Kate Steinle’s Killer Wants Federal Gun Charges Dropped Because of Trump Tweets

Dumb, dirty illegal moron Juan Garcia Zarate is merely a pawn in the giant game called “Get Trump.”

This idiot is incapable of understanding American law. I mean, he didn’t get it when he was deported five times, so what’s the chance he would understand his “civil rights” lawyer’s claim that Trump led a “vindictive prosecution” of his client.

Someone should ask him to explain how following the law is vindictive.

CBS News

SAN FRANCISCO — The illegal immigrant who killed Kate Steinle on a San Francisco pier, but was acquitted of murder, is now suing the federal government. His lawyers say additional charges against him are “vindictive.”

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During Trip to India, Hillary Clinton Bad Mouths White Majority as “backwards” as She Rips into Trump, White Men, White Women, et. al.

Different news outlets are emphasizing different aspects of Hillary Clinton’s soft ball interview by an Indian journalist in Mumbai in front of an audience of Hindu Hillary fans.

The subject was Donald Trump and the 2016 presidential election.

The fact that she ignored the many problems facing white people caused white people to vote for Trump never seems to cross her mind.

She even says that white women voted for Trump because white men made them do it, via pressuring women somehow.

Her overall take is that America does not deserve the evil racist Trump. Well, America sure as hell doesn’t deserve her.

I had to piece her remarks together from three sources to get all of it in. At the bottom of the post is a minute video excerpt from the interview.

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Trump Broke His Promise and Now Elephants Will Die

The elephants will be voting Democrat in 2018.

They’re upset with President Donald Trump’s administration’s decision that allows on a case-by-case basis the import of elephant trophies.

How anyone can say that going on an elephant hunting safari is sport is beyond me. Elephants are sitting ducks for men and women with big guns.


The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has quietly begun allowing more trophy hunting of African elephants, despite President Donald Trump’s pledge last year to uphold a ban on importing parts of animals killed by big-game hunters.

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Thousands Sign Petition Asking Trump to Allow White Farmers from South Africa to Migrate to U.S. After Thieving Negroid Pols Vote to Force Them Off Their Land


The petition in this story is on change.org.

For now.

Naturally, (((those who would exterminate the white race))) have protested to change.org and demanded the removal of the petition. The platform says it’s investigating to see if it violates terms of service.

We need a petition on the White House petition website, assuming that site still exists. I vaguely recall that the Trump administration removed it, but I’m not sure about that.

And then we have the self-hating white who joins with the Jew in advocating the murder of South African whites.

Excerpt from Newsweek

Updated | More than 12,000 people have signed a petition asking President Donald Trump to let white people in South Africa emigrate to the U.S. amid a vote by the country’s parliament favoring a motion that could see South Africa’s constitution amended to allow for land to be stripped from owners without any compensation.

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Psy Op? Trump Says Arm Teachers, so Teacher Fires Weapon in Classroom, Gets Arrested


President Donald Trump is slipping.

I foresaw an effort to undercut his call for arming teachers coming. He should have seen it too.

A leftist or (((Deep State))) controlled subject working as a teacher could easily undermine a pro-gun push for school safety by bringing a gun to school and firing it irresponsibly.

Trump talked about arming teachers a week ago. It took just over a week before a white male (isn’t it always?) teacher sabotaged Trump.


A north Georgia high school teacher was arrested on Wednesday after he barricaded himself in a classroom and fired a shot from his handgun out of a window, police said.

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Rambo Trump: I Would Run into the School Even if I Didn’t Have a Gun

President Donald Trump ran for president against the deadly Mexican cartels. I vaguely recall that El Chapo put a $100 million reward up for anyone who would assassinate Trump. Read more here.

His bravery is not to be questioned.

Today, Trump said that he would have run into the Parkland school when the shooting started, even if he didn’t have a gun.

He really said it. But the press isn’t reporting the next sentence, where Trump declared that everyone in the room he was speaking to (governors) would do the same.

It’s an optimistic view of human nature, but Trump wasn’t claiming to be unique or special. He was just calling out the cowardice of Scot Peterson and four other officers who did not run into the school.

Excerpt from NBC News

President Donald Trump said Monday that he would have charged into a Florida school during the shooting there earlier this month even if he were unarmed.

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HuffPo: Putting Cops in Schools to Protect Kids is Racist

HuffPo bastards refer to N*gger children as vulnerable students.

Yeah, they’re vulnerable to arrest by school cops because they can’t behave. Everyone knows this, but only a few of us are willing to say it out loud.

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