HuffPo Unloads on Tucker Carlson

HuffPo title: Tucker Carlson Thinks Moonlight’s Best Picture Win Was Because Of ‘Affirmative Action’

Tucker Carlson is getting under their skin. They’re triggered!!!

Snark disguised as news from HuffPo. Ugh!

Excerpt from the Huffington Post

Don’t worry everyone Tucker has it covered.

You know Tucker Carlson right? The guy Jon Stewart once obliterated on CNN for the world to see? Yes, the guy with the fifth grader’s haircut who admitted to not watching the Oscar-nominated movie “Moonlight,” and now is here to tell us why “Moonlight” really won best picture at the Academy Awards. Drum roll please: Because it was a “foregone conclusion.” Of course. Why else would an all black cast, with black directors, focusing on the journey of a marginalized member of society win an award? On merit? Merit smerit.

Carlson believes that the “political implications” of the feature, which boasts some of the most promising young actors in the industry, was the only reason it won best picture. Alright, Tuck, for the sake of the debate, I will humor you. What exactly do you think was “political” about “Moonlight?” Did they discuss policy? Government? Congress? The president? Maybe I missed it. Or maybe is it that the only way your brain could fathom a movie about a black, gay man, made by a predominately black creative team, and black directors, taking home the ultimate prize, is to deem it a fix, a foregone conclusion? Or maybe it’s that to Tucker a movie about a black, gay character is inherently political whereas a movie about a white, straight character is not. Merely by pointing a camera at a black, gay man, Tucker believes you are automatically making a political statement. So by his definition, since Hollywood isn’t supposed to make political statements, Hollywood shouldn’t tell the stories of black, gay men. Or other marginalized communities, I guess.

At first glance, Tucker comes across as yet another shallow Fox mouthpiece advocating for celebrities remaining separate from political issues and politics in general remaining separate from Art, whilst spending 30 minutes of his valuable Monday morning, talking about politics and….Art. But look closer and Carlson’s point of view reiterates the still all-too-prominent inherent conservative perception that black and queer experiences exist outside the norm. They only exist in the realm of politics, whenever “others” try to assert themselves and be heard. They aren’t mainstream or deserving of equal attention but instead are granted an award just to appease Hollywood’s need to moralize.

Now if that wasn’t ridiculous enough, Carlson also went on to contradict his already contradictory statement by saying the feature ‘had to win because we knew what the film was about, that’s part of the problem with Hollywood…That’s the law, there is no way around it”.

As regular commenter Robert sometimes reminds us, Alfred Hitchcock, the greatest filmmaker of all time, never won an Oscar. At least since Marlon Brando sent a fake Indian to the stage to accept his award because he was protesting something, the Oscars have been political. To deny that is to deny plain fact.

Last year, blacks made a big fuss about how “white” the Oscars were (really Jewish, but to blacks, Jews are white). So, this year, in an effort to stick it to Trump’s “deplorables,” Hollyweird went all out to protest our existence and our values.

They hate Tuck because he speaks truth.

Penn State to Erect MONUMENT to DIVERSITY: They Need Your Opinion

Won’t you please go all in for inclusion, diversity, and all dat sheeeeeeeeeeit?

Read the pro-diversity blurb from Penn State below. At the link, there’s a space for your name, email, and a place to write why diversity makes you feel so good. After the blurb, you can read what I wrote them.

All in at Penn State

What inspires you?
At Penn State, we’ve been spotlighting Diversity and Inclusion, including creating an outdoor commemorative piece to permanently highlight our commitment to having an inclusive University for generations to come. As part of that, we’re asking students, faculty and staff to share your thoughts on being “All In.”

In 30 to 50 words, tell us what Diversity and Inclusion mean to you. What inspires you to be “All In”? Where will being committed to Diversity and Inclusion bring us in the future? Your contribution or excerpts from it may be included in the University’s outdoor piece or shared with the community on social media and other outlets.

After filling in the name box as Adolf Humpster and giving a ridiculous fake email address, I filled in the box this way. Warning: Extreme trolling ahead.

Speaking as a white male, diversity is wonderful. I love pussy. It’s all pink inside. The color of the skin outside may differ but it’s that pink hole that inspires me to love diversity. Hindu girls? Man, they are easy, even if I have to put a bag over my head and hers too. Those are some ugly chicks. Ghetto mamas? I love the smell of watermelon and fried chicken all mixed together. It’s an AFRO aphrodisiac. Mexicans are the best though. Once you disinfect their buttholes to get the smell of bean farts washed away, you’re in for a sweet ride. And on days when I’m feeling a bit faggy, it’s great to have a sewer slut with a mustache to ride. I’ll always love diversity.

After submitting my little essay in support of diversity, this came back:

Thank you for you feedback! We’re making Penn State a more diverse and inclusive university, together.

Believe me, I was happy to help.

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Swastika Boots Recalled After Offended Customer Complains


Am I the only one who sees a business opportunity here?

Andrew Anglin, who is constantly short of money at the Daily Stormer should contact the manufacturer and market these boots through his website.

Most people have more important things to worry about besides the tread on their boots. But the company is apparently afraid of a Jewish sponsored smear job, so it’s not selling this model of boot anymore. The company has also apologized.


A California shoe company is recalling a series of work boots that leave swastika imprints on the ground after a customer complained.

Conal International Trading, the Los Angeles-area footwear company, apologized for the troubling image left by the tread of its Polar Fox boots. The company assured the public that the symbol was not intentionally incorporated into its design and blamed the misstep on its manufacturers overseas.

“We were informed recently the company imported boots that has an offensive symbol designed on them. We are extremely sorry for the frustration this has caused our customers and the public. The boots have been recalled, and we have stopped selling the item,” the company said in a statement. “We would like to issue our sincerest apologies to our customers and to anyone who was offended by the Swastika imprint that the boots left behind.”

Conal International Trading said in its statement that it does not promote hate or discrimination of any sort and its employees deeply regret the mistake. The company is investigating the issue.

“The design was not intentional and was a mistake made by our manufacturers in China. There was never any intention to include any offensive designs on the products we import,” the statement read.
The commotion started on Tuesday when a startled customer posted to Reddit pictures of his new boots’ soles and the mark they leave on the ground.

“There was an angle I didn’t get to see when ordering my new work boots,” he wrote.

His images swiftly went viral, and Reddit users flooded the post with Nazi-themed one-liners. In a parody of rapper Flo Rida’s hit song “Low,” one person wrote, “Apple bottom jeans and the boots with the fuhrers.” Others wrote mock reviews: “Very comfortable. Nein out of ten.” “I love them too, they really put me in mein kampfort zone.” “Heily recommended.”

The boots have been removed from Amazon.

If I were of a mind to think conspiratorially, I’d say that there are secret Nazis living in China. Maybe that’s where Hitler went after the fall of Germany instead of Brazil. LOL.


Hero Passerby Saves Dog from Burning SUV


As noted here many times, the white male is the most demonized creature on earth. Not even the shark or the deadly cobra is so hated and scorned. He’s a racist, misogynist oppressor of women and “people of color.”

That’s all bullsh*t of course. When a hero is needed nine times out ten, it’s a white male who takes decisive action.

I can’t find a picture of the hero in this story, but I’m betting he’s white and NOT a tranny!!! LOL.


ASHEVILLE, N.C. (WPVI) — A North Carolina family is grateful a stranger stepped in to save their dog.

The Hilton family’s SUV caught fire while they were inside a restaurant in Asheville on Monday morning.

Their dog, Abby, was trapped inside the burning vehicle.

Chad Reiginter saw the smoke and the dog, and knew exactly what to do.

“I just grabbed my pocket knife and started smashing windows, and I tried to reach the dog through the first window and he wouldn’t come out, so I just started smashing windows and all of a sudden he ran out the back window and took off,” Reiginter said.

The Hiltons believe wiring in the SUV caught fire, sparking the blaze.

He reminds me of MacGyver.

I mean our hero did it with a knife, just like Mac did.

SPLC to List White Lives Matter Movement as Hate Group

white lives matter protest houston

The Southern Poverty Law Center is as corrupt as any mafia group.

It’s job is to demonize white people who are opposed to political correctness and other aspects of the anti-white agenda. That keeps the money rolling in from frightened Jews.


The White Lives Matters movement will be listed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center when it releases its annual Hate Map in February.

“I can’t speak to how many chapters will be listed, but it’s clear that the leadership of the group, the ends of the group — it’s just a flat-out white supremacist group,” said Heidi Beirich, director of the center’s Intelligence Report, in an interview with

“The ideology behind it, the racist leaders, everything about it is racist,” Beirich added.

The leadership Beirich refers to is 40-year-old Rebecca Barnette. In addition to having her hands in the White Lives Matter movement, Barnette is also the vice president of the women’s division of the skinhead group Aryan Strikeforce.

The center points to posts on Barnette’s page on, a Russian social networking site used by white supremacists due to its lack of censorship.

In an Aug. 3 post on “Intelligence Report,” the center reports, “Barnette says that Jews and Muslims have formed an alliance ‘to commit genocide of epic proportions’ of the white race. Now is the time, she adds in the same post, for ‘the blood of our enemies [to] soak our soil to form new mortar to rebuild our landmasses.'”
“Her background, the rhetoric of the group, the hangers-on of the group are white supremacist,” Beirich said. “The only question is how widespread they are, how many chapters there are.”

It is also worth noting that the phrase “14 Words” seen on posters at these events is a reference to the popular white supremacist slogan “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.” The slogan was coined by David Lane, a member of the white supremacist terrorist group known as The Order, who later died in prison in 2007.

The 14 words are not about white supremacy. They are about resisting the soft genocide of white people in America and the hard genocide of whites in South Africa.

According to the SPLC if you oppose the destruction of your genes via race mixing and the destruction of your heritage, values, and traditions by political correctness, then you’re a hater.

Pathetic! Given the SPLC’s past exposure as a fraud, who cares what they say.

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California Proclaims August “Muslim Appreciation And Awareness Month”


Follow the money.

If not money, what would make Bill Quirk turn traitor (in a moral sense, if not a legal sense)? Quirk has pushed the bill praising Muslims for their many contributions to America. If not for money, maybe he’s just an a**hole, sucking Muzzie d*ck because he’s a sociopath.

Awareness month? No one needs an entire f*cking month to be aware of filthy Muslim trash. The media is filled with their accomplishments every day–a beheading here, a suicide bombing there, a meat cleaver attack somewhere else. Is anyone not aware of Muslims?

Appreciate them? I wouldn’t piss on a Muslim’s leg if he was on fire.

Bill Quirk should consider himself fortunate that the people do not rise up and drive these murderous invaders into the sea. And him along with them.

Excerpt from Zerohedge

This is being done at the behest of Hamas-linked CAIR. Is Assemblymember Bill Quirk aware that Hamas-linked CAIR is an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas terror funding case – so named by the Justice Department? CAIR officials have repeatedly refused to denounce Hamas and Hizballah as terrorist groups. Several former CAIR officials have been convicted of various crimes related to jihad terror. CAIR’s cofounder and longtime Board chairman (Omar Ahmad), as well as its chief spokesman (Ibrahim Hooper), have made Islamic supremacist statements. (Ahmad denies this, but the original reporter stands by her story.) A California chapter distributed a poster telling Muslims not to talk to the FBI, and a Florida chapter distributed pamphlets with the same message. CAIR has opposed virtually every anti-terror measure that has been proposed or implemented and has been declared a terror organization by the United Arab Emirates.

Does Quirk know or care about any of that?

#‎CAIR?: California State Assembly to Proclaim August as ‘Muslim Appreciation and Awareness Month’

(SACRAMENTO, CA, 7/29/16) – On Monday, August 1, the California chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR-CA) will join Assemblymember Bill Quirk (D-Hayward) in the presentation of House Resolution 59, which recognizes the month of August 2016 as “Muslim Appreciation and Awareness Month.”

WHAT: Presentation of HR 59, to Recognize August 2016 as “Muslim Appreciation and Awareness Month

WHEN: Program begins at 11:30 a.m.; Resolution Presentation, 1 p.m.

WHERE: Program – Capitol Room 2163; Resolution Presentation – Assembly Floor

CONTACT: CAIR-Sacramento Valley Programs Consultant Maheen Ahmed, 916.605.6099; CAIR-Sacramento Valley Executive Director Basim Elkarra, 916.441.6269

“I am proud to celebrate the first ever Muslim Appreciation and Awareness Month by honoring generations of Muslim Americans for their many social, cultural, and economic contributions to California,” Assemblymember Quirk stated. “The rhetoric surrounding this election makes the presentation of this resolution more important for me,” he said. “It is appropriate to acknowledge and promote awareness of the myriad invaluable contributions of Muslim Americans in California and across the country, and extend to them the respect and camaraderie every American deserves.”

How about a Charles Manson Appreciation Month, you f*cking puke? Every American deserves respect according to you, so prove it. And then, let’s do a Timonthy McVeigh appreciation month. And so on and so on and so on.

Meanwhile, just a few of the many things to thank Muslims for:

honor-killing islam muslim

school children worship allah islam muslims

muslims islam poster

can you spot the terrorist muslims islam

i want peace muslims isis islam

Trump Haters Claim Trump Used Racist Language During Convention Speech

trump policies

Whoever in the media coined the term “dog whistle” was very clever.

Who among us would want to identify with a poor dumb canine responding to a high pitched whistle that human ears cannot hear?

The MSM paint an image of Donald Trump supporters as dogs, with Trump blowing his dog whistle, while we dumb ones wag our tails in response.

To see how the dog whistle analogy works, consider what happens if I describe a black male who raped a white woman as a “thug.” According to the (((media))), I’d be a racist because “thug” is the dog whistle for “nigger.” That’s true, even if I call a white rapist a thug.

When there’s NO REAL ISSUE OF SUBSTANCE, the media will fall back on invented stories of dog whistles.

Don’t be fooled.

Excerpt from Yahoo

Trump “didn’t get on stage and issue a bunch of racial epithets,” said Emory University political scientist Andra Gillespie, who watched his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention. “We didn’t hear the N-word, and we didn’t hear other words that may offend many people. But just because he didn’t use racial slurs doesn’t mean he didn’t frame issues in a way that people in racial and ethnic groups find problematic.”

Ian Haney Lopez, author of “Dog Whistle Politics: How Coded Racial Appeals Have Reinvented Racism and Wrecked the Middle Class,” went further, saying Trump’s speech surpassed even the coded racial language of Richard Nixon in 1968.

In addition to appealing to whites’ racial anxieties about crime, the celebrity businessman added immigrants to the mix and said refugee families with unknown backgrounds threaten to transform the nation unless drastic measures are taken, Lopez said.

“This was a speech that said essentially that the barbarians are at the gate,” he said.

Samuel LeDoux, a Republican delegate from New Mexico who is Hispanic, said he didn’t hear racial overtones in Trump’s speech.

“I think people are reading too much into it,” said LeDoux, 24, who agrees with Trump’s call to reduce illegal immigration because it is affecting wages. “He comes from New York, a very diverse city.”
When asked Friday for a comment, a Trump spokesman said the campaign was focused on a deadly shooting in Munich, Germany, and would respond later.

Trump has been criticized for his racial language since the beginning of his campaign, which started with his declaration that the Mexican government is “forcing their most unwanted people into the United States,” including drug dealers and rapists.

“In all these cumulative ways, you start to get the strong sense that when he says ‘we and us,’ he’s only talking about whites in the United States,” said Tomas Summers Sandoval, a history and Latino studies professor at Pomona College, in Claremont, California.

Some have pointed out that Trump’s slogan “America First” was also the slogan of the America First Committee, an isolationist, anti-Semitic group whose primary goal was to keep the United States from joining Britain in the fight against Nazi Germany. The group opposed the acceptance of shiploads of Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi persecution.

As he sewed up the nomination, Trump declared himself the “law-and-order” candidate. In Cleveland, he repeated the idea.

“I have a message to every last person threatening the peace on our streets and the safety of our police. When I take the oath of office next year, I will restore law and order to our country,” he said. “In this race for the White House, I am the law and order candidate!” Trump exclaimed.

When they hear that phrase, anxious white voters fill in any picture they want in their minds, imagining cutting crime or pushing back against social causes like the women’s movement, said Michael Flamm, Ohio Wesleyan University history professor and author of “In the Heat of the Summer: The New York Riots of 1964 and the War on Crime.”
But for some, there’s a clear racial element, he said.

So if you declare that you’re going to condemn the murder of police shootings, then you’re a racist.

Watch Hillary at her convention run with the “Trump is a racist” meme.

trump on moon