Dog sobs when she sees rescuer coming to save her

I’ve noticed that Hindus and Europeans worldwide are the only groups that consistently show kindness toward animals. Thus, it’s one reason I rarely criticize the Hindu people.

The dog isn’t actually sobbing, but doing her best to speak in words that humans would understand. Dogs communicate hundreds of messages, if you’re willing to listen.

The video is very popular with over 3 million views so far.

Published on Aug 11, 2016

We got a call that a dog had fallen into a deep well in a village outside of Udaipur. When we arrived we found a heartbroken dog desperate to be helped. Watch her amazing rescue!

There’s a link on youtube for anyone wanting to donate to the rescue group.

Warning: Some commenters claim the video is fake, with the rescuers putting the dog in the well.

Andrew Klavan: Multiculturalism Explained

Enjoy three minutes of an entertaining explanation of multiculturalism. Then send the video to your liberal friends to make their heads explode.

Uploaded on Feb 24, 2011

Why does the left expect us to tolerate intolerant cultures like that of Iran? Will moral relativism be the end of our culture? Find out as Andrew Klavan explains the dangers of multiculturalism.


Andrew Klavan (born July 13, 1954) is an American writer of mystery novels, psychological thrillers, and screenplays for “tough-guy” mystery films. Two of Klavan’s books have been adapted into motion pictures: True Crime (1999) and Don’t Say a Word (2001). He was nominated for the Edgar Award five times and won twice.[2] Playwright and novelist Laurence Klavan is his brother.[3]

Klavan has written columns and appeared as a political commentator for a variety of conservative publications such as the news-magazine City Journal and PJ Media. He currently releases a daily podcast named The Andrew Klavan Show for news and conservative opinion website The Daily Wire.[4]

Klavan has two children with his wife, Ellen (Flanagan).[8] Klavan was raised Jewish, but became an agnostic after his Bar mitzvah.[7] He later converted to Christianity.[7]

Angelina Jolie Describes Alleged Illuminati Ritual to Friends in Video

Since Angelina Jolie does not specifically mention the Illuminati, I assume that the video title is sensationalized. She’s probably talking about some sort of degenerate sexual experiences she’s had.

Between her distaste for her own child and her unnatural love for her adopted children, it’s clear that she’s messed up in the head. Satan worship and cult rituals could easily be a part of that mental illness.

So take the video at face value and recognize just how degenerate Hollywood is. And not just Hollywood. While at the university I accidentally walked in on a Satanic ritual while working late one evening. Human sacrifices, not just animal sacrifices, and sexual degeneracy are happening now with many people in high places. In my case, weird things began happening to me, which I presume were related to witnessing for just a few seconds a strange masked ritual.

From the youtube information box:

Published on Sep 23, 2016

Angelina Jolie admits to the satanic ritual she performed to enter the Order of the Illuminati in newly surfaced secret footage where she is talking to two close friends. Jolie details an Illuminati sacrifice.

Kids scream as Bear opens van door (Fun Video)


There’s a happy ending to this story. No bears were harmed. Humans too.

A FAMILY of tourists got a little too close to nature when an overly friendly bear casually wandered up to their car and opened a door at Yellowstone National Park in the US.

Footage recently uploaded to YouTube shows the incredible encounter between the bear and the family on the side of a road.

The family can be seen taking photos of the bear as it comes closer to the car window — but it’s not long before the creature gets too close for comfort.

“Dad, the bear’s right next to us,” a nervous voice rings out from the back seat.

The clever bear somehow manages to open the car door by the handle as the children let out bloodcurdling screams.

I believe the tourists in this video are from Asia. There’s a simple thing called a door lock that would prevent a bear from grabbing the door handle and opening it.

Over 600,000 views. Published June 4, 2016.

Black Female Trump Executive’s Inspiring Viral Video: “The Trump Family That I Know”

This video has almost 1.4 million views since being posted on May 2. The lady’s name is Lynne Patton. Many commenters on youtube report being reduced to tears. Many others are praying for Trump. In 5 minutes she refutes the attacks on Trump in a sincere way.

Dog’s Day Out (Viral Video)

ford dog catcher

This video was created by Ford as a promotion. It’s great fun to see excited dogs ready to go for a ride. The old station wagon above was fitted out with a special place for the owner’s dog to ride. Click on the image and see what a fun little space and sign he created for his best pal.

Viral Video: Nasty! A Look at the Kitchen in A Nice Asian Restaurant

asian gardens

Asian garden littleton new hampshire NASTY!!!

I used to peer into the dumpster behind a local nice Chinese restaurant here in Texas. I don’t want to say what I saw in that dumpster, other than it was disgusting.

The behind closed doors look at the kitchen of a nice Chinese restaurant in the video in this post may put you off eating out for a while.

As America turns into a third world dump, expect that more of this will happen, but more of it will be hidden, too. Bribery is the norm in many third world countries. You’ll be eating filth and not even know it.