In Jab at Trump’s Birth Certificate Stance, Hawaii to Erect Statue of Native Son Obama

While statues of white presidents and generals come down, a new statue of former President Obama will be going up in Hawaii, his alleged birthplace.

When I saw the headline, Obama Statue to Erected in his Birth State, I thought the Kenyans were ready to honor their native son.

Contrary to the claims reported in this story Sheriff Joe Arpaio has NOT backed down from his claim that Obama’s Hawaii birth certificate is a fake. Watch the two minute video below.

The Grio

On Tuesday, a state Senate Judiciary Committee in Hawaii unanimously passed a resolution calling for a statue of its most well-known native son, former President Barack Obama.

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Drunk or Crazy (((Sam Nunberg))) Chickens Out on Dare to Have Mueller Arrest Him

Ex-aide to candidate Donald Trump had a serious case of diarrhea of the mouth on Monday while being interviewed on live TV.

Among the other foolish things he said was that he wouldn’t comply with the subpoena issued by witch hunter Robert Mueller.

He dared Mueller to jail him.

Today, perhaps having sobered up or gotten back on his meds, he’s singing a different tune.


Former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg is backing down from his brazen declarations less than 24 hours earlier that he planned to defy a federal subpoena issued by special counsel Robert Mueller.

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Trump Broke His Promise and Now Elephants Will Die

The elephants will be voting Democrat in 2018.

They’re upset with President Donald Trump’s administration’s decision that allows on a case-by-case basis the import of elephant trophies.

How anyone can say that going on an elephant hunting safari is sport is beyond me. Elephants are sitting ducks for men and women with big guns.


The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has quietly begun allowing more trophy hunting of African elephants, despite President Donald Trump’s pledge last year to uphold a ban on importing parts of animals killed by big-game hunters.

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Psy Op? Trump Says Arm Teachers, so Teacher Fires Weapon in Classroom, Gets Arrested


President Donald Trump is slipping.

I foresaw an effort to undercut his call for arming teachers coming. He should have seen it too.

A leftist or (((Deep State))) controlled subject working as a teacher could easily undermine a pro-gun push for school safety by bringing a gun to school and firing it irresponsibly.

Trump talked about arming teachers a week ago. It took just over a week before a white male (isn’t it always?) teacher sabotaged Trump.


A north Georgia high school teacher was arrested on Wednesday after he barricaded himself in a classroom and fired a shot from his handgun out of a window, police said.

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Trump Sucker Punched by Supremes: Dreamers STAY!

The propagandist who came up with the name “dreamers” for a motley group of illegal aliens deserves a lot of credit. Who could be against dreamers? Certainly not the motley group of so-called legal experts called the Supreme Court.

The illegal aliens get to stay for now. Apparently, there is a traditional legal process that must be followed, with Trump’s people being forced to argue before the highly liberal 9th circuit appeals court that Obama’s DACA order should be ended. We know the 9th circuit will tell Trump to f*ck off and drop dead, but the DOJ is going to have to make their case to that bunch of activists anyway.

What is most disturbing to me is the idea is being enshrined into law that criminals should be allowed to benefit from their crimes. At some point, poor black armed robbers will be allowed to keep their loot so long as they rob from rich people. Make that white people who worked and saved in order to own something.

Excerpt from Reuters

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday dealt a setback to President Donald Trump, requiring his administration to maintain protections he has sought to end for hundreds of thousands of immigrants brought illegally into the United States as children.

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HuffPo: Putting Cops in Schools to Protect Kids is Racist

HuffPo bastards refer to N*gger children as vulnerable students.

Yeah, they’re vulnerable to arrest by school cops because they can’t behave. Everyone knows this, but only a few of us are willing to say it out loud.

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FBI Director Should Resign Following Proof of Incompetence After Florida School Tragedy


If a person were conspiracy minded he might conclude that the FBI wanted Nikolas de la Jesus Cruz to shoot up his former school. The Deep State gets to scare us into more draconian police state measures, including gun control.

As of this writing, President Donald Trump is holding steadfast to his defense of the Second Amendment, but political pressure explodes for more gun grabs when kids are killed by shooters.

Pressure is building for Trump appointee Christopher Wray to resign. Actually, Trump should fire him and then commence a huge housecleaning at the FBI. This possibility is made more plausible by the laughable results of the Mueller investigation of the Trump collusion with Russia fiction.


The White House is probably regretting its decision not to show FBI Director Christopher Wray the door when he reportedly threatened to resign last year over the administration’s push to oust now-former deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe…

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