New O’Keefe Hidden Cam Video Captures WaPo Reporter’s Shock at Paper’s Anti-Trump Bias

As many of us have written, the Washington Post is a (((Deep State))) propaganda machine. Thanks to a Project Veritas hidden camera we have confirmation of our perspective from a journalist employed by the Post.

Watch the hidden cam video embedded at the bottom of this post.


Hours after the Washington Post ‘busted’ Project Veritas for trying to trick the paper into publishing a fake Roy Moore accusation [6], PV founder James O’Keefe released a new undercover video featuring WaPo National Security reporter Dan Lamothe admitting that, shocker, WaPo reporters “definitely don’t like Trump,”and that the paper’s “institutional voice,” or “opinion from God” publishes hit pieces against the President that are so beyond the pale that Lamothe can’t believe he works for the paper:

PV Journalist: “So they just like, rip on him?”

Dan Lamothe: “Those have become critical to the point where I’ll read some of them and I’m like whoa! Like I work for this place?

Lamothe – who seems like a nice guy that’s genuinely interested in reporting facts – goes on to say that while journalists cover Trump more fairly (“they also give him credit where there’s credit”), the ‘institutional voice’ of the paper is trying to “educate people but with a point of view.” “It’s, like, a very different mission” says the National Security reporter.

Democracy Dies In Bias

When asked about the Washington Post’s bias, Lamothe says that while the paper is “right on the story,” they’re “spending a lot of emphasis on this or that,” meaning that the Jeff Bezos owned outlet will spend a disproportionate amount of time spotlighting stories which might make President Trump look bad, or what he’s tweeted.

“it sucks so much oxygen out of the room. It’s just so much emphasis on what he said and what he tweeted,” Lamothe said, adding “I can’t tell you how many times we get an email at work: “Oh did you see what he (Trump) just tweeted? What are we gonna do about it?””

NYT and CNN are worse?

When asked if reporters at the Washington Post insert individual bias against Trump in their reporting, Lamothe replied “Oh totally, and… I think the Post tries to reign it in a lot. New York Times does it less so. Some of the New York Times reporters are way over the top. CNN is always over the top.”

Trump Effect

Another Project Veritas undercover operative recorded Joey Marburger, Director of Product for the Washington Post, admitting that Trump is a primary driver of traffic to the publication.

“If Trump just disappeared tomorrow, our traffic would drop by forty percent. So, yeah, we think about that.” -Joey Marburger, WaPo

So what have we learned?

-Most WaPo reporters hate Trump but try to report honestly, according to Dan Lamothe, giving the President “credit where there’s credit”

-WaPo’s “institutional voice,” however, is very anti-Trump

-CNN and the New York Times are way worse, according to Lamothe

-Without Trump, WaPo’s traffic would drop by 40%

Cuckservative Ben Shapiro Reacts to Failure of James O’Keefe’s WaPo Sting Operation


The chaos at Project Veritas on Monday became a top headline on the Drudge Report Monday evening.

In a nutshell, liberals are pushing out the message on social media that because the Washington Post didn’t fall for a James O’Keefe sting operation that you can trust everything the paper says.

That conclusion is bullsh*t of course.

There’s nothing in news reports that explain why WaPo was not fooled by a woman who claimed she was impregnated at 15 by Judge Roy Moore, who paid for her abortion.

The best way to view this story is to recognize that WaPo is a group of journalist con artists who were able to recognize when someone was pulling a con on them.

Cuckservative (((Ben Shapiro))) offers the story, along with his weak comments.

Daily Wire

On Monday, The Washington Post announced that it had busted James O’Keefe, the undercover sting journalist responsible for the federal defunding of the Leftist community organizing machine ACORN. O’Keefe reportedly deployed a woman to lie to the Post, claiming to be an old sexual assault victim of Republican Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore — she told the Post she was impregnated by Moore at 15 years old and that he paid for an abortion. But the Post investigated, found out she was lying, and then traced her back to O’Keefe, who apparently was attempting a sting operation aimed at showing that the Post would run unverified sexual assault accusations.

Here’s the Post reporting:

In a series of interviews over two weeks, the woman shared a dramatic story about an alleged sexual relationship with Moore in 1992 that led to an abortion when she was 15. During the interviews, she repeatedly pressed Post reporters to give their opinions on the effects that her claims could have on Moore’s candidacy if she went public.

The Post did not publish an article based on her unsubstantiated account. When Post reporters confronted her with inconsistencies in her story and an Internet posting that raised doubts about her motivations, she insisted that she was not working with any organization that targets journalists.

But on Monday morning, Post reporters saw her walking into the New York offices of Project Veritas, an organization that targets the mainstream news media and left-leaning groups. The organization sets up undercover “stings” that involve using false cover stories and covert video recordings meant to expose what the group says is media bias.

Shapiro weighs in with his poorly developed thoughts.

O’Keefe refused to say if he was backed by Breitbart News’ Steve Bannon or the Moore campaign.

The sting operation was idiotic for a variety of reasons. First, it was immoral: attempting to discredit the honesty of the Post could be done with a variety of planted stories. The only reason to plant a story about a false sexual assault victim of Moore’s would be to discredit the other alleged sexual assault victims by smearing them as similarly invented.

Shapiro took a giant leap in logic to make the claim that the sting was immoral. A sting targeting Roy Moore’s accusers wouldn’t even be immoral, much less a sting against a corrupt news organization like WaPo, which is often fake news.

Second, the story backfired wildly: the Post did its job, tracked down the leads, and not only didn’t print a story about the fake allegation, but tracked it to its source in O’Keefe. Over and over again, O’Keefe’s apparent agent tried to get the Post reporter to discuss the impact of such a story on Moore; each time, the Post reporter redirected to specific questions about the story itself. That adds to the Post’s credibility. It doesn’t detract from it.

WaPo must have staked out the Project Veritas offices. O’Keefe was careless in having his agent come to those offices.

Everyone with half a brain or more would understand that the Post checks out to some degree the stories it publishes. That’s not the issue. The issue is bias in which stories it chooses to run and which ones it doesn’t. The issue also extends to mixing opinion and loaded language in the stories it publishes.

But in a world of insane distrust of media, none of this may matter. The fact that O’Keefe targeted the Post will be enough to justify his actions to many on the Right; the fact that he did so on behalf of Moore will double the effect.

I can’t criticize O’Keefe for targeting the Post. He should have done a better job of it though.

O’Keefe had multiple stings going at WaPo. Here’s one he’s touting that got lost in the news cycle today.

CNN Producer: Voters “Stupid as Sh*t”

Between Donald Trump and James O’Keefe, plus the efforts of thousands at 4 chan, 8 chan, blogs, etc, CNN has been destroyed.

Demand that your local airport turn it off.

From the youtube information box:

Published on Jun 30, 2017

Project Veritas’ newest video from the American Pravda: CNN series exposes Jimmy Carr, the Associate Producer for CNN’s New Day attacking President Donald Trump and admitting that CNN has a left-leaning bias.

When asked by an undercover journalist if CNN is impartial, Carr plainly responded, “In theory.”

Project Veritas Exposes CNN’s House Negro Van Jones: “The Russia Thing Is Just A Big Nothing Burger”


I believe that all of us here have been calling out the Trump-Russian connection as fake news since the leftist media started pushing it.

How does it feel to be right most of the time, guys?

Speaking for myself, it’s easy to spot bull, which is now spelled CNN, MSNBC, etc.


Yesterday, after dropping his first undercover CNN bombshell, which starred producer John Bonifield admitting that CNN’s endless ‘Russian meddling’ crusade was “mostly bullshit” directed by the network’s CEO Jeff Zucker with the sole intent of spiking ratings, Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe promised there was more to come. And, all we knew was that the subject of the second video would be “someone we all knew…”

As it turns out, that ‘someone’ is none other than CNN’s Van Jones who inadvertently got caught revealing his true thoughts on CNN’s ‘Russian meddling’ narrative, namely that the whole story is a “big nothing burger.”

PV Reporter: “What do you think is going to happen this week with the whole Russia thing?”

Van Jones: “The Russia Thing Is Just A Big Nothing Burger”

PV Reporter: “Really?”

Van Jones: “Yeah.”

Here is the full Van Jones footage for your viewing pleasure:

Less than four minutes:

Of course, while we’re happy that Van Jones decided to tell the truth, if only while he thought no one was listening, we do wonder how he intends to explain his seemingly conflicted ‘on-air’ versus ‘off-air’ personalities to his children. As you may recall, Jones was the same distraught CNN commentator who spent election night describing Trump as a “bully” and a “bigot” all while saying that his “biggest fear” was how he could explain Trump’s victory to his children…

Perhaps it’s time to think about how you can explain to your children why you exploited your position and fame to provoke mass hysteria among a divided American electorate, over a story you knew to be false…hysteria which very well could have contributed to a mass shooting that nearly claimed the life of Steven Scalise.

Anyone who would credit Van Jones’ opinions as having value is a pretty retarded liberal to begin with. All of these guys are paid well to go on TV and push the “narrative.” Whether it’s true or not.

White House spokesman Sarah Huckabee Sanders urges all Americans to watch the Project Veritas videos.

Bombshell! CNN Producer Says Russia Narrative “bullsh*t”

Revoke CNN”s White House press pass now. Let’s shut down the fake news.

From the youtube information box:

Published on Jun 26, 2017

In the recent video footage obtained by Project Veritas, John Bonifield a Sr. Producer at CNN, admits to several beliefs that are in direct conflict with the official CNN narrative that Trump has colluded with Russia, and that Russia has interfered with the 2016 election. Bonifield expresses clear doubts that there is a fire behind the Russia smoke, stating, “I haven’t seen any good enough evidence to show that the President committed a crime.” He also confirms suspicions that CNN staff is ideologically biased against Trump, stating, “I know a lot of people don’t like him and they’d like to see him get kicked out of office…”

Bonifield even further confirms CNN’s bias against the President, stating, “I think the President is probably right to say, like, look you are witch hunting me…you have no real proof.”

Bonifield exposes that Russia has been great for CNN’s ratings, and that orders from CEO Jeff Zucker himself have directed CNN to pursue Russia leads at the expense of other stories. Bonifield states “And the CEO of CNN said in our internal meeting, he said ‘good job everybody covering the Climate Accords, but we’re done with it let’s get back to Russia.’”

He further comments on Russia, “it’s mostly bullshit right now. Like, we don’t have any giant proof…if it was something really good, it’d leak.”

There’s nothing like a good undercover investigation to peel back the layer upon layer of lies and corruption.

#MAGA. Drain the swamp.

The following poll was running at 88 percent yes Tuesday morning. I believe you can only vote if you’re logged in to your Twitter account.

James O’Keefe Undercover: New York Teacher Alleged to Have Sexually Assaulted Students With Knife–May Still Be at Large

A Jew lawyer doesn’t know he’s on camera. At the urging of a charming undercover investigator, he talks about the dirty secrets of teacher-student sex.

The comments I read at youtube are fiercely antisemitic. The Jew has been exposed!!!!

Warning: Explicit sex stories.

Published on Mar 14, 2017

This video by James O’Keefe exposes attorney Mitchell Rubinstein from the New York State United Teachers describing a case in which he defended a teacher he names “Mike,” who was alleged to have forced students at knife-point to give him oral sex. The teacher was eventually convinced to resign, but was not convicted and therefore could still be at large.

Investigation Uncovers Plots to Chain the Trains and Shut Down DC During Trump Inauguration

Project Veritas

The latest Project Veritas video reveals DisruptJ20 plot to Chain Trains and Halt the DC Metro.

This video exposes the collusion between the various groups under the DisruptJ20 umbrella. The video shows that DJ20 is not simply a movement of fringe groups but instead a nefarious organization.

These anti-American scum must be totally smashed and never be allowed to exist again. They may call themselves by different names, but they are at heart Communist mass murderers.