Hockey Fans Ejected and Permanently BANNED for “Racist” Taunts of Black Player

Seventy years after white baseball fans hurled racial insults at Jackie Robinson, that game is heavily nonwhite.

Whites prefer to see athletes who look like themselves, just as blacks prefer to see athletes who look like them.

It’s natural and normal.


Washington Capitals forward Devante Smith-Pelly was in the penalty box after a third period fight with a Blackhawks defenseman on Saturday night in Chicago when four Blackhawks fans started taunting him in unison.

“Basketball, basketball, basketball,” they chanted.

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Prince Harry Has New Job Promoting Nonwhite Immigration to Britain

Prince Harry has a darkie fiance and now he’s going to be using her to help promote Britain to youth around the world via a group called the Commonwealth.

Don’t know what the organization called the Commonwealth is? Well, read on.

Excerpt from Bustle

Things are really falling into place for Prince Harry — he’s found everlasting love with magical goddess Meghan Markle, this week he got to see Hamilton, and now he has a new job! Indeed, according to The Times, Prince Harry’s just taken on a role to make the Commonwealth “relevant to a younger generation,” which sounds fairly necessary considering I am technically a member of the younger generation and I don’t even know what the Commonwealth is.

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Stormfront Down Sunday Night

After working on my moving project since early this morning, I came about 6 p.m. to do a few posts while sitting on the patio at the public library. It warmed up to 71 degrees today, so this is not the same as posting when the temp is in the 50s or lower.

When I tried accessing Stormfront, I got a 404 error message.

There’s no news I can find relating to Stormfront being taken off the Internet since the episode last August.

Maybe there’s a technical glitch with Stormfront’s servers. If anyone has an information, please share.

Air Force Academy First Sergeant Admonished over “microaggressions” in E-mail on Importance of Good Grooming


An Air Force first sergeant held up Michael Jordan as a role model for all cadets.

Somehow blacks (I assume it was blacks) and higher ups in the Air Force considered this a racist “microaggression.”

Who even uses that word except for libtard morons!

There’s a survey at the source site for this post, asking whether the first sergeant was out of line. 91 percent voted that the Air Force is too politically correct.

Air Force Times

The first sergeant of the Air Force Academy’s cadet wing sent an email on cadet grooming standards Wednesday that included racially tinged language, prompting a rebuke from academy leadership.

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Crime Chart Shows USA Violent Crime Rate and Mass Shooting Rate Lower Than Most Industrialized Countries

Over the last 24 hours liberals have gone totally insane, blaming Donald Trump for murdering children. The idea is to confiscate all guns owned by private citizens in America, to make children safe. After all, who doesn’t want children to be safe? Well, Trump and the alt-right. According to libtards, we want them dead.

Ann Coulter cites Battle Beagle’s work at putting together a comparison on mass shootings. I can’t find his bar chart, but the source table below shows the facts.

For the benefit of libtards, Battle Beagle created the following graphic on understanding per capita data.

If the USA were still 90 percent white, the American results would look even better since some nonwhite groups commit crimes at higher rates than whites and Asians

Arizona High School Students Who Formed Human Swastika are Being Punished

Presumably, a group of male students were making a political statement when they formed the human swastika pictured above.

It may simply be a case of Generation Z rejecting political correctness, which has reached epic proportions.

Or, it may be a case of expressing contempt for Jews.

Their identities and motivation remain a mystey.


PARADISE VALLEY, AZ – A handful of students at Paradise Valley High School are being disciplined after they were photographed lying on the ground in the formation of a swastika symbol.

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Colored Folks Create Disturbance in Courtroom at Relative’s Arraignment on Assault Charges


America’s obsolete farm equipment has no idea how to behave properly, not even in a courtroom.

Relatives of the two women above, who allegedly beat a pregnant teen of their own race, reacted violently during the ladies’ arraignment. One of the black devils has even been charged with bringing marijuana into the courtroom.

Scroll to the bottom of this post to see a photo of my answer to the chimpout problem.

Excerpt from the New York Post

Mayhem erupted in a Bronx courthouse Tuesday following the arraignments of two women accused of beating a 7-months-pregnant teen.

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