White Woman and Mystery Meat Boyfriend Charged in Murder of Her Mixed-Race Sprog


Mom Heather Barron has been a busy bitch.

Eight more children were removed from the household after she and her boyfriend were charged with homicide.

The boyfriend’s last name is Latin, but his first name is black or Muslim. Go figure what his f*cked up genes are like.


LOS ANGELES (AP) — A California woman and her boyfriend were charged Friday in the death of the woman’s 10-year-old son who had previously reported being beaten, locked up and not fed, prosecutors said.

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White Texas Woman Who Played with Black Fire Gets Burned–Permanently



Kelly Lawson is a real piece of work.

Check that.

She WAS a real piece of work.

At the Star-Telegram a video popped up when I was researching her murder. Her two NEGROID TEEN DAUGHTERS were talking about mom.

Kelly had been taking the BBC for a long time before she was murdered by the latest Negro in her life.

I suppose that those black sprogs of hers would have driven away any white man that might have had a tentative interest in her. If she was even willing to consider a white man.

From the Star-Telegram:

In the last year, a new man had come into Lawson’s life.

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Pompous Anti-Trump “Conservative” Fool George Will Calls for Democrats to Take the House This Fall


I’m sitting here trying to think of something that George Will has conserved, other than his high-income job, and I can’t think of anything.

Apparently, Will believes that Mexicans are “natural-born conservatives,” as so many idiotic conservatives want to argue. Republicans just need to be nicer to the beaner population and they’ll soon come around to voting for less government according to conservatives.

Are conservatives really this stupid?

The Hill

Conservative columnist George Will is making the argument to vote against Republicans in the upcoming midterm elections.

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Unhinged Lefty White Professor Rips “little Caucasian assholes” in White Privilege Rant

Professor James Livingston is not a hypocrite.

He prefers living with jigaboos to living with white people.

Although not a hypocrite, he looks to me to have spent way too much time on drugs to have normally functioning brain cells. Look at his photo above and see if you think he looks normal.

New York Post

A Rutgers University professor — who is white — railed against white children as “little Caucasian a—holes” in a racist Facebook rant that called them out for being privileged.

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“Nigger:” Filthy Rapper Kendrick Lamar Set Up a White Female Fan to Become Pariah for Rapping N-Word on Stage

A white Alabama girl got a lesson in Negro treachery when she was sh*t on by the crowd at a rapper Kendrick Lamar show.

Not literally sh*t on, but demeaned, degraded, and humiliated by the nog celebrity and his fans as she sang with him on stage. When she hit the word “nigger” in the lyrics, she didn’t stop.

That enraged the monkeys.

Fox News

Rapper Kendrick Lamar called out a white fan on Sunday for not skipping the N-word in one of his songs after inviting her on stage to rap with him.

Dirty nigger.

The slut white girl isn’t off the hook in my book either. She’s a fan of a filthy nigger rapper? She gets whatever he dishes out and she’ll have to like it or set off a chimpout. She’ll be popping out mulattoes soon, if she hasn’t already.

Watch her in the video below.

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Married Mudshark Mom on the Run from Police with 16 Year Old Black Student


Race treason has combined with adultery in the case of a former Mississippi teacher.

Nicole Jackson, married with one child, is wanted by police for sexual battery on a juvenile, a Negroid youth named Oscar Neal, Jr., but who goes by “Pooh Gotti.”

He must be the coolest nigga in the school with that name and a white p**** notched on his d***.

That demon of lust known as Jungle Fever should put Nicole in prison for a good long time.

Daily Mail

Police have launched a desperate search for a high school student and a teacher who are believed to have run off with each other.

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Race Traitor Bono Joins with Black South Africans to Urge Genocide of Whites (Video)

Youtube title: Shoot Kill the Boer song Julius Malema Bono U2

Less than three minutes.

From the youtube information box:

This is the shoot the Boer, kill the boer song of Julius Malema. A song inciting genocide and condoned by Bono of U2 during the U2 tour in South Africa – as you can read in the telegraph:
“…He was aware of the furore the song had caused, he reportedly told South Africa’s Sunday Times newspaper, but added that protest songs were legitimate parts of political activism. ….The controversial South African song includes a line “shoot the Boer” or “shoot the farmer”, and prompted sustained debate after the murder of Eugene Terreblanche, a white separatist leader…”


Also note that Malema shifts the pronunciation from “kill” to “kiss”. Apparently the video was taken after a court decision against this song.

The video was posted on youtube in 2011.