Trump Gives in and Signs Executive Order Ending Family Separation But Says “Zero Tolerance” Here to Stay

In and of itself the alt-right would, I believe, prefer that illegal alien adults be separated from their children. There are many good reasons to do so.

However, in the larger scheme of things, keeping families together serves our nationalist interests better.

It at least partially takes an issue off the table for the 2018 elections. It also gives Trump the humanitarian glow he’s been lacking the last few days as he’s been under attack as the new Hitler.

It’s more likely that funding for the wall will be secured too. Likewise, at some point smart, reasonable people are going to wake up and say, “Hey, let’s keep the families together permanently by deporting them very, very quickly after they cross the border.”

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Setting aside any specific policy issues, President Donald Trump sure knows how to get the goats of losers like Angela Merkel. Insulting globalists is winning in my book.

Unfortunately, Angela is still in power, despite internal divisions within her party that hold the promise of her retirement.


During his controversial meeting with leaders of the G-7 less than two weeks ago, President Donald Trump allegedly threw two pieces of Starburst candies on the table in front of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, saying “Here, Angela. Don’t say I never give you anything.”

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FBI agent Peter Strzok, who wanted to ‘stop’ Trump from becoming president, escorted from agency HQ


One by one, at least some public employees who tried to subvert the Constitution are going down. Comey, McCabe, and now Strzok are learning that betting their careers on a Hillary Clinton presidency was a bad bet.

Until all of them go to prison, I’m not impressed.

Everyone can interpret Strzok’s “stop” Trump remark as they wish. My interpretation is that there was a discussion ongoing about the FBI assassinating Trump.

Washington Post via NOLA

WASHINGTON – The FBI agent who was removed from the special counsel investigation for sending anti-Trump texts was escorted from the FBI building Friday and effectively relieved of work responsibilities – though he technically remains an FBI agent, his lawyer said.

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Did Israel Kill the Kennedy’s?

The source article for this post is 9,900 words–long!

It tells the story of the assassinations of Robert Kennedy and John Kennedy, showing that the evidence points toward Israel as the instigator of the two murders.

I’ve selected about 600 words in excerpts to give you a feel for where the argument is going.

Excerpt from UNZ

We know that in the 1960s, American military agencies were experimenting on mental control. Dr Sidney Gottlieb, son of Hungarian Jews, directed the infamous CIA MKUltra project, which, among other things, were to answer questions such as: “Can a person under hypnosis be forced to commit murder?” according to a declassified document dated May 1951.[18] According to Israeli journalist Ronen Bergman, author of Rise and Kill First: The Secret History of Israel’s Targeted Assassinations (Random House, 2018), in 1968, an Israeli military psychologist by the name of Benjamin Shalit had concocted a plan to take a Palestinian prisoner and “brainwash and hypnotize him into becoming a programmed killer” aimed at Yasser Arafat.[19]

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Trump and Fam Sued by NY’s Ugly Jewess Solicitor General Alleging Trump Foundation Wrongdoing ON SAME DAY IG’S REPORT RELEASED


There are no coincidences. The New York Solicitor General’s lawsuit against President Trump and his family members on Thursday was a deliberate effort to divert attention away from the Inspector General’s report.

It was also intended to ruin Trump’s birthday, which was also on Thursday.

But what do you expect from an ugly Jewish woman?

Excerpt from The Hill

New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood’s (D) lawsuit against President Trump and the Donald J. Trump Foundation landed Thursday after a lengthy investigation into the charity, alleging that Trump violated both federal and state law and setting up another legal battle for the president.

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Combative Trump Insults “Justin”, Stands Up Macron, Refuses to Sign Post-Summit G7 Agreement


President Donald John Trump kept European leaders off balance during his 24 hour confab in Canada with the G7.

It’s a joy to read about Trump’s humiliation of those globalists who’ve been exploiting America. The photo above shows that Trump was the center of some unhappy attention from Angela Merkel and her band of fellow soy boy leaders.

If all this is being scripted by Israel or whoever, and none of it is real, it’s still much more uplifting and entertaining than anything Obama ever did at G7.

Excerpt from Zerohedge

President Trump’s 24 hours in Quebec while attending the annual G-7 Summit was every bit as confrontational as we imagined they would be. The president has enraged his fellow world leaders, insulted Justin Trudeau, who’s hosting the summit in Quebec and whom Trump repeated referenced as just “Justin”, and skipped a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron.

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Evil Mueller Ups the Pressure on Paul Manafort

Paul Manafort, briefly Donald Trump’s campaign manager is charged with white collar crimes that allegedly took place years before he worked for Trump. None of it has any bearing on the Special Counsel’s charge to investigate Trump collusion with Russia. It has much to do with twisting the vise on Manafort’s nuts in order to get him to provide testimony that would lead to Trump being removed from the presidency.

ABC News

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is seeking to revoke the bail of President Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, for allegedly tampering with witnesses in the year-long probe into Russian meddling in the 2016 election, according to a court filing Monday night.

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