“No More!:” Crisis Actor Goes Hogg Wild in D.C. Gun Protest, Along with Skinhead Lesbian

Don’t watch. It may make you want to shell out to join the NRA.

One minute excerpt, in close up:

Self-righteous, self-absorbed crisis actor David Hogg took his no guns message to an audience of foolish young “minds of mush” (Rush Limbaugh phrasing) in Washington on Saturday.

He had help from a lot of nonwhites who blame the gun instead of the black finger on the trigger:

The nogs in the above video didn’t write the shit they’re reading. White teachers did. The skinhead lesbian makes her appearance in the last few seconds of the two and a half minutes of samples.

Conservative black youth C. J. Pearson responds on Twitter with optimism:

Meanwhile, celebrities (using that term loosely) showed up to get their SJW union cards stamped by the howling mob. Read more at CNN.

This is one of many photos at CNN.


To finish up this post, let’s take a look at a long post at GLP that purports to be from a student at a nearby school who reveals insider information about the nature of the Hogg-Gonzalez led protest.

I’m a senior HS student from Broward county, Florida.

This is long, but I think it’s important because people like me won’t be heard.

I do not go to Marjory Stoneman Douglas, but I go to a school just a few miles away.

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Mentally Ill Weirdo David Hogg Says Media SILENCED Voices of BLACK PARKLAND SURVIVORS

America’s leading cultural analyst has added a new dimension to his career as a social justice warrior. Lucky for him, David Hogg’s teachers are understanding of his need to be in the spotlight and don’t report him for truancy as he galivants around the country giving interview after interview.

Now this little twerp is defending illiterate Negro students, claiming that we all must listen to their Wakandan wisdom.


Marjory Stoneman Douglas student David Hogg, now a prominent activist in the #NeverAgain movement, said the media’s biggest mistake while covering the shooting at his school was not giving black survivors a prominent voice.

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Criminal Case Dropped Against Female SJW Who Grabbed Trump Supporter’s MAGA Cap


Excerpt from Oregon Live

Prosecutors have dropped criminal charges against a 30-year-old woman who grabbed a pro-Trump hat off of an apparent alt-right demonstrator and threw it on the ground.

Kelly Marshall Baur was scheduled to go to trial this week on charges of misdemeanor harassment for taking the hat off of Jacob Lortie’s head on June 4 as a crowd of Patriot Prayer demonstrators were disbanding from a “Trump Free Speech Rally” in downtown Portland.

Baur claims to be a farmer and filmmaker. The linked article implies she’s a parasite. Her actions suggest she’s a psycho.

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Vibrant Young Ladies and Gentlemen of Color Trash Walmart During Gun Protest Walkout

The press interjected the small photo of white girls in this second photo below. The videos embedded in the story show a thundering herd of highly energetic vibrant youths, with no white youths identifiable. The store is in a vibrant neighborhood too. The fake news press is pathetic.

It’s really amazing how the vibrant ones find such creative ways to protest gun violence. I’m too dumb to get the symbolism, but I’m sure one of the future rocket scientists can explain it to me.

Fox News

About 60 students from a Chicago high school used their time during the National School Walkout protest to wreak havoc at a Walmart, witnesses say — and police are investigating.

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Antifa Threats and Violence Nearly Shut Down Richard Spencer’s MSU Speech

Once upon a time, the left pretended to stand for free speech. That was just a ploy to get pornography legalized and accepted by normal people.

Today, there’s no pretense. The left routinely engages in threats and violence in order to shut down speakers who aren’t hard left.

The press cooperates by throwing around the term “white supremacist,” a smear that even Donald Trump has experienced over and over.

I looked at three stories about Richard Spencer’s MSU speech on Monday. The Chicago Tribune offers a biased report, but it’s still better than HuffPo and the SPLC came up with.

Spencer failed to turn out a large crowd of students. The truth is that there were probably many who wanted to hear him but were too afraid to run the gauntlet of terror set up by the left at MSU.

Chicago Tribune

Fights broke out between white supremacists and protesters Monday as anti-fascist activists, students and community members converged in and around Michigan State University to counter a speech by white nationalist Richard Spencer.

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Richard Spencer’s Speech at MSU Tonight Prompts Libturd Student and Faculty Fundraiser for Leftist Causes

The rat bastards in charge of Michigan State University have done everything legal to stop Richard Spencer from speaking on campus.

In spite of their attempted censorship, he’s speaking tonight anyway.

However, they put him in the university’s cattle pavilion in the middle of a field, away from the main campus. Richard may be speaking while standing in a cow patty.

His campus appearance is expected to draw large numbers of leftist protesters, some of them violent Antifa. From a police perspective, this could get interesting.

Lefturds are responding by setting up a fund for faggots, African immigrants, illegals, and other garbage that has washed ashore in America. Naturally, there’s a JEW behind the effort.

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White Protests Against Removal of Confederate Statues Fail, but Protest Against Removal of “racist” GORILLA STATUE Succeeds

Blacks who claim that gorilla depictions are racist are implicitly admitting that gorillas are “muh peeps.”

That’s rather a stupid thing to do.

Speaking of stupid, let’s call out white people for their stupidity.

White folks have had little to no success in keeping Confederate statues and monuments in place. But white folks in Texas quickly organized to save the statue of Dobby the gorilla.

Hey dumb whites, how about organizing to save memorials to your ancestors!

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