“The Evolutionary and Biological Reality of Race” (Amren Video)

The video shows the lecture given by Professor Douglas Whitman at the Amren conference in 2014. For those who don’t have the 45 minutes to invest, here’s a summary taken from an article that covers the whole conference.

Excerpt from amren

Douglas Whitman

Professor Douglas Whitman of Illinois State University gave an illuminating talk on evolution and the biological reality of race. He began by noting that evolution is constant, and that humans are evolving more rapidly than ever. We have evolved into differentiated groups by exactly the same process as all other species: As soon as one groups splits from another into a new environment, it begins to adapt to that environment.

Prof. Whitman explained the Ninety Percent Rule for determining whether a species is composed of a number of different subspecies–in the case of humans, these are called races. If the members of two or more separate groups are mixed together and a layman can accurately sort them back into their original groups with an accuracy of at least 90 percent, then the groups are distinct subspecies. By this standard alone, human races obviously exist, and DNA evidence can further distinguish human subspecies with 100 percent accuracy. As Professor Whitman noted to much laughter, “Anyone who denies this is a slimy Marxist or a complete idiot.”

It is true that 99.5 percent of the genes of every human are the same. However, the human genome is composed of three billion base pairs, which leaves 15 million base pairs—the remaining 0.5 percent—that produce the remarkable differences we find between individuals and groups. Prof. Whitman pointed out that a difference in a single base pair can make a person a dwarf, albino, blind, deaf, or cause any of thousands of diseases. These 15 million base pairs are more than enough to produce striking and consistent racial differences. The result is “tens of thousands of evolved traits that correlate with racial differences.”

Prof. Whitman also pointed out that the only genetic difference between men and women is one chromosome out of 46. Men have a Y where women have an X—and yet the differences between the sexes are enormous.

Our government, explained Prof. Whitman, takes great care to keep all animal subspecies safely in their separate environments. As an example, it is against the law to take an American Kangaroo Rat of one subspecies out of its home environment and put it into the environment of another subspecies because of the noxious effects of displacement and mixture. Needless to say, the government has no such concern for human subspecies.

Prof. Whitman emphasized that molecular biology is bringing new discoveries every day that underline the reality and significance of race. “Science,” he said, “proves that we are right, and that those who deny race are wrong.” There is even increasing evidence that the cherished “out of Africa” theory is wrong—that modern man may well have evolved outside of Africa and then migrated back to Africa.

Evolution resulted in races that Prof. Whitman called “supreme in their environments.” Eskimos are adapted to cold, and Africans are adapted to heat and to African disease. Europeans appear to have been adapted for creativity. They invented the modern world, as well as safe, prosperous societies. It is no surprise that other races want to come live with us and take part of the bounty that their ancestors could not have created.

The great message of evolution, noted Prof. Whitman, is that groups are not equal. We have spent trillions of dollars vainly trying to bring people of all races up to the material level of Europeans. “Race matters, and truth matters,” he declared, and it is high time we accepted the truth rather than hide behind pious lies.

Interjecting a note of humor, here’s Jared Taylor:

GOP Cucks Furiously Going After Steve King for “Racist” Tweet

This is the fourth post in the last 24 hours on Rep. Steve King’s now infamous Tweet. Truth is rare. Steve King wrote it. Now they are trying to bully him into denying it.

SF Gate

A spokesman for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., called on GOP leadership to condemn King’s statements.

“Republican congressman Steve King’s vile racism has no place in decent society, much less in the U.S. Congress,” said spokesman Drew Hammill. “But once again, disgusting hatred has been met with deafening silence from Speaker (Paul) Ryan.”

AshLee Strong, a spokeswoman for Ryan, subsequently responded that Ryan took issue with King’s comments.

“The speaker clearly disagrees and believes America’s long history of inclusiveness is one of its great strengths,” Strong said.

When asked whether he is promoting a kind of white nationalism, King said the debate isn’t about advancing a particular race but rather advancing American culture and Western civilization.

“This is an effort on the left, I think, to break down the American civilization, the American culture and turn it into something entirely different. I’m a champion for Western civilization,” he said.

In defending his remarks, King told CNN said there’s been too much focus on race and wants to see Americans “bonded together.”

“If you go down the road a few generations or maybe centuries with the intermarriage, I’d like to see an America that (is) so homogenous that we look a lot the same from that perspective. I think there’s far too much focus on race, especially in the last eight years. I want to see that put behind us,” King said.

Jeff Kaufmann, chairman of the Iowa Republican Party, was one of the first GOP leaders to take issue with King’s comments. He was joined Monday by Republican Rep. David Young of Iowa.

“First of all, I do not agree with congressman King’s statement,” Kaufmann said in a press release. “We are a nation of immigrants, and diversity is the strength of any nation and any community.”

Most members of the House were still back in their home districts Monday, muting reaction from King’s colleagues. But a couple of Florida Republicans took to Twitter to voice their displeasure.

“Get a clue, @SteveKingIA. Diversity is our strength. All looking alike is such a waste. A travesty. I wanna be me. All others are taken,” said Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.

Rep. Carlos Curbelo, who was born to Cuban exiles who fled Fidel Castro’s regime in the 1960s, asked King via Twitter: “What exactly do you mean? Do I qualify as “somebody else’s baby?” #concernedGOPcolleague”

Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., a civil rights leader in the 1960s, said the United States is a melting pot of cultures, traditions, appearance and languages.

“Rep. King’s statement is bigoted and racist. It suggests there is one cultural tradition and one appearance that all of humanity should conform to,” Lewis said. “These ideas have given rise to some of the worst atrocities in human history, and they must be condemned.”

Jew Columnist Calls for Rep. Steve King to be DEPORTED (He was born in the USA)


I don’t go looking for opportunities to be “antisemitic.” I just follow the news and go where the news leads me.

So much of the time when there’s someone stirring the pot, that someone turns out to be a Jew. Of course, by identifying that person as a Jew (which is not the same as a European white person, but rather a race of Turkic origins), it may seem that I’m targeting Jews for demonization.

If Jews were willing to say that they have their own ethnostate and so diverse Europeans should also have their ethnostates too, I’d have far fewer problems with Jews.

But Jews want to destroy the white race and all white countries via race mixing, something they won’t do in their country.

The author of this piece is Rex Huppke, a Jew.

Excerpt from Chicago Tribune

It’s never easy to be a truth-teller, but as a white man I feel it necessary to say what many in this country are thinking: It’s time to start deporting certain white men.

Not all of them, of course. Some are quite good.

But people like Iowa Rep. Steve King have got to go — for the good of our culture, our demographics and our civilization.

I reached that conclusion Sunday after King got on Twitter to express his agreement with the views of virulently anti-Muslim Dutch politician Geert Wilders.

“Wilders understands that culture and demographics are our destiny,” King tweeted. “We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.”

Allow me to translate that from hate to English: “Somebody else’s babies” means Muslim babies. “Our civilization” means white Christian civilization. “Restore” implies that said civilization has already been destroyed by the baby-having Muslims. And “our destiny” is just some generic white nationalist blah-blah.

That translation can be confirmed by viewing the political cartoon attached to King’s tweet, a drawing that shows Wilders with his finger in a wall that’s barely holding back a flood of green goop with crescent moons and stars in it while saber-wielding Muslim men protest in the background.

So much for subtlety.

Putting aside the dystopia-fetish that prompts men like King to think American civilization is in ruins, the congressman’s anti-brown-baby tweet should be racist enough to disqualify him from public office.

If you disagree with that, take a look at how David Duke, the overtly racist and anti-Semitic former Klan leader, responded on Twitter: “GOD BLESS STEVE KING!!! #TruthRISING.”

High praise from low places is rarely a good thing, but King will probably be fine. Given an opportunity to walk back his tweet Monday morning on CNN, King simply said, “Of course I meant exactly what I said.” Cruelty seems en vogue these days among certain white men.

Let Israel restore its civilization with Muslim babies, Rex. We’re tired of you Jews screaming racist at us, while you promote our destruction, while defending your race, you hypocrite.

Richard Spencer Responds to Rep. Steve King’s Truthful Tweet (Video)

Here’s a great four minute video from the very perceptive Richard Spencer.

Published on Mar 12, 2017

Richard Spencer reacts to Steve King’s comments on race, Islam, and Western civilization.

The Tweet that created a firestorm:

Clever Ramzpaul Calls Out the Jew While Declaring “God bless the Jews”

Ramzpaul defends Rep. Steve King’s Tweet that exploded liberal heads and brought widespread condemnation from Republicans too. Three minutes of common sense, including a nod toward the Jew’s role in destroying white countries.


Of course, he is correct. The Dutch can only survive by having Dutch babies. Importing a horde of Turks who wave the Turkish flag and scream for the death of the native Dutch will not end well. The Turks must be sent back to their own country.

H/T to Originist, who put me on to this video.

The 10 Safest Countries on Earth (and 9 of them are white)

In 7 minutes take a world tour showing the beauties of the safest countries on earth, complete with capsule descriptions.

The first comments and replies bring up the role of race in creating safe countries.

Lawsuit: NFL Tough Guys Practice and Play Doped Up on Painkillers

This article lays out the scientific evidence that the Negroid race has a lower pain threshold than other races. It turns out that women are also more sensitive to pain than men.

The subject of this post is the lawsuit brought by National Football League (NFL) players against the 32 NFL teams over excessive use of painkillers and other prescription drugs.

There’s nothing in the documents relating to the greater need for drugs by black players when compared to white players. Yet, it is reasonable to harbor suspicions that the blacks are driving teams to violate drug laws so that these alleged tough guys can be on the field on game day.

Excerpt from the Washington Post

National Football League teams violated federal laws governing prescription drugs, disregarded guidance from the Drug Enforcement Administration on how to store, track, transport and distribute controlled substances, and plied their players with powerful painkillers and anti-inflammatories each season, according to sealed court documents contained in a federal lawsuit filed by former players.

The sealed material, which was reviewed by The Washington Post, provides a rare look into the league’s relationship with drugs and how team doctors manage the pain inherent in a bruising sport to keep players on the field.

Federal law lays out strict guidelines for how teams can handle and dispense prescription drugs. The sealed court filing, which includes testimony and documents by team and league medical personnel, describes multiple instances in which team and league officials were made aware of abuses, record-keeping problems and even violations of federal law and were either slow in responding or failed to comply.

The filing, which was prepared by lawyers for the players suing the league, asserts that “every doctor deposed so far . . . has testified that they violated one or more” federal drug laws and regulations “while serving in their capacity as a team doctor.” Anthony Yates, the Pittsburgh Steelers’ team doctor and past president of the NFL Physicians Society, testified in a deposition that “a majority of clubs as of 2010 had trainers controlling and handling prescription medications and controlled substances when they should not have,” the filing states.

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said the allegations contained in the court filing “are meritless and the league and its clubs will continue to vigorously defend these claims.”

“The NFL clubs and their medical staffs are all in compliance with the Controlled Substances Act,” McCarthy said in an email. “. . . The NFL clubs and their medical staffs continue to put the health and safety of our players first, providing all NFL players with the highest quality medical care. Any claim or suggestion to the contrary is simply wrong.”

The details and communications were unearthed by lawyers representing more than 1,800 former professional football players who are suing the league in U.S. District Court in northern California, claiming they suffer long-term organ and joint damage, among other maladies, as a result of improper and deceptive drug distribution practices by NFL teams.

The material was collected by the players’ attorneys as part of the discovery process in the case. The attorneys redacted large portions of the 127-page complaint because both parties had agreed to do so under a court-approved protective order, sealing it from public view. The Post was able to review the redacted information because of an apparent technical error in the filing process but not some of the supporting exhibits and documents.

The filing solely reflects the ex-players’ claims against the NFL’s 32 teams, presenting their legal arguments and evidence to the court. Steven Silverman, the plaintiffs’ attorney, said he could not comment.

The court filing reveals that the teams dispensed painkillers and prescription-strength anti-inflammatories in numbers far beyond anything previously acknowledged or made public. In the calendar year of 2012, for example, the average team prescribed nearly 5,777 doses of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and 2,213 doses of controlled medications to its players, according to a March 2013 internal document from Lawrence Brown, the NFL-employed medical adviser who oversees its drug issues.

The article goes on in great, but unnecessary detail, although fans of the teams named in the Post article may find their team’s drug use stories to be interesting.

Race is real. Pain is real. In the NFL the intersection of pain and race occurs everyday. If white fans lose respect for their black heroes, so much the better. If somebody goes to jail or is fined under the RICO statutes than the NFL swamp may be drained a bit.