Viral Video of Young White Guy Confronting Super Ugly Lezzies Draws Police Attention

Two dykes, apparently “married” to each other, claim that an unidentified young white male (seen above) tried to run over them with his truck, jumped out, and then began threatening them for no reason.

The police say that’s not the way it went down, but Portland SJWs were in a snit three days ago when this story broke. Since then, there’s been no new developments.

No one could be blamed for thinking that a couple of crazy lebians are creating fake news.

However, there’s an unpleasant surprise twist to this story that I’ve add to the bottom of the post.


PORTLAND, Ore. – Video of a young man’s tirade filled with threats and repeated homophobic slurs against a same-sex Portland couple went viral after the women posted it on Facebook, and a Portland Police Bureau spokesman says authorities are investigating the confrontation.

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Hateful Portland Art Gallery Beheads Trump as Part of “Fuck you, Mr. President” Exhibit

Speculating, it would appear that the idea is to push some deranged Muslim (is there any other kind?) into attacking the president or members of his family, with a knife or machete.

When the above image began to spread on the Internet, people, like the woman below, sought to get the Secret Service involved.

The story below isn’t clear to me, but apparently the window image is gone, but the offensive, dangerous exhibit continues inside the art gallery.


A Portland art gallery has taken down a window illustration showing a knife to the throat of President Donald Trump.

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Negro Antifa Leader Given Probation by Oregon Judge for Rapes of Underage Boy and Girl

A white male judge has let a negro off lightly, thus guaranteeing that new minors will be sexually victimized by him.

Judge Jerry Hodson is either a nigger lover or an Antifa lover.

Neither one is acceptable in a judge.

When the next set of raped kids are revealed, will the voters impeach this turd and send him into a new profession?

Oregon Live

For the second time in recent weeks, Portland protest leader Micah Isaiah Rhodes stood before an Oregon judge ready to go to prison for having sexual contact with an underage teen.

And for the second time, an Oregon judge agreed to veer from state sentencing recommendations and give Rhodes five years of probation.


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Portland Antifa Got Beat Up by a Girl (Video)

It looked like this incident might be going viral on Tuesday night. I don’t have any information on the identity of the victorious female.

From the youtube information box:

Mr White
Published on Jul 3, 2018
Just when you think their humiliation couldn’t get any worse.

Watch on Twitter if you prefer.

Memes posted on Twitter:

Have A Laugh: Another View of Rufio Panman’s Heroic Portland Antifa Punch

Nice work by somebody. I saw it on Microchip’s Gab

Hero Rufio Panman, Who Knocked Out Portland Antifa Thug, Will NOT Face Charges


In case you missed the 18 second video that showed a patriot decking an antifa thug who was hitting him with a metal baton, here it is as posted here on July 1.

We now know that the patriot is a member of Gavin McInnes Proud Boys. His name is Rufio Panman.

This is his story.

Above images sourced from Tiger Droppings.

This 10 minute youtube video shows the famous punch right at the beginning. It then goes on to show more action from the Battle of Portland.

Rufio Panman is interviewed in this two minute video.

The antifa member who was decked reportedly suffered brain damage, according to social media. Since he was attacking people with a metal pipe, shouldn’t he be under arrest?

Patriot Prayer and Antifa Clash in Portland

The patriots in Portland are claiming that once again the Portland police stood down and let the antifa attack them.

CBS reports that Portland revoked the patriots permit to gather as soon as the riot broke out. That’s not right. That’s giving the leftists a victory, which is probably what liberal Portland wanted anyway. The leftists started the violence, but the right got blamed by the lying Portland police.

Leftism is a mental disturbance. If it’s origins are genetic, those genes need to be removed from the gene pool by any means necessary.

This is a civil war. It’s started. And in Portland, the police are on the side of leftist tyranny.

CBS News

PORTLAND, Ore. — Two opposing protest groups — Patriot Prayer and antifa — clashed in downtown Portland Saturday, CBS Portland affiliate KOIN reports. Portland police said failure to leave the area could leave to arrests, calling the demonstration a riot.

Let me draw your attention to the pinned post that shows an antifa attacker being knocked out by a burly patriot.

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