Nog Named “Genius” Plus Two More “Teens” Charged in Murder of Officer Amy Caprio


Eugene Robert Genius IV and two more nogs have joined Anthony Harris in being charged with murder in the death of a Baltimore police officer.

Genius, who takes his last name seriously since he’s from a long line of Geniuses, argued that since he was inside a home burglarizing it while Harris ran down Officer Amy Caprio that he shouldn’t be facing charges.

No one has said it but I believe that the Jeep used as the murder weapon was stolen by the four Dindus.

Baltimore Sun vis MSN

Three more teenage boys have been charged as adults in the killing of Baltimore County Police Officer Amy Caprio.

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“Nigger:” Filthy Rapper Kendrick Lamar Set Up a White Female Fan to Become Pariah for Rapping N-Word on Stage

A white Alabama girl got a lesson in Negro treachery when she was sh*t on by the crowd at a rapper Kendrick Lamar show.

Not literally sh*t on, but demeaned, degraded, and humiliated by the nog celebrity and his fans as she sang with him on stage. When she hit the word “nigger” in the lyrics, she didn’t stop.

That enraged the monkeys.

Fox News

Rapper Kendrick Lamar called out a white fan on Sunday for not skipping the N-word in one of his songs after inviting her on stage to rap with him.

Dirty nigger.

The slut white girl isn’t off the hook in my book either. She’s a fan of a filthy nigger rapper? She gets whatever he dishes out and she’ll have to like it or set off a chimpout. She’ll be popping out mulattoes soon, if she hasn’t already.

Watch her in the video below.

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Nagger Teens TERRORIZE Las Vegas Neighborhood (Video)

Two and a half minutes. A TV news report shows cell phone video of nigger youths totally out of control in a nice neighborhood.

Residents say cops will do nothing to stop the predators.

Sample youtube comments:

Do they not allow guns in Las Vegas? If so why aren’t those monkey’s brains spread out across the street?

Start shooting these animal thugs

remeber to thank the jews every day for the wonderful privilege of multiculturalism brought t our white countires. Jews are awesome

Arm yourselves and kill any attackers. WTF are you waiting for?

These monsters were raised by subhumans. America is headed for civil war. We do not want to integrate with subhuman 3rd world trash. America will have its final solution.

Somebody needs to beat the black off those little niglets.

When the news says, “group of teenagers” they mean blacks, but can’t say the truth without repercussions. Little animals that will never hold a job, get a degree, or have a child within wedlock. Cull them and their families.

“knockout game”? Why not just call it what it is? Feral apes attacking humans.

The Black Attack: White Female Officer Recovering After Being Stabbed in the Throat by Savage Negress


Officer Jill Kidik was accused of racism by a prominent black official she cited in 2011. That incident could have left her a little bit vulnerable to a surprise knife attack by a violent black woman.

Daily Mail

A woman who allegedly stabbed a Connecticut police officer in the neck several times is being held on $2million bail.

Chevoughn Augustin, 39, has been charged with attempted murder in the stabbing of officer Jill Kidik, 34, in Hartford on Thursday.

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Georgia Cop RESIGNS after Police Brutality Complaint Over Dragging Defiant 65-Year-Old Negress from Car

Basically, the American nagger has learned that fighting cops during a traffic stop will get them arrested, but soon after a white cop will be fired, the nagger groveled to, and possibly a city payout will be made to the aggrieved nagger. It’s a big win for the nagger, who is treated sympathetically by the press.

Everyone else loses. The public is made less safe and a good cop becomes unemployable.

The police officer in this case may have resigned, but he’s outspoken about the righteousness of his arrest and the the despicable system of Negro worship that’s taken hold in the U.S.

Alpharetta is in the Atlanta area. You can watch the arrest and decide for yourself the fairness of it. Scroll to the bottom of the post to see the minute it takes to bring the situation under control.

NBC News

A Georgia police officer has resigned following the arrest of a woman whose routine traffic stop escalated into a heated confrontation.

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Yale Dinduess Complains of Racism When Cops are Called After Confrontation with White Female Student

A white female attending Yale University (possibly a Jew) called police when she saw a strange black female sleeping in a common area of a dormitory.

Personally, I prefer people who mind their own business, but the girl who called the police may have had good reason. The CNN story only reports the African female’s side of things. I guessing that the white female is laying low in fear of being kicked out of school or having his butt kicked by angry Negros.


A white person voices suspicions about an innocuous person of color. Police are summoned. And the encounter is posted on social media, sparking outrage about racial profiling.

I guess I’ve been racially profiled too. I was told by local police to leave the library’s patio when working there after hours, posting on this site.

Have you been racially profiled by the police?

A person I know has had their home raided by police several times. Each time they found nothing illegal. That person is white.

When police receive a call from someone they have to respond.


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White Man Accused of Trying to Hire “White Supremacist” Hit Man to Kill Negro Neighbor


You contact a white supremacist group (unnamed in the story) and the person you speak to is an FBI undercover agent who has you arrested.

Who would have thunk it!!!???

This story illustrates several points. First, what happened:


A South Carolina man is accused of trying to hire a hit man through a white supremacist group to kill his black neighbor.

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