IHOP Name Change to IHOb Looking Disastrous at This Point

Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t black culture include early morning stops at IHOP for pancakes after a night of twerking, hip-hopping, and so forth?

Could it be that the name from from pancakes to burgers is partly motivated by racial considerations? As in hoping that blacks, notorious for bad behavior in restaurants, will go somewhere else? Like for waffles?

Anyway, social media and business experts are weighing in on the significance of the temporary name change.

Let’s not forget that there once was a similar restaurant named Sambo’s. Political correctness drove it out of business by the early 1980s.

Excerpt from Adweek

If Twitter is any gauge of consumer sentiments, the International House of Pancakes’ announcement Monday that it was changing its name to the International House of Burgers (colloquially: IHOP to IHOb) hasn’t exactly been met with a warm embrace. Granted, as many media outlets have ventured, the name change is temporary, merely an effort by the 60-year-old chain to stoke everybody about its new “steak burgers” amid flattening pancake sales. In other words, the switch is evidently just a play for attention.

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Race Alignment Infographic

Click on the infographic to enlarge it.

Seen at imgur

Discussion at GLP

Large Genitals Spell Evolutionary Disaster, say Paleobiologists


If the Negroid race really has a bigger manhood, then from a really, really, really long-term perspective, the black race is doomed while the Asian race should thrive.

That’s if there’s anything to this scientific study of fossils that shows that one species with a large penis failed to survive over the long run.

So, let’s check this unverified penis size distribution that I found on Buzzfeed.

OK, the African-American is the biggest, according to this graph. Maybe, if we follow the theory below, as his species evolved all its energy went into growing it’s member, with nothing much left over to grow his brain or any other desirable characteristic.


For most animals, survival is all about being good at getting laid. That’s why sexual dimorphism exists: Males often look and act differently than females of their same species because it helps them attract and secure mates. Some examples are the bright colors the male bird of paradise flaunts while sexy-dancing for its more demure-looking mate, or the bulbously attractive nose of a male sea elephant. According to a Nature study released Wednesday, however, one highly coveted aspect of sexual dimorphism is sometimes a cock block to survival: very large genitalia.

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Out of Africa Theory in Question as Evidence Mounts that Ancient Africans Mixed with NONHUMAN Ancestor Unlike Any Other Race

Recently, an article by Steve Sailer about African genetics appeared on Taki’s site.

Takimag has gone downhill. It no longer has a comments section.

However, there are 70 comments on the excerpted Taki article at UNZ.

Takeaway: We are part Neanderthal, while blacks are part whatever the unidentified species is.

The “We’re all one race, the human race” isn’t true.

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Pregnant Africans Warned Against Taking Pills that Supposedly Turn Their Babies White

I first saw this story on Battle Beagle’s Twitter with a slightly different headline. It said that prego African women were drinking bleach to turn their babies white. I can believe it.

This is not a story that’s gotten wide play in the press because it shows two things very clearly.

1. Africans are ignorant and dimwitted.

2. Africans are racist, preferring white skin over black.

I’ve run at least one previous story about the popularity of skin bleaching cremes in Africa. Even if the skin is lightened, those Negroid features can’t be helped without plastic surgery, so what’s the point.


Women in Ghana have been warned against a growing trend for taking pills during pregnancy to lighten the skin of their unborn babies while they are still in the womb.

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Survey Shows American Happiness Dipped in 2017: 21 States Led the Way

Gallop explains why Americans were less happy last year than the year before.

Liberals will pick up this story and claim it’s Donald Trump’s fault. But isn’t everything his fault in their eyes?

The Gallop happiness index is like a hot dog: It’s a mix of stuff that may or may not get at what it claims to measure.

Excerpt from Gallop

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Nearly half of U.S. states saw their well-being scores decline by a statistically significant margin in 2017, according to the Gallup-Sharecare Well-Being Index. And, for the first time in nine years of tracking changes in state well-being, no state saw statistically significant improvement from the year before.

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Blacks Go Crazy as New Bust of White Nefertiti is Unveiled

Looking at the facial features of the bust of Egyptian Queen Nefertiti, it’s impossible to see a Negress.

The look is Mediterranean, not Negroid.

Here, for contrast, is a photo of a typical African woman. Note the level of attractiveness compared to Nefertiti.

The wide, flat nose and thick lips typical of the sub-Saharan African simply aren’t present in the Egyptian.

If you’d like a more extreme example of a Negress:

Nefertiti would not claim these creatures as her relatives.


The face of Queen Nefertiti, who may have been King Tutankhamun’s biological mother, will be revealed on the Travel Channel’s Expedition Unknown, which airs Wednesday night. The face is the result of the latest 3-D imaging technology that used the mummy’s facial structure to bring the 3,400-year-old queen to life, but it’s the sculpture’s skin color, not cheekbones, that has raised the most controversy.

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