“Australia is at a crossroads …”: Police Issue Warning to Protesters Ahead of Lauren Southern’s Perth Speech

If you found this post by scrolling down the homepage, you’ll see that it appears before two other posts on Lauren Southern’s Australian events.

The two other posts deal with video of protests inside the hall where Lauren was speaking on Friday and with what went down outside the hall as Antifa tried to stop people from attending her presentation.

On Sunday she and Stefan Molyneux are presenting in Perth, Western Australia. It appears that the police are serious about stopping violence by leftist protesters, unlike the Portland, Oregon police in America, who let the left run wild.

WA Today

WA Police have urged protesters to keep demonstrations peaceful ahead of controversial commentator Lauren Southern’s planned speaking engagement in Perth on Sunday evening.

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Videos: Antifa Disrupt Lauren Southern’s Melbourne Speech

It sounds like the Aussie Tweeter above thinks there should be no go zones for white people with a point of view in Australia.

Screw him.

Being able to speak criticism of Muslim immigrants legitimizes that criticism.

Scroll past the story and the two Twitter videos taken inside the speaking hall for my criticism of Lauren’s alt-light approach to immigration.

Daily Wire

On Friday night in Australia, an “anti-fascist” protester rushed the stage in attempt to attack Canadian right-wing commentator and activist Lauren Southern, but was instead scooped up by security guards and carried off the premises.

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“Nazis” Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux Met by Protesters Battling Police in Melbourne

The press and protesters seem to be ignoring Stefan.

There’s nothing like a pretty face to sell clicks, I suppose. I put his name in my title since he’s supposed to be speaking with Lauren.

Anyway, the good news is that Lauren Southern was able to say a few words against immigration of nonwhites into Australia without being stopped or run out of town by hard-core leftist thugs.

Radio New Zealand

More than 100 protesters blocked the Hume Highway outside Somerton’s La Mirage Reception and Convention Centre ahead of Ms Southern’s Friday night event.

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Chicago Police Release Bodycam Video Showing Negro Reaching for His Gun (Video)

The killing by Chicago police of a perfectly innocent dindu was captured on a police bodycam.

This is the same innocent dindu whose shooting death led the black community to protest (= riot) on Saturday night. Obviously (to them), racist police have nothing better to do than get their jollies by killing innocent blacks.

In less than two minutes the video debunks the stupidity of the black “protesters,” who seem to have a problem understanding that when you pull a gun on the po-lease dey might shootz u.

NPR has decent coverage of the entire story, including a reminder that the deceased was a barber and a respected member of the community.

Are there any naggers shot by police who are NOT respected members of their community?

Major Chimpout in Chicago Saturday Night After Officer Shoots, Kills Fleeing Negro



Let’s start with one of the best Tweets you’re likely to read about the Negro problem in America:

Yep, the negro kills his cousins by the hundreds every year and the colored folks have no problems with it.

But let the cops take down an armed negro thug resisting arrest and all hell breaks loose.

Police dogs and fire hoses should be unleashed on the so-called protesters. They’re not really protesters in the sense that civilized people use the term. They get together to chimp out in large groups at every opportunity and call it a protest.

The officer who killed the suspect is a woman.

Huffington Post

An intense protest broke out in Chicago on Saturday evening after a police officer fatally shot a man whom officers said appeared to be armed.

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London FREAKS Send Baby Trump Balloon Aloft to Protest President’s Visit

Self-loathing whites, nonwhites, and an assortment of freaks from the LGBT crowd got together on Friday to fly the infamous Trump baby balloon over London, England.

The balloon stunt can be viewed several ways. If the idea was to peel away Trump supporters, it would prove to be a failure.

If anything, the American “deplorables” hate the leftard freaks who loved America’s nog prez, but hate Trump.

The anti-Trump crowd in London are out to destroy Britain by turning it nonwhite. Trump himself noted that in an interview with The Sun, which probably enraged the freaks even more.

Excerpt from CNN

London (CNN)An orange-hued 20-foot tall “Trump Baby,” clutching a mobile phone and sporting a giant diaper, took flight over Britain’s Houses of Parliament for two hours on Friday morning, kicking off a day of widespread protests against the US leader’s controversial visit to the UK.

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Leftists Already Working Overtime to Derail Trump SCOTUS Nominee Brett Kavanaugh

By monitoring the several Twitter hashtags related to Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump’s Monday night nominee to the Supreme Court, you can see various threads that portend the battle in the United States Senate to see Kavanaugh confirmed.

Here are some of the elements of the anti-Trumpers’ strategy to hand the president a major defeat.

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