Black Thug Jumps White Man, Gets Knocked Out (Video)

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Published on Jan 13, 2017

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Claim: Black Teacher Demanded Students Stand Up and Apologize to Negro Classmates For ‘White Privilege’


Coed identifies the black teacher at the heart of an alleged antiwhite incident as sixth grade teacher Tarsha Clarke, pictured above. Parents Farren Wilkinson and Robert Jeremy were brave enough to stand up at a school board meeting and condemn the abuse of the white children at Western Rockingham Middle School. Watch! Both are brave, but Mr. Jeremy is a tiger.

Diversity is a bitch, ain’t it!

This story broke into the national consciousness yesterday via the College Fix, which did not name the alleged teacher.

The College Fix

Allegations that a middle school teacher forced several students to stand and apologize for their “white privilege” have rocked a North Carolina school district.

First reported by American Lens, during a meeting of the Rockingham County School Board last month, a woman named Farren Wilkinson made the troubling accusations against a teacher from Western Rockingham Middle School.

“[The teacher] caused some of her students to stand up and apologize to other students based on their inequal [sic] opportunities of education,” Wilkinson said.

“So I would like to know how our schools can allow an educator to humiliate, bully and degrade students. This is not a matter of race but a matter of a teacher using fear and the embarrassment of children to satisfy her own personal anger or beliefs.”

From the Lens report:

American Lens was also told by one parent that the incident was more specific than Wilkinson stated.

According to that parent, [the teacher] forced her white students to stand in front of the class and apologize to the minority students for their “white privilege.”

American Lens contacted Stephanie Wray, Principal of Western Rockingham Middle School, [and] asked for comment the alleged white privilege [the] incident […]

Wray indicated no such incident happened.

“In regard to your additional requests, I can not [sic] speak on any individual, however any allegations brought to our attention are investigated thoroughly and proper disciplinary action is taken if needed. Again, I can not speak regarding specific individuals due to personnel law, however the particular incident you asked about was unfounded to happen at our school,” wrote Wray.

Principal Wray’s response appears to be the district standard for The College Fix received the exact same answer after contacting Rockingham spokeswoman Karen Hyler.

The Fix also reached out for comment from the accused teacher but received no response.

Rockingham County Public Schools recently fell into the feel-good trap known as “equity training.” Like with the Pacific Educational Group’s “Courageous Conversations,” staff were educated on topics like “structural racism” and yes, “white privilege.”

Rockingham’s program is headed by a group called OpenSource which, according to the Lens, works with “a list of left-leaning ‘partners‘, including the radical, pro-illegal immigration, hispanic [sic] organizing group, El Pueblo” and has as one of its main clients the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation, “a primary funding source for progressive and leftist organizations in North Carolina.”

Principal Stephanie Wray either had a black employee write the nearly illiterate response or she herself is nearly unable to compose a decent paragraph. “Can not” should be “cannot”. The phrase “unfounded to happen” is totally illiterate.

Whatever, this nonresponse of a response is morally reprehensible. Parents, in the minds of the arrogant school officials, have no right to complain about what mind games are played on their children.

A new school board needs to be elected. Furthermore, school bond issues should be rejected by voters until accountability is restored. In addition, no black teacher should ever be allowed to teach white students.


Manson Family Killer Patricia Krenwinkel Denied Parole After 47 Years in Prison



Patricia Krenwinkel, one of the notorious Manson family, has been denied parole again by the state of California.

The publicity surrounding the notorious 1969 murders committed by Manson’s crew in order to start a race war make it unlikely that any of the family will ever be freed from prison.

It’s probably better for all concerned that all the family remain incarcerated. However, fairness would say that the killers of Channon Christiand and Chris Newsome also be as hated as the Manson family and remain in prison for life, if the state refuses to execute them.

New York Daily News

A Charles Manson follower and longest-serving female inmate in the California prison system has been denied parole after nearly 50 years behind bars.

Patricia Krenwinkel in August 1969 was convicted of seven counts of first-degree murder in the Manson family’s notorious 1969 massacre which left seven people dead. The victims included Folger coffee heiress Abigail Folger, celebrity hairstylist Jay Sebring and pregnant actress Sharon Tate, who was married to director Roman Polanski.

Krenwinkelwent before the parole board after it spent the last six months investigating whether the 69-year-old killer was suffering from “Intimate Partner Battery” — typically referred to as “battered wife syndrome” — when she committed the crimes.

A parole hearing for Krenwinkel was suspended in December 2016 after her lawyer, Keith Wattley, made the abuse claims. He had said he felt encouraged by the fact that the board is looking into the matter before the board denied parole early Thursday afternoon.

Krenwinkel claims she met Manson was she a 19-year-old secretary, adding that she both feared and loved him.

During her court testimony she explained how she stabbed Folger 28 times and how she later wrote “Death to Pigs” on a wall with the blood of another one of her victims, Rosemary LaBianca.

She was 21-years-old when the days-long killing spree unfolded, and has been denied parole 13 times since.

Family of the victims — Tate’s sister, Sebring’s nephew and the grandson of LaBianca — told CNN they intend to fight any affirmative parole recommendations.

“She could have cut and run any time,” Debra Tate told the station. “She did it (the murders) because she enjoyed it.

Krenwinkel’s last parole hearing was in 2011. She was initially sentenced to death in 1971, but it was commuted to life in prison after the California Supreme Court ruled the death penalty unconstitutional the following year.

Krenwinkel’s story is told at Wikipedia in all it’s gruesome detail. She admits to horrific crimes while under the influence of Manson.

The Sun published a look at the “caged monster” an hour ago as these words are being written.

Here’s a brief excerpt:

Patricia Krenwinkel, now 69, was one of the notorious Manson Family cult, led by Charles Manson, who preached a bizarre philosophy incorporating Christianity, Scientology and the hippy movement.

She was a 19-year-old secretary living with her older sister when she met the 33-year-old Manson at a party in the 1960s.

She testified that she left everything behind three days later to follow him because she believed they had a budding romantic relationship.

Krenwinkel said in December that her feelings faded when Manson became physically and emotionally abusive, and trafficked her to other men for sex.

She said she left him twice only to be brought back, adding that she was usually under the influence of drugs and rarely left alone.

She said: “I thought I loved him. I thought it started with love, and then turned to fear.”

Negroid Toddler Curses, Makes Gang Signs in Restaurant

Cursing, threats, tantrums–all from a Negroid gang banger who’s yet to reach 3 feet tall.

When he’s shot down in the streets by another Negro in a decade, mom is going to be blaming white oppression and the legacy of slavery.



Published on Jun 21, 2017
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Oncoming Racial Doom: The Clash of Cultures

You will feel good and you will feel justified as you read the bitterness toward blacks that is expressed in this post.

Fred Reed has written the most powerful piece about blacks you’re likely to see anywhere. Print it out and tape it to your mirror and read it again and again when you shave every morning. Then spread it far and wide.

This piece is the most “racist” thing you’re likely to see from a mainstream writer. Fred calls out every form of black meanness and failure. He’s bitter about what we’ve lost because of the black race.

Curiously, what made me give up all interest in the problems of blacks was not their virulent racism, their horrendous rates of crime, or their parasitism. Instead it was the assaults by blacks and their fellow travelers on Confederate monuments, particularly in New Orleans. Similarly, the banning of the Confederate battle flag at Gettysburg, for God’s sake. For reasons doubtless opaque to the historically ignorant, this annoys me. Why should the least productive, most criminal, most dependent of the population rewrite history that in any event they don’t know? The erasure of the South and the Confederacy by people most of whom couldn’t spell it, of Washington and Jefferson and Lee by grifters, race hustlers, wanton illiterates and the Brownshirts of Black Lives Matter…enough.

How many think this but won’t say it?

Now I find the black mayoress of Baltimore–a city lovely and livable in the time of Mencken before being made a decayed war zone by blacks–threatening monuments in that city. Enough. Too much.

I was not always sick of the misbehavior of blacks. In the now infinitely remote early Sixties, when I was a student in the last all-white class in Virginia’s rural King George High–graduated ‘64–integration was just beginning. To the extent that I thought about race, the question was abstract, a matter of moral principles, of ideals and fairness, unrelated to an actual people with actual characteristics who might not integrate well. Blacks had been mistreated. If given the opportunity they would rise and join American civilization. That they might not occurred only to those with experience, which did not include me.

When my parents, wiser than I–if it is possible to be wiser than a seventeen-year-old–said that integration would not work. I didn’t believe them.

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Trinity College Forced to Close After Negro Professor’s Hatred of Whites Exposed in Alternative Media

Hire a Nigga, pay the price.

Trinity College hired a Nigga, Johnny E. Williams, for whatever reasons. Professor Williams made no effort to conceal his hostility to white people.

Guess what, muh Nigga. Some people aren’t going to react kindly toward you or your employer. This yesterday post on Saboteur and similar posts across the Internet, set some people off. Williams is the professor who called whites “inhuman a**holes” who should just “f*cking die.”

As usual, the Negro at the heart of the story claims he dindu nuffins.


New York Post

HARTFORD, Conn. — A private college in Connecticut closed its campus Wednesday due to threats made against it after a professor’s social media posts that he claims were twisted to sound as though they referred to last week’s congressional shooting in Virginia.

Trinity College said it received threats related to social media posts by Johnny Eric Williams. The campus of the liberal arts school in Hartford is closed until further notice.

Trinity President Joanne Berger-Sweeney said in a statement Wednesday that the sociology professor shared a piece on his social media accounts this week that concluded with a call to show indifference to the lives of bigots. Williams also used a hashtag that connected directly to the conclusion of the article, Berger-Sweeney said.


Uh, oh. Why would a white college elect a sassy black woman as the president of the college? What’s wrong with these people?

Expect the black president to support her fellow black when push comes to shove.

She said his use of the hashtag was reprehensible and a dean is looking into whether college policies were broken.

Williams said in two posts made on Facebook on Sunday that he was fed up “with self-identified ‘white’s’ daily violence” against oppressed groups, The Hartford Courant reported.

The posts called for an end to white supremacy and the “destructive mythology of whiteness”

Williams told the newspaper the posts were made in reaction to a fatal police shooting in Seattle.

The comments prompted House Republican Leader Themis Klarides and state Sen. George Logan to send a letter dated Wednesday to Berger-Sweeney calling for Trinity to “immediately, and permanently” remove Williams from the school’s faculty.

Williams told The Courant his words were twisted by some people in the media to sound as though he was saying the victims of the Alexandria, Virginia, shooting should’ve been left to die.

“They are thinking I’m talking about a Congressman,” Williams said. “That’s not at all the case.”

Williams said the campus was closed because of a bomb threat that was made in reaction to what he says is the media’s misinterpretation of his Facebook posts.

Hartford police said detectives are assisting Trinity with an investigation into the “non-specific, non-credible” threats.

Imbecile Black Professor: Whites Are ‘Inhuman A**holes’ And Should ‘F**king Die’


Meet Johnny E. Williams, an Affirmative Action hire whose job it is keep the spooks stirred up at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut.

Like a trained parrot, the monkey man is able to parrot back the usual cultural Maxist garbage about evil whitey.

I tried to check Johnny Eric Williams’ Tweets, but they’re protected now. I suppose that’s the result of trolls responding to this negative exposure. Campus Reform and The Daily Caller have also run this story in the last 24 hours.

Daily Wire

A black sociology professor at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, said whites should “f**king die,” calling them “inhuman a**holes,” on Twitter:

Johnny E. Williams, associate professor of sociology at Trinity since 1996, who has authored African-American Religion and the Civil Rights Movement in Arkansas and Decoding Racial Ideology in Genomics and is the author of the upcoming The Persistence of White Sociology, was voicing an opinion that is reminiscent of comments he has made before. Roughly ten years ago, Williams reportedly said that because he was black, “I’m uncomfortable all the time on this goddamned campus.”

In 2015, Williams spoke at a forum called, “Reform or Revolution: Building a World Movement for Socialist Change Today and Tomorrow.” Another speaker at the forum was Jeff Mackler, coordinator of the Mobilization to Free Mumia abu Jamal, the notorious cop-killer whose cause the Left has been championing for years.

Williams is not only anti-White, but a virulent anti-Semite as well; here’s something he wrote in January 2015:

To accomplish our movement’s objectives we understand we cannot secure our human rights until all people are free of systemic oppression. For this reason the Black Lives Matter movement seeks common cause with other oppressed people. The centrality of ‘race’ is important for the movement but so too is centering gender, sexuality, class, militarism, and the experiences of oppression. To struggle against systemic racism without fighting to rid the world of sexism, heteronormativity, economic exploitation and domination is viewed by the movement as a piecemeal intervention that will not effectively dismantle white supremacy and its associated systems of oppressions. Because oppressions interlock and intersect, the Black Lives Matter movement understands the importance of working with similarly oppressed people to rout global white supremacy.

It does not escape Black Lives Matter participants that state violence techniques used by Israel to control and occupy Palestine are also being deployed against us. We are very much aware that police in the U.S. are receiving training from the Israelis on how to dehumanize and control us as “others” in order to shut down our dissent. Palestinians drew the connection too and sent solidarity messages to Ferguson protestors via social media advising them how to counter the effects of tear gas. One especially illuminating tweet read: #Ferguson: “The tear gas used against you was probably tested on us first by Israel. No worries, Stay Strong.”

… Unlike Ashkenazi Jews and ‘white’ Euro-Americans, Palestinians and blacks face police in full battle gear, ready to unleash their massive firepower on them. During the early stages of the Ferguson uprising a protestor, in the face of an overwhelming show of police force, yelled out, “You gonna shoot us? Is this the Gaza Strip?”

From what I’ve read, Trinity has been getting some polite pushback for their stupidity in retaining this Negro. Contact info:

Dean of the Faculty and Vice President for Academic Affairs at Trinity College is Tim Cresswell. His email is; snailmail is 300 Summit Street, Hartford CT 06106; phone number is 860-297-2130.