These Older Trump Tweets are so Hilariously Politically Incorrect You Won’t Believe Them


You think Donald Trump is a badass now? You should have been following him in 2013!

As long as Trump keeps sh*tposting on Twitter, you know that his bland less intelligent advisers haven’t reined him in.

The polls say that Trump supporters want him to stop Tweeting. You guys are so wrong.

Source: Microchip put these together on his Twitter by Retweeting them.

Old Commercials That Would Be “Politically Incorrect” Today (Video)

These commercials actually were pretty much spot on with the truth. The Kool Aid Kids in Japan is fun. It’s also fun to see Fred Flintstone take a Winston cigarette break. Marriage, ethnicity, sex roles, and more are seen in stark contrast to what is allowed today.

Less than 15 minutes. Which one is your favorite?

Published on May 2, 2017

There was nothing wrong with these TV ads at the time. But they wouldn’t air in these “Oh, wait, I’m offended” days.

Sheriff: Arm Up & Be Ready To Fight ISIS! (Video)

Here’s the southern white man’s attitude on display.

Published on Jun 9, 2017

Sheriff Wayne Ivey of Brevard County, Florida tells the American people to FIGHT for their safety! Being the “victim” gets you killed!

Leaked Twitter Shadowban List Shows Bias Against Truth, Conservatives

Richard Spencer, Mark Dice, Alex Jones, Brittany Pettibone, Lew Rockwell, and a host of other “racists,” truth tellers, and conservatives are on the list.

Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, is destroying his own creation with his insane leftist nonsense. Be aware that this is only a partial list. More shadowbanned users are yet to be revealed by the leak.

Breitbart explains how a Twitter shadowban works.

Just in case Twitter suspends Tennessee GOP, here’s another Tweet that has the list.

White Detroit-Area Mayor: “Blacks look like chimpanzees,” Older Women “dried up c*nts”


Words are just words. Who cares so long as they’re not directed at any particular person.

The mayor of Detroit’s biggest suburb was allegedly caught on tape saying that black people ‘look like chimpanzees’ and describing older women as ‘dried up c***s’.

Jim Fouts, the mayor of Warren Michigan, is said to the voice on a tape unearthed by Motor City Muckraker.

Fouts denies the allegations, claiming that the tape was fabricated by Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel.

The voice on the tape refers to black people as ‘n***ers’ and says, ‘’Blacks do look like chimpanzees. I was watching this black woman with her daughter and they looked like two chimps.’

nigger black chimp

The 70-year-old also allegedly talked about older women saying, ‘Think I want to date a f***ing 60-year-old hag?

‘F*** that s**t. I’m not interested in any old ugly hag. I think after a certain age they are dried up, washed up burned out.’

‘They are p***ies when they are young, and when they get older, they’re just mean, hateful dried-up c***s.’

The Mayor had best be careful. Older women and blacks may end up marching on his office, with pitchforks in hand. Advice to the Mayor: Stick with your denial. Apologies never do any good.

Trump Ally Creates Firestorm over Funny “Racist” Comments About The Obamas

A personal friend of Donald Trump, Carl Paladino, insults the Obamas, sparking the usual leftist outrage.

CBS News

ALBANY, N.Y. — A wealthy businessman who co-chaired president-Elect Donald Trump’s state campaign confirmed to The Associated Press on Friday that he told an alternative newspaper he hoped President Barack Obama would die from mad cow disease and that the first lady would “return to being a male.”

Carl Paladino, a millionaire real estate developer who unsuccessfully ran for governor in 2010 as a Republican, made the comments in response to a survey by Artvoice, a Buffalo publication that asked local artists, performers and business owners for their New Year’s wish list.

Asked what he would most like to happen in 2017, Paladino responded that he hoped “Obama catches mad cow disease after being caught having relations” with a cow, dies and is buried in a cow pasture.


Asked who he would like to see “go away,” he said Michelle Obama.

“I’d like her to return to being a male and let loose in the outback of Zimbabwe where she lives comfortably in a cave with Maxie, the gorilla,” he wrote.


Reached at his western New York office by phone, Paladino, a member of the Buffalo school board, confirmed to the AP the answers published in Artvoice were his.

In a subsequent emailed statement, Paladino, 70, claimed his comments had “nothing to do with race” but instead reflected his opinion of the president’s performance in office.

“Merry Christmas and tough luck if you don’t like my answer,” he wrote.


As recently as August, Paladino falsely claimed Obama was not Christian, telling the New York Observer that to average Americans, “there is no doubt he is a Muslim.”

And in 2010, Paladino was criticized after it was revealed he had forwarded to friends racially charged emails that depicted Obama as a pimp.

A spokeswoman for Trump, who earlier this month met with Paladino in Trump Tower, didn’t immediately respond when asked for the president-elect’s reaction to the comments.

But Democrats and civil rights groups were quick to condemn them.

In a statement, Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo called the remarks by his former gubernatorial opponent, “racist, ugly and reprehensible.”

“While most New Yorkers know Mr. Paladino is not to be taken seriously, as his erratic behavior defies any rational analysis and he has no credibility, his words are still jarring,” he said.

Frank Mesiah, the outgoing president of the NAACP’s Buffalo chapter, urged other politicians to publicly denounce Paladino.

“He says this stuff without anybody countering him,” he said. “By their silence, to me, they’re condoning that. They’re accepting him and his behavior.”

The White House had no immediate comment.

butthurt cartoon gif

California Students Call Faggot Jew MILO a “white supremacist Nazi”

San Luis Obispo Tribune

The scheduled visit of a controversial speaker to Cal Poly next month as part of a national tour of college campuses has drawn growing criticism from student activists who believe the Cal Poly College Republicans is inviting a “white supremacist Nazi” on campus, according to a Facebook post.

But organizers of Milo Yiannopoulos’ visit say they want an open exchange of ideas and appreciate the conservative firebrand’s style of flouting political correctness.

Yiannopoulos, a gay British journalist and editor with right-wing website Breitbart News, is one of the leading voices of the “alt-right” movement, an offshoot of conservatism that mixes populism and white nationalism with aggressive online activism.

Whoa! MILO isn’t one of the “leading” alt-right voices as claimed here. He’s just a politically incorrect anti-feminist who’s written about the alt-right.

Yiannopoulos, who denies being a white supremacist, has made statements that his critics say align him with racial bigotry.

He has said that Muslims are prone to violence, radicalism and gang rape and has called for efforts to block Muslim immigration into the United States.

“Everywhere in America, you can see the signs that an alien culture, dedicated to the destruction of the West, is making its presence felt,” he said in his “Rally for America” speech at UC Irvine in October, according to Breitbart News.

He has created a “Yiannopoulos Privilege Grant” scholarship that’s available exclusively to white men, though the website says “applications are not yet open.”

The Queer Student Union said in a statement this past week that it will do everything it can to prevent his ideas from being “normalized or socially accepted.”

“Milo’s attacks on Muslims, Latinos, communities and other ethnicities and religions deemed nonwhite and ‘other’ by Milo put him on to the spectrum of white supremacy — whether he identifies as one or not,” said Mick Bruckner, a Cal Poly Queer Student Union member. “His claims are predicated on the false idea that the United States was ever by default white. His fears are literally rooted in the maintenance of keeping white folks in power throughout our country.”

The group added in its statement: “The Cal Poly College Republicans are bringing him to campus not solely because they believe in his right to speak, the phrase that the club will always jump to, but primarily because they actually believe the ideas Milo stands for.”

You don’t have to like or believe in anything that MILO says to want to listen. He’s outrageously and queerly funny. He spits in the face of the antifa left.

That’s reason enough to invite MILO to campus. P*ssing off lefties is fun.

“Women who sleep with women tend to have had relationships with men as well,” Yiannopoulos said in one clip. “… I don’t entirely believe in lesbians.”

In another clip, titled “Fat Shaming Works,” he asks the audience “Do we have any lesbians? I’ve always wanted to know, are you fat because you’re a lesbian or a lesbian because you’re fat?”

Yiannopoulos was banned from Twitter after leading a harassment campaign against “Ghostbusters” actress and “Saturday Night Live” comedian Leslie Jones, which included his followers tweeting racist and sexist slurs at the comedian.

He has also accused Muslims of having a penchant for violence: “Muslims can’t get along with anyone. They can’t even get along with each other.”

MILO is a Jew. He’s not “white.” Therefore, he really can’t be a white surpremacist. He’s really just someone who is entertaining while speaking truths about certain issues. But never forget who he realy is: