NFL and MLB Marching in NYC Faggot Pride Parade for First Time

Gay Pride = OK.

White Pride = Not OK.

Professional sports is already so nigger fuxated that white fans are turning off to it. If it becomes equally as faggot fuxated, it’s hard to see how a further erosion in fan support wouldn’t be in the offering.

Shoving LGBT degeneracy down the throats of people who aren’t faggots is just giving everyone an excuse to avoid sports.

NBC New York

This year’s New York City Pride March will be a historic one as several sports leagues march in the parade for the first time ever.

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Portland, Oregon to Rename Street After Dead Pedo-Queer Jew Harvey Milk


Dead faggot Harvey Milk was murdered. Then he was portrayed as a martyr by the sick fags of San Francisco.

Some four decades after he was lowered into the ground to meet up with his pal Satan, Harvey is getting a street named after him in Portland, Oregon. Since Harvey was a resident of San Francisco and had no connection to Portland, this street renaming is weird.

It’s even weirder to realize that the Navy, under Obama, named a ship after Harvey. I guess the Village People christened it. If not, they should have.


Days before the Portland Pride Festival kicks off, Portland has officially decided to rename a major street after an LGBT icon.

On Thursday, the city council voted to rename a stretch of Southwest Stark Street after Harvey Milk.

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Lesbians Allegedly Kicked Out of Uber for Backseat Kiss


The Uber driver speaks with a Muslim accent.


He thinks he’s still living in the patriarchy, when in America it’s the feminist matriarchy that rules.

Watch the minute of video below of the ladies protesting.

If I had to make a guess, based on their names and appearances, I would suggest to you that the kissing lesbians are Jewish.


NEW YORK CITY — A same-sex couple is speaking out about their ride in an Uber in which they say the driver kicked them out because they were kissing.

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Top Gun’s Beautiful, Blonde Kelly McGillis Makes a Rare Public Appearance



Kelly McGillis came out as a lesbian in April 2009 after two marriages and the birth of two daughters with her second husband.

Seeing what I’m seeing, I’m asking myself if lesbianism turns women ugly.

Read more at the Daily Mail and

There’s a sequel to Top Gun in the works, but McGillis won’t be in it.

“Jesus would have baked that cake,” says Church to Baker


A Denver, Colorado pastor has uttered an unprovable claim about what Jesus would do.

Dustin Adkins says that Jesus would have baked a wedding cake for the two faggots pictured below. What the pastor leaves out is that Jesus would also likely have told them, “Go, and sin no more.”

Fake pastors who are either perverts themselves or who go along with perversion to be politically correct are an abomination.

Daily Mail

A church in Denver posted a sign condemning the decision from the Supreme Court in favor of a Colorado baker who refused to sell to a gay couple for their wedding.

At South Broadway Christian Church, a sign offers the times for Sunday worship along with the message ‘Jesus would have baked that cake.’

‘Jesus worked with folks on the periphery of society, mistreated and marginalized,’ said Pastor Dustin Adkins, who posted the message, to KUSA.

‘Those folks are the ones he welcomes the most.’

Homos are not in the least big marginalized in America today. It’s also hard to see how they’re being mistreated when there’s no law saying they have no right to a cake because the baking of gay wedding cakes is outlawed.

Actually, outlawing those cakes would be great, but I live in reality, not fantasy, and they’re not going to be outlawed.

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Christian Crossfit Exec’s Belief that LGBT Pride is a Sin Causes Him to be FIRED


Russell Berger rebelled against the (((Deep State))) social engineering that requires everyone to worship sodomites.

His company, Crossfit, well aware that the Deep State can destroy it anytime via the IRS, OSHA, etc., quickly fired him.

In Stalin’s Soviet Union, it was the state that directly did the dirty work. In the USSA, the United Soviet States of America, companies do the dirty work for the Deep State in order to stay in business.

Daily Signal

Russell Berger, the chief knowledge officer for the fitness movement and company known as CrossFit, was fired Wednesday for saying that LGBTQ pride and celebrations of such are a “sin.”

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“No Gays Allowed” Sign Appears on Tennessee Store After Supreme Court Ruling

Homosexuals are going to have to find a Home Depot or Lowes when they need hardware supplies if they live in a small town in Tennessee.

They’re not welcome in one Christian business owner’s hardware store.

Look on the bright side, gays. Now you know where NOT to shop. Spend your money on chains, padlocks, and rope at all the gay hardware stores where there’s also a fine selection of butt plugs for you to pick from.

The Hill

A Tennessee hardware store owner is celebrating the Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of a bakery that refused to bake a cake for a gay couple’s wedding by placing a “No Gays Allowed” sign in front of his store.

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