Chimpout at Popeyes: Video Shows Gentlelady of Color Smashing Window

Watch why most white people are uncomfortable when a black individual enters a restaurant.

H/T to Flanders.


NEW YORK (FOX5NY) – A woman on Staten Island went on a rampage at a Popeye’s restaurant after apparently trying to order an item that’s only available at fast food rival Wendy’s. The incident ended with the woman shattering a plate glass window in the front of the store with a chair.

The NYPD says the woman entered the Popeye’s location on Forest Ave. at around 8:30 p.m. on April 8. She apparently became angry that her meal didn’t come with a soda. The employees suggested that she might have mixed up Popeye’s “$4 Wicked Good Deal” with Wendy’s “4 for $4 menu” and the got into an argument with them at the counter.

Cops say she harassed the restaurant’s staff before she used a chair to break a glass window. She took off inside of a dark colored sedan in an unknown direction.

The woman is described as black, 18 to 25 years old; last seen wearing a multi-colored du-rag, a pink bandana, a pink hooded sweater, a black jacket and blue jeans.

The comments at youtube indicate Negro fatigue.

What are we eating? An Absurd List of Ingredients–The Wolfe Pit Digs in to Popeye’s Fried Chicken Dinner (Video)

I watch almost all of Larry’s videos, which come out three days a week, I believe. They’re pretty funny. This one comes in at eleven and a half minutes. The Wolfe Pit shows what a white guy in a wheelchair can do to remain financially independent.

This video is here because Larry shows that something as simple as fried chicken and mashed potatoes from a fast food joint has a long list of absurd ingredients.

I’m not a health food person nor a conspiracy theorist about American food, but the list of things in Popeye’s fried chicken is crazy.

By the way, Popeye’s started in Arabi, Louisiana, right next door to where I grew up in Chalmette, and just outside New Orleans. It’s real Cajun country down there, although the area was ruined when it flooded during Hurricane Katrina and George W. Bush subsequently put a thousand or two blacks into the parish, which had been 95 percent white.

Black Run America: Popeyes Runs Out of Chicken (Older Video)

LOL. Black run America has problems, my friends. When you advertise a special on fried chicken, you’d better have some chicken in inventory. Expecting blacks to understand that is probably expecting too much.

This 2009 video shows angry customers reaction to a Popeyes that closed in the middle of the day due to a chicken shortage. These dummies never thought to head for KFC or thought to head for a supermarket and buy some chicken to cook.

Running out of chicken must be another white racist plot to leave muh niggas all butt hurt. LOL.

From the youtube information box:

Uploaded on Apr 23, 2009
Popeyes ran out of chicken yesterday in Rochester, NY following a special on chicken. Besides the fact that this was a horrible news story to begin with, many people have felt that the story was also racist……

butthur o meter

Video: Woman Gets Jumped at Popeyes Over Heated Argument with Teens

jumped woman by teens

More race realism on display,originating at World Star Hip Hop.

As the mantra says: Avoid the groid, lest ye be dragged into a mess like this one.

Most of the comments on youtube are “racist.” Here’s one that tells the truth in a brutally impolite way:

I really believe black females when they claim how “skrong” they are. Black females have the most testosterone than women other of other races by far, which explains their oversexualized, hyper, savage, violent, masculine, behavior. It’s no wonder they’re the fastest-growing prison population. Thank God police are taking these weave wearing sheboons off the streets and placing them in cages where they belong!