After Calling 911 About Colored Family, Subway Sandwich Worker Placed on Leave


A white female Negro-wise sandwich maker in Georgia put her safety and that of other patrons above political correctness.

For her unselfish act, our heroine has been suspended by Subway, which has issued an apology to the obsolete farm workers pictured above.

Her crime was in calling the police while white.

Huffington Post

The Subway employee who called the police on a black family eating dinner has been placed on administrative leave.

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Defense Contractor Terminates Alleged White Supremacist Following Demands from Social Justice Warriors


Alleged white supremacist (in reality, freedom fighter) Michael Miselis has been fired (or forced to resign) from his job at Northrup Grumman, where he was a systems engineer.

Miselis is also a doctoral student at UCLA. Efforts are underway to kick him out of school and thus deny him his degree.

Part of the evidence used to demonize Miselis is seen in the below video, where he defends himself against an Antifa attacker in Charlottesville’s Unite the Right rally last August.


Defense contractor Northrop Grumman confirmed to HuffPost that, as of Friday evening, an employee who held a government security clearance while engaging in a violent white supremacist group is no longer employed.


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Key Figure in UFO Sightings Group MUFON Sparks Division Over “Racist” Remarks

First, this bit of race realism started the virtue signaling by other MUFON members.

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Britanny Pettibone and Martin Selner Released by Brits, Deported and Banned from U.K.

Trump supporter and all around awake celebrity journalist Brittany Pettibone has been released from a London, England prison and deported following the police getting wind of her plan to interview Tommy Robinson, the pro-British activist opposed to open borders for Britain.

She’s in Vienna now, along with Euro identitarian boyfriend Martin Selner, who is less well known to Americans.

The British police state has once again exercised its muscle. Even American president Donald Trump has put off plans to go to Britain because of cowardly Teresa May’s cucking.

Gateway Pundit

On Sunday, after three days of being locked up inside of London’s Colnbrook Bypass prison, Brittany Pettibone and her boyfriend were released and traveled to Vienna.

They received a warm welcome in Vienna.

Video and interview via Tommy Robinson:

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Wakandan Woman Advises White Anti-Racists to Shut Up and Know Your Place

What sort of person reads the Huffington Post?

If you’re white and you read that rag you must be a self-loathing white, filled with hatred of the white race.

I go there for research purposes and rapidly experience HuffPo fatigue. Such as the case in reading an article written by a black woman praising the mythical land of Wakanda, which unlike in the real world, is a black homeland functioning at a high level instead of the sh*thole level.

Brandi Miller tells whites in America that they better “know your place.” Black WOMEN rule today, she says.

Huffington Post

“Black Panther” depicts the dignity and value of black lives on the big screen, breaking box office records and driving a celebration of blackness that I have not experienced since the 2008 election of Barack Obama. The film centers on the uncolonized African nation of Wakanda, a technologically advanced, modern, and self-sufficient nation of Pan African Black glory, with residents drenched in vibranium-laced cocoa butter.

The best part of Wakanda? Wakanda doesn’t need allies.

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Black Racist Who Wanted to “Kill all white people” Charged with Six Murders

A son of Obama has been charged with doing what Obama wanted him to do–make war on white people.

Obama’s legacy will live on as more of the “youts” who were raised during his presidency come of age.

In other words, Frederick Demond Scott is going to have some company in prison, as other blacks who want to kill all whites reach maturity and further the undeclared race war in America.

Daily Mail

A Missouri man who threatened to ‘kill all white people’ and was already charged with slaughtering three in the Kansas City area was indicted Friday in the murders of three other people.

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Take the ADL Quiz to Find Out if You are an Antisemite

The following quiz is from a long article debunking it.


You qualify as an anti-Semite if you answer Probably True to six or more of the following questions:

Jews are more loyal to Israel than to [this country/to the countries they live in]

Jews have too much power in the business world

Jews have too much power in international financial markets

Jews still talk too much about what happened to them in the Holocaust

Jews don’t care what happens to anyone but their own kind

Jews have too much control over global affairs

Jews have too much control over the United States government

Jews think they are better than other people

Jews have too much control over the global media

Jews are responsible for most of the world’s wars

People hate Jews because of the way Jews behave

Maybe you’re not an antisemite if you answered yes, but rather an honest person, a race realist.