World’s Largest Textbook Publisher Grovels Before Jews for Brief Description of Obnoxious Jewish Personality Traits


Everything said on the offending page of a nursing textbook about Jews, Hispanics, Native Americans, blacks, and so forth, is true. But truth doesn’t matter to social justice warriors.

Jerusalem Post

Educational book on nursing said Jews ‘may be vocal and demanding of assistance.’

After an outcry on social media over “racist” instructions in a nursing textbook, the publisher has said it will be removing it from publication.

Pearson, a UK-based educational publishing house, was hit with a wave of criticism after a page from its book Nursing: A Concept-Based Approach to Learning was posted online. This version of the book was published in 2015.

The page in question contained a section called Cultural Differences in Responses to Pain. In that section, the potential attitudes of a variety of different minority groups were addressed. Jews, according to the book, “may be vocal and demanding of assistance.” They also “believe that pain must be shared and validated by others.”

The book also said that Arabs/Muslims may opt for thanking Allah over pain relief, that Asians may think complaining about pain implies poor social skills and that blacks report higher pain intensity than other groups.

The photo is worth squinting at to see how various ethnic groups behave differently. There’s nothing offensive here, unless you’re a paranoid Jew.

After the image of the page went viral online, the publisher repeatedly apologized and promised to make things right.

“In an attempt help nursing students think through the many facets of caring for their patients, we’ve reinforced a number of stereotypes about ethnic and religious groups. It was wrong,” said Tim Bozik, the head of global product development at Pearson, in a video message on Thursday. “We should have been more thoughtful about the information we put into our curriculum.”

Bozik said the offending chapter has been removed from the e-book version of the textbook, will be removed from all future printings and the company is reviewing all its nursing products to locate and remove any similar content.

“In the coming days and weeks,” said Bozik, “we’ll be seeking out external partners and experts who can help us improve our curriculum and infuse it with a greater level of sensitivity and understanding of cultural diversity.”

The translation of that last paragraph is easy. Pearson will be hiring a Jew and paying him a king’s ransom to “advise” them on how to be multicultural.

In other words, Pearson will be paying blackmail.

My High School Had It’s Homecoming Friday Night–Some Things Stay the Same …


After I graduated, my high school was forcibly integrated due to pressure from the government in Washington. Before integration, blacks had their own school, Violet Consolidated, which offered K-12 educations to the 5 percent of St. Bernard Parish that was black.

The percent black is up to 20 to 30 percent now because George W. Bush sneaked thousands of blacks into the parish after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The parish had been almost 100 percent underwater, with residents banned from re-entering the parish after the evacuation. While everyone was gone, Bush brought in blacks and FEMA trailers for them to live in. I think that new government subsidized apartments were later built as the blacks moved out of trailers. I haven’t been in the parish since the 1980s so I don’t know all the details.

This year’s homecoming queen looks like a typical St. Bernard Parish girl. She’s dark because the parish was settled by Canary Islanders from Spain, who had Spanish last names and were dark complexioned. In St. Bernard, some very, very dark people are considered white.

It looks like one black girl made it to the Homecoming Queen’s Court. The football team looks heavily black though.

I’m glad I don’t have to witness blacks in the school that near poverty level white working class people built with their hard-earned money. The parish was heavily industrialized.

One of our neighbors was totally vaporized when he fell into a vat of molten Aluminum at the big Kaiser Aluminum works, leaving behind a widow and young son. The big Tenneco oil refinery routinely blew up every year or two, with some white man getting injured or dying.

The working class whites wanted better for their children. Most of them that I grew up with left.










NOLA offers a total of 30 pictures at the link.

“Slavery” Says ACLU, as Louisiana Sheriff Wants Good Black Prisoners to Stay in Jail for their Labor


There’s nothing wrong with making prisoners work in order to pay the costs of their incarceration. There’s also nothing wrong with keeping prisoners locked up until their sentences are over.

Louisiana is planning to release some prisoners early.

That’s where Sheriff Steve Prattor comes in.

Huffigton Post

Last week, Caddo Parish Sheriff Steve Prator blasted the state’s Justice Reinvestment Package, a series of bills passed in June that could reduce Louisiana’s prison population by 10 percent and save more than $260 million over the next decade by slowly releasing nonviolent offenders. The legislation is set to go into effect on Nov. 1 and would authorize the early release of 1,400 prisoners across 21 parishes in the state.

Just 35 prisoners would be immediately released in Caddo Parish, but that seems to be too many for Prator, who said the state needs them to “wash cars.”

“In addition to the bad ones … they’re releasing some good ones that we use every day to wash cars, to change oil in the cars, to cook in the kitchen, to do all that where we save money,” he continued. “Well, they’re going to let them out ― the ones that we use in work release programs.”

Marjorie Esman, executive director for the ACLU of Louisiana, told HuffPost that Prator’s desire to keep prisoners purely for their free labor is “essentially slavery.”

“The purpose of the criminal justice system is to keep the community safe and to make sure that nobody is incarcerated any longer than necessary,” Esman said. “It’s certainly not to provide free labor for law enforcement officials ― that is essentially slavery. It is obviously not only ludicrous but a gross violation of people’s rights.”

Prator went on to say that the state is “risking our safety for bragging rights and to save money.”

The “bragging rights” Prator might be referring to is Louisiana’s desire to relinquish its spot as the U.S. state with the highest incarceration rate.

Louisana’s blacks are among the blackest, lowest IQ, least able to control themselves blacks in America. If the incarceration rate is high, it’s because blacks are so crime prone and there are so many of them in Louisiana.

“Louisiana is somewhat of a special case just because it has such a substantial proportion of its state prison population being held in local jails,” Marc Mauer, executive director of The Sentencing Project, told HuffPost. “This has been going on for a very long time, and many of the local sheriffs welcome it because it’s bringing more money into their jurisdictions. It’s one of a number of factors that have contributed to Louisiana being a national leader in its use of imprisonment, and that’s nothing to be proud of.”

Angel Harris, assistant council for the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, said she was “shocked” that an elected official like Prator would make such a “callous” and “disturbing” comment.

“[Prator] is talking directly about economic exploitation of human beings, which is one of the biggest issues in our criminal justice systems,” Harris told HuffPost. “It’s almost as if he forgets that he’s talking about human beings ― like he’s speaking about animals or cattle.”

Sheriff Prator knows his blacks.

FAIL! Dumb Professor Explains Why Men Don’t Get Married

Zowie! I never knew that men have just learned to masturbate and that’s a good substitute for marriage. But I don’t read academic papers written by professors anymore, so I’m in the stupid zone, I guess.

Or maybe the feminist libtard professor has it wrong. Maybe there’s more to it that the professor doesn’t want to talk about.

Karl Denninger’s Market-Ticker

This is truly laugh-worthy, and late — because frankly, it didn’t deserve any digital ink at the time.

But when one gets bored….

Thanks to cheap sex, marriage may be doomed.

The share of Americans ages 25-34 who are married dropped 13 percentage points from 2000 to 2014. A new book by sociologist Mark Regnerus blames this declining rate on how easy it is for men to get off.

Regnerus calls it “cheap sex,” an economic term meant to describe sex that has very little cost in terms of time or emotional investment, giving it little value.

He goes on to “credit”….. masturbation, as if that’s some new thing.

I think he’s got a few screws missing — never mind a few timelines.

What this clownface refuses to acknowledge is the changes in legal environment for marriage. Previous to the so-called sexual revolution once you said “yes” to marriage you were mostly stuck. Oh sure, you could walk off, but you couldn’t get a divorce without showing fault, which was mostly defined as terrible cruelty, alcoholism, abuse and similar offenses. “I don’t love you anymore” didn’t cut it, and more to the point if you took off and ran as a woman you didn’t get either the kids or the money.

Now there were certainly severe problems with this arrangement, not the least of which was that men could run off with the money, but not the kids — and they sometimes did. That left both the woman and children in terrible circumstances. But those cads couldn’t get an actual divorce without fault either, so remarriage was out of the question (on pain of a bigamy charge, which was and still is a real thing.) This kept the serial cads mostly at bay simply because you could only play the game once.

The problem today is that while there has been plenty done to allegedly address the issue of a man running off and abandoning his children (at least financially) statistically speaking what it has led to is an enormous number of women who run off without any cruelty or evil involved in their marriage and take both the kids and the money. So we went from an injustice a modest part of the time with an inhibiting factor remaining for serial abusers to the opposite injustice a great majority of the time and removed the inhibiting factor as well so those of both sex who wish to serially abuse the other sex — and the kids — can now do so!

Men have figured risk out and have been left with exactly zero options available to them to mitigate it Many have simply decided not to go down that road because the outcome is completely out of their control. Add to it the so-called “gender studies” crowd that likes to proclaim that all sex is rape and has managed to get the view that men can consent to sex when drunk, but women cannot ensconced in extra-judicial career and life-destroying punishments meted out in colleges (which would never pass muster in an actual court of law) and it’s not hard to figure out why a larger and larger percentage of men have said “**** that” and refused to entertain the option.

“In the domain of sex and relationships, men will act as nobly as women collectively demand,” he writes.


No demand will carry any weight when lefty and righty are available and “good enough.”

See, that’s the problem when you get down to it, which this clown doesn’t want to deal with: For interpersonal sex to “win”, especially on a “bonded” basis, it has to offer more to both parties.

Remember that lefty never complains about a headache, it can’t claim******the next morning if you had a couple of drinks and it has a zero set of odds of destroying you both mentally and financially.

Maybe, just maybe, a bit of a more-honest look at the situation is called for, and perhaps one should consider that the “total package” has to be more attractive on balance than the alternatives — which of course include no partner at all.

Click on the link to Market-Ticker to read quite a few good comments written by men telling their tales of woe. They are as informative as the article.

Liberal Democrat Nutjob Running For Alabama Senate Seat Against Anti-Fag Christian Roy Moore


Doug Jones will make a loyal Democrat, if elected. Odd are that Roy Moore will win in conservative Alabama, where his love of the Ten Commandments is legendary.

Free Republic

Doug Jones for U.S Senate ^ | 9/27/2017
Posted on 9/27/2017, 7:32:49 PM by mdittmar

I believe the United States of America is a land of laws, justice, freedom, equality, and opportunity.

I’ll take those values to the U.S. Senate and work hard for all the people of Alabama:

Everyone has the right to quality, affordable health care.
We must restore Alabama’s trust for its elected leaders.
I will defend a woman’s right to choose and stand with Planned Parenthood.
All children deserve a first-class education regardless of where they live.
College must be affordable without burdening a student with overwhelming debt.
I believe in science and will work to slow or reverse the impact of climate change.
It is past time we raise the minimum wage to a livable wage.
Women must be paid an equal wage for equal work at all levels.
Voter suppression is unAmerican – we must protect voting rights.
Discrimination cannot be tolerated or protected. America is best when it builds on diversity and is welcoming of the contributions of all.

Less than an hour ago, CBS News published a profile of Jones’ Republican opponent, Judge Roy Moore.

In 2003 he was removed from the Alabama Supreme Court for defying a federal order to remove a plaque of the Ten Commandments from his courthouse.

He was later re-elected to the court but was removed again last year for refusing to obey the Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage.

He has called American Indians “reds” and Asian Americans “yellows.” He has called Islam a “false religion.” He’s said homosexual activity should be illegal. He reportedly said in February that the 9/11 attacks might have been punishment for America’s turning away from God.

And on Monday, he caused a stir by waving a gun during a campaign rally.

In our world of Kabuki theater, where much of what we see in the news is a psy op, Roy Moore will be a great big thumb in the eyes of the globalists. However entertaining that may be, he’s not racially aware.


Campaign speech racial controversy

During a campaign speech, Moore made comments about racial division that have widely been regarded as controversial.[according to whom?] Moore decried racial divisions plaguing the United States, and paraphrased children’s Sunday School Song “Jesus Loves the Little Children”,[97] stating: “Now we have blacks and whites fighting, reds and yellows fighting, Democrats and Republicans fighting, men and women fighting. What’s going to unite us? What’s going to bring us back together? A president? A Congress? No. It’s going to be God.” Moore’s campaign responded to a request for comment about his remarks stating that the candidate was referencing a children’s song appealing for racial healing.[98][99][100]

There’s some evidence that Moore is a Zionist. The Jerusalem Post claims that Moore is a …

In 2015, he passionately opposed the US Supreme Court’s ruling that same-sex marriage would be legal nationwide, and claimed that forcing compliance with the order was similar to the Nazis forcing Germans to kill Jews during the Holocaust.

“Could I do this if I were in Nuremberg – say that I was following the orders of the highest authority to kill Jews? Could I say I was ordered to do so?” Moore said, asked whether he expected judges throughout the land to obey the law.

When a local journalist noted that the Nuremberg trials were not about gay marriage, but about killing people, Moore replied: “Is there a difference?” His wife, Kayla Moore, has made similar comparisons in recent years, including in a speech outside the Alabama State Capitol in the spring of 2016.

“There is a famous quote that I’ve read numerous times lately. When I read it you’ll know why. It’s at the US Holocaust Memorial museum,” she told a gathered crowd, calling for Christians to “stand up” against the gay-rights movement.

“It’s written by Pastor [Martin] Niemoller, about socialism and what happened to the Jews. But I’m gonna change it up just a little bit so that it’ll fit a little bit better into today and what we’re talking about,” she continued.

“First they came for the bakers. We sat back because we don’t bake cakes. Then they came for the florists. We sat back because we don’t arrange flowers. Then they came for the clerks and the judges, and we sat back because we don’t issue marriage licenses and we don’t judge. But then they came for me, and there was no one left to defend me.”

Kayla Moore was referring to cases in which conservatives Christians came under fire for refusing to work with same-sex weddings.

Steve Bannon supported Moore against his Republican opponent Luther Strange, who was backed by Trump and McConnell. The rebuke of Trump by Alabama voters in favor of populist Moore is nicely covered at Zerohedge.

Trump, in a quick about face, Tweeted:

Top 100 Cities Ranked by White, not Hispanic Population Percentage


LAREDO, TEXAS. HARD TO FIND A WHITE PERSON HERE. offers a horizontal bar graph that shows the percent of whites in 100 American cities.

The graph won’t embed here, so click on the link to see it.

The least white American city is Laredo, Texas, which is just 3 percent white. The most white city is Boise City, Idaho, which is 85 percent white.

There are small towns across America that are highly white. Those aren’t included in the graph.

Whites Begin to Embrace Their Inner Hatred


I’ve taken a long excerpt out of an even longer article and bolded a few key points.

If the (((System’s))) purpose of a college education today is to promote egalitarianism, it’s failing. The keyword is empathy. Whites are running out of it. Sadly, even for other whites. That has to change.


New study: White people lack empathy across the socioeconomic spectrum

Apparent empathy gap among white Americans shows up on questions of both race and economics, study finds

Since the election of Donald Trump, the hunt to figure out what’s the matter with White America has pitted racism against economic anxiety as if those things existed in separate and competing silos, forcing a narrow debate about the future of identity politics that seemingly goes nowhere. Instead of a post-racial America, two terms of America’s first black president left many voters — and a large majority of political pundits — ill-equipped to discuss what it means to be white in America at precisely the time when whites have reasserted their collective identity in this nation.

So while Trump’s rise is often explained as the blowback for a society more focused on Black Lives Matter or trans bathroom bans instead of jobs for coal miners and a growing opioid epidemic, the curious case of a growing racial empathy gap in this country has been unfairly shouldered by Trump’s white voters. An eye-opening new survey, however, reveals that white Americans across the socioeconomic spectrum, including Democrats, are considerably less concerned about both economic and racial inequality — it just all depends on where on the socioeconomic spectrum they stand.

While working-class white folks made up Trump’s signature demographic, it was a surge of whites with college degrees that helped him flip notably blue states like Pennsylvania. These college-educated white people, a new survey from the nonpartisan PRRI found, lack empathy on issues of poverty that place them in stark contrast with the blue-collar voters who have been identified as Trump’s base.

White college-educated Americans are far less likely to say poverty is a critical issue — only 37 percent, compared to 47 percent of white non-college-educated Americans and a majority of Hispanic and black Americans (at 52 and 69 percent, respectively). According to PRRI, white college-educated Americans are also less likely than non-college whites to say that children living in poverty is a critical issue to them (49 percent compared to 60 percent). Only 36 percent of college-educated whites say lack of well-paying jobs is a major problem facing communities.

The empathy gap of college-educated whites only widens in regions where Trump excelled electorally, like the Southwest and the Southeast. White college-educated residents of those regions are far less concerned than those without a college degree about the lack of equal opportunity in education. Nearly half of white college-educated respondents (46 percent) told PRRI that it is not a major problem if not everyone has an equal chance in life — a view shared by only 36 percent of those without a college education.

And it’s not just on matters of economic opportunity that white college-educated respondents exhibit a deep lack of compassion for the plight of others. Only 33 percent of white college-educated respondents said that domestic violence was a critically important issue, compared to 47 percent of whites with no college degree, and 63 percent of black respondents.

Meanwhile, white respondents without a college degree were more likely to affirm the importance of equal opportunity and to support economic policies that address those issues, but they simultaneously denied that social factors such as racism play a significant role in structuring inequality. So while 64 percent of white Americans with a college degree reported moderate to high affinity for people of color, 64 percent of whites without a college degree in the Southeast and Southwest — including 31 percent of Democrats — said discrimination against white people has become as big a problem as discrimination against blacks and other minorities. Strikingly, more than 40 percent of young white people (under age 30) in these regions agreed that discrimination against whites is as big a problem as discrimination against nonwhites.

“A central takeaway of the survey is that support for issues affecting disadvantaged kids is limited among whites at both ends of the educational spectrum,” Robert P. Jones, CEO of PRRI, explained. “But this manifests in different ways: By negative racial attitudes among the white working class and by a striking lack of concern about equal opportunity among college-educated whites.”


America’s exceptionalism has been rooted in the country’s relative lack of tribalism. That’s falling apart, and it’s not simply the fault of identity politics. Political identity and partisanship have in recent decades increasingly fused with racial, ethnic and religious identity. As PRRI noted when releasing its survey on Monday, the Republican Party is increasingly becoming a party of white evangelical Protestants, while the Democratic Party is increasingly the home of ethnic minorities and the religiously unaffiliated. College-educated whites who did not vote for Trump, with their lack of religious affiliation and apparent lack of economic empathy, are a big reason why the post-election autopsy still hasn’t concluded in the Democratic Party.

Our job here is to preach the reestablishment of empathy among whites, but only for other whites. It really won’t do that whites are not standing up for each other the way the Jews, blacks, and Mexicans do.

I found this piece of propaganda while researching this post. How obvious the bullshit!