Good News: A-listers join Trump in skipping W.H. Correspondents’ Dinner Hosted by Sand Nagger “Comedian”


While President Donald Trump was holding a campaign style rally in Pennsylvania Saturday night, the anti-Trump press was holding its annual dinner. The President was wise to avoid this clusterfreak of an unfunny roast of the President and his people.

New York Daily News

The annual Washington gala nicknamed the “nerd prom” lived up to that name Saturday.

President Trump wasn’t the only bold-faced name to skip the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

The annual gathering of reporters and Washington power brokers was also missing the scores of A-list celebrities who attended in years past.

The only bonafide star who showed up this year was actor Matthew Modine — a far cry from recent dinners that drew the likes of singer Barbra Streisand, actress Sofia Vergara and Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

Still, the black-tie gala wasn’t as dull as the crowd thanks to headliner Hasan Minhaj.

The “Daily Show” correspondent relentlessly ridiculed Trump, who opted to hold a campaign-like rally in Pennsylvania rather than face a press corps he loves to mock.

“I get why Donald Trump didn’t want to be roasted tonight,” Minhaj said. “By the looks of him he’s been roasting nonstop for the past 70 years.”

Minhaj drew howls of laughter when he brought up that Trump abstains from booze.

“Donald Trump does not touch alcohol, which is really respectable,” Minhaj said. “But think about that. That means every statement, every interview, every tweet — completely sober.

“How is that possible? He tweets at 3 a.m. sober. Who’s tweeting at 3 a.m. sober?”

Minhaj playfully hit the press for criticizing Trump’s penchant for playing golf.

The President has hit the links 19 times since taking office.

“People in the media say that Donald Trump goes golfing too much,” Minhaj said.

“Do you want to know what he’s not doing when he’s golfing — being President. Let the man putt-putt.

“Every time Trump goes golfing, the headline should read, ‘Trump golfing, apocalypse delayed.’”

Minhaj also ripped several key members of the Trump administration, all of whom also declined to attend.

The comedian noted White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s combative style and recent statement downplaying the Holocaust.

“How many people do you know can turn a press briefing into a full-blown Mel Gibson traffic stop?” Minhaj said.

Minhaj said Attorney General Jeff Sessions missed the dinner because “he was doing a pre-Civil War enactment.”

“On his RSVP, he wrote no,” Minhaj added, “which happens to be his second favorite N-word.”

The headliner also took aim at Trump adviser Steve Bannon, who has been accused of being a white nationalist.

“Is Steve Bannon here?” Minhaj said. “I do not see Steve Bannon. Not see, Steve Bannon. Not see, Steve Bannon. Not see, Steve Bannon.”

Go to the video of the dinner and down vote it. I just did.

Hypocrite Obama to be Paid $400,000 for Wall Street Speech

Hey guys, did all you white men out there make millions from crashing the economy? I got f*cked by Obama’s zero interest rate policy. I don’t know about you.

Anyway, methinks the turd who wrote the above Tweet is confusing white men with da Joos. Comprende?

Barack Obama getting in bed with Wall Street … he’s reportedly getting $400,000 to address a group of people he once referred to as “fat cats.”

Obama’s signed on to be the keynote speaker at a Wall Street health care conference run by Cantor Fitzgerald, and the news has the former president’s critics chomping at the bit. He’s made no secret of his disdain for some Wall Street bankers.

FOX Business says Obama’s signed on the dotted line, but final details are still being ironed out before a formal announcement.
Pretty sweet gig though … that’s an entire year of POTUS salary in a single day. It’s also double what Hillary Clinton previously commanded on the speech circuit.

Vox is scolding their mulatto hero:

The fundamental concept of Donald Trump’s ethnonationalist demagoguery is that white middle-class Americans are locked in a zero-sum conflict with foreigners and ethnic minority groups. That’s Marine Le Pen’s message in France and Geert Wilders’s message in the Netherlands, and it is ugly and false.

A counterproposal on the left is to reframe the populist theme and argue that middle-class Americans more generally are locked in a zero-sum conflict with rich people.

Obama and other center-left leaders around the world do not espouse that view primarily, I think, because they believe it is simplistic and wrong.

Rich people, Vox? Name the Jew and then I’ll start listening.

Tucker with Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner: Full Interview, Negative Reactions

The world has a new political analyst. Let us rejoice. Or not.

Sample youtube comments:

still sounds like a man all his money cant change that

I just want to poke sticks in my eyes everytime this thing-man dressed as a women infects the airwaves….. a totally disgusting creature who should crawl back to the slime found at the bottom of the oceans…….

Go to 8:15 in the video to see the mental illness on full display. I wonder if all trans people are mentally ill like this one.

It is really rather like the things that sometimes crawl out from under your fridge and you just want to stomp on – creepy.

Lol at 8:00 when tucker asked if its fair for trans men to compete with females..

caitlyn said theres no big advantage, tucker replied but there is a physical advantage to the trans

caitlyn replies ” ye ha .. well we not gonna get into all that kind of stuff.. physical has nothing to do with it”

she let it slip there.

Obviously a trans man competing with females has a fucking advantage. males are naturally stronger than females.

because of political correctness we are actually ignoring science in the MSM.
so fucking sad.

Pelosi: Border Wall Is ‘Immoral, Expensive, Unwise’

Democrat Nancy Pelosi has condemned Trump’s Wall along the Mexican border as immoral.

She has no special qualifications to judge morality that I can tell. Moreover, very few politicians should be making judgments about morality. Especially Catholics like Pelosi who support abortion.

She is a dingbat, however. The evidence for that is strong and compelling. Her infamous declaration that we have to pass Obamacare to see what’s in it will live forever as an example of her stupidity.

NBC News

WASHINGTON — While a deal to fund the government this week won’t necessarily include funding for the construction of a complete border wall, White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus on Sunday said there will be “enough to get going” — even as House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi called it “immoral.”

Asked by “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd in an exclusive interview whether the Trump administration would push a government shutdown if border wall funding is not included in a bill to fund the government this week, Priebus said, “it will be enough in the negotiation for us to either move forward with either the construction or the planning or enough to get going with the border wall.”

Members of Congress are returning to the nation’s capital this week with a nearing deadline to work on a deal to continue government funding and avoid a government shutdown.

Democrats meanwhile are standing firm against funding construction of a border wall.

“Democrats do not support the wall,” Pelosi, D-Calif., said on “Meet The Press.”

“Republicans in the border states do not support the wall.”

“The wall is, in my view, immoral, expensive, unwise, and when the president says, ‘Well, I promised a wall during my campaign.’ I don’t think he said he was going to pass billions of dollars of cost of the wall on to the taxpayer,” she added.

Pelosi argued that “the president is expressing a sign of weakness” by wanting a wall to stem the flow of illegal immigrants from crossing the southern border.

Priebus said the administration expects “the priorities of the president to be reflected” when Congress makes a deal on funding government operations.

“We expect a massive increase in military spending, we expect money for border security in this bill, and it ought to be because the president won overwhelmingly and everyone understood that the border wall was part of it,” he said.

Despite Priebus’ claim, Trump infamously lost the popular vote, and, since Richard Nixon’s election in 1972, only two presidents — George W. Bush and Jimmy Carter — have received fewer electoral votes than Trump in a general election.

Late Sunday morning, Trump took to Twitter to speak on the wall, first claiming that the wall is needed to stop “MS 13 gang members,” then saying that “Mexico will be paying, in some form” eventually.

Jews Claim Antisemitism Kept Jon Ossoff Below 50 Percent in Georgia Congressional Race



Oy vey! What’s with the antisemitism claim? Did someone write “Kike” on his campaign signs or draw swastikas?

No, so what we have here is he usual false claim that muh poor Jews are so persecuted.

(((The press))) nicknamed Ossoff the Trump slayer. Trump is still standing. I’m not sure about Ossoff.


Democrat Jon Ossoff, who placed first in the special election for Georgia’s sixth congressional district with 48% of the vote but who needed 50% to avoid a runoff, overcame a great deal of adversity.

The 30-year-old political neophyte beat back charges that he didn’t live in the reddish district, which previously elected the likes of Tom Price and Newt Gingrich. The NRA falsely accused Ossoff of growing up in dreaded Washington DC in a commercial. Meanwhile, Republican attack ads showing him as a college student cavorting in a Han Solo costume only seemed to improve his star power.

But some competitors in the race sought to burden Ossoff with one more handicap: his religion.

And in the Atlanta area, one’s belief system can spell trouble for someone, as it did more than 100 years ago.

After all, it was in Atlanta where the infamous Leo Frank case occurred. It’s a story that former Democratic Georgia Governor Roy Barnes, who works with the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) told my students at a talk about one year ago.

Frank, a Jewish executive at the National Pencil Factory, was accused of murdering 13-year-old Mary Phagan back in 1913. He was convicted on evidence so flimsy that the outgoing Georgia Governor overturned the death sentence, commuting it to life in prison. A mob chased Governor John Slaton from office, and then turned their wrath on Frank, dragging him from prison and lynching him. Then ringleaders helped restart the Klan. Evidence shows Jews in Atlanta faced a great level of insecurity after this incident.

Though Georgia is hardly a hotbed of anti-Semitism, as it was in the days of Leo Frank, five years ago someone painted a swastika on a public utility unit right near my house, not far from the district Ossoff hopes to represent. I painted it over, and it has never reappeared.

And at Augusta collegiate campuses, and others across the country, leaflets touting “protection of European heritage” or “European Christian heritage” have recently been distributed. The languages merits scrutiny. When I moved to Georgia in 2001, the term “Judeo-Christian heritage” was far more common.

Will Kremer, reporting for, observed that one of the Republican candidates in the race, Mohammad Ali Bhuiyan, wrote on his campaign’s Facebook page, “As you know, Jon Ossoff (an Orthodox Jew) has already accepted millions from special interest groups and will be under the control of Jared Kushner (Trump’s Son-in-Law) and in turn under the control of Donald Trump.”

Other Facebook posts also highlighted the “connection” between Kushner and Ossoff.

Bhuiyan, a Muslim Republican who ultimately won a scant .022 percent of the vote in the special election, also took shots at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution at a candidate forum, calling it a “Jewish-owned newspaper.”

Ossoff, who marketed himself as a moderate, also found it necessary to criticize the “deeply offensive” words from his political mentor, Rep. Hank Johnson, who labeled Jewish settlers in Israel as “termites,” according to the Atlanta Jewish Times. But that didn’t keep the Democrat from being accused of having ties to Al-Jazeera, “a mouthpiece for terrorists,” in a commercial funded by a super PAC affiliated with House speaker Paul Ryan (Ossoff’s documentary film production company counted the cable channel as a client).

By and large, the election was conducted professionally, with little mention of Ossoff’s religion — until he opened his large lead. Did that help or hurt him? On one hand, the former congressional aide received more than twice as many votes as the four more politically experienced Republicans who finished after him; Ossoff came within a whisker of winning outright in a district that hasn’t elected a Democrat to Congress since 1979.

On the other hand, who knows if Ossoff just barely missed the 50% mark because of the injection of his Jewish faith into the contest.

His “faith” my ass. This Christ killer who claims to be one of “God’s chosen people” has some nerve. Judaism if a religion that in reality is a system of Jewish racial supremacy intended to enslave all other peoples.

The people of Atlanta, blacks included, better get Jew wise real quick. Where is Louis Farrakhan now that we need him?

Jew Trump Slayer Jon Ossoff Fails in Bid to Win Georgia Congressional Seat


A tale of Jew sheckels trying to buy an election.


Jon Ossoff, 30, was until recently unknown to most Democrats even in metro Atlanta, but he entered the crowded race in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District in January with endorsements from U.S. Reps. Hank Johnson and John Lewis and $250,000 in cash. He parlayed that into an unprecedented $8.3 million fundraising haul, with donations from across the country.

Johnson and Lewis are Negros. Obviously, their endorsement was intended to bring out the black vote. Exactly how the Jews paid them off is unclear, but how could any reasonable person doubt they got something for endorsing muh Jew.

Ossoff’s interest in politics was first stirred as a 17-year-old student at the Paideia School when he read Lewis’ autobiography and was moved to ask the congressman for a job. That turned into an internship in the Atlanta Democrat’s Washington office. As a student at Georgetown University, Ossoff volunteered for Johnson’s 2006 campaign to unseat Democratic U.S. Rep. Cynthia McKinney. Ossoff rose to become the deputy communications chief of the campaign, and after Johnson’s congressional victory, Ossoff worked as a legislative aide to the new congressman.

After leaving Johnson’s office, Ossoff — who also is a graduate of the London School of Economics — joined a filmmaking firm, and the topics of his documentaries include corrupt judges in Ghana and atrocities that the Islamic State committed in Iraq.

Did you ever hear of his documentaries? Neither did I.

It appears from where I sit that the Jews planted the young man in the Congressman’s office as part of a long-term strategy.

You see how the Jews operate? Wow. This is amazing.

The north DeKalb County native does not reside in the 6th Congressional District, living just south of it so his girlfriend of 12 years, an Emory University medical student, can walk to work. Members of Congress don’t have to live in their districts, but Ossoff has said he will move to the 6th after she graduates.

A financial disclosure shows Ossoff has more than $1.7 million in assets, including more than $250,000 in Apple stock and an additional $50,000 in Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway investment firm. His England-based documentary company, Insight TWI, is valued at more than $250,000. He also has a stake of at least $50,000 in NWC Partnership, a solar panel installation firm.

Yeah, like a 30 year old can be worth almost $2 million by making documentaries nobody has ever seen.

If I were around 30 myself and had some extra time and money to spare, I would begin investigating every aspect of this Jew’s life. There’s something not Kosher here.

The Congressional race is going into a runoff where Republican Karen Handel is expected to win. But there’s still plenty more time for Jewish treachery.

New England Patriots Debunk Fake News (Mark Dice Video)

Good work by Mark Dice in putting together this short video exposing the distorted anti-Trump reporting by CNN and the New York Times.

Published on Apr 19, 2017

Even the New New England Patriots are calling out the Fake News coming from CNN, the New York Times, and other liberal outlets after they started spreading lies about what happened when the team visited the White House today.