Stormfront Down Sunday Night

After working on my moving project since early this morning, I came about 6 p.m. to do a few posts while sitting on the patio at the public library. It warmed up to 71 degrees today, so this is not the same as posting when the temp is in the 50s or lower.

When I tried accessing Stormfront, I got a 404 error message.

There’s no news I can find relating to Stormfront being taken off the Internet since the episode last August.

Maybe there’s a technical glitch with Stormfront’s servers. If anyone has an information, please share.

Air Force Academy First Sergeant Admonished over “microaggressions” in E-mail on Importance of Good Grooming


An Air Force first sergeant held up Michael Jordan as a role model for all cadets.

Somehow blacks (I assume it was blacks) and higher ups in the Air Force considered this a racist “microaggression.”

Who even uses that word except for libtard morons!

There’s a survey at the source site for this post, asking whether the first sergeant was out of line. 91 percent voted that the Air Force is too politically correct.

Air Force Times

The first sergeant of the Air Force Academy’s cadet wing sent an email on cadet grooming standards Wednesday that included racially tinged language, prompting a rebuke from academy leadership.

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Arizona High School Students Who Formed Human Swastika are Being Punished

Presumably, a group of male students were making a political statement when they formed the human swastika pictured above.

It may simply be a case of Generation Z rejecting political correctness, which has reached epic proportions.

Or, it may be a case of expressing contempt for Jews.

Their identities and motivation remain a mystey.


PARADISE VALLEY, AZ – A handful of students at Paradise Valley High School are being disciplined after they were photographed lying on the ground in the formation of a swastika symbol.

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Majority White California High School Bans “racist” American National Anthem

Maybe the white kids should learn Spanish and how to sing the Mexican national anthem. These stupid morons are going to live in a Mexican culture, so get to it.

The virtue signaling little turds and turdettes should be reined in by adults.

A TV news report on the school is embedded at the bottom of this post.

Washington Times

Student leaders at a high school in the San Francisco Bay Area have decided that the national anthem is racist and outdated and have banned it from school rallies.

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Students oppose border wall, embrace ‘open borders’ (Video)

Less than three minutes of children expressing childish ideas. College students should not be allowed to vote until they’re older–say 40.

BTW, Trinity University is religously-affiliated and located in San Antonio, Texas. It’s one of the most beautiful campuses in the world, built around 1950 in the mid-century modern style in a scale that fits humans. There are lots of big old oaks, too.

HS Science Fair Project on Race and IQ Sparks Outrage, is Removed by School

The author of the controversial science fair project is an Asian male student. Rather than rewarding him for a great science project, the school authorities quickly removed it when complaints came in, presumably from blacks.

Sacramento Bee

Students, parents and staff at C.K. McClatchy High School are upset over a science fair project by a student in its elite magnet program that questioned whether certain races of people lack the intelligence to handle the program’s academically challenging coursework.

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Negro Kids Find Out They’re Getting Free Black Panther Movie Tickets (Video)

41 seconds.

They are not like us. They belong in Africa.