johnson was unprovoked. It includes a photo of Johnson on the ground with blood covering his face and an officer kneeling next to him with his hands on Johnson.

The pictured officer’s involvement in the incident is unknown at this time.

McAuliffe’s office issued a statement asking state police to investigate the arrest.

“Governor McAuliffe is concerned by the reports of this incident and has asked the Secretary of Public Safety to initiate an independent Virginia State Police investigation into the use of force in this matter,” the statement reads. “The Governor’s office has been in contact with University of Virginia President Teresa Sullivan and local law enforcement and will continue to monitor this situation closely as the investigation proceeds.”

ABC said it will provide any assistance state police need in the investigation. The special agents involved are restricted to administrative duties during the investigation.

Johnson, a third-year student, is double-majoring in Italian and media studies. He is vice chair for Community Relations of the Honor Committee, vice polemarch of the Eta Sigma chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi and a chair of the Leadership Development Committee of the Black Student Alliance.

Watkins described him as “absolutely devastated” by the incident.

A march from the Rotunda on campus to the police station was planned for 8 p.m. ET Wednesday. The hashtag #JusticeForMartese is trending on Twitter in Washington.