College Under Fire for Not Disciplining Attractive White Girl’s “F*ck the blacks” and “niggers” Comments


It’s nice to see cute white girls well on their way to becoming “Nazis.”

It’s not like the world loves black people and Jillian unfairly took a shot at them, verbally speaking. No, she said what everyone says, including the blacks themselves.

Jillian is ripe for recruiting to the alt-right, but Andrew Anglin doesn’t want females working for the cause.

Some young white guy racist is going to have himself a fine wife one of these days. To all the masculine young guys out there, go get her.

New York Post

A Michigan college is under fire for refusing to take action against a female student whose social media accounts are reportedly littered with racist taunts.

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Snowflake White Dad Falls Apart After Finding “It’s OK to be white” flyer in Box of Diapers

There’s a video of a TV news interview with soy boy dad at the link.

He’s a disgrace to the white race for reporting the note he found in a box of Pampers. The note would normally have been found by a woman since women are the usual buyers of disposable diapers.


A local Target store and diaper manufacturer, Pampers, are investigating how a note containing racist language found its way into a pack of newborn diapers.

Tad Russell either fathered a mixed race child or he’s woefully ignorant of white genocide. A father of children above all others should be racially aware and committed to the 14 words.

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Black Savage Viciously Assaults Mother and Sister of Slain Officer in Courthouse

The women were white. They were related to a police officer, dead though he was.

That was enough motivation for a white-hating Negro to take action.

Fox News

The mother and sister of an Indiana sheriff’s deputy who was fatally shot in 2016 were attacked in a courthouse Monday.

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Science Concludes that the Majority of Sub-Saharan Africans are Mentally Retarded (Video)

Fourteen minutes.

Youtube title: Interracial Cross-Species Hybridization and Human Racial Variation – ROBERT SEPEHR

Are you ready for the red pill? This is really good, truthful material.

Seen at GLP.

White Europeans are the greatest and most worthy of all humanity. And it’s the natural destiny of the White race to rule the world. However, we must wake up to our destiny or the lesser races will destroy us, the same as a cancer virus destroys its host.

The intelligence differences between the racial groups is reason enough to dramatically alter our immigration policies.

Only European and East Asian stock should be allowed to immigrate to America.

If we continue to allow Africans or central Americans to flood into America, it will only be to our detriment.

That’s known – maybe suppressed by politics – but known.

Males also have superior “left brain’ IQ than females, and the reverse is true – females have higher “right brain” IQ.

And on total IQ, I believe males have higher percentages in the tails of the distribution – the important point from that is more geniuses, the people who invent/create the things around us, are likely to be male.

So, now, what does all that say for the future of the US vs., for instance, China?

Chinese have measurably higher average IQ than Caucasian Americans, who have higher IQ than most “minority” Americans.

Americans have policies in place to mandate people from populations with lower IQ’s be hired and promoted over people from populations with higher IQ.

America has massive indoctrination targeting “white males”, a major group that has provide the higher IQ geniuses that have invented/created much of the things/infrastructure/systems Americans use.

There are some interesting comments about Jews on GLP that I couldn’t follow. Click on the link and you can read them, if Jews interest you. Maybe you can figure out what the comments are saying.

Race Matters: New Raj Chetty Study Shows Black Boys Born into Wealthy Families Grow Up to be Losers


The academic study released yesterday focusing on the black-white wealth gap, authored by Raj Chetty and Nathaniel Herndon, is going to be discussed by politically incorrect race realists for a long time to come.

The study comes out of the Equality of Opportunity project at the Census Bureau, Harvard, and Stanford universities.

Liberals are already saying that the study, because it shows racial differences in wealth between blacks and whites, proves that the U.S. is a hotbed of racism.

Although I haven’t looked at the study yet, I don’t think that’s a conclusion that race realists would necessarily agree with.

Again, this study is going to be huge in terms of how black America is perceived by knowledgeable white people.

Washington Post

Virtually nowhere in the United States do black boys grow up to earn incomes equivalent to white boys raised in the same neighborhoods by parents with comparable wealth and education levels, according to a study released Monday that followed millions of children now in their late 30s or turning 40.

The disparity holds true even for black boys raised in the wealthiest of families, who grew up on the same block in the same affluent community and attended the same school as their white counterparts. The findings shows that race — not just parental income or neighborhood opportunities — factors into the yawning wealth gap between blacks and whites in America.

Wow! Negro boys with every advantage in life conferred upon them by their parents lose out to white boys as they become adults.

A race realist could have predicted this outcome.

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USA Murder Map Shows Majority of Murders Concentrated in 2 Percent of Counties

Hmmm. I wonder what those red counties might have in common that makes them murder prone.

Seen at Battle Beagle’s Twitter.

Australian Abos Make African-Americans Look Like a Model Minority

In spite of the fact that Abos are the lowest of the low, white Australians have been indoctrinated to feel guilt over the rather generous treatment of the primitive savages.

Excerpt from UNZ

When Cook and his men landed in Australia in 1770 and met the Aborigines they couldn’t believe what they were confronted with. They recorded that they were “savages,” “barbaric” and even “stupid”.” And this wasn’t just casual racism. They knew the people of Hawaii well and, though they regarded them as childlike, perceived them in much more positive terms.

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